Arriving Home Early - Fantasy Fulfilled


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Section 1

I had decided that rather than spend the night in LA and get a rental car in the morning as my wife had strongly urged me to do earlier that evening on the phone. She repeated her concern several times saying that it was already dark and it would be raining, and making the drive would be unsafe. So, I took her advice and decided not to make the drive, but without telling her I decided to hire an UBER driver for the almost two-hour trip up the California coast to our home and surprise her. I figured that the price would be worth it after being away for a week.

Coming down the hill and around the last curve on the road to our house I could see the lightning off in the distance over the ocean. I asked the driver to kill the headlights as I got out of the car and paid him outside of our driveway gate, and I used the gate phone to call my cell so I could activate the gate without alarming my wife at this late hour. I was anxious to surprise and sleep with her after my week’s stay in Phoenix, and I could feel my anticipation growing!

Passing through the gate and walking up the darkened driveway carefully, I could feel the cool breeze in my face coming from the sea after the earlier showers. The fresh smell of rain was in the air and, as she had predicted the roads were still wet from a recent shower, as was our driveway. I figured that she had already turned in for the night because it was well past her normal bedtime. – or so I thought! As I reached the top of the drive I glanced to my right and could see the silhouette of a small car. Reflecting on our earlier conversation that evening I tried to recall if she said anything about having visitors or house guests, and the answer was no. Looking closer, I could see that the car was like so many of the rentals we see every day in our little seaside village.

Looking back toward the house with my eyes now almost fully adjusted to the darkness, I could see a very dim light coming through the bathroom shades that were almost, but not all the way pulled down. I approached the window and was able to see through the narrow opening at the bottom. The glow was from candles flickering in the bathroom and inching in for a closer look I could easily see that the rope lights around our connecting bedroom ceiling were also on – and it struck me that we usually only turn those on for our “special conversations”. I could also feel the hint of a breeze in my face coming through that open bathroom window indicating that our bedroom’s sliding doors facing the ocean were probably open as well.

I walked around the bedroom side of our house to the patio that adjoined our master bedroom and I quietly placed my bag down and stepped out of my sandals. Inching slowly forward I confirmed that the sliding doors were indeed open and the breeze wafting through the opening was also causing the sheers to blow open a bit every few moments. Taking advantage of my angle, I was able to get close enough that I could see a reflection in the dresser mirror that faced our bed, and it was instantly apparent that she was in bed, and not alone!

As my eyes grew even more accustomed to the darkness outside and the hint of a light inside coming from several candles in addition to the rope lights, I watched in the mirror until I was sure that I hadn’t been seen or heard. I could hear conversation but not quite make out what was being said. I could see that whoever was in the bed with her was nude, as she was lying next to him with her leg over his midsection. At first, I was disappointed, thinking that I had arrived too late, and they were just enjoying a conversation after sex and before he dressed and left.

To my surprise, and pleasure, I was wrong. Within a minute or so after my arrival she rolled on top of him, and I could see that she was in lingerie, a very sexy white baby doll outfit that I had never seen before - obviously one that she had saved for special occasions like this night. Complementing the lacy white negligée, she had on thigh high white hose. It was also obvious that she had been working on her tan while I was away as her tan lines were obvious – I could not recall ever seeing her look so sexual, so hot!

As she rolled up on top of him and straddled his manhood, she sat up and looked him straight in the eye and I clearly heard her say “I have been thinking about this all day.” He shifted his position, which was matched by her making a slight repositioning, and he asked “Comfortable?” She responded with a small movement from her waist down, along with a very audible and breathy “ummm, yes”. His response was quite clear as he said, “Then why wait any longer.”

Obviously, he was enjoying his view, probably only surpassed by my view. My wife may be a bit older than most of the wives and girlfriends written about on this site, but she still gathers plenty of male attraction (younger and older) when we are out shopping or enjoying one of our beachfront restaurants. She takes care of herself, and it shows. She doesn’t like to dress seductively when out in public, but it is quite the opposite when we are enjoying the company of a few couples at private gatherings - I can see the envy in the eyes of the wives, and the restrained lust in their husband’s eyes. In fact, more than one of the husbands have made guarded comments to me about how hot she is for her age. So yes, she is a little older - but with age comes “sexperience”- and her sexperience has allowed her to become a “sexpert” in bed, especially when she starts teasing.

