BBC Cuckold Fantasy to Reality


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Section 1

Anyone that has been married for a long time knows that you need to rekindle the fire by doing different things which often means fanaticizing about having a threesome. Sometimes it is me getting my fantasy girl and sometimes it is her getting her fantasy guy.

Given a choice I prefer her getting her fantasy guy as the sex is better for me when she is turned on and I enjoy pleasing her. Furthermore, it makes me reminisce about the early days when I could make her cum like crazy because the sex was new and exciting.

My wife has as always had a thing for a linebacker on our NFL home team, who I will call James. He is one buffed dude. To help her with her fantasy, I surfed the internet for a picture of him with minimal clothing and hung it on the wall of her office. Since I do not have any nude pictures of him, I have shown her a video of the porn star Brutus ravaging Holly.

This video is especially appealing to her. Brutus is buff like James and my wife is very petite like Holly but has natural gorgeous C cup tits. While Brutus is buff, his cock is no bigger than mine, so I have also shown her videos with humongous BBC. To further enhance her fantasy, I bought her some black dildos. As an added benefit, some of them vibrate.

A typical fantasy night would include watching a video of a well-built hung bull ravaging some petite blond. I will let her play with a black dildo but under no circumstances is she allowed to cum. After the video or when she sufficiently aroused, I blindfold her and tie her to the bed, so she is no longer in control of her orgasm.

Then I start telling her a story of how we meet James and he gets to fuck the shit out of her. Usually, I start the story and insert the dildo in her. After that I let her tell the rest of the story, so I know how to give her the best orgasm. After she has a massive orgasm, I untie her and she fucks the shit out of me while thanking me for letting her fuck James.

Its funny how young single guys do not understand this. They think their girl friends will be enamored with them for the rest of their lives. They also think there is nothing wrong with them jerking off to the latest starlet and that their girl friends would never masturbate to the thought of an NFL player with a Big Black Cock. LOL!

Ritz Carlton was having a wine tasting and I got tickets. As we strolled the booths, we both got a little tipsy. Then to both of our surprise, we saw James at the next booth. As we sauntered over to the booth, I could see my wife’s nipples harden and her face grow flush.

Once at the booth we nonchalantly struck up a conversation with James. While my wife looked at him like a star struck teenager, I told him about my college football days and how he compared his college days to the NFL. As the conversation proceeded, my wife excused herself to go to the lady’s room. I hoped she had to pee as opposed to masturbate about being fucked by James.

James seemed very easy going, so while she was gone, I told James about our fuck sessions which included my wife and I fanaticizing about him fucking her brains out. He got a big smile on his face.

“John, I am very flattered. I have a suite in the hotel and it might be fun to tease your wife. It would make the fantasy more real which would give both of you better orgasms when the two of you fantasize about me ravaging your wife in the future.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Tell your wife that I invited both of you to my room for some champagne. Here is a key. I will be taking a shower when you get there, so it will give your wife a chance to see me naked.”

“That would be nice but I do not want this to go too far and have you fuck her brains out.”

“Not to worry. We will just tease her so she can fuck your brains out when you get home and have this memory for years to come when role playing.”

“It is hard to believe you would do that for me!”

“I do it all the time for married guys like you. Keep in mind that I can screw single girls every night of my life. It’s no big deal!”

“I can’t thank you enough.”

“See you in 15 minutes.”

“Hi honey.”

“Where did James go? I wanted to talk to him further.”

“No, you didn’t. You wanted to ogle his physique and look at the outline of his cock through his clothes.”

She smiles. “Well maybe.”

“Well it is your lucky day. He invited us to his room for champagne.”

Her eyes light up and she gets a big smile on her face.

“I hope both of you do not have any thoughts of me spreading my legs for him.”

“No never!”

“What? You don’t think James would find me attractive enough to do me?”

“No…aah…aah, you are a 10 and I know he would love to do you.”

“That’s better.”

“What I meant was you are too much a lady to break your wedding vows and give yourself to a black stranger even if he is your fantasy stud.”

“Maybe you can tease him a little bit so he knows how lucky of a man I am to be able to do you exclusively.”

“That’s much better. Let’s go!”

I knocked on the door and James answered with a towel around his trim waist. My wife blushed. He looked much better than the picture I gave her.

“Come in. Have a seat and enjoy some Dom Perignon.”

