Coming Clean 3.4/5 (40)

I had been struggling with my cuckold fantasy for a while before I had the courage to admit my desires to my wife. I had purchased her a big black dildo and loved watching her use it, but I still wanted to see the real thing. To see her have mind blowing orgasms with a huge black cock. I kept my feelings locked away thinking she would never understand. One night I finally decided it was time.

My wife and I were going through a rough patch. I learned a few years back she had cheated on me and lied about it and I was devastated. We all but separated for a while, I was out of town most of the time for work and she was home doing whatever she wanted. She texted me one night and told me that she was horny, and that she was thinking about riding her big black cock. This surprised me, she didn’t much care to use her black cock since the suction cup is not so great and it slides around sometimes.

Nevertheless, my own cock began to twitch reading those words. We hadn’t had sex in probably 2 months since I discovered her secret, so she was trying to get under my skin I think. The next message I received was a short video of her soft hands stroking her 9inch black dildo and lubricating it. I was now about to rip a hole through my jeans I was so aroused. She continued to torture me with photos of her being pleasured until she finished. When I came home that weekend I decided it was time to tell her how I really felt.

I got home and we did our own things through the evening. That night I laid down in bed and told her the truth. I wanted to watch her with black men, as many as she wanted whenever she wanted. I wanted her to humiliate me, dominate me, and ultimately make me her loyal cuckold. I was expecting her to be entirely against the idea, but to my surprise she told me that was something she could probably be into. I was shocked. She had always told me she wasn’t attracted to black men, but here we were the first time I’m ever telling her my secret and she likes the idea. This was the first step in our journey.

Since opening up to her about my fantasy we have introduced it softly into our day to day lives. We role play it in the bedroom, watch a lot of interracial porn, and I have introduced her to this site and been allowed to show her off. When we go out now she points out black men she finds attractive. She also admitted to me that she cheated two more times while I was out of town in those two months. Both white men sadly, but it still turns me on to hear her tell me about them.

The first was a coworker she thought was hot. They had started messaging and exchanging photos, eventually making plans to fuck each other. One morning before work they met in a parking lot, they fooled around but she only sucked him off and swallowed his full load. She told me it was pleasant tasting.

The other was my friend. Similar story, only he got to tie her up and fuck her several times. Both stories get me going just picturing it. Her mouth filled with another man’s seed while I was gone, or her being dominated and submitting to someone else. I can’t wait to see where this journey will take us!

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  • Steve

    Reply Reply March 26, 2020

    It was a good story. I enjoyed it,

  • The groom

    Reply Reply March 27, 2020

    Good luck!
    Tell us about her first bbc in counter.

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