Business Trip


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My wife and I have been married for five years or so. The last two years we have been getting into the hot wife lifestyle. One of the newest adventures is what I’m writing you about.

My wife is 36, blonde, blue eyes with the most perfect 36B tits and ass that is just out of this world. She’s so confident in herself she loves sitting around the house in just a tiny t-shirt and a pair of thongs. When we go to the beach she wears the skimpiest bathing suit.

She was out of town on a business trip. In one of those big cities where you can walk around and never run into a soul you know. She was at a local bar having a few drinks with some colleagues and we were still texting back and forth. She was wearing a very short black dress and extremely high heels, my favorite. After all, I was the one that picked it out.

One of our favorite games we play is where I ask if she’s being hit on. I love knowing that there are other men and women that are checking her out and flirting with her. It’s such a turn on for both of us knowing that she is desired. We had been texting back and forth most of the night. At one point she had gotten quiet and I was getting tired. This was around one that morning.

When she’s out of town I sleep very softly and the littlest sound from my phone wakes me up. It was around 2am when this happened.

I received a text from my wife that simply read: “Do you want me to fuck someone else?”

Needless to say this took me by surprise.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“A guy wants to fuck me, Does that make you horny?” She texted back.

“A Super hot guy I just met, He’s got a nice dick!”

Remember she just woke me up so at this point I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or if this is really happening. I have been hoping for an experience like this for a while now. Apparently she had met this guy there at the bar. Thanks to the copious amounts of vodka she began to tell him about my fantasy of her with other men. Tell him I want her to be a hotwife.

Later I found out that this conversation actually took place back in her hotel room, mind blown. Apparently her new friend told her he had a pretty big cock and my wife took it upon herself to test this theory. She reaches out and grabs him through his pants.

I learn this because my wife actually gave me this guy’s number. I text him, introduced myself, thanked him for showing her a good time and ask him for details since she was a little hazy on what happened. He also told me that he wasn’t the only one trying to get into my wife’s pussy!!! That’s how that conversation of his cock size came up. He literally told my wife that he probably had a bigger cock than the other guy did and the other dude would be wasting her time. Major points from this one!

“Want to watch me fuck this stud?” Another text read.

After another communication blackout my phone began to ring. This would not be the first time that she had gotten some poor guy all hot and bothered just to leave him in the bar, go back to her room and go to sleep. Expecting this was the case I was extremely shocked to see that it was a FaceTime request. As I answered I’m was met with the close up view of my wife and a rather large cock in her mouth.

“See honey, I told you he had a nice dick!” She said looking dead at the camera.

With her phone in one hand and his balls in her other she’s slowly works up and down the hard shaft. I can hear a strange voice in the background saying,

“What a good cock sucker your wife is, hope you are enjoying our show.”

At this point I have the stiffest hard on I can ever remember. Without even thinking about it I begin to stroke it vigorously to the image that I’m watching.

“ I really need to use both hands on this, sorry babe.” She purred.

After a lustful moan and a devilish giggle the screen goes black. With the image of her sucking him playing over and over in my mind I bring myself to cum.

My mind was still racing, what was she doing now. Many images were dancing through my mind everything from him bending her over pounding her from behind to the thought of two of his friends joining in. I was going crazy. Luckily a few minutes later the FaceTime notification came up again. This time all I could see was the silhouette of her new friend as he was obviously finger fucked my wife and licked her delicious pussy.

“Dude, you wife’s pussy is so tight and tastes amazing!”

I was hard once again, and just as before stroking it again. She laid their rocking her hips and moaning excessively. Taking as much of his fingers as her tight little pussy would allow. He must’ve been doing a really good job because at this point she drops the phone and once again the screen goes black. Now I’ve come twice watching my wife and her exploits while she’s out of town. I can only imagine how it’s going to end.

I finally dozed off while waiting for another response which doesn’t come. At 7:30 in the morning my alarm is going off and My first Instinct is to look at my phone for any response there after. I have a few text that read;

“God I’m so tired and drunk, back in my room. Going to sleep.”

“I love you so much, thank you for letting me play.”

And lastly,

“PS I didn’t fuck him but I wanted too!”

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