“I’ll just be a few minutes taking a shower to freshen up.”

As he turned, he dropped the towel. I think he did it to show us his chiseled ass.

“John, did you see his gorgeous ass?”

“How could I miss it!”

The next thing I know you could hear the water running and the steam coming out the bathroom because he did not close the door.

Maybe this is going to far. Maybe it is not going far enough. I was in a quandary.

To make this as realistic as possible and not be called a prude, we needed to go further.

“Megan, it would not hurt to just take a peek of his buff naked body.”

When she came back from the bathroom, I knew she liked what she saw as her face was flush and her nipples were protruding thru her top. I can only imagine how wet her panties must be as she described what she saw in the bathroom.

“John you would not believe how built he is. He is black as the ace of spades and has 6 pack abs, a bodacious chest, huge shoulders, huge biceps, and a tight ass. Better yet he has a magnificent cock.”

“Megan what is so special about his cock? A cock is a cock.”

“A cock is a cock is true for the majority of men, but on rare occasions it is not. His cock is black as the ace of spades with huge veins. It must be 6 inches soft and wider than my Mr. Marcus dildo. Best of all it is uncut.”

“Sounds like you want to fuck him!”

“Don’t be crude. What married woman would not want to make love to him!”


I wanted to take this as far as I could before she decided to nix the idea, so I said, “You broke your wedding vows once with your old boyfriend, so its not like it would be the first time.”

“I…I…don’t…aah…know. I have never been promiscuous.”

“Look we are not getting any younger. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. I will not get mad.”

“Are you sure you won’t get mad and think I am a slut?”

I bit my tongue and said, “Not only will I not get mad, I will enjoy watching you enjoy a strange black dick”, hoping and praying that she would not spread her legs for him.

“You’re the best husband a woman can have. I’ll owe you one.”

As she took off her top, her nipples were hard as rocks. Then she wiggled out of her jeans and threw her soaking wet panties at me. “I wouldn’t be needing these. Maybe you can sniff and lick them and jerk off.”

OMG! I cannot believe she is going to FUCK HIM. What am I going to do!

In anguish, I followed her into the bathroom while watching her bodacious ass sway from side to side.

Section 2

Upon entering the bathroom, James got a big smile on his face like the cat that ate the canary.

I wondered how long he would tease her before helping her make the decision not to fuck him.

I hoped it was soon.

Once she was in the shower with him, she gave him a very passionate kiss. With how open her mouth was she was telegraphing to him that she was ready to give herself to him completely.

Next, she smiled at me while she tenderly washed his cock giving him a massive hardon.

She dropped to her knees and started giving him a first class blow job. She does not especially like sucking dick and generally I only get a blow job on my birthday and she will not swallow my cum, but it looked like she was really into it. I remember when we first started dating that I did get some blow jobs. She does like to please.

John signaled me with the thumbs up and said, “See what strange Big Black Cock can do to a woman!”

I was really starting to get pissed. My brain wondered when will James or my wife stop this, while my cock had other ideas. It was hard as steel. I cannot believe that I subconsciously wanted to see my wife pleasured by another man. What is wrong with me?

There is a big difference between fantasy and reality.

Between the two hands stroking his cock, sucking, slurping, and all her head bobbing, it did not take long before he shot 10 spurts of jism into very hungry mouth. As some dripped out of her mouth, she caught it with her hand and licked every drop from his cock and her hand.

“OMG! that is the most delicious cum I have ever tasted. If my husband’s cum tasted that good, he might get a blow job every once in a while.”


This is not what I bargained for. This is a nightmare.

My only salvation is that she does not give him access to her beautiful married vagina. Please!

“My pussy is yearning to be fucked by your magnificent cock. Please fuck me!”

“How can I say no to a beautiful lady like you?”

“OMG! James this is not what we agreed to.”

He swooped her up, carried her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed, while I followed jerking my cock the entire way.

She knew that she was going to be ravaged by an Alpha Male and yearned for it.

“As much as I would like to fuck your beautiful pussy, I have some conditions that need to be met. First, I do not want your husband getting mad and making a scene while I fuck the shit out of you, so you are going to have to tie him to a chair.”

“James we never agreed to this.”

“Honey I will be good. Please do not tie me to a chair.”

