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This is a true account of an affair that had taken place about a year and a half ago. I`d like to relate to you the first time my wife & I planned for her to have an affair with another man. We have been married for a long time & although we have a good sex life, well, there is some boredom. We are both in our mid sixties so we are starting late.

We had talked time & again about different things that we could do that we both would be agreeable to. We were looking for some new sexual excitement. We decided on allowing my wife to take a lover. A few reasons for this choice, one being age & medications has taken a toll with my erections. Although still able to function with a pill, I don`t always last as long as she would like, we also have toys to complete when necessary. Second, years ago, my wife had an affair with a coworker, so she had already strayed in our marriage.

When she told me about it after it was over, I wasn`t happy about it, but it always turned me on when we talked about it. The thought of someone fucking my wife is indescribable. Agreeing on her having an affair was one thing, finding someone is something else. We figured the internet was the best way to go at this time. We placed an ad in a senior swingers site, honestly describing her age, figure & expectations. We were looking for someone near her age, clean & healthy. We had a few responses to our ad & we responded to a few. Most had no answers. Look, she`s not a model, but is good for her age. After a few dead ends, we decided to shelve the search for a while.

In late April we bought tickets to attend a Beef & Beer benefit. We knew only a few people there. I sat at the table we were assigned, my wife likes to roam around, sit at the bar & talk to people. While she sat at the bar, I noticed she was approached by a nice looking man about our age. He sat next to her at the bar. He was tall, bald & overweight, but attractive looking. His name was Brad. He & my wife Debbie talked for about a half hour.

As I would look over every so often I noticed while he talked he would also touch her shoulder, knees & put his arm around her. She seemed very friendly towards him. When the conversation ended, she made her way back to the table. I said to her that it looks like she found a friend. She said he seemed nice. He told her he lived in the area, was divorced, and traveled frequently for his job. He said he didn`t have time for a relationship. She didn`t think anything more of the conversation. He did ask if she was married to which she replied yes.

As the end of the Beef & Beer approached, the music got louder and people started to leave. Debbie went up to the bar for a last drink and meets Brad also waiting. They try to have a conversation, but the loud music made it nearly impossible to hear. Brad asked Debbie if she had a few minutes, to which she said yes, and led her to a corridor at the rear of the hall. I actually seen her going with him to the rear of the hall, but could not see them when they were in the corridor. The corridor was out of sight.

When they got into the corridor, Brad asked Debbie if he could have her cellphone number. He said he really enjoyed talking with her & would like to talk more. She said she wasn`t sure if this was a good idea, since she is married. Brad said it would be mostly friendly talk and who knows what else. He figured they both hit it off well.

Debbie thought what the hell & they exchanged cellphone numbers. He said he would call her in a few days. He then turned to say goodbye & embraced Debbie & passionately kissed her. She was taken off guard & just let it happen. He also had his hand on her back and slid it down inside her pants to the top of her ass. She told me she was startled, a little drunk, but also excited. They both then went their ways.

She told me all the details of what happened & wanted to know what I thought she should do next. I said call him, if the conversation goes wrong, well he doesn`t know where we live, does he ? Debbie said no. I asked her that considering what we were looking for recently, could he be the one. She said possibly, but did not want to meet him alone. He was about 6’2″, just a large man. I told her when she talks to him tell him you`ll only meet him with your husband there. I just have to be there, I do not have to participate. Debbie said she`ll try.

About a week later I came home after running some errands. Debbie was sitting in the living room and said guess who called right after you left. The way she looked I said Brad ? Yes, she said, I was on the phone around an hour with him. I said if you talked to him that long, things must have went well. She said basically yes. She said she explained to him that we were looking to spice up our sex life mainly by her taking a lover. She had one years before, but John never knew about it until it was over. That`s why we decided another lover for her would be a good idea.

John would love to have sloppy seconds on me. We just couldn`t find anyone. She said meeting him the other week at the Beef & Beer caught both of us off guard. She told him if we meet, we would like to meet with him before any get togethers. She explained she would only meet with John present. That didn`t mean he would participate, unless asked, but she would feel safer if he was around. He would not interfere. She said if he was agreeable, we could set up a meeting.

Brad in turn told her that since his divorce a few years ago, he only had one lover. He said his job uses alot of his time. As time goes on, he strongly feels the need for female companionship. He apologized for the way he acted in the corridor due to alcohol and his attraction to Debbie. He said he was good with meeting at a place and time of our choice and he would call back in a day or two. Debbie and I talked, picked a time & place, and waited for his call. He called Debbie 2 days later and the meeting was set.

We met with Brad for over an hour and found he was a pleasant person. We talked about alot of things, including sex. Brad said he basically enjoyed one on one situations. He said he preferred not to use condoms, but if we wanted he would. He said he was 62 years old, healthy, wanted to stay that way, and this was the reason he looked for older women. He said his cock was on the large side, he loves oral sex, and if John joined in he would be OK with that as long as there was no intended sexual contact. Sloppy seconds were good.

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