While enjoying my view from the patio I noticed two things, the first was that I had an erection that I would have been proud of 30 years ago, and he had a European accent, not like our good friend’s Danish accent who we have often jointly fantasized about and discussed her being with, but definitely European. I didn’t recognize the voice or the accent, so I assume he was a European tourist or newcomer to town - either way, it didn’t matter to me, and obviously didn’t matter to her either. The next move surprised me as I had anticipated that she would start riding him, slowly at first and then faster as the heat of his cock worked against her increasingly moist pussy. But in one obviously well practiced move he rolled her over onto her side, then her back while at the same time he slid down to enjoy and please her orally. Once he was face down in pleasure, and she was facing straight up toward the ceiling with her eyes tightly closed, I took advantage to carefully step around the patio furniture so I could see directly into the bedroom and not have to watch the reflection in the mirror.

By the time I reached the other side of the door, she was starting to enjoy his oral skills, with soft moans and small movements at first. But within moments she was gasping and moaning with obvious pleasure, grinding against his face and tongue. She was trying to say something but all I could understand was “yes, oh my God, yes!” Moments later, after several orgasms, she was almost totally still, physically spent. But her movements started to slowly return as he softly kissed and licked her vagina, enjoying the taste and aroma of her juices. I could clearly hear her moan something, but the only word I could understand was “…..wonderful”. Then she sat up to meet his still wet face and lips halfway as he came forward to position himself on top of her.

As he was laying on top preparing to enter her, there was a moment or two of what appeared to be awkward conversation during which he raised his head to look closely into her eyes with a bit of a misunderstanding look. I can only assume that is when she explained to him that she could not have penetration sex, because as he rolled off onto her right side I could hear him sigh, while at the same time I saw her sit up, rub her hand across his chest down to his fully erect cock, gently admire and stroke it softly, “But I don’t think you will be disappointed.” I know she was talking to him, but it appeared that she was looking at and talking directly to his fully erect cock. I watched as she leaned over and gently kissed the tip of his cock and I thought “finally, my fantasy is happening right here in front of me, and she is enjoying every moment of it.”

As she kissed and licked his cock from the tip down the length of the underside all the way to his balls, she was obviously enjoying the heat and length of his cock on her lips and tongue. Then, she hesitated, as if she realized that this was new, something different, something she wanted to really enjoy, and she didn’t want the opportunity to pass too quickly.

As she worked her way back up to the tip of his cock, very, very slowly, she wrapped both hands around his cock and let them follow her tongue and lips, almost like she was measuring him for what was to come. Reaching the tip of his cock once again I could see a small drop of pre cum ooze from the tip of his cock onto her lips as she raised her head and looked at him with that very sensual look I have enjoyed when she gives me head. It is a look that lets her lover know that she is in control, and while still enjoying the pre cum on her lips she softly said, “No, not yet - I want more.”

Continuing to look him in the eyes she moved up, straddled him once again and reached down to position his cock right where she wanted it. Starting slowly, she rocked back and forth, sliding her love nest along his length while covering his mouth with long open mouth kisses and moans of pleasure. Her thrusts became stronger and stronger until she erupted into the loudest, longest orgasm I have heard her experience in a long time. “More, please more” she cried out between gasps and moans. It was so easy to see and hear that she wanted him inside her so badly, and I am positive she would have taken every hot, throbbing inch if she decided to do so.

After what seemed like a very long time, and several more, less intensive orgasms, she rested her head on his shoulder while still astride him. It took several moments for her to catch her breath and compose herself, and then, once again, she sat up - staring directly into his eyes. At this point I noticed again how sexy she was dressed. Although she had been tweaking her nipples through the lacy fabric while she enjoyed him pleasuring her orally, and I had assumed he had been caressing her beautiful breasts while she was enjoying his heat and length on top of him, the top of her lingerie was still in place. I didn’t know if he had been sucking her tits or not, as I was totally focused on watching her grind her body into his midsection, with her head thrashing forward and back, side to side, pressing her chest against his some of the time and sitting up erectly while riding him the rest of the time, voicing her pleasure continuously.

