Business And Pleasure - IR

Section 1

I met Sue shortly after she graduated college. She’s a gorgeous woman, now 35 years old, about 5'-4". She likes to keep herself in shape, Sue’s fit but curvy in all the right places. She has natural D cup breasts and a plump but firm ass that I just can’t get enough of. Sue’s most attractive feature, however, is her beautiful smile - it’s a natural counterpart to her incredible personality.

She has lovely hazel eyes, long brunette hair, and classically feminine facial features. She’s also a woman that’s not afraid to toss around some occasional wit when challenged. I love her feisty nature, and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with her so quickly. It only took six months of dating before I asked her to be my wife, and nearly 12 years later we are still going strong.

My names Jim, I’m 40 years old and 5'-10", not unattractive. I’m of average build but regrettably I have gained some unwanted weight over the last few years. Sue and I have had a great sex life for the most part. We aren’t the most adventurous couple but we do make love consistently, at least a couple times a week.

Although I’m of average endowment i can pretty consistently bring her to a satisfying orgasm. She loves to ride me cowgirl with her big beautiful breasts swaying in my face, tickling her nipples with my tongue never fails to get her juices flowing. Apart from our positive sex life we live a pretty comfortable lifestyle. I work in sales for a national supplier of high end office equipment - printers, scanners, specialty computers - things like that.

I was sitting in my office preparing for an upcoming conference when in walked Lindsey, my secretary. She’s only 28 years old but is notably mature for her age. She doesn’t seem to be caught up in the social media obsession, no selfies or any of that other superfluous bullshit. It’s not like she couldn’t be though, I’m pretty sure she’d be a huge hit on something like Instagram.

She’s a very attractive blonde (although a bit too petite for my particular tastes), very cute and with tons of energy. More importantly she’s a great worker who takes care of any business that I delegate to her. She’s also a sweetheart, my wife and I have become very fond of her over the years. Lately she’s actually started to feel more like family, than a colleague.

She spoke quickly “Jim, about dinner tonight, Ben won’t be able to make it so it’ll be just me - he’s stuck at the office. I just wanted to let you know so Sue didn’t waste any food.”

I looked up, noticing that her blonde hair was somewhat of a mess. Ben was her long time boyfriend, totally out of his league in the physical department - at least in my opinion. He was somewhat short and scrawny, without a very masculine appearance. That being said, he seemed like a brilliant guy, very kind, and he was definitely madly in love with Lindsey.

To me it seemed like the kind of relationship that began when they were both focused on school, and both in an ugly duckling phase. With some time in the rear view Lindsey has stayed focused on her career while simultaneously growing into a gorgeous woman, and Ben kind of didn’t have the same luck.

I think Ben realizes he’d never find a catch like her again, and for his sake - he appreciates her as such. Who knows though, maybe I’m overstepping with my presumptions, maybe he’s hung like a horse. I smiled to myself as I nodded to her in reply “Thanks Linds, I"ll let her know.”

We did like to have her over for dinner on occasion. It was our way of showing appreciation for all the work that she does for me, and by proxy, us. Most wives would dread there husbands having a secretary like Lindsey, but Sue had never really uttered a word. Besides, I was raised to be a faithful man,

and I had never even so much as thought of wavering from my code. Additionally, Lindsey never really flirted with me or showed much interest in doing so. Though that couldn’t be said for all the men at the office, she was gaga over my boss.

Trenton Jacobs, or Trent, is in his mid fourties. He’s a well framed man who was a collegiate athlete of some sort in his day. Women apparently consider him to be handsome, my wife included. He’s tall, black, muscular, and friendly. He runs the business in nearly all areas and has done so for the last twenty years, it’s his own creation.

Part of me felt that Lindsey respected how Trent had come from relatively nothing to create his own multi-million dollar company, nurturing and expanding it successfully over the years. Another part of me felt that maybe she just had a thing for older men, or for black men.

