Christmas Delight

Section 1

• Our friends were hosting their ninth annual Christmas party. My wife Jess was one of the original attendees, and I had been to the last four. The first three I attended as the boyfriend and now I was going as a spouse. My wife had grown up with the hostess and many of her friends there, and they had all been a close knit group since grade school.

These parties had grown significantly in size over the years, as participants had married and families had enlarged. There were now over 30 people invited, and I scarcely knew half of them. The core group of my wife’s friends saw each other frequently throughout the year, birthday parties and whatnot, and that was the group I spent most of my time with.

Jess and I were one of the first couples to arrive. Her best friend and hostess Sarah greeted us at the door with the obligatory hugs and kisses. While my wife ran off with Sarah, her husband Jeff waved me into the family room, where Jimmy was setting up shop. Jimmy was the party’s designated bartender, a designation he took exceptional pride in. Every year he’d invent a more fantastic, and seemingly more alcoholic drink just for this occasion.

“Hello Jeff. Jimmy.” I shook hands and saddled up to his makeshift bar. Jimmy was wearing his typical Hawaiian shirt, Christmas themed, of course, a repeating pattern of Santa Claus in swim trunks. He reclined in a deck chair with a coconut drink in hand, under the shade of a wide palm tree on the beach. It fit Jimmy to a tee. He always believed his namesake to be Jimmy Buffet, and he patterned his lifestyle accordingly.

“How’s it going, Pete. Good to see you again. What can I get for you?”

“A beer is good for now. Too early for the hard stuff. What have you got in the works for the women?” Jimmy was one of the few bachelors left among us. My thought was he kept the women at the party drinking his special concoctions to make it easier for him to take advantage of them later on.

“Oh, I’ve got a great one this year.” He pulled out a large punch bowl from beneath the bar. The mixture inside was a neon blue, and I could smell the sweetness from where I was standing. “I call it – ‘Christmas Delight’.” He stood beaming, and poured me a small glass to sample. I drank warily.

“Hmm, not bad. And it doesn’t taste as strong as your usual punches do.”

“That’s what you think.” He winked at me. “This is my most potent drink yet. I used a special European vodka, almost flavorless, but still 198 proof. Then I mask it with different fruit juices and liqueurs. Trust me, Pete, it’ll do a number on you if you’re not paying attention.”

“Wow. Thanks for the warning.” I smiled at him and walked off to the kitchen to see what Sarah had cooked up for snacks, a nice assortment of veggies, crackers, and little weenies on a stick. I munched away while waiting for some others to arrive. Sarah’s sister-in-law Jill found me over the Chex Mix.

“Peter! Great to see you!” She grabbed me, pulling me close and kissing me full on the lips. Jill was one of the most sensual women I had ever met, and she had initially freaked me out with her practice of full mouth kissing. I found out later that was just her personal way of greeting people. Very personal. Still, it was quite a turn on, and I’m pretty sure she realized that. “Where’s Jess?”

“She went off with Sarah when we got here. I haven’t seen her since.” I looked Jill over. She was wearing a tight black turtleneck and tight faded jeans, her breasts and ass nicely accentuated. She had a body to kill for. She caught me looking and tweaked my nipples with affection. “Ah! Um, where’s David?”

“Oh, Cindy and Mark just arrived. I’m sure wherever she goes, you’ll be sure to find him.”

Cindy was Sarah’s other sister-in-law, and she was easily the most strikingly attractive of the women there. Long, blonde hair, perfect breasts and an attitude that flaunted her assets. She was extremely flirtatious, and numerous times I’d find myself getting wrapped up in her presence. I don’t know if Jill considered her a threat, or if she just wanted to be the center of attention herself, but it was obvious she didn’t really think very highly of her.

“So, Peter,” Jill closed in on me again, leaning against my chest, “What have you asked Santa for this year?”

“Umm, new gloves?” I stood like a deer in the headlights as she rubbed herself up against me.