But there was no question about it now, as she sat on top of him as she slowly untied the top and exposed her full breast to him, leaning forward and allowing him to suck each nipple while she moaned, leaning down to kiss his ear and neck. Then, she slowly lowered her body down the length of his torso until his cock was positioned between her tits. I couldn’t see because of her position on top of him, but I didn’t need to see to know that she was titty fucking him and his moans and gasps told her, and me, he was enjoying it tremendously.

Section 2

After a moment or two, she stopped and said “No, not like that.” And once again she came up to his face and kissed him. she dismounted him and lay on his left side, with her head on his chest facing him, she said “Now, are you ready for your turn”. He said something softly and she turned her head to face his cock, and slowly traced her fingers across his stomach toward his still semi-rigid cock. When her hand reached his cock, she stroked it up and down, obviously enjoying his cock’s reaction to her touch. Then she cupped his balls in her hand and slowly inched her head in that direction. With his cock laying against his stomach, it was possible for her to continue to have his cock just in front of her face while still lying on her side facing away from him. I could see her tongue dart out and touch the head of his cock, and then she would move closer and tease him more, rubbing his increasingly harder cock on her face and lips.

Now his cock was becoming more erect, and it was necessary for her to rise on her knees to be able to reach the tip of his cock with her mouth. This gave him the pleasure of looking into her eyes while she continued teasing him, a position I have told her over and over is, in my mind, the sexiest position of all. It also was a defining moment for me, because there she was, just a few feet away from me in a position I love to see her in, but for the first time she had another man’s cock in her hands for me to see, ready to take him and make him hers, to control him as she wished.

It was clear that he enjoyed it as well because when she stopped to look at him or say something softly to him, he would smile. I watched as she slowly moved her tongue up and down the underside of his cock, stopping to stare into his eyes and appreciate the pure pleasure she was giving him and enjoying for herself. After reaching the tip of his cock, she paused, and must have once again smiled at him because he had a broad smile and I heard him say “Yes, my turn”. His accent made it all the better for me because of the many times this fantasy has played in my mind. It was obvious who he wasn’t – he was younger, accent a bit different, body shape and height totally different, but still it added to the excitement for me.

As her head rotated around the tip of his cock, I could only imagine the look on her face and in her eyes looking at him, and I imagined that the accent may have added to her attraction to him as well, allowing this moment to happen. Perhaps she was also fantasizing, and the accent was enough to encourage her to do so and add to her excitement and pleasure.

Slowly, his body tensed as her head inched downward and I knew that she was giving him the ultimate pleasure of her mouth engulfing only the large, soft head of his cock while her tongue swirled around the underside of the head. Her head came back up slowly, and then she repeated the same thing, matching his moans with her own as he tensed once again in anticipation.

He spoke to her again, but I couldn’t hear what he said, but could clearly hear her say “Now it’s your tur….” The phrase wasn’t finished because she took him into her mouth the middle of her response, just as I’m sure she intended to. But he finished it for her when he clearly said, “Yes, it’s my turn!” and he thrust upward to meet her wanton mouth. I heard her gag a little bit as almost half of his huge cock disappeared into her mouth and throat. As she came up his cock was covered in moisture, and as she lifted her head just a bit a large amount of saliva started oozing from her mouth, more than I have ever seen before. Now realizing that she was in total control of the situation, she used this gag reflex to her advantage and his pleasure as she teased him with it - staring into his eyes as she let the saliva slowly drip out of her mouth, onto and then covering his now pulsing cock as she let it flow onto and down its length. As it reached the base of his cock she captured it in her hands, using it to stroke him a couple of times making him super wet, then she took him again, this time her lips sliding much more easily down further, and further onto his wet, hot, hard throbbing cock.