Later that night Sue had just finished tucking our daughter, Becca, into bed. The three of us sat down for what looked to be a lovely meal. There was a succulent roast on the table and the wine and conversation flowed in abundance - as it always does.

The three of us were dressed more or less casually but both girls looked noticeably lovely - as they always did. As the evening progressed I couldn’t help but feel like Linds had something weighing on her, something on her mind. She was as talkative as ever but something about her look, her eyes, hinted that she wanted to discuss something personal.

I felt like I had a knack for that sort of thing, knowing when someone had something they needed to get off their chest. Almost on queue of my internal realization, she revealed the secret. What she told us nearly caused me to choke on my wine.

She simply blurted out, awkwardly, loudly - interrupting Sue mid sentence “I slept with Trent!”

The following silence was deafening.

Sue and I looked on, stunned for a long moment, but my wife finally spoke “…Um, excuse me?”

Lindsey’s face was red. “I slept with Trent! Can you believe it!?” she sounded naive in her excitement, but continued “Ben and I had him over for dinner, we uh, we had too much to drink, Ben passed out - Trent took me upstairs to our bedroom and we…”

she paused, looking down in embarrassment “…We slept together!” Sue and I now looked at each other, shocked.

Lindsey was never shy in talking about how hot she thought Trent was, never shy about flirting with him. Hell, she often discussed it with Sue, openly joked about it with Ben - but to think that she actually cheated on him, it was both disappointing and stunning.

Before I could speak up she continued, looking at me “He told me he was going to tell you, Jim - he doesn’t want any secrets within the ‘chain of command’.”

I was still trying to find my bearings, and shook my head “I don’t really think it’s any of my business, to be honest…” I paused, searching for the right words to say “I gotta say, Linds - I’m kind of disappointed. I thought this was all just a running gag, all the flirting.”

I spoke somewhat sternly, the wine erasing any of my would be tact. I thought about the potential impact this would have on the working environment, and I resigned myself to hope for the best.

After overcoming the initial shock, I had to admit it wasn’t exactly a total surprise. Trent was known as somewhat of a ladies man, always having a different girl on his arm at any of the company gatherings. Trent also wasn’t averse to playfully flirting the wives at the company, especially Sue.

At nearly every company gathering he would lay it on thick, complimenting my wife and at times touching her inappropriately. At one Christmas party the three of us were alone at the bar near the end of the night, drunk.

He openly, although jokingly, propositioned Sue to sleep with him. He wanted to make sure I was ‘getting the job done’. Apparently he was willing to ‘step in’ if i wasn’t. He slapped me on the back and pulled me in for an hug saying ‘That’s my man.’ once she confirmed that I was taking care of business in bed. It was something Sue joked about ever since.

Section 2

I continued “Did you tell Ben? I’m kind of surprised you’d do that to him after all these years…”

Lindsey went wide-eyed, and stammered to right the ship “No no, no! It’s not like that! Ben knew about it!… Ben encouraged me to do it.”

I reacted with burst of laughter, unable to comprehend what she was saying. “What!?”

It was my wife’s turn to pile on, jumping in after me “You’re telling me that Ben wanted you to fuck Trent?” my wife had a penchant for speaking directly. She propped up in her chair, her cheeks flush, noticeably excited by this entire situation. I did have to admit, this changed the entire mood of the evening.

Lindsey blushed, showing her first signs of regret “Jesus, I really shouldn’t have said anything. I just couldn’t handle it, it was eating at me. I had to tell someone, and you guys have become like, like… family over the years.” Lindsey could at times be very emotional, especially after a few drinks, and at this particular moment it looked like she might cry. I suddenly felt horrible for laughing.

Sue reached out and put an arm around her “Honey, please - you can tell us anything. This is all very surprising is all, we are just trying to understand.”

Lindsey managed to gain her composure and continue “I haven’t exactly been shy about my attraction to Trent, over the last few years it just kind of popped up in our role play, our sex life. I admitted to Ben that I would masturbate while I thought about Trent, about him fucking me.

