Beth Tells About Being At Art's Home


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Section 1

I started telling this old story, 40 years old of Beth, my first wife. Though this happened in 1978, when she was 30, and before our 11th Anniversary with “Her One and Only… No More” I ended with telling of me having sloppy seconds, from Beth about a six weeks into her relation ship with Art. Then I added “Beth, Art and I…” about Beth’s first threesome. The summer ended, and so did us seeing others.

However, a couple of years later, Beth and I split. When I had to go out of town for a week for business. She had sex twice with one of the men in her department. I had noticed a difference when I returned home, she said she was just a little off, but would be ok. Apparently she was thinking about our marriage and decided she needed some “space” for a while, she moved into an apartment, and we were legally separated. She was seeing Dick (not his real name, but he was a Dick. I don’t fault him for our marriage, if strong this would not have happened He was a Dick, because he told her he was separated from his wife, and living in a boarding house. He was not separated for his wife, and made many excused why he could not spend the night. They dated, for a number of months before she caught on and they split.) Anyway, Beth dated many men after that, including 3 other men in her department. After splitting from Dick and in between dating others, we would get together and often included sexual activities.

The first time, she was over for dinner, and after sitting by the fire drinking, she asked me to shave her. I jumped at the chance, she had never been shaved before, except when in the hospital for a procedure, and then, she would not let me see her bald cunt. I shave her clean, fingering her, linking and eating her bald cunt and then we fucked. Over the next few months we’d get together at least once a week, played backgammon betting on oral sex. And one time after fucking, she asked me to fuck her in the ass, another first. During these times, she told me things I did not know about when she went to Art’s place. She confessed things about her sexual experiences.

A few times when Arts room mate was traveling, Beth would go there and come home after 9 in the evening, once she was able to spend the night at Art’s. But I was learning there was more to this.

Apparently, Beth had confessed to Art, that one reason she had given in to his advances, was the fact that she wanted to know what another man felt like, what his dick would feel like in her. She also told of how great it was to have both of us at the same time. She never thought she could do that, but was glad she gave in to the idea.

After listening to Beth, Art said, “If you want to know how other dick feels, maybe you should try another.” “I’m not going to go around trying to pickup strange men just to see if I can get laid to see how they might feel different.”Art laughter, “No but what if you would come to my place one evening, and we can have a threesome with Jeff, my room mate?"

“Well, that might sound great to you, but I don’t even know Jeff, I don’t think so.” Art continued, “Beth, you know I would not put you in danger, you know you can trust me, besides, do you think I’d share an apartment with someone I didn’t think was a good person?”

“I don’t know how I could explain to James, me going to you place.” “You can tell him that my room mate is out of town on business, and that I want you to come to my bed, and, also, I want to make dinner for you.”

“So I’m to lie about Jeff being out of town, lie about you making dinner, and lie about fucking another man, an additional man? I guess I’ve lied to him before he knew about you. OK! When? How do you know Jeff would want to do this?”

“First, I’ve told Jeff about you, and how hot you are. He knows you’re married, and that James knows and has had threesomes with us. He said he would love to try that too. Jeff is a good looking, tall, slender man, we were in college together. I think you would like him.” “OK, let’s do this Wed evening, I’ll follow you home after work,” Beth said.

An Evening at Art’s

Beth had told me that Art’s room mate would be gone Wed, and Art wanted to prepare dinner for her, and yes they would have sex. I said, well I would have know your would have sex, dinner or no dinner. I told her to have a good time.

After work, Beth followed Art home, he lead her into his apartment, Jeff was already home, Art introduced Beth to Jeff. He smiled, liking what he saw. “Nice to finally meet you Beth, Art has spoken of you often, but his description was lacking, you are better looking than he has let on.” Beth blushed and thanked him. Jeff offered Beth a drink, they sat and got acquainted, while Art preparing dinner. Beth felt very comfortable with Jeff. Soon they were joking and laughing. Occasionally, a hand would be on an arm, shoulder, or even a thigh.

Over a light dinner of a chef’s salad the tree talked, and the subject turned to Beth’s sexual curiosity of other men. Jeff said, “If you’re courteous about other men, you shouldn’t just be curious about their dicks. There are other experiences you can have based on a variety of different techniques, skills, or even lack of skills”. “What do you mean?”, Beth asked.

Jeff explained, “Well you might see a difference between Art and my cock but basically a cock is a cock, unless, it is longer, or fatter, or has something different about it. But we know a man who’s tung women find amazing, because of its length and dexterity. Then there is always a young male virgin, always hard, ready to fuck, and ready to fuck again and again, because of a quick recover.”