“Cold hands? Poor Peter. Let me feel…” She took my right hand into hers, rubbed it quickly between her own, then lifted one of my fingers to her mouth, rubbing my fingertip against her lips. “You know, I could warm them for you…”

“Hello, Jill. Is that my husband’s finger you’re sucking?” My wife walked into the kitchen with Sarah, smiling at me. Both had a glass of “Christmas Delight” in hand, already half empty.

“Jessie!” Jill squealed and left me to run over to my wife, planting a deep kiss square on her lips. Freedom! I took the opportunity to run back into the family room and grab another beer from Jimmy. He saw me coming and opened one automatically.

“How’s the punch business going so far?” I asked, as he handed me my beer.

“Pete, you wouldn’t believe it. This may be my best year yet. I’m already on my second bowl.”

“Second? That’s impressive. Who’s your best customer so far?”

“Well, your wife is already on her second glass.” He smiled at me knowingly. “That should make for a very special night for you.”

“I’m sure it will.” My wife lost all inhibitions when drunk, as Jimmy was well aware. They were friends from way back. Maybe more than friends, but Jess never told me. I wasn’t sure why. Still, it was early in the night, and I’d have to keep my eye on her.

“And Cindy is already on her third, and she just got here…”

“Jimmy!” It was Cindy’s husband, Mark. He and Jimmy were childhood friends as well. “What the hell are you doing to my wife?! She’s already slurring her speech, and we’ve only been here a half hour! Are you deliberately trying to get her drunk?”

“Dude, I just serve the drinks. Pleasing the customer is my only responsibility. Besides, what are you complaining for? If I know Cindy, this punch will work magic for you.” Jimmy offered Mark a sip. He swallowed it in one shot.

“Not bad. I can see why Cindy likes these so much. It’s like liquid candy. And anyway, I’m not worried about her tonight, its tomorrow morning that I’ll have to deal with.”

“Ah, you say that every year. Go have fun.”

“Thanks a lot. Hey Pete, you want to shoot some pool with me?” Sarah and Jeff had built out a whole rec center in their basement, complete with pool table. I loved to play, and jumped at the opportunity.

“Sure thing!” I grabbed another couple of beers from Jimmy and headed downstairs.

Mark and I played for about an hour and a half, splitting our games evenly at 3 a piece. He wanted to play a final tiebreaker, but I thought it might be prudent to check up on the party upstairs. I could hear quite a bit of laughter from above. First though, I wanted to get another update from Jimmy.

“How’s it going, man?” His “Christmas Delight” punch bowl was nearly empty.

“Unbelievable. Dude, I’ve gone through 6 bowls of bunch, and it’s only 11:30. I’m running out of drinks!”

“Hey, if you want to run out and grab more, I can tend bar for a bit.”

“Really?” He looked eternally grateful. His pride was on the line, and he hated to disappoint.

“Sure. Let me just check in with Jess.”

“Last I saw her she was in the living room with Cindy and Sarah.”


I walked into the living room, and found my wife. Cindy was sitting in an easy chair, and my wife was sitting on the floor between her legs, while Cindy was running her fingers through her hair. There were about six girls in the room, and they were giggling non-stop.

“Hey, hon.” I walked over to her. She looked up at me with liquid eyes and quickly pulled me down and kissed me full on the mouth. She tasted wholly of “Christmas Delight”.

“Hey hon, yourself. What have you been up to? I haven’t seen Jill around here either…” She looked up at me with a drunken smile.

Section 2

“I have been innocently playing pool with Mark, in the basement. I just came in here to let you know I’d be spelling Jimmy at the bar for a bit while he runs out for more supplies.”

“Good idea.” Cindy slurred. “We don’t want to run out of this punch!” She giggled at herself then waved me over to her. “Could you do me a favor, ‘hon’?”

“Sure, Cindy, what do you need?”

“Another glass of punch.” She started giggling uncontrollably, as did the other girls, who also chimed in with orders. “And one more thing…” I leaned over in order to hear her better when she took my face in her hands and kissed me as passionately as Jess had. “Sorry, Jess,” she apologized to my wife, “I got a bit jealous for a sec.”

“No worries.” Jess said, “That just means I owe Mark a little something of my own.”