Without getting too personal I’ll just say that it started to turn into something that excited both of us, the thought of me fucking Trent.” she smiled. “I had been dropping hints to Trent for awhile, even letting him know that Ben would be okay with it, eventually - he responded.”

I noticed Sue take off her sweater, it did suddenly feel hot in the room. Sue cleared her throat, and asked “So… how was it?” she looked at me smiling devilishly as the question rolled off her tongue. I responded only by shaking my head in resigned amusement.

Lindsey began to laugh, almost maniacally, she finally stopped - looking at Sue this time “You have no idea… Like, no idea. It was mind, blowing! I’m not sure if it was, you know - the build up of wanting to do it for so long, or his huge…” she caught herself, probably realizing that this situation was inappropriate enough without describing his cock “…it was the best sex of my life, by miles!”

I shook my head, stood up and headed towards the stiffer drinks from our liquor cabinet. My mind was racing as I poured myself a strong one. I was gone for a minute or two and when I returned I saw Lindsey with her hands far apart, motioning about what had to be the size of Trent’s manhood.

My wife looked on wide eyed, and absurdly - I felt my dick stir in my slacks. I decided I better interrupt to curb this discussion, awkwardly interjecting “This is all very bizarre Lindsey, are you sure Ben is okay with this?”

She turned her attention back towards me “Oh yea, without a doubt. Our sex life has been incredible since it happened! He goes absolutely crazy when I tell him the things that Trent does to me.” she caught herself again.

“Ben knows he isn’t as… equipped, as Trent - not many men are. He loves me and he wants me to explore my fantasies. The fact that he’s so comfortable with me doing this.” she paused, getting seemingly choked up again “I adore the man, I will always be his at the end of the day.”

I threw back the scotch I had poured moments earlier, Sue looked at me, and then back at Lindsey, “Well, this is all very… exciting. It’s also unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I.. I’m stunned - but if you guys are happy I’m happy for you?” The last sentence sounded more like a question escaping my wife’s lips - but I think deep down she meant it.

Lindsey began to stand “Well, I better get going. He may be stopping by again tonight.” she shook giddily “God, this is so hot! I love you guys for listening and being supportive. I had to tell someone… and no one else would understand.” She stopped for a moment, and gained a semi serious tone of voice “I’m sure you guys realize this is super hush-hush, right? I don’t want a soul to know.”

Sue hugged her “Your kinky secret is safe with us.” she began giggling.

I walked over and hugged her also “Goodnight Linds, drive safe…” I kind of trailed off as I said goodbye. It was then that I realized I looked at her almost as a daughter - which to be perfectly honest, I had no right in doing. She was less than 10 years younger than my wife. Lindsey nodded, smiling. “Don’t worry Jim.” We both walked her out, and then closed the door.

As soon as we were back inside Sue attacked me, kissing me passionately as she grabbed for my belt. “I need you to fuck me.” was her sole remark.

I wasn’t an idiot, I knew the circumstance had her excited, part of me was bothered by that - but I had to admit that it was all very naughty, and I was rock hard and ready to go in seconds. Before long we were upstairs in our bed, naked.

I was thrusting in and out of my wife as she moaned and clawed into my back. “Fuck me baby! Harder!” I obliged, picking up the pace - the sounds of sex permeated the room. I relented slightly, not wanting to wake our daughter who was down the hall sleeping.

As I was pumping in and out of Sue, I looked down and noticed her gorgeous tits swaying atop her frame, her bitten lip and her eyes closed while i fucked her. I don’t know why I said it, but I did. “Lindsey’s story got you horny, didn’t it?”

As i said before, my wife doesn’t mince words - through grit teeth, she replied “Oh! Fuck yeah it did…Mmm.”

“You naughty girl.” I leaned down and suckled at her tits for a moment, and continued “What turned you on about it?”

