Collateral Damage 4.3/5 (8)

My wife and I had been married with several kids for a number of years. Parenting had taken up most of our free time. She had gone back to college in her late 30s so she can move into the working world and make some money now that her mothering days had slowed down.

She was tall, lean with small but very nice breasts, slim waist and a large ass that drove me crazy. Over the years, I had bought her bathing suits, each one becoming smaller and smaller. I also enjoyed buying her under things, the sexier and the lower they rose the better. She was also very conservative and shy, so that is why one night when we were laying around in bed, we talked and she excited me by the conversation.

She told me that her young friends Jimmy, and especially Oskar, had invited her to a small hot tub and drinks get together Saturday night in honor of the end of classes, I said “Yes”. Why? Because as our marriage had progressed, I found myself turned on by other men liking her. Her low rise pants were a tease, she would bend down in grocery stores and show off her undies and ass crack to unsuspecting men as I pretended not to know her and stood down the aisle. This turned me on. But it turned her on as well. These little episodes left her wet and horny.

Black dudes turned her on, and her big butt turned them on as well. Oskar was black, and well built etc. etc. She lie there telling me that they had coffee together occasionally, and became friends. She made me nearly blind with desire when she said that last night, in class, during break, she went to the ladies room and took her belt off her low rise jeans. She had hoped Oskar would sit behind her, and he did.

They talked, and then class began again, she sat down so that Oskar had a great view of her red underwear. I knew which ones, they were tight, the form of her ass was evident for about three inches from his view, she presumed. She told me he could hear his breathing pick up. Jimmy was also next to Oskar. “Collateral Damage” she said, with a laugh.
I was turned on. “What else?”

“I told Oskar I loved having my belly button rubbed, and my asshole! He nearly spit his drink!”

“Was this just in general conversation?”

“Yes, he mentioned black guys liked girls with big butts, I said ‘I know’ and then mentioned my husband thinks big butts turn a woman on faster when certain parts are spanked and certain parts massaged, so I mentioned it. Also, we went to the bookstore for a moment, I squatted down to look at a book on the bottom shelf, I had no interest in it, but he was hovering by me, so I pretended to look at it, but I gave him a better view of my red panties, I’m not sure my ass crack was showing, it may have a little, but he got a lot of my panties to look at. I think my pants slid halfway down my ass, which I pretended not to notice. After I got up, he did the same thing to me, I did see his ass, and I think he made my red panties wet.”

We kissed and went at it after that. I was turned on.

“You can go but under my rules, since I can’t hide in any bushes and watch. You must wear the small black bikini, and you have to tell me all the details Saturday night when you get back!”
“The black bikini that tends to expose my ass? You bet I’ll wear it! And I will give you ALL the details!!”


Saturday night came, and it was overcast and rainy, but I guess that didn’t stop anything. I was glad. She was going to Jimmy’s house to meet with he and Oskar for a couple drinks and celebration, the three were school buddies, but moreover, she was fifteen years older that they, and she was still pretty and sexy and all that. I was turned on. She came out after dressing in her tight low rise jean shorts and a small low cut halter top, to cover her black bikini. That and a beach towel and flip flops and away she went. I waited until around 10 pm when she came home. I will paraphrase what she told me.

“I parked the mini van and they were waiting in the house. They let me in, gave me a beer and then we went to a gazebo, by the hot tub. It was the three of us and a cooler of beer and we waited for the rain to stop. It was just pouring out, and we had a couple beers and talked about the semester and all that. I was the beer girl, I think the reason was because I would squat down to the cooler to get our beers, and the two guys had a nice view of the top of my ass.

I made sure they got as good and long a view as possible. Since they were already in their Speedo’s, I could tell they liked what they saw. It turned me on. (I kissed her as she said this) Then Jimmy suggested we do shots, I said fine, but just a half shot since I had to drive home. He said He and Oskar wanted to do the shots, but the shot glass would go into the front of the top of my bikini top. I said “Suure” without hesitation.

Jimmy went first, he lifted my loose halter top and put the shot glass in my bathing top between my boobs, squeezed them to hold the shot glass and drank the shot. A little got on my chest, and he licked it off. Oskar went next, and he did his shot and I felt his long fingers on the sides of my boobs, I was very excited. Then Oskar told Jimmy to take a picture of him with me.

So he went behind me, I could feel his bulge in my lower back-he was clearly aroused, he put his head on my right shoulder, I reached my arm back and around his neck, and he then put his index finger in my belly button, and as Jimmy took a couple pictures of us, he massaged around it. I was completely turned on. So was Jimmy.

We had a couple more beers waiting for the rain to stop, it slowed down enough to where it was suggested we get to the hot tub-it had an umbrella over it. That meant I had to remove my outer wear. First thing was I unbuttoned my shorts, then I turned around and slowly pulled them down. The shorts being tight meant I took the bathing suit bottom down as well, and when I let the jean shorts finally fall themselves to the ground, my ass was completely exposed to them.

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