I rolled my eyes. These girls were gone. I went to Jimmy and filled as many glasses as I could with the punch. I brought them back to the girls to great applause, and then sent Jimmy on his way. He was back before I knew it.

“Thanks, dude! Now I can take over again. First thing, I need to refill that punch bowl!”

“Not a problem. Glad to help.” I walked back into the living room. There wasn’t as much giggling as before, but I noticed all the glasses were drained. And Cindy and Jess had switched places, with Jess now rubbing Cindy’s shoulders.

“God, Jess. If you were a guy, I’d take you home with me.” Cindy’s eyes were closed and her head was rolling on her shoulders.

“Tease. You already have a guy. Or have you already forgotten about Mark?” My wife was eating up her compliments.

“Mark doesn’t do this for me. You really have the touch. God, that feels good…” I leaned within the doorway to watch, oddly fascinated at the sight of my wife massaging another woman.

“Really? It does?” My wife proceeded to rub her hands down, under the neckline of Cindy’s shirt. I watched as her fingers rubbed down over the tops of her breasts.

“Mmm. Shut up, girl. You know just what you’re doing.” Cindy clumsily reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, letting it drop down off her breasts. This gave my wife free rein to reach down even further, and I watched as she brought her hands down over her nipples. The other girls were just watching them, as transfixed as I was. I had never known Jess to have bisexual tendencies, at least not that she ever told me about. But maybe there was more to my wife than I knew. I continued watching as my wife pulled Cindy’s hair to the side, and began kissing her neck. Cindy groaned.

“Jess? Oh god, what are you doing to me?” Cindy was in a complete haze, given all the “Christmas Delight” she must have consumed by now. She turned and lifted her head to meet my wife’s mouth with her own, as my wife continued to rub her breasts and tweak her nipples. I wasn’t sure what was happening, and I wasn’t sure how to feel. The male side of me was getting aroused, my cock struggling for room in my jeans, but the husband side of me was baffled. I looked around the room. Several men had come in the other doorway, and were watching as well, including Mark and David.

Cindy turned herself completely around, getting up on her knees to face Jess, so she could fondle her breasts as well. I watched, in silence with the rest of the party, as the two girls explored each other. My wife began moaning, and Cindy’s knee moved up against her pussy. She slipped down, and sucked one of Cindy’s nipples into her mouth. Cindy groaned and stood up, grabbing Jess by the hand and leading her towards me.

“Excuse me, Peter.” She stumbled past me and took my wife up the stairs to where the bedrooms were. As she passed me, my wife looked at me with hunger in her eyes, only I knew the hunger wasn’t for me. Not this time. I watched her ass sway as she headed upstairs, and in total confusion I walked back around to Jimmy.

“Hey, dude. Another beer?”

“Not this time, Jimmy.” I poured myself a tall glass of “Christmas Delight”, and downed it in one shot.

“Whoa, Pete! Take it easy with this stuff. I made the batch especially strong this time.” He voiced genuine concern. Wonder if he voiced the same concern to my wife as she polished off glass after glass?

“That’s fine, Jimmy. I like them strong.” I poured myself another full glass, and thinking better of downing another one so quickly, I took it with me outside into the cold night air. It was December in Chicago, and there was a good two feet of snow on the ground. Everything around me looked so white and beautiful. The tree branches were lined in icy snow, and I could hear the wind whistling through them.

“Hey, handsome. What are you doing out here?” It was Jill. I hadn’t noticed her sitting on the porch as I walked out..

“Getting some fresh air. What about you?”

“Same thing. I was in there with my husband, but he seemed a little too concerned with what Cindy and your wife were doing.”

“Yeah. That’s kind of what brought me out here.” I looked down at the ground. The “Christmas Delight” seemed to be kicking in. “Not your husband, just my wife.”

“Hmm. Hey, I have an idea!” Jill stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the snow with her. “Let’s make some snow angels!”

“Umm, isn’t it a little cold..?” She frowned at me then threw me backward, into the snow. I lost my footing, and fell smack on my back. I laughed, and decided to go with the flow, waving my arms and legs up and down, looking up at the clear, night sky, filled with stars. Jill was flailing around on the ground at my side. I stopped and watched the sky, as the stars seemed to start spinning around. I felt Jill lean over to me, her warm breath on my cheek.

