Away From Home Suprise 4.7/5 (15)

We were on our way back from a long road trip and we both were a bit weary of traveling so we decided to get a motel room and relax. It was early enough so we would have a chance to enjoy the hot tub and pool before dinner. We hurried down to the pool before all the families and kids flooded the area. Nice relaxing time with only us there.

My wife had a beautiful slender body with ?D? size tits that were larger than the proportion of her frame but the most noticeable feature was her nipples. They were always erect and protruded thru everything she wore. Bras hid them somewhat but still noticeable.

Her high cheek bones and dark eyes just drove me wild. I get aroused every time I see her like that. I felt a little twinge coming on and then kids started coming in to the pool area so we left and went back to the room.

She said that she was hungry and we decided to go to the bar area and get something to eat and a few drinks. In our haste to get to the pool she grabbed the towels and knocked a bottle of lotion over her suitcase covering her clothes that she was going to wear.

She did manage to find a cotton button down blouse and a pair of shorts that didn’t get messed up however her bras got soaked. She said that she couldn’t go down there like that cause everyone would be staring at her tits. I told her that we would find a table away from the bar in the corner somewhere.

We went there and had our food and a few drinks and I must say she was very arousing to me seeing those beautiful nipples poking up through the cotton top. We decided to have one more drink before retiring back to our room.

I went up to the bar which now was filling up with customers, ordered our drinks. While I was waiting for the drinks I noticed someone I had not seen since I graduated 20 years ago. He was not a good friend but someone I had known.

I walked over and talked to him and he remembered me. We started talking about old times and not wanting to leave my wife sitting there alone I invited him over to the table. He bought us a few more drinks and we were getting a bit loose. We tried to leave and he bought another round. It was Strange to see someone that I knew so far away from home.

It was nice to catch up on what has been going on. He mentioned a good friend of his that he graduated with but hasn’t seen or contacted since he left. I knew him well and told him I could give him his address. He was excited that I had that information for him.

I had it in my brief case which was in the room. We left the bar and headed up to the room. While on the well lit elevator I noticed he kept glancing at my wife’s tits and trying not to be conspicuous. I think we all were feeling no pain from the drinks.

We got to the room and I found the information he needed. He wrote it down while we opened some beers we had in the room. He sat on the chair and I laid down on the bed with a beer and Lynn sat on another chair opposite of him. We talked and laughed long enough to have a second round of beers.

During that time I noticed that Lynn seemed a bit flirtatious with him and he was being less conspicuous of his stares at my wifes tits. I suddenly formulated a plan. I was curious to see where this might go so I pretended to pass out when I rolled over to grab my beer off the bed stand. I laid there for a while and could hear them talking. Lynn said something to me.

I did not respond so she repeated herself. Again I did not respond. I heard her say ?shit he passed out…well there goes my night!? He said ?well that’s too bad, someone as beautiful and sexy as you should never go with out?

I cracked one eye open just a bit and I could see from the mirror on the closet doors Lynn sitting on the chair. I heard her say ?ohh you think I am sexy?? Hell yes was his reply, I couldn’t help noticing your beautiful breasts, are they natural? Lynn said ?They are all mine and no enhancements, you can check if you don’t believe me?? What about your husband he asked.

Oh he is out for the night and a bomb couldn’t wake him right now she said. I could not see him through the reflection in the mirror but I heard him get out of the chair, then he came into view as he walked over to Lynn sitting in her chair. His hand cupped her tit and squeezed it several times. ?My god they feel so nice and your nipples are so firm and hard.?

He bent over and gave her a kiss and I could see her mouth open to receive his tongue. He was passionately kissing her and massaging her breast. Without breaking their kiss he pulled her up out of the chair still cupping and squeezing her tit rubbing her nipple between his thumb and fore finger. I could see that her nipples were on high beam right now.

He released her breast and with both hands started to unbutton her blouse never breaking their kiss. He got down to the last two buttons when he broke the kiss. ?Lets get this off of you so I can look at your magnificent breasts ? When the last two buttons were undone he slid his fingers under the top shoulders of the blouse pulling it backwards off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.

He moved back to get a good look at her standing there topless in front of him. There is my wife allowing a stranger to see her tits while I was supposedly passed out in the same room. I had such a rock hard on knowing it was not going to stop there.

After his eyes had soaked up her topless beauty his mouth went to her nipple. Now I know that is a direct line to her sexual arousal. I have made her cum just by sucking them. Now he is going to do the same thing and he would get anything he wanted from her once he started that.

Her head went back as she started getting into his sucking and I could tell she was getting total release of inhibitions. One hand slid down her belly to the top of her tight shorts. I couldn’t see what he was doing but could only imagine. I could hear her whimpering as he sucked and the tight waist band of her shorts suddenly loosened.

He stopped sucking her nipple long enough to tell her he now wanted to see ALL of her body naked. She nodded and he slid his fingers under her waist band of her shorts and slid them off over her ass cheeks and on to the floor followed by her panties.

My wife is now naked in front of this stranger who has total access to all her intimate beauty.. Again he stepped back to get a total look at her standing there nude in front of him. ?Oh my…your pussy is totally bald, what a lovely sight? he said. I saw him come back into view from the mirror as he planted another passionate kiss on her lips again shoving his tongue in her mouth.

He had one arm wrapped around her waist holding her tight into him and the other hand massaging her breast and nipple. His hand released her tit and slowly moved down the flat of her belly feeling her softness as it slid down to her waiting pussy. He began to rub her pussy gently and to my surprise she stooped down a bit and spread her legs so his fingers could enter inside her.

He broke the kiss and his mouth went to her nipple and he teased it at first with his tongue and then he started sucking. I could see him dip his shoulder down so he could penetrate deeper inside her with his fingers.

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