Beth Spends A Weekend At Art's - Part 2 Saturday


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Section 1

I started telling this 40 year old story, of Beth, my first wife. The last story was Beth Spends A Weekend at Art’s - Part 1. These stories about being at Art’s I learned about 2 Years later, after we split, but occasional got together.

The second time Beth spent an evening after work at Art’s home, he introduced her to Billy. A few weeks later, Beth got to spend the weekend at Arts, but this is when she met Mrs Willson. Mrs Wilson wanted to talk to Beth about Bill.

Saturday morning, the weekend at Art’s Beth was headed toward the pool, and saw Bill. Bill stopped by Beth and gave her a hug and kiss hello. They talked for only a few minutes. Bill was heading toward the parking area to get more of Mrs Wilson’s groceries. Beth though how nice of Bill to help one of his mom’s friends with her groceries. Beth enjoyed the pool while it was morning, and relatively quiet. After a couple hours, she was getting ready to go in, but a women approached her and introduced herself. “Hello, I’m Catherine Wilson, you can call my Cathy.” She offered. “Oh hello," Beth said, “I noticed Bill was helping you with your groceries, I assume you are a friend of his mom’s. I’m Beth, I meet Bill a few weeks ago while visiting a friend one evening.”

“Well, I’m very glad to meet you Beth. I do know Billy’s mom but we are only neighbors. I’m more a friend of Billy’s, as I think you are more than a friend of his too!” Cathy claimed.

Beth blushed, “I’m not sure I understand.” Cathy said, “I am sorry if I’m wrong, and don’t want to offend you, but I think you’re the women, who, taught Billy, or Bill as you more appropriately call him, how to treat a women, make her feel good about herself, and please her sexually. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry, but I think I should express my thanks, instead.”

Beth looked more closely at this women, she was a couple years older than Beth. She was in great shape, as revealed by her two-piece bathing suit. Large firm breasts, sharply legs and nice butt, dark brown hair and green eyes, maybe a few years older than herself. She then replied, “Well, I did meet Billy days after his 18th Birthday, and my friend stated Billy was having difficulty with girls and suggested I might coach him. What started out as seeing how he kissed, and petted went from, teaching him not to grab a tit as if it were a lemon, and ended with making him a man, hence calling him Bill.”

Cathy Wilson added, “But it was more than you having sex with him, he is a gentle, caring, flattering and does things no man has ever done to or for me. I noticed you are wearing a ring, I assume you are married, and the “friend” who lives here, is a lover? Can you tell me more? May I offer you some tea? We can talk more freely inside.” Beth agreed and continued the conversation at Cathy’s apartment.

“Well, yes I am married, almost 11 years, I’m 30, my husband and I dated since high school. Until June he was the only man I have ever had sexually. Then I met Art at work, we became friends, joked which became flirting, and eventually a clandestine meeting after work that included kissing and heavy petting. I felt guilty and stopped him from going further. I felt guilty and confessed to James, my husband. I also confessed that I wanted to go to bed with Art, that I was curious about being with another man. After a long talk, we decided, to try an open marriage. He is seeing a women, I see Art, and we’ve had a few threesomes. What about you, I see you are married too.” Beth commented.

Cathy then offered, “Yes, I’m married, 21 years. I had only 3 men before I met Joe. I’m 40. My husband likes to play golf on Saturdays, a few weeks ago, I assume after you were this Billy, sorry, Bill. Beth interrupted, “You look younger, I though you were about my age, maybe a couple years older.”

“Thank you Beth.” Cathy then continued the story, “Bill saw me with groceries, and offered his help. I thought it was very nice of this young man to help me. As we made a couple trips from the car to my apartment, he was compliments, but subtle. He commented on me being fit, stating I had muscle claves, and though I worked out. Said he had noticed me at the pool and that I was pleasant and smiled at people. When we finished carrying the last bags to the apartment, I offered him some iced tea, especially since we were sweating a little. He was sitting at the table when I was getting us glasses of iced tea. When I turned to offer the glass to him, I thanked him for helping an old lady. And I noticed a bit of a tent in his pants.”

“Mrs Wilson, you are not an old lady, you are a good looking women“. He stated, “You are pretty, great shape, nice figure, dress nicely, I think you are very sexy.”

“That is very nice of you, I can kiss you.” I said to him and gave him a quick little kiss. “I then offered him some cookies. I went to the cabinet took out some cookies. As I turned to put them on the table I notice the bulge in his pants again. This time he saw me looking. Then our eye’s meet and I blushed. I said to him, you are a young man, I’m sure that isn’t because of me, in fact, I’ve noticed you looking at the girls at the pool, and getting hard like that.”

Bill then told me, “Yes it is because of you, and yes I do look at the girls too, but I’ve fantasied about you.” “You fantasied about me, I can really kiss you.” I said.