“Feel better?” she asked.


“Hands cold?” I laughed at her joke. Funny girl.

“A little bit.”

“Not as cold as mine!” I jumped as she slipped her hand under the waist of my jeans, grabbing a hold of my cock and balls with a very cold hand, which immediately shrunk me to pre-pubescent size.

“Yow! Stop that!” I went to pull her hand out when she rolled on top my chest, sideways, pinning me down, and kissed me deeply. I lost myself for a moment, and began kissing back. Her hand began to warm, and my cock began to grow. Her long fingers reached down, cupping my balls and squeezing gently, then moving slowly back up my length, gripping the head while twisting her wrist. My precum leaked out into her hand, and she used it to lubricate my cock and increase her pace. I started moaning in her mouth, and then she leaned up onto my chest and whispered to me.

“God, Peter, your dick is so smooth. Feel my hand sliding up and down, so easily? Does this feel good to you? My hand isn’t so cold anymore, is it?” She was teasing me, and loving every minute of it.

“No. Not so cold. Not anymore.” My eyes were closed and my world was spinning, as much from her hand movements as the alcohol. She licked my ear, and whispered to me again.

“Let’s go back inside.” She got up off me and helped pull me to my feet. I could definitely feel the “Christmas Delight” now. What was I thinking? I teetered along behind her as she pulled me back into the house. I looked briefly over into the family room, where Jimmy was. He was standing in front of his empty punch bowl, his head back, eyes closed. From below the bar I could see someone kneeling below him. Someone was blowing him off. “Christmas Delight”, indeed.

Jill pulled me up the staircase, and I stumbled. I remembered this was where Jess and Cindy had gone. I froze in my steps, not sure what might be happening up there. Not sure I wanted to find out.

“Oh no, Peter. No stopping now.” I got back to my feet and obediently followed. We got upstairs and she hurriedly pushed open a door into an empty bedroom. She threw me on the bed.

“Jill? Are you sure we should be doing this?” I was a mess of mixed emotions. My cock was still rock hard, and I was still reeling from watching my wife go off with Cindy. What was she doing now? I felt Jill unbutton my jeans and pull them off me. My world starting spinning again as she grabbed my cock.

Section 3

“Yes, Peter. We should.” she said and then quickly dropped between my legs and engulfed me in her mouth. I felt her tongue run circles around the head, as her hand pumped the base. I groaned, and my hips began moving involuntarily as she hummed “Mmm…”

It was then I heard the voices from the room next door.

“Oh, Jess. Oh god, that feels so good…”

It was Cindy’s voice. Moaning my wife’s name. I sat up in bed, jarring Jill. She released my cock from her mouth and looked up at me.

“What is it?” she asked.


“Jess, right there. Keep licking right there. Oh, yes…”

Jill frowned at me. She recognized Cindy’s voice as well. I sat up, and without my pants snuck into the hall and up to the door of the room they were in. The door was slightly ajar. I slowly pushed it open to look inside.

I saw Cindy on a chair in the far corner of the room, naked, her legs spread wide and hanging over the arms. My wife was kneeling between her legs, bobbing her head slowly up and down in Cindy’s crotch. Standing around them were a group of assorted guys and girls watching the scene unfold, including Jill’s husband David. She was right, he always stayed close to Cindy. A table light was on, which cast a dim glow throughout the room. Jill came up behind me.

“Let me see!” She pushed in front of me, looked around and saw Cindy and Jess, then saw her husband. He had just pulled his cock free from his pants, and was absently-mindedly stroking it, staring directly at Cindy.

“Bastard…” Jill muttered. She reached behind herself for my hand, and finding it pulled it under her turtleneck to her breast. Her nipples were rock hard. I rubbed them tightly between my fingertips, and as I stood behind her I began to unbutton her jeans with my other hand.

“God, Jess. You’re going to make me cum again. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” My wife increased her pace, I heard the sound of her slurping, her face wet with Cindy’s juices, and Cindy began to pant. Jill and I watched, fondling one another, as David moved towards Cindy, cock in hand, stroking with purpose now. Cindy watched as he approached, and reached out for him. Reached out for his cock. He moved it towards her mouth.