My wife continued to moan “Mmm. I guess I never thought Lindsey could be such a slut. Oh! I can’t believe her, Mmm, I can’t believe her boyfriend let’s her get fucked by Trent and his big cock!”

I couldn’t help myself, her comment kicked my sex drive up a gear, my dick stiffened even more, and I continued to prod her “I saw her describing it to you when I walked back in the room… What did she say?”

My wife wrapped her legs around my back, still moaning, rubbing her hands across my shoulders as I fucked her “Mmm, she said he was huge, like - maybe 12 inches long, and super thick. Ohh… yeah, like that baby. She said that she lost count of how many times she came… Mmm, fuck! Apparently Ben woke up and walked in on them, and she said it was the hottest moment of her life.

I guess he started jerking off right there while he watched Trent fuck her!” She took a breath, and continued “To be honest babe, Lindsey isn’t the only girl who has masturbated to the thought of Trent fucking her!”

Sue came, hard, I felt the walls of her sex clench down on my shaft as she screamed louder than I had heard her in years. I couldn’t help myself, the erotic nature of the evening and her intensely naughty admission sent me over the edge. I came deep inside of her. She kissed me, passionately - no more words were said, and we both soon fell asleep.

A couple weeks went by and nothing else was said of the situation, from neither Lindsey nor Sue. I somehow had managed to push the entire night to the back of my head, in some illicit memory bank rarely to be accessed.

Luckily, everything at work seemed to be operating smoothly as well, no changes. I had seen Trent a few times through the halls, and had a couple group meetings with him, but nothing had been mentioned until he called me into his office late one afternoon.

Section 3

“Jim, my man.” he said, as he often did in greeting. I quickly grabbed a chair and sat down. He continued “Look, everything is set up for the conference. I have two rooms booked, suites actually, and I’ve reserved them for an additional few days after the conference ends - so if you wanted to make a leisure weekend out of it, be my guest. I’ll have Jen send you the details.” Jen was Trents long-time secretary, an older lady that he pulled off the street years previous - she wasn’t very pleasant.

“Look, I would normally have Jen attend the conference with me but I think Lindsey makes more sense - she’s much more involved with this presentation, she knows the ins and outs of this particular line, and she’s ready to manage the booth when you’re taking your breaks.” It wasn’t completely out of the norm for Lindsey to attend out of state meetings or conferences with me,

Trent had also been known to attend plenty of them with us, but after the recent discovery I think my face hinted at some reservation. He noticed. “Look, Jim. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I’m seeing Lindsey on a casual basis outside of the office, but I assure you it’s not serious.”

I stopped him right there, amused that he said it wasn’t serious although she was in a committed relationship with someone else “Woah, Trent. It’s none of my business, really. It has no impact on my job therefore I don’t need to know.”

He smiled “God damn it Jim, I appreciate your professionalism - always have.” He stood.

“Lindsey will be staying in my suite, both rooms are adjoined so we can prep the materials and coordinate the day prior to set-up, standard stuff. Sound good?”

I nodded, although Lindsey usually had her own room on out of state trips, I didn’t find these new accommodations to be that surprising all things considered. We shook hands, and I departed. The only lingering concern was that Sue would be flying out with me.

She didn’t normally accompany me when I flew out for day meetings, but she loved to tag along to week-long conferences - the hotels hosting them were always high caliber, and she loved the spas. I just wasn’t sure how she’d take to Lindsey and Trent staying one room over.

Luckily, after getting home and explaining the situation I realized that it didn’t bother Sue much at all. If anything she seemed amused by the potential drama that would ensue, or stories it might yield. The next Tuesday we dropped our daughter off at the in-laws and headed out.

The flight and the taxi ride over were thankfully uneventful, but I got a sense of what we’d be dealing with as soon as we arrived at the hotel. We were intended to meet with Trent and Lindsey in the lobby, and after waiting around for nearly and hour without seeing them we decided to head up to the suite. Upon entering the room our first impression was not what we thought it would be.

