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Hello my name is Sara and this is a little story of me and my husband’s first male female male experience. A little bit about us first, me and my husband Mike met during our last year at collage and have been crazy in love ever since. We now are married with no kids and live in a condo located in the center of Williamsburg Virginia, so if you ever around drop by! 😉 Like most American we both work full time and are professionals in our fields,

we both have bachelor degrees in our fields and work very hard. But we also play very hard. We are the envy of pretty much all our friends because of the great relationship me and my husband have and have even been accused of being swingers which we were not at this point, but I’ll get to that in a second. We are very affectionate people by nature and can make prudish people uncomfortable at times.

We love kissing in public, holding hands,complimenting each other on how nice we look and all that mushy crap. When we have an event to go to, we make sure we dress to kill if not for each other but to make our friends who either in shitty marriages or relationships jealous of what we have. Me and Mike have had our ups and downs like any couple but we have always made it out alive. So without dragging this story any further on let me get to what happened to us last weekend that sealed the deal that we have a great marriage.

When Mike was in collage he had a few roommates through the years, but had one that stayed with him all four years. His name is John and he was actually majoring in a completely different field than Mike but while they lived together they were like brothers. Mike has told me so many stories of them two that spanned over a four year period and on. They went to party’s together and spent holidays together when money was too limited to travel.

Anyway, this is where it got very interesting to me. One day right after we started dating we were having some drinks and telling each other our ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend stories from college trying to get a head count on what we had done in the past. Now we aren’t the jealous types so nothing was off limits. I told Mike that one of my roommates and I use to eat each other’s pussies out when we didn’t have anything else to do just to get a release when no guys were available.

Mike really liked hearing that, he then told me of a few fatties he banged at frat parties and that he wasn’t proud of, so I started laughing hysterically at him for it. He then started to tell me a night where him and his roommate John double teamed a high school girl who was at a dorm party down their hall.

Now I was young so I started asking the typical questions like, did you see his penis, did you guys penis’s touch, if it did; did it feel good, was his bigger? You know just the dumb girlfriend question any twenty four year old would ask. Now fast forward seven years later to last week. Mike got a message on Facebook from John saying he was going to be in Virginia for a few weeks and that he really wanted to meet up. Now I have never met John, only seen pictures of him when he was in college or on his FB.

He’s a good looking dude and I can see why he was with as many girls as Mike told me he had been with in college. Anyway John asked Mike if we could meet him at the old watering hole near the college The Green Leaf. Mike said he was down and we set the time. I knew this was my chance to show John that Mike was with a hot, intelligent, hardworking piece of ass, and plus I love going to the college bars and getting hit on the young studs who have no idea I graduated while they were still in middle school.

The Friday came and we were to meet up with John at nine thirty pm down at The Green Leaf bar, I had a lot of work to do. I ran to the nail salon and got both my nails and toes done, they hopped over to the spa to get my Brazilian wax done, ouch! But it’s really worth it after redness goes away. I went to Patrick Henry Mall and bought a few outfits for the night and a few new pairs of panties for Mike later.

Mike came home from work and hopped in the shower while I continued to get dressed. We finally got it all together around seven o’clock, and decided to get a head start on John, so we called an Uber and got to the bar around seven thirty. Once we got there we ordered a pizza which is delicious if you’re ever in the area, and got some drinks. We sat and shot the shit for about an hour when Mike stood up and said there he is! John walked through the door smiling and looking like a damn supermodel.

I stood up from my chair pulling my very tight, short, black dress down that wasn’t made to be sat down in. Mike and John shook hands then bro hugged it out, Mike then introduced me and I gave John a big hug and a sweet peck on his soft lips. We all sat down and started chatting, now I’m not going to bore you to death with all the catching up talk we did, but I can tell you John was looking me up and down every chance he got.

My little tits were pushed up out the top of my low cut dress shining in the light with the sparkling lotion I had applied to them. A few more hours went by when the Dj had set up, turned some of the lights down and cranked the dance music. All three of us got out on the dance floor and were getting down. We were grinding and I was twerking, making my ass clap for my men while guys everywhere were trying to catch a peek at my barley covered ass.

As John danced in front of me he had one leg bent out and I immediately straddled it and started rubbing my pussy up and down it when the unthinkable happened. I looked down and saw a tiny wet line of Johns pants where my pussy was wet and soaked through my panties and got on his khakis. My face must have been as red as a fire truck because John leaned down and yelled in my ear it was ok, and that he was turned on too.

He pointed down at his crotch and I could see the outline of his massive cock running down his right leg. I mouth out the words oh my god to him and he gave me the finger to the lips gesture of be quiet, and I responded by doing the my lips are sealed gesture. We continued dancing and taking breaks in between when John had to go to the bathroom and wait in line with everyone else.

John to which I answered yes and that you never told me John had a huge cock. Mike looked at me surprised and I explained to him what had happened in which he responded, you should see that thing in real life, it’s mesmerizing! All I can remember is say really super loud and with excitement in my voice. Now Mike and I have never really discussed bringing in another guy to the bedroom,

we have talked about three ways with girlfriends of mine but no men so I wasn’t really sure how he felt about the topic and didn’t want to push it so I let it go for the time being. As we waited for John to come back at our table Mike started rubbing my leg out of view of everyone around which is pretty normal behavior for us. He then started working his fingers up my dress which I would say was eight inches from the bottom of my dress to my crotch because I was sitting down.

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