Jill gasped at the sight. I pulled her jeans down hard, and while still tweaking her nipple I jabbed two fingers deep into her soaked pussy, easily sliding them in and out.

“Harder, Peter. You have to fuck me harder… C’mon…” She continued to watch as her husband pumped his cock into Cindy’s mouth, and she backed her hips forcefully into my hand. My fingers pounded into her. She lost her grip on my cock and begin to tremble. Cindy removed David’s cock from her mouth, and pumped it rapidly with her hand as she began to come.

“Fuck! Oh, fuck! Jess, I’m cumming…” David came at the same time, shooting his cum all over Cindy. She released her hold on him, and he staggered back into the group of watchers.

Jill grunted, as her orgasm wracked her body under my fingers. She tensed up for almost a minute, waves cascading through her, then her body collapsed back into mine, my hard cock now buried in the small of her back, smearing it with precum.

“Stop! Oh god, Jess, you have to stop now. I can’t take it anymore.” Cindy pushed my wife’s head away, her face shining with juices, and Cindy dropped down to the floor to kiss her, David’s cum spreading between their lips. Cindy slowly moved down to my wife’s breasts, and began suckling her nipples. “It’s your turn now, ‘hon’.” As she sucked on her nipples she moved her fingers between Jess’s legs, and she began to moan.

The watchers in the group were becoming much more animated, probably spurred on by David’s involvement. Couples were kissing, fondling one another, and any single men now had their cocks in hand and ready. I noticed Mark, Cindy’s husband, standing next to David. He seemed hardly surprised at the event, and his extended cock looked as hard as mine was.

My wife was moaning hard as Cindy sliced through her pussy with her fingers, still licking her nipples. She wasn’t going to last long. My wife comes easily, and Cindy seemed to know just what buttons to press. Just as Jess was about to cum, Cindy stopped.

“What? No… oh, Cindy, don’t stop… please… oh, Cindy, I need to cum so bad…” My wife was beside herself. She reached down to rub herself, and Cindy moved her hands away.

“Soon, Jess, just get on your knees.” My wife groaned in frustration, but still rolled up onto her knees. Cindy waved at her husband, calling him over, before sliding under Jess and slipping her tongue inside her pussy.

“Oh, fuck. Yes. Like that.” I hadn’t ever seen my wife in this state. She was beyond control. As Cindy rolled her tongue to lick her clit, Mark moved in from behind, positioning his cock right at the opening of my wife’s pussy.

I was startled at what was about to happen, but my cock was never harder and I was powerless to move. Jill’s eyes were huge as she looked back at me to gauge my reaction. She grabbed a hold of my cock for me, and slowly began stroking it.

I watched as Mark began to slide his cock up and down between the lips of Jess’s pussy, as Cindy licked her clit and began massaging his balls. She took aim of his cock in her hand, and began guiding it slowly into my wife. Jess shot her head up at the penetration, and looked behind to find Mark. She look worried, briefly, but as he pushed deep into her she just closed her eyes and pushed right back.

Jill spit in her hand, and used it to lube my cock. She guided it towards her ass. I knew then what she wanted me to do. I added my own spit, and holding her hips slowly began sliding my cock into her ass. She leaned over in the doorway, and pushed back against me, mimicking the movements of my wife.

Mark started to thrust back and forth into my wife, his own wife underneath, alternatively licking the base of his cock and my wife’s clit. Occasionally Mark would slip his cock wholly out, and his wife would reach up and suck his cock deep within her throat, leaving Jess crying for more. Several couples in the room were fully undressed now, and David had his hard on back in his hand. Jill was grunting loudly as I began fucking her with vigor.

“Fuck me, Peter. Fuck my ass. You feel so hard, so good. Fuck me hard!” She was much louder than the first time she came, as if she wanted David to hear her, and if that was the reason behind her screams she succeeded. David turned towards us, cock in hand, and watched me as I fucked his wife in the ass.