Instead of noticing how spacious it was - and how lovely all the finishes and furniture were, or even how nice our view was - the first thing we noticed were the moans coming from next door. Sue’s face immediately flushed red, we froze, listening.

Clear as day we could here Lindsey in the throes of passion, audibly enticing Trent to fuck her. “Fuck me with that big dick baby! Fuck me!” Her comments were muffled through the wall, but she screamed loud enough to hear them.

I didn’t know how to react, but I did know that if she didn’t keep it down she was likely to disturb all occupants adjacent and on the floor below them. Sue and I dropped our luggage in a panic and headed down with a great excuse to grab some dinner. We were both smiling knowingly at each other the entire elevator ride down to the lobby.

Her face was flushed at the dinner table, noticeably excited yet again from Trent and Lindseys antics. We ordered some wine and started the meal with a superb bruschetta, which we both devoured. About fifteen minutes into dinner I saw Sue look up smiling, and felt two large hands clamp down on my shoulders. “There they are!” Trent’s voice was distinct. “Mind if we join you?”

I responded immediately “Of course, pull up a chair!” smiling wide, for a multitude of reasons.

Lindsey was blushing as she sat down, and we all exchanged greetings. Trent gave Sue a kiss hello on the cheek, as he always did. Before long we were all drinking and enjoying a lovely five star meal. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t an excellent dinner and a great time. A couple hours went by and the four of us were satiated, relaxed, and without complaint.

Trent insisted we all enjoy an after dinner cocktail at the bar, toasting to ‘The two luckiest guys in the room’ which earned patented ‘aww’s from both Sue and Lindsey. Trent and I briefly discussed strategy for tomorrows meetings and the two girls escaped to the restroom to freshen up. Upon returning Lindsey stole Trent away, I assumed back to their room.

Once they were out of sight Sue gave me a kiss, looking flushed as she spoke “The more I get to know Lindsey, the more I realize what a naughty girl she is… Are you sure she’s never tried anything with you?”

I was shocked by the comment “What!? No! Of course not? What’s gotten into you?”

Sue chuckled, and kissed me again “Never mind baby, let’s have one more round and head back upstairs - I really want to get fucked good tonight.” She was already feeling no pain, but I wasn’t opposed to the idea of one more cocktail.

Sue was groping me as I fumbled for the key card to the room. Upon opening the door we were once again greeted by moans, only this time - they were much louder. I slowly walked into the room shaking my head in complete bemusement. That’s when I noticed that the door adjoining the rooms was open. I froze.

Sue and I exchanged a wide-eyed glance, but we slowly began to tip toe inside. The only light on in our room was the lamp on the dresser, I noticed a cell phone and a piece of paper sitting atop it. For a second I thought we had entered the wrong suite but Sue pressed on, she stopped only once she had a view into the adjacent room.

I finally caught up and looked inside, my jaw nearly hit the floor. Lindsey’s moans were captivating, but not nearly as much as the sight of their coupling. She was completely naked straddled atop Trent’s hulking black frame. Her lovely pale body looked sexual and elegant as she trashed atop him. Their room was dim, but there was enough light from the sconces on the bed frame that their lovemaking was as clear as day.

I couldn’t help it but the second thing I noticed was my bosses monstrosity of a cock, words didn’t do it justice. Even from this distance it looked like a huge tube of black steel, smooth and coated in a white sheen of what had to be Lindsey’s secretions.

My ego was shattered the second I saw it. Her cute frame slid up and down, her back contorting sexually as she wiggled her sex down and around his. I looked down at their mating organs.

Lindsey appeared to have a gorgeously supple pussy that was currently gripping at his shaft with taut elasticity. Her head arched backwards as she moaned, her long blonde hair leading my view down to her ass where two massive black hands clutched, contrasting erotically against her white skin.

Absurdly, I noticed Trent’s freakishly large black scrotum resting on the bed - it looked almost as if it was housing tennis balls. Time seemed to slow down as my wife and I looked on. We both watched as my boss pumped his impressive black shaft deep into my secretaries gorgeous white pussy.

