Collateral Damage 4.3/5 (8)

She smiled as she walked back to Oskar, then stood in front of him, as if ready to hug, he took another dollar out, and shoved it down the front or her leather pants, down until his whole hand was down the front panel. She put her hand on his shoulders and had her eyes closed. Playfully he took his hands out, then lifted her shirt up, exposing her breasts to the entire club, for a split second.

She then turned around and sat on his knees, her pants getting pulled down by sliding down onto his thigh, and he rubbed her back and her ass was pretty much totally visible. I was totally turned on, especially when they started to passionately kiss, his left hand on her ass, deep down on it, his other hand was under her shirt playing with her breasts…..she at one point, tongued his ear and looked at me, her eyes looking dreamy…..I may or may not have been ready to lose it….

They left soon after, and I drove home and waited for her. A couple hours later I saw the minivan pull up. She quickly got out and ran to the door, wearing only her sheer top, the rest of her was totally naked. Save for her cellphone.

She closed the door and I stood there, enjoying the view. She was laughing, but also was still jazzed to the maximum.

“Come to bed with me!” she said, and got totally naked and we lay there and she propped up her cell phone.

“We both filmed up, in the back of the minivan, in the parking lot!”

She hit play, and she did well where she propped it. I could hear the heavy breathing, and she was on her back and he was above her, pulling the leather pants off, until I had a great view of her bush and legs. He leaned forward and lifted her top above her boobs, and played with them as she undid his pants and they both pulled those down.

Then he did as she asked, he spread her legs so that her knees were practically on each panel of the vehicle, and then he fucked her and fucked her good, she moaning as he went at it, she grabbing her breasts and massaging herself as he had his way with her. The heavy breathing was amazing.

Then he hit pay dirt, she was quietly moaning when he started to shoot his load in her, hard. He then pulled out and put his giant cock on her belly button for a second, then she grabbed it and the both found her mouth and he came massively as she sucked on it hard and her tongue went back and forth, cum went over her chin and tongue for what felt like minutes. Well done, Oskar.

‘What did you think?”

I answer that I was completely turned on and helpless, and then we went at it.

“I O’d twice, once in the club, and when I was taking in his sperm in my mouth,” she said.

“I love you.” I answered.

She had one more adventure with Oskar, and luckily, one with me and our friends later that summer.


Her last adventure with Oskar was an impromptu meeting at Jimmy’s garage, with Oskars very muscular black friend Danny. It was a week later, and they were having beers and he texted my wife and told her to drop what she was doing and swing by. She did exactly that, and later on she lay naked on top of me stroking me and telling me what happened. Not long ago she had been a long time conservative minded mother of five, we had little time to explore, and now…well…here is my third person telling as told to me:

The kids were out and about when Oskar texted her, she got the OK from me and left right away, so very spontaneous. She had on her little white top with spaghetti straps and a strapless push up bra underneath, and my favorite low rise red jean shorts, which in fact were just plain small, the kids hated when she wore them. No room for error, just the way I like ‘em. She had on her regular white cotton panties, one of my favorites, and they had some years on them so they were a bit worn, and a bit see through.

She showed up and let herself in the side garage door, and it was a two car garage. There was only a Dodge Ram on one side, the hood was up and a roller was up against it to go underneath the carriage. The other side had a couch and chairs and a beer fridge and a radio. It had bright lighting.

Oskar greeted her and she went up and gave a quick hug. His thumb immeadiately went into her belly button finger nail gently circled it. She let it happen, then she felt it gently go from her belly button down her lower belly down to the snap of her red jean shorts, and expertly unsnapped them….Oskar knew the game was afoot when she let him do that in front of Jimmy and his attractive friend. She felt her underwear get wet right away.

“Beers are in the beer fridge, help yourself,” Jimmy said after introductions were made, including a deft handshake of the new dude. He had big soft hands, and she liked that.
She went to the fridge, the freezer was on top, so she had to bend all the way down to get her beer.

“Get us all a beer, would you?”

She said yes, as the three gathered around her. Since Oskar had unsnapped her shorts, when she squatted down, a lot of her see through panties were now visible, and the three guys watched as she reached in for a beer and handed them to the guys, fully aware they were eyeballing her ass. When she stood up, the unsnapped shorts had now fallen lower than the height of her panties. In fact, her squatting down had opened up her zipper a bit.

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