She Gets Caught With 19yo BBC - Her Roommate's Grandson


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This started back in mid 2016. My GFS roommates 19 yo black grandson came to stay a few weeks.he had all kinds of younger white girls with him,so I kinda thought he’d hit on her eventually.she was 32,6 ft tall, 160 pounds,curvy,small tits,auburn hair,a smile that opened doors,really attractive. Well one day I come by,she tells me he asked her for head,I’m thinki ng why is she telling me? I think to gauge my reaction.

I asked did you? Oh no I’d never.uh huh.well few weeks goes by,she’s making him food,driving him around,washing his not stupid,she’s getting good dick. Well one day I come by,hes saying his camo shorts are in her room,she’s denyingit.she steps out,I look under bed,there’s the camo shorts,she comes in surprised saying laundry mix up. Yeah ok.

Well she leaves again,but her phones on the bed,I know passcode,so I look,and I’m shocked at what I see,pics of her blowing this massive 11 inch thick BBC. Video of her riding him,of her w him and his cousin banging her.she walks in,looks supriseed,is silent.i say it’s okay, I knew already,I kinda was hoping you proud of you taking that whole 11 inches in you,like I didn’t know you could.she giggled smiled,said oh yeah,I can fuck big dicks. I told her it had always been a fantasy of mine to be cuckolded by a BBC, and what I asked next I couldn’t believe I had the balls to ask.

Would you cuckold me,and sissy train me.she giggled said really? Said yup, I’m nervous AF,she says well I’m not sure what to do,at least beyond basics,so I show her YouTube videos,forums online,she agrees,says she always wanted to turn a guy female. I said I’m ready.she threw out all my boxers,socks,jeans,replaced w panties, girls socks,stockings,garter belts,etc,girls jeans,shorts,skirts,etc. She started showing me how to shave, everything was,how to walk,talk,move female. She’d dress me and go in fuck him while I cleaned house,made them food. She treated me like a girl.

She finally let me watch,handcuffed to a chair,wearing her panties she was wearing,they’d be all wet,she’d humiliate me, cum all over his huge cock.took comparison pics. She eventually put me in Chasity,w goal being to shrink my tiny cock.i was just over 5 inches hard.she left me in 6 months,blindfolded me the day she let me out,I hear her gasp,giggle,say I hope you were serious bc it def shrunk. I lost inch and half.she learned online bout me tucking it in,wearing tight panties.

She got estrogen creme and pills,putting it on,and making me take them. He then left for his home in wv,she found another bull, 25 yo, 9 inches,thick. She paid for me to get pink bows tatted on back of my legs,as well as a tramp stamp of a unicorn, and matching queen of spades on our hips. I was shrinking leaps and bounds,eventually she had me try fucking her after her bull,she laughed asking if it was even in,barely.i felt nothing.shed have me clean her up at times,lay down,squat over me and drip into my mouth,she used strap ONS to train me, how to suck and take cock,by this point I’m really nearly female,if I wasn’t so tall,she said,I’d be passable.

Well the young kid came back last summer,now 23 I believe,both them got right to it.she would take pics of me and post onli ne,show female friends,we went to swingers fetish parties, where she’d show how tiny I was. I am now just under inch and a half hard, nothing soft.her nu nurse friend said I was newborn size, so they started caring me baby dick.we have same Dr,we asked her was it safe to keep shrinking,sad as long as I can pee,yes,and that she’s never see. One so tiny on a grown man.our goal is one inch hard.

I am to small to get even past her pussy lips, she dresses me in tight jeans, were most of the time I have camel toe. She got me corsets,wigs, shoes, etc.i wear only female clothes.she also puts me in girls diapers on occasion, tying pink bow around it,w glitter. Sometimes a semi permanent unicorn tatt bove it. Her bull is 10 x bigger than me now. Her pinky can cover me up hard! She stopped taking birth control bc she wants a mixed baby.i told her I’d sign birth cert,and take care of them both.we do love each other alot, this is only one part of our lives.

It’s not for everyone, and I warn people curious bout how to shrink,being sissy,thatits not a joke.shes had other guys offer money to sissy train them,but has turned them down,saying her focus is on me,till she feels my manhood is gone. I love watching white girls go black and encourage them when possible.shes shown most of my ex GFS what she did,and all of them approved and said I was to small for them,she admitted it also after getting her fiirst taste of his 11 inch BBC,but not her first,first was in hs,at 15 yo I found out. He took her virginity after white guy she was dating was so small,couldn’t break her cherry,true story.

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