It was one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen, and my dick immediately rose in my slacks. I looked over at my wife, who appeared to be in a daze - her eyes distant, her lip bitten.

Before I could think of anything to say she took a couple quiet steps over to the dresser and picked up the phone. The paper had a ‘1492’ scribbled on it which she promptly entered to unlock the screen. She gently walked back over to me and whispered in my ear.

“Why don’t you get comfortable on the bed. Lindsey asked me to take a couple pictures of them, so she can send them to Ben later.” Sue spoke with a sexy look in her eyes, staring in on the action as she talked. I was stunned by the comment.

Section 4

“What!? You can’t be serious!” I screamed, in a whisper.

She kissed me passionately, and grabbed at my crotch, feeling my solid dick through my slacks. “Relax, I’ll only take a few, and I’ll be right back. Go get comfortable on the bed.”

I didn’t know how to react, but I found myself nodding, and deliriously making my way over to our bed and away from any view into the next room. I slowly started taking off my shoe’s. I looked back at the door and noticed Sue removing her heels, most likely for better footing as she engaged in espionage for Lindsey.

It wasn’t really spying, I knew Trent had to know about it, why else would he have let the door stay open? As i unbuttoned my shirt a scary realization formed in my mind. Trent was probably excited to show off his manhood, especially to my wife.

My dick started to strain even harder at the absurdity of it all. I jerked my head looking back at the doorway, but Sue was already gone. My heart started to beat faster as I carefully listened to any sounds from the adjoining room. I slid my socks off and sat down on the bed, now only in my slacks. As i pulled my belt off I could still make out Lindsey’s moaning, now somewhat muffled.

Time seemed to stand still, every second felt like an eternity. I heard a pause in the action, and what sounded like Lindsey giggling, then I heard Sue, sort of muffled “…You’re such a naughty girl.” My blood pressure skyrocketed.

That’s when I heard a slap, and Trent’s voice “She is.”

There was a lump in my throat, I couldn’t move. I had never listened to anything so intently. My wife was in the other room with my boss and my secretary, who were both naked! Not only were they naked they were fucking each other! My head started to spin. I heard Lindsey “Yeah take a few with us like this… you can come closer.”

I continued to hear the motion of the bed for a few minutes, I desperately wanted to see Sue reappear through the doorway - and I felt too awkward to walk over and call for her. Another minute passed, and another - and then I heard Lindsey again “Here, let me help.” and then Trent “Wow!”

I sat straight up in a panic, what the hell was going on - I had to see.

Just as I began to stand up I heard Lindsey yet again “You have incredible tits Sue.” My head was spinning, I had to get over there, but I didn’t move. A cluster of whispering from the next room, I couldn’t make it out. I stood, waiting, another minute passed, I walked a few feet towards the door, stopped - paced in place. Another minute passed.

“Oh! Oh my god! Fuck!!” was the cry, but not from Lindsey. My entire world froze, shattered. Sue had just cried out in pleasure - and then silence. I nearly sprinted to the doorway.

As I turned the corner I saw my wife’s dress on the ground, her sexy lace lingerie a few paces beyond it - when my gaze finally reached the bed I nearly fainted. Sue’s incredible ass was in view, as I had never seen it before, slowly lowering - her legs straddled around Trent’s.

I looked on in horror as I saw Trent’s huge black cock slowly entering my wife’s wet sex. He had to have only been half way in but already deeper than I had ever been.

It felt like I just took a heavyweight punch to the stomach. “Fuck that’s big… Oh!… It’s… It’s so big…” Sue arched her head back as she slowly raised and lowered herself, desperate to engulf his entire manhood inside of her. Trent encouraged her the entire way.

“Fuck yeah baby. Give me that pussy… How does that black cock feel?” His hands were grasping at her large breasts as they hung a few feet above him. He sucked on one as he tickled the other.

