Anne Gets A Surprise Visitor


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My name is Anne. I am 23 years of age, 5’4”, slim muscular, 34DD, long brunette curly hair, bubble butt, QofS tattoo, body sex piercings. I am a HotWife agreed by my husband James who is 50 years old works for an international company. He is gone a lot in Europe. I work in the computer department at a large corporation.

Aaron my Black Bull lover has moved to another city to expand his auto parts business. He introduced me to his friend and new store manger Charles who is managing his store in town. Charles and I have talked about getting together. Meanwhile James is home from Europe for 3 weeks. For a few days we spent time together going out to dinner and enjoying being home. Thursday night at 9PM the doorbell chimed. I was dressed in my short shorts, halter top and barefoot. I went to the door. A tall 6’4” bald Black man said, “Hi Baby.”

I replied, “Hi Troy.” Troy picked me up kissing me. I remembered when I met Troy. It was at a Hotel in the big city 6 months ago. I had given him my cellphone number and home address as he was the most loving man besides my husband. He and two other Jamaican guys fucked me all night. He is back in town. He is staying at a local hotel. I told him my husband is home. Troy told me he wanted to meet James. I introduced my husband to Troy.

Troy said,”I am honored to meet you James. You and I have something in common. We both love your wife. I am here to consummate Anne’s and my love for each other as you did when you married her.”

James replied, “Anne is an emancipated wife and woman. She has chosen you as a partner and lover. Love her and fulfill her needs.”

I took Aaron by the hand and led him to an extra bedroom. We kissed and French kissed. I took my halter top and short shorts off. I laid on the bed on my stomach watching him undress. He bent down and kissed me. I rolled over on my back having my head slightly over the edge of the mattress. I opened my mouth wide to receive his thick 12” cock. Standing next to the bed he leaned over me. I put his cock into my mouth. He slowly pushed his cock into my mouth and into my throat. He fucked me deep throat. He commented, “You are the only girl that could take my cock deep throat. It feels like pussy.”

He squirted my mouth of copious sperm. He laid on his back as I licked, sucked his cock and balls clean. When his cock was erect again he placed me on the bed with my head on the pillows. He stimulated my clit, pussy with his fingers, hand and tongue. I was orgasming. I had multiple orgasms. He put my legs on his shoulders to position my body to fuck my pussy. He pushed his cock in slowly as I adjusted my body to receive his cock. Once totally inside of me he increased his speed of thrusting his cock in my pussy. We kissed and French kissed. He kissed and sucked the side of my neck leaving a mark for James to see. He also did the same on my breasts and nipples. Again to make sure he left his sex marks that he consummated our relationship. That I am his wife. James had given me to him.

Again I was orgasming from his thick 12” cock. Multiple times and he squirted my pussy full of cum. The cum flowed from my pussy down to my inner thighs. I asked Tory to get me a small cup and spoon in the bathroom. I had placed them there. I asked him to spoon the sperm from my body into the cup. He did. So as not to waste his essence of love I ate the sperm with the spoon. He was so taken with what I did he recorded me eating his sperm on his cellphone camera for his friends to see. I also licked, sucked again his copious sperm from his cock and balls. He also recorded me doing this. Troy told me to consummate our relationship there was one more thing he had to do before we sleep. I said, “Fuck my ass.”

He replied, “Yes. Your ass is mine. Get on the bed on your hands and knees girl.”

I did exactly what he wanted. He lubricated his cock and my rectum. He held my ass rubbing it pushing his cock into my ass slowly to allow me to adjust to his fat cock. I pushed backwards to accommodate his cock into my tight ass. Finally I had 12” of cock in my ass. He started fucking me slowly and increased his speed as I moved back and forth to fuck his cock. He picked me up off of my hands holding me against his chest as he fucked me. He kissed my cheek when I turned my head toward him. I was orgasming and squealing with pleasure from the stimulations. When he squirted my ass I had a powerful orgasm. I was squealing loudly and yelling, “Yes, oh yes, fuck my ass.” Troy held me as my body spasmed. He kissed me. We showered together. He fucked me in the shower. He said, “When you are pregnant from our relationship name the child Tory Jr.” I nodded yes.

In the morning we were dressed and joined James at the kitchen table for breakfast and coffee. James smiled and commented he guessed our consummated love went well as he heard me having orgasms. We all laughed at that. Troy told us we are invited to his company’s party Saturday evening celebrating their 30 years of successful business. It will be starting at 6PM. Be at the lobby at 5:30 PM. He gave us our passes. Attire is formal. Tory and I left for our jobs.

The party activities will continue next story. Anne

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