Claire’s Night Out at the Club – Interracial  4.5/5 (22)

Jake Carter was at his therapist’s office and told himself that he was definitely going to tell the story today. Jake was advised by his therapist that the only way to move on after what happened, was to tell her the full story. He was told to leave no details out. He was told that he just had to get it off his chest. This was his third visit, and he chickened out the two prior times. This is his story.

Jake Carter married his gorgeous wife Claire nineteen years ago. Claire just turned 40, and had a baby a year ago. Claire and Jake had two kids early in their marriage. Claire then wanted one more, so they made that happen. Claire had a c-section with the last one, and they decided to have the doctor tie her tubes. They were done having anymore kids. Claire has stayed home the past year taking care of the baby.

Claire worked hard getting herself back into great shape. Claire was itching to get out for a night of fun. Claire’s brother invited them out to a night club to celebrate his birthday. Claire told Jake that she really wanted to go. Jake thought they were too old for that. Claire told him that maybe he was, but not her. Jake knew that she deserved a fun night out.

Claire has much more sexual moods since the baby. Jake really enjoys this new mood. He has been loving it because she wants it all the time. Jake likes that he doesn’t have to worry about protection anymore. Claire still looks incredible. She worked out hard after the baby, and is back to her pre-pregnancy body. Claire has big boobs for her frame.

Claire is 5 foot 7 inches tall, and weighs around 130 pounds. She is a brunette with brown eyes and likes to have fun. Claire always does different things in the bedroom to keep things spiced up. One night Jake got Claire to open up about her fantasies. Jake wasn’t surprised to find out that Claire sometimes liked to fantasize about being fucked by a young stud. Jake figured what couple their age didn’t sometimes.

The night came to go out . When Jake saw Claire walk out of the bedroom in her little club outfit, he was instantly aroused. Claire was wearing a little black skirt with a slit up the side. She was showing a lot of leg. She wore a silver top that left little to the imagination.

Claire’s big boobs were trying to get out. She topped this off with some sexy high heels. Jake wanted to know how she would dance in those. Claire told him not to worry. Jake thought that Claire looked like she was in her early thirties, not 40.

They arrived at the club and had to park down the block. It was one of those secluded parking lots that you pay up front for the night. They paid, and walked a couple of blocks to the club. Jake immediately felt out of place inside. The people inside the club looked half their age.

Claire found her brother’s table, and they were introduced to his friends. Claire’s brother had several black friends. Jake got some drinks, and watched half the guys in the club checking Claire out. Jake wasn’t the jealous type, and it kind of excited him. Jake sometimes secretly fantasied about watching Claire fuck another guy.

Jake noticed that Claire was drinking much faster than she probably should of been. Jake figured it was her night out, so what the hell. Jake decided he would only have a couple so he could drive home. It didn’t take long before Claire went out to the dance floor. Claire always loved to dance, but hasn’t had the chance in a long time.

Two of her brothers black friends came over to Jake. They were Derrick and Sean. They wanted to know why Jake was just standing there drinking, and not out dancing with his wife. Jake told them that he’s just an old white guy with no rhythm.

They laughed, and wanted to know if he was the jealous type too? Jake told them that he was not at all. He told them that he liked watching the attention Claire got. Derrick told Jake that Claire is unbelievably hot, and they would like to dance with her. Jake told them that sounded like a good idea.

Jake watched from a distance. Claire was really enjoying their company. Jake watched Derrick dancing real close to Claire. Sean came over to Jake and told him that he cannot believe Claire is 40. Jake told him that was true, and she just had a baby a year ago. Sean told Jake not to be mad, but said “She is a hot milf.” Jake wondered if he should of been a little upset by the comment, but deep down he kind of wanted to see where this was going. Sean told Jake that he was going to get another round for them.

Derrick led Claire back over to Jake. Claire was really feeling good, and Jake asked “Are you ok?” Claire told him that she was having a blast. Jake told her that he thinks she has a couple of admirers. Claire smiled, and told Jake that she was sensing that too. Jake told her that he noticed that they were starting to make a little contact with her while dancing.

Claire wanted to know if that was ok. Jake told her that it was kind of hot, but didn’t think she was interested in black men. Claire then told him she kind of wondered what some dark chocolate was like. Claire then giggled, and gave Jake a kiss.

Sean and Derrick brought some more drinks over. Jake was still a little stunned by what Claire just said. Jake was pretty sure it was just the alcohol talking, and nothing was going to come out of it.

Claire danced a lot more with Derrick and Sean. Jake stood there and watched. When Claire had to go to the restroom, the guys came over to Jake. Derrick made a comment to Jake about how Claire moves better than most girls in their 20’s. Jake told him that he should see her in bed. Sean spilled his drink, and Derrick wanted to know if Jake was one of those guys.

Jake didn’t understand what he meant. Derrick told him that some older white guys enjoy watching their wives being fucked by a young black guy. Jake almost dropped his drink. Jake told them that they never discussed that with each other, but he would go along with what ever Claire wanted.

Jake told them that Claire has never been with anybody else since they were married. Jake told them that if they wanted to try to pursue this, they better take it slow. He would only go along if Claire was positive that this is what she wanted.

Claire then came back and had another drink. Derrick and Sean led Claire back out dancing. Jake wondered if Derrick and Sean were thinking about double teaming his wife. Jake just assumed that one of them would try to make a move. He wondered if Claire would actually go through with it, let alone with two black guys.

Claire came back over to Jake. She leaned over to his ear, and told him that he better fuck her good tonight. Jake asked “Are you talking about me? or about your young friends?” Claire blushed a little, and told Jake that she thinks she might want a little dark chocolate. Jake was stunned, but excited about the possibility.

He always fantasized about it, and now it might happen. He was pretty sure he wanted this, but what about Claire? Jake reminded her that those guys were her brothers age. Claire told Jake that 22 was a good age. Jake told Claire that maybe they should leave.

Jake told Derrick and Sean that Claire had a little too much to drink, and they were leaving. Derrick asked “Could you give us a ride home?” Claire told them that she would love to!

They exited the club, and made their way toward the parking lot. Claire was having trouble walking in her high heels now. Derrick and Sean were walking behind Claire. Jake knew that they were checking out Claire’s legs. They got to the vehicle. It was a full size suv with tinted windows. Jake unlocked the doors, and Sean opened the rear door.

Derrick assisted Claire into the back seat, and then got into the car. Sean came around, and got into the front passenger seat. Jake got into the driver seat, and was now nervous with anticipation.

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