“It feels… Oh! It feels so incredible… so… incredible…” Her voiced trailed off as she leaned down into him, smashing her tits into his chest, kissing him passionately. Her lily white ass was now bouncing up and down sensually as they kissed - her pussy now fully penetrated,

I looked on as her swollen lips clenched at his black shaft, already coated in her wetness. He reached back and grabbed her butt with both hands, clutching hard into her skin - and then giving her right cheek a solid smack.

I almost passed out from the sight of it, my head feeling light - legitimately. Before I actually fell down I clumsily grasped at one of the chairs in the room and stumbled into a seat. That’s when I noticed Lindsey, walking out of the bathroom in a sheer robe. She walked over to me rather expressionless, and stood behind me, leaning down.

She spoke softly “Just let it happen Jim, she wants it - She’s been telling me how bad she wants it for a couple weeks now.” She grabbed my shoulders and began to massage me, somehow, in a rather nonsexual way - she often did similar after long days at the office. “Just watch, you’re gonna love it.”

I remained silent, staring on in shock. I looked down at my slacks, inexplicably, I was rock hard. Lindsey noticed it, but said nothing. She simply continued to give me a light massage as I sat and watched my boss fuck my wife senseless. Her moans were otherworldly, I had never seen her in such a sexual state of being - it killed me, but I couldn’t deny the eroticism and the effect it had on me.

Sue had leaned back up, she now seemed comfortable with his impressive size and began to ride him with vigor. He reached up and once again grabbed at her bouncing tits, steadying them. “Oh, oh, oh! Fuck yeah!” Her moans alternated between audibly loud and low and gutteral - regardless, she was never this vocal when I was inside her.

Trent began to entice her with his words “Fuck yeah baby, you like this big black cock - don’t you?”

Sue responded with passion and honesty “Ohh! Yes - i love it! It feels so good… Fuck me Trent!”

“Fucking right it feels good. I’m gonna give this married white pussy a stretch, make it cum hard.” Trent was egging her on, and she loved it.

“Ohhh! Fuck yeah, make me cum! I’m gonna cum!” Sue’s eyes were closed, she fell back into his chest and held him tightly as she prepared for a full body orgasm.

Trent continued to thrust deep and fast, almost taking her to the brink - he continued to spur her with dirty talk “You’re gonna cum for me Sue. Cum for your husbands boss. I want that married pussy to cum all over this black cock!”

Her eruption was spectacular, moaning deep from her soul. Her ass began quivering as she clutched onto Trent’s shoulders, eyes closed. Moaning in a way I had never seen before. Her sex seemed to be vicing down on Trent’s shaft - a white fluid pouring out of her.

My wife’s sexual essence was coating another mans cock, and I was doing nothing to stop it. Lindsey spoke in a hushed whisper, I’m not sure if she was speaking to me or to herself “This is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…”

I had to relieve myself, I instinctively opened my pants, pulling my rock solid dick out. I began to stroke it. Lindsey once again, said nothing - and simply continued to rub my shoulders as we both watched Trent take my wife to levels of pleasure I never could.

Once Sue finally stopped convulsing, she leaned down and kissed Trent again. Their lips joining in a passionate duel was possibly the hardest part to witness. He grabbed her by the waist, spinning her off of him. He gently laid her down on the bed, her massive breasts swaying as she fell backwards. He opened her legs. For a brief moment,

Section 5

I got a look at her sex, now swollen and soaking wet - and no longer only my own. He grabbed a hold of his cock, still rock solid and massive, glistening from my wife’s orgasm. He aligned it once again with her sex.

Trent began to slap at her clit, which caused an overtly sexual sound. He rubbed the base of his shaft against her clit, causing her head to arch back and her legs to widen even more. A beautiful moan escaped her lips. The sound was absurd, her wetness was audible.

“Fuck me… please. Put that huge cock back inside of me baby! I want more!” she kept her eyes closed as she pleaded for him to take her.