While she was up on her knees she stayed at his left side, and I could see that his left arm was reaching around and touching her backside, and she was enjoying that as well as giving him head. I couldn’t see what he was doing or where he was touching, but it was obvious she was enjoying it. I was wondering if he was playing with her ass, waiting for some sign from her that it was OK. At one point, she stopped sucking his cock, looked at him and I thought she was going to tell him to stop. To my total surprise, she reached back and grabbed his hand, pulling it to her face and with a sly smile, she placed two of his fingers in her mouth, letting him remove them only after she had them totally wet. She placed his hand back behind her hips and she spread her legs a bit and moved her ass in as if someone were slowly fucking her from behind, which drove me even crazier!

It was very clear that this wasn’t going to take too long, for her or for him. He was ready – after all he had had an erection for the better part of an hour, and she was now offering him his reward for giving her so much pleasure.

All the while he was playing with her backside, and in just moments both of their breathing increased rapidly in concert with the increased pace of her stroking and sucking. As she appeared to be cumming from his finger work, he was in the midst of telling her he loved the way she gave head when his body tensed once again, and he reached up in an effort to push her head down – but that wasn’t necessary as she had taken him even deeper than before. I could hear his reaction as he exploded into her eager mouth repeatedly, and I was surprised to see how long she kept his cock in her mouth. I could see some of his cum drip out onto her hands, but it was obvious that she enjoyed taking his huge load and swallowing most of it. I know that he came many times over what I can produce, so she must have really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, she put her head on his thigh, teasing him a bit with occasional licks and kisses in an effort to clean him up. But before she was finished, he excused himself and rolled off of the bed and headed to the bathroom.

As she lay there waiting for his return there was a muffled chime – dammit, I forgot to turnoff my cell phone and a text came in. As I was fumbling to find the phone and turn it off, she walked to the open sliding doors, pulled back one of the shears a bit and looked right at me, first with a puzzled look, then with a sly smile, a smile that I will never forget as it was the sexiest smile I have ever seen on the face of any woman – I know that is hard to back up that statement, and maybe it was just in the heat of the moment, but I challenge anyone to show me a smile that I feel is sexier. Before he returned from the bath and without saying a word, she pulled opened one of the shears a foot or so and as he returned, she told him “It’s hot in here and we need a bit more breeze”.

He laid back on the bed and she snuggled up next to him and kissed him over and over deeply. She was in the same position as when I first saw her in the mirror, with one thigh high hosed leg across his midsection. But now she knew I was there, and with her knowing I was watching and my fantasy would finally be fulfilled!

After a few minutes, she moved her head to his chest, looked down at his cock then straight at me and she said, “I think you need another turn!” I wasn’t sure if she was talking to him, to his cock or to me. Without waiting for a response, she lowered her leg from his midsection, exposing his half-spent cock. Within minutes she massaged him back to a semi-rigid state and her head started inching toward his cock again. She paused for several minutes with his cock just brushing against her lips as she massaged it, all the while looking at me and smiling with an “I hope you enjoy this” look on her face.

Slowly, she made ready to take him again for his, hers and this time, my pleasure as well with her full knowledge that I was watching and enjoying. Looking at me, she pursed her lips to tease me, then lifted his cock toward her mouth – and at that exact moment everything went dark as our area had one of our all to frequent power outages.

I almost fell over backwards as I was already weak kneed from the earlier experience. I waited for the gen set to come on but when it did the rope lights didn’t come on and the candles had long since burned out or dimmed. I was hopeful that she would turn on the closet light or something but from the sounds coming from the room it was obvious that she was not about to stop giving him his, and her second turn.

I carefully and quietly sat down, hoping the power would come back on so my fantasy could be fully fulfilled. I guess I drifted off to sleep enjoying the sounds of her pleasing him and him pleasing her. Sometime during the night, I awoke to her kissing my hand and putting my fingers in her mouth. She was now in one of her regular night gowns, no longer in the sexy negligee and hose. Confused, I asked “Was I dreaming or was someone here with you?” She simply smiled and said, “Come inside”. She took my hand and led me to the bed and said, “We’ll talk about this in the morning, I’m very tired.”

I asked, “Did you enjoy yourself?” She took my hand again, caressed it softly against her breasts as she confidently looked me straight in the eye, then she leaned forward, placed her cheek on mine and she whispered in my ear “My only regret is that the lights went out”.