He stood up stretched his arms out toward me, “If you can really kiss me, how about a real kiss.” Cathy said, “I did not know what to do, he was young enough to be my son, my daughter is older than he is, yet he was making me feel great about myself, making me feel sexy. So I stepped toward him, he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed, a real kiss, a passionate kiss, he pulled us tight together, I felt his hard cock pressing against my belly, it felt great, it was great to be wanted by another man, by a much younger man. I kissed back, then I stopped telling him how nice he kissed, but we should stop.”

Bill offered, “Mrs. Wilson, You are very attractive, we kissed, you kissed back as if you were enjoying it too. We are adults, age should not be a barrier, we can continue and please each other, I’ll stop if you want.”

“How could I stop, I was enjoying it, what he said was true, so I hugged him and we started kissing again. We moved to the sofa, and I felt like a teenager, making out in my mom’s living room. His hands started to roam, I was excited, no way was I going to stop him. Bill’s hands were on my breasts, he unbutton my top and unclasped my bra. His hands were gentle and stimulating, gently squeezing my tits, and pinching my nipples, I could not help but moan, he took that cue to suck my nipples as he moved his hand to my skirt hem, slowly he moved his hands toward my thighs, instinctively they parted, when his hand got to my panties, they were soaked. Bill kissed me passionately as he looked into my eyes, then whispered in my ear, ‘You’re enjoying this as much as I am,' that’s when he moved his fingers into my pantie leg and into my pussy. I almost cam just from his touch and the though of what we were doing. He inserted another finger and his thumb occasionally stroked my clit. I cam hard, as my breathing returned to more normal, and my body stopped shaking, we were still kissing. He brought his fingers to our mouth, he took one in his and offered me the other, I sucked his finger tasting myself. ‘MMMmmm you taste nice.’ I agreed. I don’t recall the last time I cam by being fingered, nor if any man ever offered my his finger afterwards.”

Bill smiled and slowly slide to the floor, as he moved down I could feel my panties being pulled down with him. I lifted my skirt to watch, and parted my legs. Bill kissed my thighs, “I enjoyed looking at your shapely legs, and thighs at the pool. I’m finally going to get to taste you. I could not believe what he was doing, he started by sucking on my protruding inner lips, after a few minutes, his tongue slowly licked my labia, slowly getting them to part. I could not believe how slow and methodical he was, I didn’t know if it was from his joy and pleasure, or him wanting to teasing me. He increased, the pace and depth of his licks, and started to suck, he even took my clit between his lips sucking and stroking with his tongue at the same time. I started to feel another orgasm building, my breathing increased, my skin tingled all over, and then I started to shake and moan, and cam, he kept eating me until I moved through my orgasm. Never before had I had such an orgasm form being eaten, maybe never every having such an orgasm at all. Joe only licked my a little as an obligatory act before I sucked his cock.

He started to remove my clothes, and I his, we moved into the bedroom almost naked, we then pull the rest of our clothes off and jumped on the bed and hugged. Slowly we lay down next to each other and started to caress, and kiss each other all over. I wanted to suck his young ridged cock. When I took Bill into my mouth he moaned, “Mrs. Willson, you are great, this is better than my fantasy.” I sucked his cock, and play with his balls, occasionally, licking him from cock head tip and down to his balls I sucked his balls too. I was ecstatic, his reaction, urged my on. I kept sucking, as I played with his balls, I felt them tighten and knew he was ready to cum. I sucked harder and was rewarded with the bigger load of cum I had since before I met Joe. I enjoyed pleasing Bill, giving back what he had given my on the sofa.

“Mrs. Wilson that was great” he said, and then he kissed my, I was surprised I had just sucked him off, and he did not hesitate to kiss my mouth that held his cum. I’m sure he could taste himself, but he kissed passionately. Eventually, he moved on top of my, I spread my legs and guided his cock to the opening of my dripping pussy. I could not believe how wet I was and what I was about to do with a young man, a man not even as old as my daughter. I entered me and in only a few minutes, I had the best orgasm I’ve had in years. He continued, and I had two more orgasms before I felt his cock growing larger and thinking and them he cam in another big load, as big or bigger than the mouthfuls I received earlier. We spent the afternoon together in bed and even showered together.

“I have sex with Bill often, it has become an every Saturday event after helping with my groceries, often during the week, late afternoons, occasional evenings when Joe has late business, or if he is out of town on business. I felt funny him always calling me Mrs. Willson, but we agreed it’s best for him not to call my Cathy, we might forget when others are around. Besides, it sounds more decadent and hot, ‘Old Lady Mrs Wilson has a young stud’” she said and we both had a good laugh.