“That does sound interesting, but I’m not going to go pickup men just to see if I can find these, I am a married, women, just looking to “catch up” on missed experiences, I shouldn’t even be thinking of having sex with you.”

Section 2

Jeff added, “You don’t have to go searching around, one of our neighbors, Mike is the man with the “magical” tung, and there is a young man, Billy, with a perpetual hard on around the pool, he turns 18 this weekend. Though he may not be experienced, I’m sure his recovery is almost instantaneous. You could teach him to be less, shy and more confident.”

Jeff returns to talking about Mike and persuades Beth to just meet him, to see his tung, and just talk with him. Art, puzzled is very quiet, not knowing, but hopping Beth will be interested. Jeff calls Mike and invites him over, telling him he was telling Art’s girlfriend about his tung and tales her into seeing it and meeting you, but nothing more. Mike chuckles, and agrees. Mike drives a few minutes later, Beth is on the sofa with Art at her side as Jeff introduce Mike. Mike sits along side Beth and asks her about what Jeff told her about him. She explains what he said, and confessed curiosity to seeing it. He laughs then sticks out his tung. Beth looks in amazement at Mike’s tung, it looks to be as long at least 6 inches out of his mouth. Mike confesses, it only five inches, but then he wiggles it, making a come-hither movement one might do with a finger, and also moves it side to side. Mike then asked Beth if she wanted a kisses to see how it feels, he then leaned toward her, she parted her lips and the kisses passionately for a while. Mike’s tung moved around in her mouth to the roof of her mouth and the insides of her cheeks then he broke this kiss.

“Wow, that is truly amazing, I understand why women enjoy you. I noticed your wedding ring, does you wife know you please other women with it?” Beth asks. “Yes, she does, since we work different shifts, Mary Ellen is a nurse working 3 to midnight, we allow us to be with others, when we cannot be together. I noticed you are married too, your husband knows about Art?” He asks “Yes he does, in fact we, the three of us, have shared a bed together a few times.” She answered.

“What about tonight, is it you, Art and Jeff?” Mike inquired. “Yes, this will be another first for me, a threesome, where neither is my husband.” She smiled and blushed.

“OK, so let me ask the obvious question. Now that you have seen my tung, and felt how my tung moves in your mouth, wouldn’t you like me to do the same to your pussy? I guarantee to make you cum!”

“Yes, I cannot believe I want that, but I need to experience it, Yes.” She confirmed twice. Mike hesitated for a moment, then added, “But, if I do, I want more too, I want to join you in bed with Jeff and Art or alone, what every you’re more comfortable.” Beth said no. Mike then demonstrated the movements of his tung again. Beth blushed and smiled, “I guess tonight will be my first four-some, taking all three of you. I cannot believe I’m going to do this.”

Beth turned to Art and said, maybe I would start with just Mike alone, until he makes me cum with his tung. “No! NO!” Both Art and Jeff said at the same time. “We want to watch him make you cum with his tung. We’ll suck your nipples if you would like.” Art added.

The four of them went into the bedroom. Beth sat on the bed, as Mike instructed, he then removed her panties, Art removed her top and bra. Art then had her lay on her back. As Jeff and Art started to play with her tits, Mike lifted her skirt. Mike kissed her thighs, then liked each, moving toward her moist cunt. Mike licked around the outer lips, by just moving his tung. Art placed a pillow under Beths head so she could watch more easily. Mike looking at Beths eyes, licked her slit from bottom to top. As he licked and sucked her labia, she moaned, Mike noticed she was getting wetter. After a few minutes Mike slowly inserted his tung into her love hole. Beth said, “Wow, it feels like a cock going into me.” Mike started to move his tung side to side within her cunt, and up and down. Beth started to moan. Mike did this for a few more minutes, and Beth cam moaning and gasping. Mike started to lick the front wall of her womb. Beth convulsed moaned, scream, as she cam. She wasn’t sure if it was just from Mike, tung, or if it was just the thought of what his tung could do… she really didn’t care, it felt great, she enjoyed it and really didn’t want to question her feelings. Mike then moved so he was over her so that he could put his cock into her freshly wet cunt. Before inserting his cock, he kissed Beth, and she sucked her juices off is tung. Mike entered Beth and started to kiss her neck and move his tung toward her ear, as he fucked her wet cunt, he started to lick her ear lobe with his magic tung. Beth started to moan, she rapped her legs around Mikes waste in encouragement to fuck her hard. Jeff and Art just sat along each side watch Beth’s expression of lust and joy, as she started to cum again. Mike was thrusting hard, and was close to cumming too. I few deep strokes in, slowly pulling back then hard fast back in. Mike held himself in Beth cunt as he cam, exploding a number of shots into her as Beth almost breathlessly, “Yes, Yes, YES, I’m cumming again.”