“Don’t worry Sue. I’m gonna fuck this married pussy all night long. And when we get home… next week…” He aligned his head right at her opening “…next month…” He was now slowly inserting himself into her “…next year…” He pulled it out a bit, which caused her to squirm “… I’m gonna keep fucking you.

I’m gonna send your husband away on business trips and come over and fuck you all day.” With that comment, he drove deep into her. “Ohhh! Fuck Yes!! Take me!” She screamed, looking possessed, impossibly aroused by both his massive manhood and his taunting dirty talk.

Her legs struck outwards, and then slowly wrapped, contouring around his lower back. I now looked on as he pummeled into her, his huge black pouch was slapping against the base of her ass. The lips of my wife’s sex were clinging so hard to his thick shaft it looked like her pussy had a mind of its own.

They were at an incredible pace, Trent reached his hands underneath her back and clutched her ass as he drove himself into her. He began to kiss at her neck. That’s when she saw me. Her head leaned to the side, her eyes meeting mine. She saw me, she saw my exposed dick, she saw me pleasuring myself to her taking. She smiled, lovingly. It lasted only a moment, and she immediately buried her head back into his chest.

Trent began to groan, low. He maintained his rampant speed and kept pummeling himself into my wife - he didn’t cease with the dirty talk, clearly noticing that it set Sue off.

“Who’s pussy is this Sue?” My wife could only moan in response “Ohh!”

Trent didn’t relent “Tell me baby. Tell me who’s pussy this is.” He leaned down and kissed her before she could reply.

When he pulled away he asked again “Before tonight it was your husbands… but who’s is it now?”

My pride was taking a beating, but my balls were getting ready to explode. I stared on in a state of delusional wonder as I continued to pump my dick.

Sue moaned, succumbing to his words, her head rolling back into the bed, her eyes closing tight, her body letting go, she was giving herself up to his assault, allowing him to conquer her sexual identity, she moaned in the sexiest tone I had ever heard “Ohhh! Fuck!! Trent! It’s your pussy baby… It’s your pussy… Take it!!”

Trent continued to thrust, and started to buck, he released another groan.

“Who fucks you the best baby? Tell me who’s the best fuck you’ve ever had… Tell me who owns this pussy!”

He began bucking hard.

Lindsey whispered from behind me “Oh… yeah… This is the best.”

I mumbled an incoherent “…Huh?” my mind was melting.

“He’s going to cum. It’s like a fire hose. I think he’s going to cum in Sue.” she paused, and couldn’t help herself - continuing “God, that’s so naughty… He’s getting ready to cum in your wife Jim! That’s so hot!”

Sue screamed “Fuck me Trent! I love your big black cock! Take it… take it! Cum in meee!!” Sue’s scream cut Lindsey off, the moan was once again ear shattering.

I wanted to stop it, but my mouth was dry, I couldn’t speak. Sue wasn’t using protection, and if memory served this was an ideal time in her cycle. I looked on as Trent unleashed, pounding deep inside of her, ferociously groaning “Oh! Fuck! Yeah!!” His body clenched up.

Sue erupted in her own orgasm, locking her legs around him and clawing incredibly hard into his back. He pumped rope after rope of his seed deep inside of her. It seemed to last an eternity, a singular primal moment of sexual bliss. Trent’s massive black balls were contracting tightly, a pool of fluid had leaked out of Sue’s sex and down her supple ass, soaking the bed.

All of a sudden I looked down and noticed my own mess of seed, coating my hand and slacks - I didn’t even remember the release - just a never before experienced state of delirium and a wave of pleasure as Trent inseminated my wife. I looked back up to see Trent was now standing and walking to the bathroom. He quickly glanced at me, giving me a thumbs up and a smile. I couldn’t react… I just nodded absently. I looked back at the bed, where Sue appeared to already be sleeping.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened, and I couldn’t believe I had the entire week of the conference ahead of me.


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