Another Man Took My GF's Virginity In Front Of Me


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So a little bit of background information. We were both eachtohers first relationship, we started dating in highschool and we had planned that if our relationship was still going strong after graduation we’d have our first time.

Midway through the year my more submissive tendencies became known, she wasn’t against the idea at all although she told me she had a preference for more dominant men. After a few days past she had told me she had a solution, she’d date someone else at the same time as me. One of my friends had confessed to her and she saw it as the perfect solution. I’d be the kind caring bf who she’d spend most of her time with, and he’d fulfil some of her fantasies of a dominant guy. She promised no sex, just touching, blow jobs, etc., and that we’d still be each others firsts. I wasn’t for it at first but I wanted her to be happy.

More months pass and it stays like this, we spend our evenings together cuddling and hanging out and a few times a week, he’d have her instead. Finally graduation comes and goes, excited as all can be I ask her if our plan is still on, she gives me a kiss and says it is. Since we both still lived at home I used some money I saved to book a room in a hotel for our planned day. I do everything, buy the condoms, buy lube, take her lingerie shopping for something she likes. On the day of I have to work a bit late so I tell her I’ll meet her there.

Finally I get off work, tired yet still excited I make my way to the hotel. When I get there and open the door she’s on the bed, wearing the lingere, looking more beautiful than I could ever put into words. But at the same moment a pit opens in my stomach a bit as I notice he’s there as well, already naked. I’m very confused but at the same time deep down I know exactly what’s about to happen. I ask her what’s going on and she smiles and starts explaining. She figured since I was more submissive I might not be able to make her feel the best if we did it, and since we already had the arrangement that he would fulfil her fantasies of a dominant guy, what better way than by having me watch her get fucked. I get to be submissive and she gets to have the first time of her fantasies, “it’s better for both of us” she says. Almost every part of me wants to reject this, I want to have sex with my girlfriend, I want to so badly. But deep deep down, a part of me wants this. I don’t say a word, I just sit down, nod my head and watch her face as he gets behind her and slowly slips in his cock.

For the first few minutes she stays focused on me, telling me she loves me, her beautiful eyes looking into mine, seeing her lips quiver and her labored breath as small moans slip out. But as he continues she focuses more and more on him, her moaning becomes louder as she stops holding her voice, soon they switch positions and start kissing, more passionately than she’s ever kissed me before. I can see her hold his body as he thrusts into her, her sweet supple lips locked onto his, her moans slipping out only for a moment. He finally breaks away to kiss her down her neck, leaving hickies as he goes, marking her as his. They’ve pretty much forgotten I’m there as they continue, her petite chest bouncing with each thrust. Without even realizing I’d already started jerking myself.

Finally I hear him getting close as his thrusts slow, I can see the exact moment he lets go and cums, and it isn’t till that moment that I realize I never brought the condoms up from my car. He’s creampieing her infront of my eyes. He slowly pulls out and I can see the white fluid slowly dripping out of her, I can’t describe it but in that moment she looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her before. She calls to me while I’m zone out, I appologize and ask her to say it again “can you finish me off? You’ve always done a great job eating me out” I want to say no, I want to. But the thought of eating out her pussy, filled with his cum, makes me throb, and deep down I want nothing more than to make her feel the best I can.

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