“John, my pussy is on fire. If this is the only way that I am going to get to enjoy his magnificent cock, you are going to be tied to a chair.”

My mind started racing and I came to the conclusion that if I denied her after promoting this fantasy that I would lose her, so I resigned myself to her fucking him one time and one time only.

To my chagrin, I docilely relent and let my wife tied me to a chair.

Once I was tied to a chair. James said, “I have another condition.”

“No not another condition. Please no more conditions. Being tied to a chair is humiliating enough.”

“Megan, I want you to see my cock next to your husband’s man clit.”

“OMG! Honey your cock is so small compared to his! I knew it was small but not this small. Not only is he going to stretch my pussy but he is going to reach places your cock will never feel. It will be like I am a virgin again.”

“Megan you might never want your husband’s dick again after I have ravaged you and in the event you do, you will not be able to feel him.”

“Yes James, what is the point of getting fucked if you can’t feel his dicklet? Maybe he will only be good for clean up.”

“Megan what is cleanup”?

James said, “John you will find out. I am sure you will enjoy it.”

“One more condition. I like it when a husband totally submits to me, so I want you to go in the bed stand and get out the steel cock cage and put it on your husband.”

“Megan I never agreed to this. Haven’t you humiliated me enough.”

Next, she stuffs her cum soaked panties in my mouth.

“Shut up John. I need to get fucked so you will wear it. OMG it makes your pencil dick look even smaller!”

Then they both laugh. I am humiliated. How did I get in this position?

“Megan spread your legs as wide as you can, so I can enjoy the sight of your luscious pussy.”

Without hesitation my wife spread her legs showing a bright red swollen dilated cunt that was as wet as can be. You know a woman is ready when her lips spread and her pussy is glistening.

“Dam girl your pussy juices are running down your ass crack and soaking the bed!”

“I’ve never been this wet before but then again, I have never seen such a huge cock attached to such a magnificent physique.”

Then James whispered in my wife’s ear, “Sometimes I like to have the cuckold husband put my dick in the wife but in this case, I am going to make John beg to have me put my cock in you”.

“John tell me you want me to fuck your wife.”

“This wasn’t part of the deal. You were only going to tease her.”

“I lied. I love fucking married women. The look on the husband’s face as I plow his virgin BBC wife’s pussy is priceless. I am addicted to it. I can’t get enough of it.”

“John you knew if your wife saw my magnificent body and horse cock there was no way I was not going to fuck her. You wantabee cuckolds are so gullible.”

“The best thing you can do, if you want to keep her is support her lust for Big Black Cock.”

“John tell me you want me to fuck your wife.”

“James you are a mother fucker”

“No, I am an alpha male that is going to fuck your horny virginal wife and give her an insatiable appetite to be fucked by BBC.”

“Damit James. Fuck my wife already and get it over with.”

“Say please!”

“James please fuck my wife.”

“John you do know if I fuck him, I might become addicted to his BBC. I will still love you but may no longer want your dick but will happily let you please me in other ways.”

“What do you mean Megan?”

“John, just because you have a small dick does not mean that you do not have a talented tongue.”

James and Megan laugh uncontrollably.

“John say please fuck my wife and shoot your jism into her.”

James please fuck my wife and shoot your jism into her.

As James rubbed his cock up and down her slit, she had a massive orgasm quivering uncontrollably.

When she calmed down, he said, “Megan it is your turn to beg me to fuck you.”

“Please James, do me!”

“Do what?”

“Please give my married white pussy your Big Black Cock. I can’t wait anymore. I need you so bad!”

James got in position between Megan’s widely splayed legs and tried to gently push the head of his massive cock into her moist waiting cunt. She gently pushed up against him.

I hoped and prayed she would not be able to take his huge dick.

“Dam girl, it wouldn’t fit. Your pussy is tight as shit. Must be due to John’s small fuck stick.”

“Please James, please do not stop. Push harder.”

Then I heard a pop and two inches of his dick were in her cunt.

“It hurts so good. Please go slow. Your cock is much larger than any I have ever had. It is even bigger than the black dildos my loving husband bought me.”

I cannot believe her tight pussy succumbed to his massive cock!

“OMG! Oh James, it feels so good. It so big-g-g. Please give me more of your magnificent cock.”

