Claude - IR

Mackenzie and I always enjoyed sex. She is vocal when we do it, saying things like “harder,” “deeper,” “give me all of it,” “more,” and the like. I have a reasonable 6 inches, but such comments led me to believe that she would not mind if I were hung larger.

A few weeks ago, I went on an educator’s tour, and wound up sharing a room with a black teacher from the other end of campus who I only barely knew. He was nice enough, we found a lot in common, and enjoyed each other’s company. The last night of our stay he and I had a few drinks before going up to our room.

He hit the shower and I turned on the television waiting for my turn in the bathroom. He came out drying himself and I saw the man’s penis. He was hung better than any man I had ever seen. It was a full 8 inches down. I know 8 inches does not seem long, but pull out a ruler and look at 8 inches hanging straight down, and soft. He was not even hard. I was seriously impressed.

He saw me look and laughed good naturedly, then apologized for not having covered himself. I laughed in return and remarked that women must love that thing. He continued the vein and nodded, saying that sometimes women who even heard about his tool wanted to see it. He laughed again amiably and I could not help but like this easygoing teacher.

The next time my wife and I were in bed going at it and she started her “harder… deeper… give me all of it… more,” I could not help but think back of Claude’s huge member. I envisioned how much she would enjoy Claude’s huge cock plowing into her.

In the excitement of our lovemaking, I told her about him, and how it might satisfy her need. The conversation excited her and even though she had just enjoyed a good orgasm, I noticed her hips responding as I described his black dick, it’s length. She even asked me how thick it was and whether or not he was circumcised.

Somehow Claude’s name came up most of the time we made love after that. Sometimes it was I just to see how much she would respond and she did respond. The more I talked about him doing to her what I was doing she would become tremendously excited. More and more as time passed, she brought Claude’s name up during sex.

One day, after a particularly good session in the sack, Mackenzie remarked that maybe I should invite Claude over Saturday evening. Somehow I was not surprised, but did not read too much into it. I asked her if she really thought I should. She said yes and I told her I would invite him.

The next day I crossed campus and found Claude. I asked him over for drinks on Saturday. He asked me if it was okay with my wife. Without thinking I told him that it was my wife’s idea. He smiled. I realized what he was thinking and lowered my head slightly, looking down. He broke the silence and said, warmly, that he would be delighted to come over, have drinks, and meet the wife. It was a done deal.

I was on pins and needles waiting for Saturday to arrive and I think was too. We did not speak of it, but there was an air of excitement surrounding us.

Saturday came. Mackenzie dressed nicely, but nothing flashy, no high heels, no sexy outfit. She wore a simple cotton sundress, bare legs, and light makeup. Claude arrived and within a few minutes I could tell that they were hitting it off.

After half and hour of conversation, Mackenzie left the room and went to the bedroom. It sounded like she was making a telephone call. She returned to the living room. Nothing seemed different except that I noticed one button at the top of her dress was now open. It was just a button, a small thing.

Ten minutes later the phone rang. Mackenzie took it, listened for a moment, looked in my direction, then told the caller to hold on. She told me it was Gloria and she was having an awful time with a paper she was writing and could I come over for a little while and help her with it. I did not particularly want to go, but my wife pleaded that Gloria was her best friend and she really wished I would.

It would only take me an hour or so. That was not true, it would take me 30 minutes to drive each way and who knew how long to help her with the paper. I told her we had company and leaving we would be rude. Mackenzie looked at me, her eyes imploring, and said, “I will entertain Claude. It will be okay.”

With reluctance, I left. Forty-five minutes later I was with Gloria, painting her paper in red. As I worked, discussed points, and made recommendations, I felt Gloria measuring me in some way. She looked more directly at me than I had ever noticed before and she glanced at the clock regularly.

Concentration was difficult. My mind wandered to Mackenzie and Claude. What were they doing? I could openly envision her under him, accepting that massive cock, giving him pleasure and pleasuring herself.

Would she wear a condom? Did I want it to happen? Was I just being fanciful and nothing was really going on at all? I did not know any answers to any of my question. I only knew that I had to concentrate to breath. Gloria’s paper did not get my best effort. Somehow I did not think it really matter much.

Finally I disengaged from Gloria, and left for home. I got back two and half-hours after leaving Mackenzie and Claude. I quietly entered the living room. I did not sneak in, but I did not make any announcement noises either. I saw the room was empty, but could hear soft music coming from the CD player. On the couch was Mackenzie’s sundress and on the floor Claude’s clothes. I knew immediately what had happened.

On the coffee table sat my unfinished drink. Even warm, I decided to sit down and sip it while pondering what to do or not to do. As I sat next to her dress looking down at his clothes I wondered if she had enjoyed it. Had she been openly sluttish or seduced him romantically? Maybe even he had initiated it? No, it would have been her.

Claude entering the room interrupted my thoughts. He was as naked as he had been after the shower in our hotel room some weeks earlier. He was just as friendly and just as uninhibited in being nude. His cock hung down lower than I remembered. He smiled and told me Mackenzie was asleep and that I had missed a good evening.

He sat down opposite me, stretched back in relaxation, and then thanked me for having me over. Claude sure was a likeable guy. I could not understand it. He had obviously just fucked my wife, was letting his cock point straight at me and smiling at me. I really liked this guy and smiled back.

I told him I was glad he had enjoyed himself. After a few minutes, he got up and told me what a nice house we had as he dressed. Finally he was ready to leave and stuck out his hand. We shook and, in parting, Clause told me how attractive Mackenzie was and thanked me for introducing him to her.

Claude left and I turned out the lights. After undressing and sliding into bed, I could smell the sex. She was naked, on her back, asleep. I pulled the covers back and lowered my head to her pussy. Even in the darkness I could see the lips were swollen. Closer examination revealed a condom had not been used, a small streak of cum down the inside of her thigh.

She stirred as I lay down beside her. I put my arm around my wife.

“You’re home.” She murmured

“Yes, did you have a good evening?” I whispered.

“Mmmm, nice.”

“Was he good?”

“Yes,” she sighed.

“Maybe I should invite him back next week?”

“I love you,” she said.

She lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. She did not seem surprised at its hardness.

“No papers to grade though,” I pronounced

She seemed to nod an agreement, but her mouth was full and busy.

A few moments later I exploded in mindless ecstasy, and shortly we were both asleep.


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