Celebrating National Penis Day

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Section 1

My wife and I were online just searching the web for some craziness. What we stumbled on by accident changed our lives forever.

We are in our sixties and enjoy a healthy sex life together. We are both very giving people so pleasuring one another makes us very happy. My wife enjoys watching porn, looking at naked men and the stories I make up about her fucking other men or where she is in the middle of an orgy where everyone’s attention is on her.

So back to the computer. We stumbled across a site which proclaimed September 4th as National Penis Day. Well who wouldn’t want to celebrate that day? Since it was August 24th, we had 11 days to prepare for the “Big” day. We decided in the morning we should start National Penis Day by watching some porno that has lots of dicks in it. Of course we had some we already enjoyed, we both love watching 2 men servicing one lucky gal. But this celebration needs new cocks to enjoy. So over the next few days we scoured the web for the “Best Penises”. She chose her favorites and I chose mine separately. We would then on the 4th compare the top penis videos.

She begrudgingly agreed to let me surprise her with the evening’s activities.

Well on the morning of the 4th, we both awoke early anxious to get the day started. Coffee and a shower completed, it was time to watch some dick flicks. But before I turned on scene #1, I surprised her with a bunch of dick pics I pulled off the web. We slowly checked out each photo smiling at some and even making jokes about some. I played my favorite movie scene first. The first one had a white guy being undressed by a beautiful blonde. When his cock sprang out of his shorts, he was about 9" thick, cut and good looking with a ball sack proportionate. As she began licking up and down his veinie shaft, her eyes looked to the side where a black man was undressing himself down to his shorts. He walked up behind her, as her head bobbed up and down swallowing as much of the 9 inches she could, and he reached under her top and grabbed her tits.

She pulled her mouth off her friend and spun around where she was staring as the bulge in his underwear. Her fingers began to trace his outline as it grew. The head popped out and she licked off his precum. The other gentleman began removing her clothes while she pulled out his 10 inches of magnificent hardness.. she stayed mesmerized at the black dick before her, the first black cock she has ever handled. Now fully naked, she was laid down on her back on the bed and they took turns licking her and feeding her their cocks. She begged to be fucked and soon found herself being filled up as her walls stretched like never before. With 9 inches in her mouth and 10 inches inside of her, a vaginal orgasm struck her and she bucked up and down causing him to pop out just as he began to cum. Streams of fluid spewed on her stomach and pussy. Not to be outdone, the other man began stroking his cock with such reckless abandon until he began spraying her tits and neck. Totally drenched with cum, she began alternating the penises in her mouth squeezing each last drop into her throat as the shriveled inside.

As I went to play scene #2, she stopped me. I don’t think I can take much more, let me show you my video, then we need to play. I laid back on the bed as she started her video. We both began laughing as her video was the same as mine. What are the odds?

Well the morning sex was great and afterwards we had a nice breakfast. The afternoon was spent running errands and her begging to know my National Penis Day evening celebration plans. Of course I refused to tell her.

At 6pm I laid out her sexiest outfit on the bed and ordered her to put it on. She finished her hair and makeup while I rubbed her body all over. I drove us to a beautiful Hilton Hotel about an hour away. I had reservations at the fancy restaurant inside and our handsome waiter was wonderful. He was our age, fit with salt & pepper hair, blue eyes and a foreign accent. I asked her if she found him handsome and sexy. She said, yes.

Is he Fuckable, I asked? Y

ou mean if I wasn’t married to you?

Yes, I said.

Yeah, I would Fuck him.

Would you Fuck him if I asked you to?


You heard me, would you Fuck him if I asked you to?

I don’t think so, she said.

Well I would like you to put him in one of your stories she added.

Section 2

Okay I said, the next time I tell you a Brad story I want you to picture our waiter as the Brad you are playing with. Okay, she said and I saw a sparkle in her eye.

After dinner I gave our waiter a nice tip and said I hope he has a nice evening. He said we are his last table of the night and he planned on getting a night cap. I told him he should join us at the bar, we would both love his company. Without looking at my wife I could feel her eyes piercing me with some panic and some excitement. He quickly agreed to meet us there in about 15 minutes

When we sat at the bar the first thing she said to me was, I am not Fucking him. My reply made her laugh as I said, agreed, you should only suck him. Okay she said but not meaning it. I chose to sit at the bar against the wall knowing our new friend would then have to sit on her opposite side placing her right smack dab in the middle. He arrived as we finished our first drink. I excused myself leaving them alone and picked up the key at the desk for our room which she did not know about.

