Bar Pickup 3.9/5 (31)

As I walked in the smoky bar, I could feel eyes on her hot body. I was not wearing a “Little Black Dress”, instead a short, scoop necked red one. Hem 4 inches above my knee, no bra showing off my 36 DD breasts.

They sagged a bit but in this dress they left no doubt that I was not wearing a bra. As I walk they swung back and forth an inch or so making my nipples tingle and stay hard. I was 42 and knew I was hot. Blond hair added to the effect.

My husband is twelve years older and me and suffers from ED that the little blue pill will no longer cure. We have looked at all the options but none worked and the implant idea turned us both off. Now this is not to say we don’t have sex.

He loves to eat me and gets me off anytime I feel horny, he is great with his tongue and the use of vibrators. I found that I could get him off with oral also. Even though he only gets semi hard he still comes but not with much force or volume.

As a college student and afterwards I guess I went crazy over cock and fucked a lot of guys. No real idea how many but maybe half a hundred. I just loved sex and fucking and while often I had to finish myself later I still loved the feel of a hard cock in my pussy and the feeling of sperm shooting into me. I also got to love giving blowjobs and while a few had nasty tasting sperm most was not bad and I got so I looked forward to getting it.

At this point in my life I realized that I just loved cock and missed the feeling of it. One night after probably one to many drinks I told my husband this. I was shocked at myself as the words came out of my mouth.

He and I had a history of open communications so he was less shocked than I was and smiled as he told me that he was waiting for the right moment to suggest the same thing. He had several requests though, one that I always be safe, that I call him if I was not coming home and finally that I give him at least some details of my encounters.

She walked up to the bar, taking a seat and ordering a martini, she watched the patrons check her out in the mirror. Men were talking and pointing at her, she knew she was going to get what she came for tonight.

A few minutes later she felt a hand on her back, turning around a tall strong looking man was there, she leaned over a bit to give him a view of her breasts.
“You are the hottest woman in this joint tonight,” he said.
“Why thank you sir,” she replied.
“I notice your ring, not getting enough at home?”
“Not getting any at home.” She replied.

Guiding her off the bar stool he led her to the dance floor. He molded her into his body as he put both his hands on her ass. In turn she wrapped her arms around his neck. She could feel his manhood responding to her body. Her vagina dripped and she started thinking about taking this hard cock in her hot wet cunt.

The music stopped, he led her into the back of the bar, through a door which he then locked. Turning on a light she saw a large bed and mirrors everywhere. She looked at him with an unspoken question.

“I own this place,” he said as he lowered the zipper on her dress. It came off and he undid the bra licking his lips as he gazed on her body. She had not worn panties so she was in all her glory.

He fondled her large breasts then pushed her down on her knees as he undid his pants and stepped out of them. She pulled down his jockeys unleashing a magnificent cock which spring to full glory. She took him in her mouth, slurping up the copious pre-come that was dripping out of him.

A few minutes later he said, “Enough, I need to fuck you now.”
Pulling her up he led her to the bed, as he laid down he led her to kneel over his large angry cock. Taking her time, not sure she could handle his massive member she started sliding down on him. Finally reaching the bottom they started the dance of love. After what seemed like hours and many climaxes she felt him come, seven spurts of love potion.

As they finished she said to him, “I will need to see you again lover but now I have to take your seed home to my husband. He loves to drink my lovers cum although I might not tell him that my lover tonight was a beautiful, strong black man.”

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