After a minute or two Mike kissed Beth passionately, “Can I stay around for more?” Beth could only nod her head as she recovered. Mike looking at Jeff, “Sorry, I think I jumped ahead of you.” Jeff replied, “No, that was great to watch, besides, I wanted her sloppy seconds, Art told me she does magic when you do her second.” Mike smiled, moved out of the way as Jeff moved over Beth. She smiled at him, knowing what “magic” Art referred to when telling Jeff.

Jeff kissed Beth as she guided his cock to her pussy entrance. As Jeff entered her, she asked, “Do you like how my freshly fucked, cum filled pussy fells as it takes your dick?”. Jeff told her he had never felt anything like it, adding that Art was right it Is magical. “No Jeff, the magical part comes, after you cum” she said with a big grin, as she and Art looked at each other, Jeff did not know what was coming after. As James, (Beth’s husband) and Art, before him, Jeff did not last long he came quickly and hard, adding his load to Mikes. Beth thought I guess all men cum quickly. Jeff was a bit apologetic, but Beth assured him by sharing her observation of James and Art, stating that apparently that must happen to men when they get their first sloppy seconds. Everyone laughed.

Beth then instructed Jeff, “Roll onto your back, but make sure you stay in me.” Chuckling, she added, “Let the magic begin!” Jeff rolled on his back thinking she was going to now ride his cock, but then Beth started to move. Jeff looked puzzled at first then realized, she was moving to position her double cream pie cunt over his face. As Beth got to Jeff’s head she told him to eat her pussy until she comes. Jeff licked away tasting His, Mike’s and Beth cum, as he liked Beth rode his mouth until the cam, emptying the rest of the cum-mix into Jeff’s mouth. She kissed him after and thanked him. Jeff said, “No, thank you, that was fantastic, everything was amazing, fucking your cum filled cunt and eating you clean after. I’ve never done that before. Thank You!”

Art invited Beth over so he could fuck her in his bed, so far he only got to watch. As soon as Jeff moved off the bed, Art quickly moved toward Beth, they kissed passionately. Art told her, “I’m so hard watching you I need you now or I’m going to bust.” He then moved between her legs and entered her. He fucked her hard and fast for about two minutes and then empty a big load into her already wet cunt as Beth had cum again. Before Beth was finished shaking and moaning, Mike indicated for Art to move out of the way. Mike placed Beth’s legs over his shoulder and entered her quickly. He started to thrust Beth kept cuming, Mike shot his load into Beth’s cum filled cunt, he motioned to Jeff, who moved into the same position Mike had just vacated. Beth could not believe that she was taking another dick as she continued to cum. Jeff did not last long being hard from watching the action on the Bed. Jeff added another load of cum into Beth. Art was hard again, and could not believe Beth was still groaning and breathing hard, she had not stopped through him, Mike and Jeff’ fucking her. Now Art was going again. Art moved between Beths legs, inserted his cock and started to fuck her cum fill cunt. This wasn’t sloppy seconds, it is cum filled cunt sloppy fourths. He pumped in and out for about two minuted before adding another load of cum into Beths well used cunt. She continued to Sutter and cum. Art lie still on top of Beth, kissed her an told her how great this night has been.

Beth replied, still gaining her breath, “That was outrageous. I cannot believe not only did I fuck two more men, men I did not know before tonight, but I cannot believe how great it was to cum for over 10 minutes, non-stop. I’m so full of cum.” She then realized she had to head home. She had no time to shower or clean up. She wiped as much cum as she could, got dressed and said good night. All three men gave her a great big kiss. Jeff and Mike said they hope she enjoyed herself as much as they did, and indicated they would love to love her again. Art was a bit concerned that he let this happen to her, but Beth said she was a big girl and could have stopped if, but she was enjoying it too much.

Beth arrived home about 9:20pm, James welcomed her with a kiss and said she smelled of sex. Beth said, “Art was very horny tonight, I guess, because we were in his bed. I lost count how many times I came or how many times he came in me.” She added, “I know you want sloppy seconds but I’m exhausted, I don’t know if I can please you.”

James said, “Lets go to bed, we can kiss, I want to finger you cum fill cunt at least. Maybe I can lick your cunt while you fall asleep.”

Beth smiled at James, as she grabbed his hand and led him to bed.

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