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I’ve known for a long time what he wants. Nick wants another threesome with Eric. We’ve done this before, 4 years ago and while I and they enjoyed it thoroughly I haven’t allowed it to happen again. I guess guilt or the fact that I did enjoy it so much.

I love my husband and don’t really want anyone but him but he wants more. In his case he loves to watch me getting fucked. He is totally turned on watching another mans dick going in and out of my pussy and if he enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed getting it then he was in heaven.

Eric is his good friend and Eric’s wife is my best friend. She doesn’t get into threesomes, groups or anything “strange” and has off handedly told us many times she doesn’t care if we take Eric home with us.

As I said, I did enjoy having two men at once but I’m afraid of letting myself go I guess and how could I do that with my best friend’s husband. She says she doesn’t care, doesn’t want to know but is she being honest or just kidding around? I think she probably thinks we have done it but doesn’t want to know,

after all the two guys did have me alone one night and really poured it on but nothing happened and when I told her the next night all she could say was “I can’t believe you were able to hold them off”. It was like she expected me to fuck them and didn’t mind. Oh don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having them both and I know Nick and Eric would be all over it. Eric’s dick is a nice one too, like Nicks actually, birthmark and all except about 1″ longer.

Nick as told me so many times how much he loved watching me suck another man. Most women would love to have him and I him all to myself. Yes, I know, I’m selfish; he is not obviously if he loves to watch me with another man. He also says he would rather have a MMF threesome rather than a FFM threesome.

I loved the feeling running through me the first time Eric’s dick entered my pussy, I quivered with excitement as he plunged his 8″ dick into me, Nick watching and stroking himself with a curious and excited look. I’ve only had sex with two men and it was exciting when it happened. I would like just me and Eric once while Nick watches. He could probably watch for a while but would end up stroking himself to orgasm before long. I wonder if he would just watch the two of us for a while?

They both tasted good too, I remember vaguely how they both had similar tastes. I thought about swallowing Eric’s load but at the time I didn’t know how Nick would take that. I know now that he would love it if I did. The more I reason this out the more I want to make it happen again and fuck their brains out and drain their balls of every drop of cum.

I remember very well I was lying on the floor, legs spread and Eric was pounding away at me. If felt so good, Nick was watching and stroking himself watching it all and loving it, so was I! I had the urge to pull Eric to me and kiss him while my legs were spread wide and he was fucking me but I wasn’t sure how Nick would take that. I know now he wanted it, he wanted all of us, me especially to just do it, let it go and do it!

I loved that day a lot, feeling another man in me, feeling his cum in me and on me. Nick said he loved the way my pussy felt after being fucked, so did I. Yes, I would like to feel that again and I am lucky to have a husband who likes it too, most would want to females as most men do and he wouldn’t turn it down but he loves to watch me and another go at it as well as get his. His thought is I have everything needed to satisfy two men without any trouble and I did like knowing that I made them both feel that good.

I’d love to make them both feel good again as they make me feel good but should I? Would I? Could I? I shouldn’t but I want to, for Nick as well as me. I know I could and I damn well know I would. I would love to have them both again and see the look of pleasure on Nicks face as well as Eric’s and this month marks 4 years since we last did it, it would make a great “anniversary” gift for all of us.

The thought of having two beautiful dicks in me, on me and all over me is making me hot and hungry. I know Nick is hungry for it, I’ll do it, I want it and so do they, they’ve made that perfectly clear for some time now.

I E-mail Eric and let him know that I want to give he and Nick their Christmas gift but it has to be today. I surf the net for a few minutes awaiting the answer, it seems like forever but the answer comes back. He would love to come over and get his gift; he’ll be here in 30 minutes! This is great, I’ll go wake Nick up, I’m sure he’ll have no trouble getting up for this, in EVERY sense.

I gently wake him by stroking his forehead and face. He stirs and awakens as I tell him what I planned and his reaction is no disappointment! He is in shock in fact, still asking me if I was serious. After a few minutes of convincing him I told him I was going to take a shower and he went down to get a cup of coffee.

I was making my way down stairs after cleaning up when Eric showed up. I asked him to go up and shower also and he did without complaint and eagerly while Nick was sipping on another cup of coffee. Again Nick is in shock but is also as excited as a kid on Christmas. He tells me that when Eric gets out of the shower he is going to get one and that we can start while he is taking his shower if we want.

Nick and I head up to the bedroom where Eric is still in the shower. Nick starts to undress as I sit in one of our chairs and ask if he is sure about all this. He lets me know that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time and will savor it. Nick tells me he loves to watch me and Eric, as well as participate.

Eric is done and is drying off as Nick steps in the bathroom and gets ready for his shower and tells Eric that he and Tracy are free to start if they want while he showers and judging by the hardness of Eric’s dick he’s ready!

Eric wastes no time as he approaches me, gets on his knees and starts to finger my pussy lightly while taking a nipple into his mouth. This feels good, so good, I want it as I beg him to take me. He pauses in his assault on my breast to look at me but before he could speak I pull his lips to mine and kiss him. As we release from our embrace he kisses his way down my neck while feeling my thighs and pussy.

Oh God I love this and I too will savor this for a lifetime. I’m going to make this a great day for all of us. His kisses start to turn to a sucking when he reaches the base of my neck and shoulders; he’s giving me a hickey! It feels good but will Nick mind? I think he won’t but I’m not sure, I’m not going to stop Eric though, it feels great!

With a hickey on my neck, Eric is making tracks to my belly and my pussy which is eagerly awaiting to be abused today. His tongue is fucking my belly button; it feels good and strange at the same time. His fingers have been working my hot, wet and willing pussy all this time and is ready for anything these two men want to do to it.

Eric’s tongue is there, he’s teasing me with his tongue, eat me, please eat me I think to myself, I want you, your tongue, your dick I think to myself again as he finally starts his oral attack on my pussy. Oh yes this feels good, so good.

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