“I do enjoy his attention and the great sex, but I was thinking I need to introduce him to some younger ladies, closer to his age. I was even thinking of trying to get him and my daughter together. Then I thought that might be too strange”, Cathy stated, “But I’ve seen him with others, his age. Also, he’s been helping a very young single mom, she had a foot boot on when he started to help her with groceries too, I think he is having sex with her also, but he is discreet, a gentlemen.”

“Cathy, it was nice meeting and talking with you. I should get going and wash up. The ball game Art is in should be over early afternoon.” Beth added, I’ll be here all weekend, maybe will get to visit some more. Though I’m told Jeff, Arts room mate has activities planned that he said I should really enjoy.” Cathy looked inquisitive, so Beth added. “You know I’m married, and James my husband was the only man I had sex with until I got curious and started to date Art. Jeff, understood I did this because I was curious about another man, and convinced me that I should then try additional men. Every time I’ve spent the evening here, I’ve had another new partner, I’ve had threesomes and foursomes. Last night Jeff’s brother George was the fifth man I’ve had, other than my husband James.” Beth confessed, “I’ve really enjoyed the new experiences, James only know about Art, and we’ve even had a threesome.” Beth gave Cathy a great big hug and they kissed as Beth left.

When Beth walked into Art’s apartment, the door was unlock, she figured the game must have ended early. She needed to shower, and as she approached the bedroom, she heard the shower running. When she walked into the bedroom there was a man she did not know, but figured he wanted to shower as soon as Art was finished.

Beth said, “Hello, I guess you’re one of Art’s friends, I’m going to join him in the shower very quickly so you can get in when we are done.” As she ran by him, he tried to tell her something to stop her, but Beth did not listen. As she stepped into the bathroom, she quickly closed the door and stripped off her bathing suit, and slid open the shower door.

“WOW, SORRY” she said the another man in the shower, “I though Art was in here. Sorry to startle you.” He smiled and stopped soaping himself. She noticed he stopped what he was doing, then she grinned, as she realized his cock was soapy and offered. “Looks like I interrupted your pleasure, would you like some help,” as she stepped into the shower and grabbed his stiff, soaped dick. “Im Beth” He responded, “Im Jamal” as Beth started stocking his cock. He kissed her and started to caress her breasts and ass. They did soap and wash each other, but mostly feeling, caressing, stroking and fingering each other. Jamal, turned Beth so her back was agains the wall, he lifter her legs, and Beth guided his cock to dripping wet labia. As Jamal entered her she moaned, and he grunted to push in as best he could. They were enjoying them selves. Beth felt Jamals cock expand and knew he was about to cum, she reached for his balls and felt them tighten, “Cum for me, give it to me, cum in my cunt,” Beth also started to cum and as she did felt Jamal empty his bass filling her cunt with his cum. They both heard the bathroom door open and the young man that was in the bedroom entered. Jamal introduced him as his brother, Dyson. Beth said, “Hi Dyson, sorry it’s been taking so long, why don’t you join us.” Dyson stripped quickly, Jamal had Beth bend over to suck his cock clean. Dyson saw Beth’s cunt dripping cum. He moved his cock to her dripping hole, got Jamal’s cum all over his cock to use a lube. Dyson, started to push his cock head into Beth ass hole. “No, no, I never had annal, please stop. It will hurt.” Both Jamal and Dyson assured her that Dyson will be gentle and go slow and that he had a slimmer cock, which she may find acceptable and pleasant. Beth stopped protesting, as she continued to suck Jamal, Dyson slowly entered her, she felt the pressure, and only slight discomfort at first, then it felt good. Dyson was so turn on from the scene he saw walking into the room, and the fact that Beth was the first white girl he has ever had, he came very quickly.

They all finished showering and dried off, of course Jamal and Dyson insisted on drying Beth.

Jamal guided Beth to the bed, and Dyson followed. Jamal suggested that Beth should get on top and ride him. Beth straddle Jamal, guided him into her. Jamal pulled her down to suck on her tits, and Dyson started to enter her ass again. Beth felt him pushing into her, in the shower she had her first anal, now she as not only getting anal again, but her cunt was already filled with Jamal’s cock.

“MMMmmmmMm, OOHhhhhhh, WOW” Beth moaned, “I’ve never felt so full, this is great, another great experience…. Ohhhh, I’m going cumming already.” In a minute more, she gasped, groaned, and shivered to an orgasm, as both Jamal and Dyson added more cum to both of her holes at the same time.

Beth shook for a while, and neither men removed themselves from her until she had recovered. Beth kissed them both, “Thank you, I’ve never experience anything like that, it was great. I hope you’re here tonight, I look forward to more of your enjoyment”

As Jamal and Dyson dressed and left the bedroom letting Beth rest.

Before this afternoon, Beth never did anal, so of course she never had one cock in her cunt and one in her ass, felling them sliding in her almost against each other. Most of all without Art being with her, Beth never had sex with she did not already know.

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