Collateral Damage 4.3/5 (8)

She gasped when she had both the other cocks in her hands, she instinctively stroked them, until Jimmy came inside of her……then Danny swung over, got on top of her, started passionately kissing her, then his much larger cock inserted into her very wet vagina, and he went at her long and hard, much longer and harder than Jimmy, who had taken to now filming this.

She loved it, Danny was kissing her neck and cheeks and chin and he felt so good inside of her on top of the dirty floor. He went on forever, his barrel chest pressing her tiny boobs down until she orgasmed and orgasmed hard, it was in fact, her second one, she had done so gently when her legs were spread open and the guys were eyeballing her forbidden zone while she pleasured herself.

The wheels on the board made the sex even better, Danny was timing his strokes with the rollers, she was moaning, her one hand gently on Oskar’s dick.
Danny came hard inside of her, then it was Oskar’s turn, and the two watched as he mounted her, her legs this time came up and around his back and then for the third rime, he fucked my wife, and fucked her good.

Jimmy was doing different angles, three college students banging a horny middle age house wife on the garage floor, Oskar using the wheels to full affect until he came, and my wife lay exhausted on the concrete floor, her hair all over the place, her naked body in full view of the three young exhausted men. A photo was taken, she had her back turned, her left hand was on the hood of the pick up, her right hand was on the windshield, she had two naked black dudes on either side of her as her head was slightly turned and clearly she was turned on while each dude had a hand on her naked ass. Great picture, to me, anyways.

She shared the video with me later, of course, and we had several days of sex after, including going shopping in her red shorts, and having her check prices for groceries on the bottom shelf, it was all I could do to not come right there.

My shy wife and multi time mother had really stepped out of her comfort zone, and what a wonderful month it had been.

“So what do you think of your hot slut cougar wife now?”

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