She then looked at me with even more sexual confidence than I had ever seen before, knowing that I was now her cuckold husband, in her total control - if only for this one grand experience. And then it became obvious that I wasn’t dreaming – it was real, and I knew immediately that she enjoyed it immensely, as I could smell and taste his manhood on her lips as she slowly and tenderly kissed me goodnight.


Before I went to bed tonight, I was sitting outside on our patio and thinking about the night that I spent standing there watching her after I came home early from Phoenix.

Then I started to fantasize about later this evening, when she would come home after her “Ladies Night Out”. I would be sitting out here hoping that she would come out to join me - picturing her coming out to the patio in the same outfit she had on the night that I was watching her.

So, when she did come home, I poured each of us a drink and suggested that we revisit that night and rekindle my memories. She told me to relax and wait for me on the patio. I did as told and it wasn’t long before I heard her coming through the bedroom and opening the sliding doors even wider. As she walked silently behind my chair she paused and reached out with her hand and tenderly touched my face. Then she walked past me and went over and sat down on the other chair, and we just sat there holding hands without a word being spoken.

Continuing in silence she slowly leaned over and started sucking on my fingers, then she came over and sat down on my lap facing me. Only then did I realize that she wasn’t wearing the exact same outfit the night that I was watching. In addition to the white baby doll outfit and hose she had added a sexy white lace bra that allowed her breast to overflow the top.

We started kissing and she was grinding against my midsection, and she leaned back and looked at me and said, “I hope this brings back good memories for you”. Obviously, it did, and I asked her if it brought back good memories for her as well. She took a few seconds to answer and then moaned “Yes it does, yes it definitely does, oh God yes… it…does!”, as her memory, motions and emotions took over and she started having a very long, satisfying orgasm.

After watching her and feeling her enjoy and verbally express the pleasure of her orgasm I suggested that we go inside. Her response was that “We should stay out here where you had such enjoyment that night.”. Then, with a look showing total control over me she said, “And now, it’s your turn”.

She took a cushion and put it on the patio’s tile floor and knelt on her knees slowly kissing me all the way down to my throbbing cock. I told her that I enjoyed watching her the way that she enjoyed his cock that night and she said, “I really enjoyed it too, but you just wait”. As she teased my cock from the very top to the very bottom, I asked her to remember that night and to enjoy it as much as she did at that time. As she worked her way back up along the bottom of my cock to the tip she whispered, “I intend to.” and she expressed her memories with small moans of pleasure as she reached the tip of my cock where she lingered for several minutes, teasing me the way I love her to do.

Then, as she started to take me into her mouth, she looked at me straight in the eye and said, “And now, I am.” With those words, she opened her mouth, and I could feel how warm and very wet her mouth was. She paused briefly and let a little saliva ooze down my cock and then easily took my length all at once. For just a brief moment I flashed back to the sight of her struggling to take even half of her lover’s huge cock.

From that moment on she gave me the most enjoyment ever, her eyes locked on mine as she made love to my cock - a look that I have treasured over the years – a look that expresses total control.

While she was sucking my cock, she was telling me how happy she was that I finally got to watch her, and how much she enjoyed knowing that I watched her. Then she told me how much she enjoyed having his cock pulsing deep into her mouth and throat, deeper and hotter than I could ever hope to.

As she released my cock from her mouth, she started telling me about her enjoyment with him, there was significantly more saliva coming from her mouth than I had seen at any time other than the time I watched her with him. Obviously, I lost it at that moment, and I had what felt like the biggest orgasm I have had in years and years. She took all of my cum and then leaned back and smiled at me and slowly let it drool out of her mouth onto the mounds of her beautiful breasts.

Then she pulled down her bra, exposing her breasts and rubbed my cum all over them before she took my cock and put it between her breasts and asked me if I could cum again for her. Surprisingly, in only a few minutes she had my cock hard again and ready to cum because as she was allowing me to titty fuck her, she would occasionally stop and take me in her mouth and then asked me “Did you really enjoy watching me with him?”.

As I came the second time I fantasized again, remembering the look on her face the next morning when she smiled deeply into my eyes and said, “My only regret is I wish the lights had not gone out!” Then she smiled and winked at me and said, “Tell me again, what day do you leave on your next trip?”

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