When I returned they were talking about her career. The conversation then turned about him. He retired from the Army 2 years ago and a divorce fell upon him shortly thereafter. His wife of 30 years admitted to having numerous affairs on his many overseas deployments and wanted to continue that lifestyle. He confided it wasn’t her sleeping around that bothered him, he figured she did as most military wives do. He was upset at the lying about it. He asked about staying together and having an open marriage and she agreed to try it.

It worked out fine at first as they each played separate and had some threesomes together, but she wanted more. She wanted to travel extensively to nude beaches and parties across the US. He said he wasn’t about to go that far with the lifestyle. He met people he felt comfortable in playing with and doesn’t want to continue looking for more people. He then asked about us and if we ever played. I spoke up first and talked about the few threesomes I enjoyed. She said she has never played like that but loves the stories. He surprised her by saying we would be a perfect fit if we change our minds. I spoke up and said you mean change her mind, she already has my permission to play, I just want to watch.

He smiled and said that is common.

Really she asked?

Yep, many men enjoy that and I might add the women as well.

He looked at me and asked if I would be a vouyer, a participant of just a cuckold.

I said a vouyer but afterwards enjoy some time with her alone. But her fantasy is to have 2 men at once, so I could join in. That’s not my fantasy she said, I just like the stories. But wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to celebrate National Penis Day I said with a smirk on my face.

National Penis Day he asked, when is it?

Today I said and we should not be remiss in partaking in penis activities.

My wife began to wiggle in her seat, perhaps it was the conversation making her nervous or the moisture in her panties. I looked at her and said, why don’t we ask him up to our room. Room? What room? I pulled 2 keys out of my pocket and dangled one in front of her and handed him the other. I took hold of her hand, threw some cash on the bar, told him to join us in10 minutes in room 212, just let yourself in.

When we got in the elevator, I kissed her as she tried to speak. We got in the room and she went into the bathroom. When she came out she sat on the bed and said we need to talk about this. I sat next to her and assured her I love her and she can do nothing when he gets here or go all the way. We will both be fine with her decision. Before she could answer, the door opened and he entered. He had a bottle of wine and 3 glasses. He opened the bottle, poured the wine and gave us a glass. He then made a toast, here’s to National Penis Day may this evening do the day justice and may we all have fun. We clang our glasses took some sips and the evening activities began.

I started kissing her while my hands explored her body on top of her clothes. I laid her on the bed and unbuttoned her blouse. Reaching under her bra I began lightly pinching her nipples. As I pulled one breast out, she gave a slight resistance but then allowed me to let them out. She opened her eyes and saw our new friend staring at them with a big smile. Are they okay, she asked him. They are beautiful was his response she allowed me to remove her blouse and bra completely. As I began to suck on her right breaststroke I signaled for him to enjoy her left one. When she felt one mouth on each, she moaned. My hand began rubbing the inside of her thigh which always drives her crazy. He followed suit and her hips began bobbing up and down. I opened her pants button, pulled down the zipper and began rubbing her mound on top of her panties. He pulled away from her breast and began removing her pants. Now only clad in panties I went down on her licking her slit up and down the panties.

He stood up and got naked without her opening her eyes. I noticed his very hard 7-8" cut penis needing attention. We slowly traded places as her moaning increased. I watched him pull her panties to the side and his tongue gently probe her moistness. Her eyes looked down as she saw this new man’s face planted between her legs. She closed her eyes and quickly reached orgasm. Her hips bucking wildly as she came and he kept pace.

As her explosion subsided he sat up and her eyes went straight to his crotch. She smiled when she saw his hardness. I took her hand and whispered she should take him. She did not hesitate and had him on his back as her hands began massaging his cock and balls. When she saw some precum escape, she liked him clean and then devoured his cock. I then handed my wife a condom and she gave me a look like where did this come from. I told her to put it on him and enjoy the ride. She slowly unfurled the rubber down his shaft. When completed, she climbed on top and rode him like a wild bull. Before long she came again as she ground her clit into his pelvis. He quickly followed suit. He collapsed off her and I could see he filled the condom completely.

The three of us were naked together under the covers with her smack in the middle. When it was time for him to leave, he got out of the bed, with a raging hard-on. She looked at his stiff member and said I can’t let you go like this. She gave him a goodbye blow job as I sat back and enjoyed watching her pleasure him knowing she is the best at that. We both fell asleep after saying I had to wait until the morning as punishment for putting together such a naughty day. We woke up horny the next day and devoured each other’s sex.

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