Beth’s Spends a Weekend at Art’s - Part 1 Friday Night

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Section 1

I started telling this 40 year old story, of Beth, my first wife. The last story was Beth tells about being at Arts Home. These stories about being at Art’s I learned about 2 Years later, after we split, but occasional got together.

The second time Beth spent an evening after work at Art’s home, he introduced her to Billy. A few weeks later, Beth got to spend the weekend at Art’s. At Art’s apt complex there was an annual event the weekend before Labor Day weekend. It started Friday Night and went to Sunday afternoon. In addition to food and partying there was also sport competition.

Friday evening at Art’s

After work, Art gave Beth keys to his apt, he need to stop and purchase some snacks and drinks for his apartment, so that when he and guest could party longer in to the night, after the formal events. Art told Beth, he did not know if Jeff would get there before her, so she should go and relax, since he might be a while.

Beth arrived and as she walked to Art’s apartment, notice Bill, near the pool, but did not think he saw her. Shortly after getting into Art’s apartment, there was a knock on the door, when she opened it she saw Bill. “Hi Beth, I saw you arriving but did not want to draw attention, since I wanted to come see you and did not want others to notice.” They stepped toward each other and hugged and greeted with a kiss. “Good to see you Bill, I was looking forward to you being here this evening.”, Beth stated with glee.

“Come in, I’m alone so you can keep me company.”

“I’m still in my work close, I need to change and get comfortable,” she stated as she closed the door. Bill turned and kissed her, and caressed her, “I’d like to help you get comfortable and relax if you would like,” he whispered into her ear. Bill kissed and caressed Beth as he started to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t say a word, took his hand and lead him to the bedroom, then turned and kissed him again, she stated, “Well, first I need to get out of these clothes!”. Bill, needed no other instructions, he continued removing Beths clothes, caressing, foundling, kissing and sucking as he exposed every sexy treat her 30-year old body had to offer him. At the same time, she undressed Bill, doing the same. When both were naked, they moved to the bed. This was the first time it was only the two of them enjoying sex with each other. Bill took his time, bring Beth to climax a number of times, using his fingers, his mouth and tongue, and of course penetrated her pussy with his cock and a number of positions. Beth even was on top riding his dick until they both cam together. Bill licked her clean when she dismounted, and they shared cum kisses as well. They enjoyed each other for over an hour licking, sucking and 69ing. He fucked her again, and she rode him to another orgasm. Then Beth said she need to get cleaned up and dress, for the evening. They kissed, and Bill left, but not before Beth commented about his confidence and skills as a lover, (as she remembered the last time, when he was inexperienced, and she and Art coached him.) Beth thanked him for giving her such great pleasure. Bill, kissed her and said, “It’s all you, THANK YOU!”

Beth went and showered and got dressed in a light weight, thin fabric almost sheer blouse, and loose wide legged shorts with no underwear, knowing Art would be home soon and would want her, as always. She exited Art’s bedroom, and saw Jeff (Art’s apartment mate sitting on the sofa with someone. Jeff said, “hello Beth, great to see you, I knew you were going to be here for the weekend. This is my brother, George.” George got up and went toward Beth and offered his hand saying. “Nice to meet you, Jeff has told me you were sexy but he understated your looks”. Beth laughter, “I’m sure Jeff, the little instigator said a lot about me.” Beth stated as she gave George a big hug and kiss, “I’m sure we’ll get to know each other a lot better.” George grinned and kissed Beth back with more passion, and lead her to the sofa to sit between them. The three just sat and chatted, for a while, when Art arrived, Beth ran over to him give a great big passionate kiss and hug. Art was glad to see how Beth was dressed, he could see her nipples were already erect, and knew that Jeff was getting things going with her and George too. “I see you met George, Jeff invited him, telling everything about you and others, and George wanted to meet you. But you know Jeff, he wants something from George… If you include him in our sexual activities, George must let and help Jeff have sex with George’s wife.”

“George, you’re willing to let your brother fuck your wife?”, Beth asked. “I can be persuaded. By you!”

“I guess, Jeff told you that until a couple months ago, my husband was the only man to have sex with me, then I met Art. Jeff the instigator, after I told him I was dating Art to see what I might have missed, suggested that if that was what I was doing, I should try other cocks, other men. I have had four others, you might be my fifth.” Beth explained. “Jeff talked me into spending this weekend here to experience more, as he planned to set up something for Saturday night.” She continued.

Since no one had eaten dinner yet, Art suggested just picking on things like chips, cheese and crackers, etc., and have some drinks.

They all agreed. Art got Beth a glass of white wine, but also brought the bottle out. Jeff got beer out for the guys. They sat eat, drink, and the conversation continued, talking about sex.

Beth started to feel a little randy and gave Art a kiss, and place her hand near his crouch. Art kissed her, with his arm around Beth, slipped his hand up under her blouse to cup her breast. Jeff and George watch. Beth noticed bulges starting to grow in their pants.