Section 3

It must have taken 5 minutes to get the first 5 inches of his cock in her. You could see his cock covered with her juices and the bed spread soaked 1’ in diameter.

In between moans, my wife screams at James. “I am so excited this will be virgin territory from now on. Please give me more of your cock.”

Inch by inch James inserted more of his cock into my wife’s virgin BBC cunt as she thrashed side by side on the bed moaning incoherently.

The smell of her wanton cunt is unmistakable. He now has 7 inches in her and she screams, cries, and shakes from another massive orgasm. It is unmistakable that she is cuming as her eyes roll back in her head, she arches her body and her pussy contracts on his massive BBC. As he pulls out of her, I notice that his cock does not have the clear juices on it that it did previously. It is now coated with thick white copious globs that resemble thick milky white sperm.

Did he just cum in her? No, his cock is still rock hard. Then it clicks! I remember that a women’s secretions can get very thick when they are extremely excited. I am saddened but excited because I never did that to her. They are right. She will no longer be satisfied or want my average cock.

“Honey does he have his fuck stick all the way in me?”

“No dear he still has 2 inches.”

“Honey tell him that you want him to totally fill up your wife. DO IT NOW!”

“James put all your fuck stick in my wife’s pussy.”

James commands, “Say please and I prefer the term cunt.”.

“Please James put all your fuck stick in my wife’s cunt.”

I can’t believe I said please, how humiliating. The next thing I know is that his cock is buried entirely inside her.

“Congratulations, now that you have taken all of my horse cock, you are no longer a Big Black Cock virgin”

“I can’t believe I waited this long. All those years of john’s small wiener and masturbating with black dildos. I missed so many years of great sex.”

“Yes, it is a shame. Your body is made for fucking and what a waste of an educated pussy.”

“John, see what a large strange black cock can do to a woman.”

Now that he is balls deep in her, he starts to slowly full-stroke her. Its not long before the bed starts to shake and squeak as he establishes a faster and faster rhythm.

I desperately needed to touch myself as my cock swells against the cold steel cage but I could not.

Megan was crying out loud with every powerful stroke as their sweaty bodies slapped against each other. “Fuck me! Oh God I am cuming on your black cock!”

She has her third massive orgasm, more powerful than the previous two, if that is possible. Three is as many as I have given her in the last year. James waits patiently for my wife to calm down with his cock firmly planted in her cunt.

I had never seen or imagined my wife so totally abandoned to pure animal lust. The sounds she made were frightening as she was almost crazy from lust, desire and pleasure. I realized things would never be the same and that I would never be able to satisfy her like that.

“Rollover. Your turn to ride my cock and fuck the shit out of me until my nuts and ass tighten and I explode in your tight white married cunt.”

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you James” and that is what she did.

I am mesmerized by seeing her and hearing her ass slap against his body on the down stroke and seeing her cunt lips stretched to the max on the up stroke. His huge black cock covered in her cunt juice was also a huge turn on for me.

I only wish I could be masturbating to this glorious sight but my hands are tied. Worse yet I can’t even get a hard on because of the steel cock cage. My penis swells against the cold metal. Now I know what blue balls are.

My wife explodes more violently than the last three orgasms and has multiple orgasms for at least 10 minutes. She screams at him, “I can’t take it anymore. I am too sensitive! I am too sensitive! Please…please give my married white pussy your massive load.”

“Cum in me now you black bastard.”

I can see his nuts and ass tighten and James grants her wish. He screams like a wild animal and unloads his jism into her fertile pussy. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven spurts of baby batter into her hungry wanton pussy and then I lose count. She momentarily passes out from the excitement while James keeps his BBC soaking in her raw red dilated cunt.

“OMG! I can feel your warm thick creamy cum coating my womb. It is feels so good!”

I can see her pussy involuntarily contracting on his massive cock sucking out each and every drop of his cum into her womb.

I feel so insignificant being a voyeur to their awesome sex.

“Did you enjoy the show John? Too bad you could not play with yourself.” Then they both laugh.

“James should we keep him tied up for round 2?”

“Megan you are one horny cold bitch. I have a better idea.”

After letting his cock get the customary after fuck soaking, he whispered something in Megan’s ear and she nodded her head. They roll over and he positioned a pillow under her ass before pulling his still massive fuck stick out of her well stretched pussy.

That’s strange. Why did he put a pillow under her ass?

