An All Girls Weekend I’ll Never Forget Or Regret 4.6/5 (50)

I did something a little while ago that I’m not really proud of but completely satisfied with. My name is Megan. I’m married to Rob. We are both 42 years old with 2 kids. We live a normal but very busy life. Work, the kid’s sports, piano lessons, grocery shopping, house chores inside and out. Our marriage is good but the spark is flickering because of our hectic lifestyle.

Rob and I try to incorporate porn, stories and erotic conversation in our love making and it helps sometimes. We share fantasies and like most couples crave another partner in the bedroom. His is adding another girl and mine is always adding another guy or two. I am very sexual and can come multiple times. The thought of having multiple guys really turns me on because that means I would have many explosive orgasms. This conversation really turns Rob on as well. We know that it’s just talk.

Several weeks ago I met my best friend Liz for lunch. She suggested an only girls weekend. I told her that I could use a break from the everyday rut. She said she would coordinate all of the plans with our other two friends Cathy and Beth. Liz and Cathy are both divorced and Beth never married. I wasn’t sure Rob would be crazy about me joining them.

Ever since Liz and Cathy got divorced they have been hanging out at the bars and picking up guys, most of the time younger guys. Beth has always been like that being that she’s single. Rob likes my friends but a weekend with them is another thing.

One night when I came home from work there was a note on the table from Rob. “Went to Liz’s house. Kitchen sink is leaking.” Rob has done various repairs for my friends since they don’t have a significant other. When he returned we ate dinner. Rob mentioned that Liz told him about the weekend plans. I apologized to him saying that I wanted to tell him but was afraid he wouldn’t approve since the girls are single and they like the bar scene.

He told me that he was happy that I had an opportunity to get away and relax. Rob suggested that they use our shore house. He also phoned his parents who are going to take the kids for the weekend. I thanked him and let Liz know that we were on for Friday. When Friday rolled around we packed the car and headed to the shore.

We quickly unpacked and changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. We set up our blankets near a group of college guys who were playing volleyball. Beth’s idea of course. Throughout the day they would come over and talk with us. I could tell that a few were looking at my body up and down. It excited me that someone would still find me attractive. I do work out a lot and can still wear a bikini. It somewhat turned me on and I was getting horny.

When we returned back to the house we showered and had dinner. At the table the girls were teasing me saying that they noticed the guys staring at my breasts and crotch. I was embarrassed. Liz said, “What Rob doesn’t know will be our little secret. Go for it you only live once.” “You can trust us.” I told them that as tempting and erotic as that is, I can’t. Liz responded, “Once the guy puts his hand between your legs you will forget Rob’s name, believe me.”

The three girls were telling stories about picking up college age guys and being fucked all night long because of their staying power. Cathy said, “You’ve never been satisfied until you’ve been with a young stud.” All of this talk was really getting me horny but I tried to play it cool and reminded them that I was happily married. They laughed and said I was foolish. We decided to go to a sports bar several blocks from the house.

Once inside, Liz the flirtatious one decided to invite some guys over to join us for drinks. They were good looking guys around 24-26 years old. They were recent grads and found jobs at an insurance company not far from the shore. They were in the bar celebrating their friend Ron’s birthday. With that, Beth walked over to Ron and gave him a sexy kiss on the lips. The guys were really friendly buying us drinks all night.

They were also a little touchy feely and were testing their limits with the four of us girls. On more than one occasion I felt a hand on my ass. At first, I would casually move the hand bus as the night went on and the drinks kicked in it felt good. In fact, I casually rubbed my hand along one of the guy’s crotch. At 1:00 a.m. we decided to call it a night.

Liz got their numbers and told them they would come back tomorrow night and hoped that the guys would be back. They assured her they would be here. While I was in bed I kept thinking of what the girls were talking about and the attention the guys were giving me in the bar. I was really getting horny and wet.

The next day was pretty much the same. Beach, dinner then the bar. The guys as promised were there. They immediately pulled some tables close to their booth. We all squeezed in and began drinking. Ryan, the guy who was grabbing my ass didn’t waste any time. He casually placed his hand on my knee under the table. I didn’t mind this time, it felt good.

Throughout the night his hand got a little higher. His friend Mark on the other side of me got a little daring and put his hand on my other thigh. I thought I was going to cum I was so horny. All night these guys were rubbing my leg. I finally got up the nerve to put my hand on their leg and slowly brought it up to their crotch. The others at the table couldn’t see what I was doing under the table.

The guys repaid the favor and they both ran their fingers between my legs too. Before it really got out of hand I told everyone I was heading home. Cathy said she was calling it a night too. Liz and Beth said they were going to stay for a while. When we got home Cathy suggested that we go in the hot tub for a while. We put our bathing suits on and climbed in. About a half our later we heard some voices. It was Liz, Beth and the five guys from the bar with some beer and wine.

When they saw us in the hot tube they asked if they can join us. Cathy spoke up quickly and said sure. They stripped down to their boxer briefs and stepped in. Liz and Beth stripped down to their bra and panties. It was a really tight squeeze in the hot tub and all of our bodies were touching. Ryan suggested that each girl sit on a guys lap to make more room.

He immediately grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. Mark his sidekick sat with us. As Ryan was holding me he reached up and cupped my breasts. Mark was rubbing my inner thigh under the water and I slightly parted my legs.

I noticed that the other guys were making out and fondling the girls too. Before I knew what was happening Ryan untied my bikini top and Mark pulled it off. They were both playing with my nipples which are very sensitive and turning me on. Mark and Ryan slid their hands inside my bikini bottom and fingered me. I had a small orgasm.

One by one my girlfriends were leaving the hot tub with one of the guys. That left me alone with Ryan and Mark. They continued fingering me to one orgasm after another. They grabbed me by my hands and led me into the house into one of the bedrooms. My friends were in their rooms. Ryan pulled the strings of my bikini bottom and I was now standing completely naked in front of the guys.

Mark knelt in front of me and was licking my pussy as Ryan was behind me grinding on my ass. I knelt down and pulled their briefs down and began sucking on their dicks. They helped me up and led me to the bed. I was on my hands and knees as Ryan fucked me doggie style and I sucked Mark off. We all came at the same time.

We rested for a few minutes and I sucked them off again. Mark laid down and I climbed on his dick while Ryan stuck his dick in my ass. I have never done anything like this before but it was the most intense feeling and orgasm I ever had. I rested on the bed as the guys walked out of the room. In a few minutes 2 more guys came in.

They came right to the bed and DP’d me again. I have never felt so much stimulation as I was experiencing now. I came three more times. As we were resting Ryan came back in. He asked me to suck them off to get all three guys hard again.

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    I loved it. That really sparked up their sex life…..mmmmm

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