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One night after a few drinks, I approached my fiancée with my desire for her to fuck other men. Crissy instantly liked the idea of having her cake and eating it to. Before we had began dating, she had an Ashley Madison account to which she used on occasion to satisfy her sexual urges. She giggled and said let’s go outside so I can smoke and show you. As we sat on the patio, Crissy quickly logged into her A.M. account and showed me the profiles of several men she had often contacted.

While I was looking at their photos and hearing her description of how she would entertain these men, I became hard and began leaking noticeable amounts of precum. Crissy told me she would always meet a guy usaully at a convenience store parking lot,, hop into their vehicle, and in 5 minutes flat have his dick in her mouth for a blowjob. She would then have the man drive around while she sucked his dick for as long as he could handle it. She would always swallow the man’s cum but very rarely have penetration. It was a power control for her to be able to dominate any man with her mouth. She admitted while she had entertained about 6 men, none of them had extremely large cocks and that was her true desire. To find a big cock. We went to bed with me encouraging her to embrace her slutty side and only select well endowed men for future entertainment.

I kept my patience and didn’t bring the subject up even though would I would see her smiling and txting on her phone during the evenings. After about 2 weeks, my patience was rewarded and Crissy showed me a man named Brian who she felt was a great choice. He had responded well to her txts and had a great sense of humor. She felt a good connection with him and loved his positive responses to her photos. Crissy is 5'3 with 34 D breasts. In shape and very firm body. I was impressed seeing the photo of his cock. He was medium thick but his length was at least 10 inches. Wow!!!

Crissy said while she was agreeing to my fantasy of entertaining another man, she strictly wanted to suck his cock. No penetration. Of course, I agreed with a throbbing dick and we fucked in bed talking about Brian’s huge cock and her satisfaction she would have tomorrow for their meeting. The next day, I went to work while Crissy relaxed with a shower before Brian arrived. She changed into a casual outfit and kissed me goodbye.

Brian arrived promptly at 1pm. Crissy said she didn’t waste time small talking and simply opened the door and led him to our couch. Instantly, when he sat down, she began unzipping his pants while she stayed fully clothed. His cock was enormous and he was hard already. Crissy literally devoured his big cock. She could not deep throat his long cock but she pushed down as far as she could. Licking and sucking his balls. Stroking his shaft while sucking his cockhead. Brian was very vocal, very complimentary. He warned he was close to cumming and Crissy admitted she went all out. Sucking his big cock as far into her mouth possible. Bobbing her head up and down rapidly while firmly stroking his shaft until he came in her mouth.

Crissy swallowed his entire load and continued to suck his cock after he had cum. She made Brian hard again and repeated the blowjob experience to swallow his load a second time. Brian’s legs were trembling so hard she thought he could barely stand. Brian thanked her and left with a big smile. Crissy looked at the clock and over an hour had passed that she had spent deepthroating to swallow his 2 loads of cum. She called me while I was at work and gave me all the details. Crissy admitted she felt sluttly and greatly enjoyed her power over his big cock. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get home. This was but the first experience with Brian’s big cock and since then Crissy has given him 14 blowjobs…

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