“Mark, oh god, Mark…” He was pumping furiously into my wife now, as Cindy sucked on her clit and played with her tits. “I’m cumming Mark, I’m cumming for you…”

Mark groaned, and I could tell by the expression on his face he was unloading into her pussy. She screamed in ecstasy as she started cumming, as he grabbed her by the hips and pounded hard into her. The scene was too much, I couldn’t hold myself back.

“Jill, oh fuck, I’m going to cum…” Jill heard me and increased her tempo. I felt my cock spasm and my cum spurt out into her ass. David was standing right in front of us, fucking his hand for all it was worth. After my movements stopped, Jill extracted herself from my cock, and turned to kiss me.

“Thank you, Peter. Thank you so very much.” She turned around and dropped down to her knees in front of her husband, and swallowed his cock whole in her mouth.

I looked back to Jess. She had collapsed, and was lying on her back while Cindy ate Mark’s cum from her pussy. Mark was already getting dressed. He saw me in the doorway and smiled awkwardly. I smiled back at him, out of reflex more than anything else, but I was still a bit more than confused. I turned away and walked back downstairs. Jimmy was busy packing up his bar supplies.

Section 4

“Hey dude, haven’t seen you in a bit. Thanks for stepping in for me earlier. Everything work out for you?” Jimmy was smiling as usual, and I noticed his new “girlfriend” was fast asleep on the couch next to him.

“Somewhat. It looks like things worked out very well for you.” I motioned to the girl.

“Oh yeah. My “Christmas Delight” was quite a hit. Going to be hard to top it next year.” He beamed with pride.

“I can’t wait. Take care, Jimmy.” I grabbed my coat and my wife’s from the closet and sat down in the kitchen to wait. Most of partygoers had left, and only a few stragglers remained. I heard Sarah wish a few friends goodbye, and she came in the kitchen.

“Oh! Hi Pete…” She seemed a bit nervous. “Quite a party this year, huh?”

“Yes. Quite a party.” I didn’t feel much like small talk.

“Um, I think I saw Jess coming down the stairs… Oh, there she is!”

My wife walked into kitchen, fully clothed now, although a bit more disheveled than when we had arrived. I could smell her sex as she sat down next to me.

“Time to go home?” she mumbled. Her eyes were glazed over, and she seemed pretty out of it. A little too much “Christmas Delight”, I thought.

“Sure. I already have your coat.” I helped her into her coat and we thanked Sarah for the party. As we were heading towards the front door, Mark was helping Cindy down the stairs. She could barely walk.

“Hey Jimmy! Thanks a lot!” Mark yelled at his friend. Jimmy winked back at him, as he put on his own coat and tried to wake up his “girlfriend”.

“Hey Pete. That was a great game of pool.” Mark held out his hand for me, as if to say no harm done. I shook it.

“Yeah, Mark. It was. We’ll see you soon. Night, Cindy.” Cindy tried to hold up her head, and mumbled something that sounded sort of like ‘good night’ and then collapsed back into her husband’s arms.

I took Jess to the car, and helped her in. Our home was only a few miles from Sarah and Jeff’s, and the car barely had time to warm in the cold night air. I helped Jess into our house, up the stairs into our bedroom. I undressed her and lay her down in bed. Even asleep, she looked so beautiful. I ran my fingers over her body, some parts still sticky with cum. I couldn’t help but look down at her pussy, her hair matted down, her lips still puffy. I could still smell her, and I felt myself getting aroused again. I knelt down to her pussy, and licked it gently.

It tasted of sex, and the flavor was intoxicating. I spread her legs apart, inhaled deeply, then slowly licked around the outside of her pussy, cleaning her lips. She started to moan a bit, still asleep but clearly getting aroused herself as she wriggled under me. I licked deep inside her, and tasted Mark’s cum still there. I took my time and cleaned her out, and watched as her clit engorged with blood. I looked up at her. She was awake now, and she had the same look of hunger in her eyes as she had when she went upstairs with Cindy.

“Fuck me.” was all she said. That’s all I needed to hear. I lifted myself up and plunged deep inside her, as the wind whistled through the tree branches, lined with icy snow.


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