Cats Sexy Ski Adventure 4.7/5 (14)

“Come on Cat, we’re gonna miss the plane!”

Gary was always in a hurry and didn’t like waiting or being late. Cat was the exact opposite: Like most engineers, she was slow and methodical. She preferred being prepared to deal with all possible scenarios and hated being rushed. Examining her neatly organized suitcase, she finally decided she had packed everything she might need for the trip.

“I’m ready sweetie, let’s go.”

Gary stopped and stared at Cat in utter disbelief. She was wearing an open buckskin jacket over a cropped tee shirt, and tight hip hugger blue jeans, which left her flat, deeply tanned abdomen exposed. She was obviously not wearing a bra, as the thin white material of the over-stretched tee shirt revealed.

Her perky nipples were threatening to poke right through the front of the shirt, her 36D’s spilling out from the deep V neckline. She also had on her Stetson cowboy hat and Frye western boots.

“Geez Cat, are you going skiing or to a rodeo?”

Gary was a Brevard County fireman. He met Cat while working out at the gym on Patrick Air Force Base. The military brass allowed the local policemen and firemen to exercise on the base. Gary was an aggressive, no-nonsense kind of guy, and even though he had been immediately attracted to Cat, to this day he still hadn’t quite figured her out.

He didn’t believe in serious relationships; like most of the men in his profession he was more the “fuck ’em and forget ’em” type . . . except for Cat. Gary was the one who suggested they move in together, a gesture so out of character that his firehouse buddies still harassed him about it.

At first, Gary was attracted to Cat’s firm, athletic body . . . and those fabulous tits . . . and then later to the seemingly brilliant mind she inexplicably concealed beneath the long golden locks.

She came across as a scatter-brained, ditzy blonde, a reputation supported by verifiable stories of one misadventure after another, but Gary knew there was a genuine, honest-to-god, rocket scientist hiding in there. He suspected Cat used the dumb blonde routine whenever it suited her needs. She and Gary hit it off right away and started dating about six months ago.

As a KSC employee, Cat had permission to do her workouts on the Air Force base as well. Unlike the health clubs in town, which were more like social clubs, she found exercising with the military guys, as well as with a few cops and firemen, more beneficial, since this group took their workouts as seriously as she did.

There was always some flirting, but these people worked hard at staying in shape. Cat obviously wasn’t the shy type, and had no qualms about showing skin. She almost always exercised in a jog bra and little nylon shorts, whether she was running her laps around the base or lifting weights in the gym.

Many a squad of airmen running in formation got chewed out by their drill sergeant for turning their heads to stare at the woman with long blonde hair, big boobs and tight ass that just ran passed them in the opposite direction. Cat didn’t help matters by winking and blowing kisses at them either.

“Oh don’t be silly, of course I’m going skiing. We’re going out West right? To Jackson Hole? . . . Wyoming? . . . Where everyone wears WESTERN clothes. DUH!! You’re the one that’ll be dressed all wrong. I’ll blend right in!”

At 27 years old, Cat had been working for the agency for nearly three and a half years now, and she hadn’t taken a single vacation in all that time. She was more than overdue, and this was just what the doctor ordered. Born and raised in central Florida, where it rarely gets cold enough to wear even a light jacket, she had never gone skiing before, but Cat was always up for a challenge.

“Cat, the temperature almost never goes above 35 degrees this time of year. You’re gonna freeze to death dressed like that!”

“Don’t worry so much silly, they have heat don’t they? In the cars and everywhere else? Sheesh! I know I’m blonde but I’m no dummy. Now let’s go before we’re late.”

Once they got to the airport, Gary tried to hurry through security, hoping they didn’t miss the boarding call. He made it okay, but Cat kept setting off the metal detector, so airport security pulled her aside.

“Oh for chrissakes . . . “, Gary exclaimed.

Two male guards took Cat behind a small, portable curtain that barely afforded any privacy. “Could you take off your hat and jacket ma’am?”

Cat removed the buckskin jacket and Stetson. The other guard scanned Cat’s body with the handheld wand. He asked her to hold her arms above her head. When she did, the bottom of her cropped tee shirt rose up higher, until the undersides of her breasts were exposed. Both men noticed but said nothing.

“Take your shoes off please ma’am.”

Cat had to sit down on a chair to pull the boots off, and then she stood back up and held her hands above her head, the shirt rising up even higher this time. The wand still beeped when they passed it over her body.

“Undo your belt and the top of your pants and then lower them, keeping your underwear on, and then spread your legs and bend over and touch the floor please.”

Wondering if this was really necessary, Cat would normally have protested, except she knew they were already late, so she figured she’d cooperate and get it over with.

“Um, actually, I don’t wear underwear.”

Before the guard could respond, Cat lowered her jeans past her hips and bent over at the waist, her knees locked, resting the palms of her hands on the floor between her feet. With her bare ass now high up in the air, her shirt slipped forward until it was around her neck, leaving her breasts completely exposed to both men.

Without missing a beat, the guard checked the pockets of her jeans, then performed a pat down search, running his hands up and down each leg, then across her backside. This was becoming a bit too much, so Cat started to object.

“Uh, excuse me but . . . . . . WHOA!”

Suddenly startled when the guard slid his fingers across her outer cunt lips, Cat involuntarily lurched forward, her head hitting the other guard in the stomach, knocking him backwards into the privacy screen. The guard conducting the search grabbed Cat around the waist in a futile attempt to keep her from falling, but instead tripped over one of her legs, falling into her.

The three of them fell to the floor on top of the overturned curtain, in front of all the other passengers. One guard was on his back on the floor, with a mostly naked Cat lying on top of him, straddling his abdomen, her exposed breasts mashed into his face. The other guard was on top of Cat’s back, his crotch against her bare ass. It looked like a comedy routine from some bizarre sex show.

After recovering from their initial shock at this spectacle, the other passengers in line began laughing and clapping. Gary shook his head and thought to himself, “This could only happen to Cat.” She and the two guards untangled themselves and scrambled to their feet.

Smiling broadly, Cat took a bow in front of the crowd and then quickly pulled her pants up. With a few male passengers still whistling, Cat saw Gary pointing to her chest, and she suddenly remembered to pull her tee shirt back down over her fully exposed tits.


Completely flustered and anxious to be rid of this crazy blonde woman, one of the guards said, “Thank you ma’am, you can finish getting dressed and proceed to your gate.”

Cat was pretty sure they should have used a female guard for the body cavity search, but if she complained now, they’d never make their flight. Gary stood mutely watching Cat pull her boots back on and began to wonder if the dumb blonde thing wasn’t an act after all. He and Cat eventually boarded the plane with no time to spare, and were finally on their way.

About 3000 miles away . . . .

The plane carrying Neil and Amy had just taken off from the L.A. airport. At only 25 years old, Neil was a successful real estate agent and had recently sold several million dollar homes in Brentwood.

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