“John, I lied to you. I did not have you tied to the chair so you would not make a scene.”

Then…then…ah…ah…why did you do it?

“The ultimate surrender is when you eat the cum and pungent cunt juice out of your wife’s well fucked pussy. I never know if the husband will be willing to do it or forced to do it, so you were tied to a chair.”

“As you lick her pussy clean, Megan will take your chastity cage off. If you get a hardon while devouring your wife’s pussy, we will know that you enjoy it and that you can be freed from the chair. If you do not get a hardon, we will know that you will need to be taught to like my spunk, so you will be kept in the chair and made to eat your wife’s pussy clean every time I fuck her this weekend. By the end of the weekend you will be begging to do clean up.”

James picked up the chair and laid me on the bed. No sooner than I am lied flat on my back my wife straddles my face just before a gob of cum cascades down from her beautiful pussy to her gorgeous ass.

The smell of sex is unmistakable. You can smell sweat, pungent pussy juice, and thick white creamy sperm.

“John you will thoroughly clean my pussy for a second round of fucking with James or you will face serious consequences.”

“What…what… do you mean by…ah…consequences?”

“I would hate to keep you tied up all weekend while James and I pleasure each other until he leaves on Monday morning. I can’t imagine how bad your blue balls will be by then.”

“You know you want me to release you so you can tug on your small wiener. Just admit it!”

“Take a deep breath and keep you your eyes focused on my beautiful cum filled pussy. Image your tongue being in the same place as James BBC was. Isn’t it great?”

“You can show your support for our new lifestyle or face the consequences.”

“Times up John.”

“No! Please…ah…ah…let me.”

“Let me what?”

“Cleanup your beautiful cum filled pussy.”

Section 4

The sight of her red engorged snatch that is still wide open from the fucking she got and is filled with her creamy pungent cunt juices and thick white globs of James cum makes my cock swell so much that it is hard for Megan to remove the cock cage. As soon as it is removed, I have a massive hardon that is bigger and more engorged with blood than it has ever been.

“Megan your husband’s dicklet is hard as a rock. He must like it.”

“No, I think he loves it.” Then they both laugh uncontrollably.

The smell and sight are intoxicating, but how will it taste?

I tentatively lick her pussy, like a kitten lapping milk for the first time. It tastes better than anything I have ever eaten. While jerking off, I furiously lap at it like a famished cat lapping milk. It was then that I knew that I could fully give myself to my new role in our relationship as Megan’s personal cunt cleaner and that I might only on rare occasions get to fuck her.

“That’s it babe. Deeper. Use that tongue. Lick up James sweet and salty cum. Savor it while you think of all the pleasure his beautiful black cock gave your petite white wife’s pussy. Do it”

I sucked his gooey cum and her thick cunt cream into my mouth as I remembered James cock erupting spurt after spurt of thick gooey cum into her waiting cunt.

Megan stopped rubbing her pussy on my face and started to buck wildly. I struggled to lick her engorged clit while trying not to waste any of Megan’s and James’ pungent juices. She was approaching orgasm and my face was taking a beating.

“I’m cuming! Don’t stop now you cunt lapper.” My wife started to shake and scream from a massive orgasm as she smashed her pussy into my face with an intensity I have never known.

I can’t take it anymore and my cock erupted like never before, shooting stream after stream of jism a foot in the air.

Both of us lay still for a minute or two trying to catch our breaths.

“Given how much cum you shot and how high it went, I can only assume that you were impressed with how well James fucked me with his huge cock and how much you loved cleaning his cum and my cunt juices from my pussy?”

I..I I’ve never seen anything like it!

“Like what?” - Megan queried. “Like James huge cock?”

“Yea but the whole thing was so…I never saw you like that, so filled with lust and totally out of control.”

“It was imperative that I show him what a great fuck I am, so hopefully he will fuck me on a regular basis. I cannot imagine life without his humongous Big Black Cock plundering my pussy! Surely you can understand. The alternative is I would have to be satisfied with your needle dick.”

“I understand my love.”

“And cleaning my pussy?”


“You better get used to it because you will need to clean it a lot this weekend.” LOL WHAT HAVE I DONE? WHAT HAVE I BECOME? THERE IS NO GOING BACK! WHAT DOES THE FUTURE BRING? TIME WILL TELL

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