Section 2

Jeff got up to refresh drinks and started the CD player with soft slow dance music. Beth and Art got up and started to dance, slow and sensual, kissing as their hands explored each other. Art unbuttoned Beth’s blouse so he could caress her breaded and play with her nipples. Jeff was use to this, but George kept looking at the two and then at Jeff. After a few minutes Jeff indicated for George to cut in. George looked puzzled, but Jeff encouraged him. So got up and approached Art and Beth, “May I cut in?” Art stepped aside, and Beth moved toward George. As they danced they too started to kiss, and hands roamed and caressed each other. Beth felt George’s hard cock pressing into her, so she moved her hand to his crouch and gave a gentle squeeze, she asked, “Did I do this to you?” “Yes,” George replied, “do you like the effect you have on me? Do you like it?”

“Yes, I really like that I do that to men. I hope you like to share!” Beth smiled and kissed George as she rubbed his crouch. They continued dancing, George grinding his hard on agains Beth, but he kept looking at Art to ensure it was ok. As they continued dancing George lowered his hands to Beth’s butt pulling her close to him and needing her soft globes of flesh. When he realized he did not sense any underwear beneath her shorts, he let his hands pull the loose legs of the short up and started to caress her bare butt. Beth kissed George and moaned, slowly he let his hands, his fingers move between the back of her legs, toward her pussy. As he reached his goal, Beth moaned again, spreading her legs a bit she breathed into his ear, “mmmMMMMm, you’re making me wet, making horny.” Turning to the others, “Let’s all move to the bedroom.”

As she approached the bed, Beth removed her already unbuttoned top and pushed her sorts to the floor, stepped out of them and kicked her snaffles off. “Anyone desiring sloppy seconds?”

George who wanted Beth as soon as he heard about her from his brother Jeff, and especially when he finally meet her face-to-face, slowed down, thought for a minute, then stated, “I have seen sloppy seconds in porn video’s and alway thought it would be great. As much as I want you, Beth, I think I’ll wait and take your offer of seconds.

Both Art and Jeff, simultaneously told Beth she had to give him her special version of sloppy seconds. Beth agreed, “but I think it should be an extra special version. Jeff you should be the first.” Jeff laughter and Art gleefully agreed, “that would be a sight to savor. Yes that would be great.”

As Beth got on the bed, the three guys stripped and Jeff joined Beth on the bed as Art and George watched. Beth was horny and needed to be fucked. Jeff first kissed Beth, and slowly moved down licking and sucking hour nipples, slowly moving down kissing her belly, and tonguing her navel, slowly still, toward her pussy, she spread her legs, and he licked her wet slit after a few minutes, she told him to fuck her NOW. So Jeff lifted her legs onto his shoulders and entered hew dripping cunt slowly with stead penetration until he was balls deep. Beth moaned and pushed her hips up toward Jeff. They were very turned on, from the discussions and dancing in the living room, to the decision of the sloppy seconds plan. So hot and horny, they could not wait to cum, and started fucking each other hard and fast. Art helped my pulling on Beth nipples, sucking and nibbling on and then the other. Soon both Beth and Jeff made grunts and groans as their mutual orgasms approached. Suddenly Jeff thrust inward and held it and grunted, as he cam deep into Beth cunt. Beth started to shake as she moaned and quiver for over a minute until her orgasm subsided. They looked at each other and smiled, then looking at Art with a big grin. All three looked at George and almost simultaneously “You ready for sloppy seconds?”

As George entered Beth he groaned. Beth asked, “Does my slippy wet pussy feel good? You like me like this with your brothers fresh load to coat you dick as you enter me?” “Oh this great I could never imagine this,” said George. “It makes my cock feel harder, bigger. I cannot explain it.” George then started to push all the way into Beth and moaned. Slowly he pushed in and pulled most of the way out and then shoved in fast. Beths labia hugged his cock, and his balls slapped against her. I noticed he started to increase the speed of pumping Beth’s cunt. His balls snugged up closer to his body, then started to pulse as he emptied them into her and added his cum to Jeff’s load. Beth shuddered as she cam too. George slowed his pace then stopped. “Don’t pull out, keep it in my” Beth insisted, “Roll us over so I’m on top”. Art and Jeff knew what she was going to do.

Once Beth was on top, George’s cock still in her, she started to move toward his head, sliding her cum filled cunt off his cock, along his abdomen, over his chest and to he’s mouth. “Eat me pussy make me cum with your mouth, eat the cum-mix of Jeff, you and me. George licked and suck Beths cunt cum-mix dripped into his mouth, he had to swallow a number of times. Beth shook and shuddered as she cam, emptying almost the remainder sex elixir from her dripping cunt. She gave him a quick kiss, then went to his balls and started to lick him clean, including the trail she left from sliding up over his stomach and chest, she licked his chin and around his mouth, then kissing him again, she emptied her mouth into his. The kissed passionately until all the cum was gone.

They broke the kiss. “That was great,” George said. Which, sloppy seconds, or my cum kisses after?” Asked Beth. “Both, I enjoyed it all.”

For the next few hours, Art, Jeff and George, fucked Beth. They cam in her cunt and her mouth and shared cum kisses whenever she wanted, with whomever she wanted.

About 3 in the morning, Beth awoke, she looked around the bed and was holding a limp dick in each hand, and George was asleep between her legs with he mouth near her dripping cunt.

Beth smiled to herself and though what a fun weekend this is going to be!

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