An Adventurous Ride 4.3/5 (27)

It was a wonderful breeze that compelled Melanie and I to drive towards Tobermory, a beautiful community atop the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. With no kids and a long weekend ahead of ourselves, we quickly packed a few essentials and were on our way. I work in public accounting and was tasked with travelling to Toronto for a client, and Mel decided to book a short vacation to accompany me.

Mel is simply gorgeous. Her face is perfect with lovely cheeks and a beautiful smile. Her tits are lovely with a 32JJ bust and she works hard to keep them hidden at work. Her body is a little chubby but she knows I love it and wears outfits that make staring almost mandatory.

Today was no different, she wore a garter belt with stockings and a dress that came up just above her knees. She was ready to play the moment we reached our destination. It turned out however, that we had a lot more fun on the drive.

I should mention that we have never had sex in public, or with anyone watching. I have mentioned in the past that we should give it a shot, but Mel’s response always included the words “no” and “perv”. Funnily enough, anytime we have sex after the request, she is seeping wet.

The first hour of the drive was uneventful, with me complaining about office politics and her listening while slowly drinking wine. I looked at her and again admired that body, at which point I realized that I was not her only admirer.

A truck was driving alongside us, and its driver was staring back and forth between the road and my wife. I was hoping the wine would have some effect on her decision, and let her know that she was being ogled by our neighbor. She turned around and took a closer look at the driver. Clean shaven, a younger male with Beiber hair and eyes staring directly at her breasts.

“He’s kinda cute.” was her only response.

Holy shit, I thought. This was a first, she usually dismisses staring and is often annoyed or disgusted with the attention she gets. I decided to push my luck a little. “You know he’s staring at those boobs right? The dress isn’t exactly hiding them well, and the push up bra isn’t helping.”

“I know.” she remarked, still staring at the boy. She suddenly looked at me with a big smile and remarked “I guess it’s nice that even the younger crowd still think I’m all that.”

This was going to be one of my only chances to spur anything, and I wasn’t going to back down now. “Why not give him a peek? He’s going to drive by soon and he’s clearly interested.”

Mel squinted immediately and read right through me. “Again with these fantasies? Why are you gravitating towards this? Do you really think it’s hot?”. I thought for a second what the best move would be. Mel dismisses these fantasies almost immediately, but to question them was something new. Fuck it, I’m going all in.

“Honestly, I think it’s hot that others want you, sort of like a competition that I won. Now decide, he isn’t staying here much longer and I know you’re wet.” I went straight under her dress and felt her panties. Soaked. “See? You don’t even have to flash him if you like, just show him your bra.”

Mel hesitated for a few seconds, flustered with my move and the wetness between her thighs. “Fuck, if you want it so badly, he’ll get one quick flash and that’s it.” Mel pushed her shoulder straps to the side, exposing her bra and looked straight at the driver. In one quick move, she rolled down her window and sat her tits on the car.

From my angle, I could only see the back of her head and the face of the driver. He was smiling ear to ear and shaking back and forth at regular intervals. Looking back at my wife, her hands were outside the car, presumably playing with her tits. I could see her dimples and could tell she was also smiling and looking straight at the boy.

It was when she positioned herself back into the car that I realized she pushed her bra down and gave him a lovely view of her tits. She went further than I asked, and the thought of that immediately helped spur the hardest erection I’ve had in the past few years, something she noticed.

“Fuck, you really did like that. I’m sorry babe, I know you said just the bra, but I could tell he was playing with himself and I thought it appropriate to give him something extra. I figured you’d be upset, but clearly not.” she said with that terrific smile.

All I wanted to was hold her down and dive into her pussy, and with luck there was a truck stop coming up. I overtook the truck driver, signaled to the right, and turned to my wife with an intensity.

“I’ve got to fuck you right now, I’ll park somewhere a little discrete, but this is happening.” Mel responded by gripping my dick through my pants with a wicked smile.

Unbeknownst to us, the truck driver had slowed just out of our sight but also signaled right and was following us into the lot. I parked about 80 meters away from the stop, inside a little opening hidden with thickets and bushes to cover our car. I pulled Mel in for a kiss and lingered with my hands all over her tits and thighs.

She finally decided to indulge this fantasy, and I wasn’t going to let her have it easy. “I thought this was for pervs hon? You’re so fucking wet and ready to ride this dick and all it took was one flash?”

She moaned appreciatively, I had pulled aside her panties and two fingers were already inside. “OK, that was nice, but I really need you to fuck me right now”. I wasted no time, reclined the seat back and helped her get on top. Within seconds, she was bucking wildly and kissing my neck while mounted on my cock.

The truck driver who had presumably seen us park, parked his truck at the station and slowly made his way over. Neither of us noticed until I saw a figure approaching the car in the rear-view mirror. I said nothing to Mel, assuming that if flashing got her off, a voyeur would only make her hornier. His approach was slow, but it was definitely him.

He used the thickets nearby to cloak himself and just stared as my wife’s tits bounced up and down. From that distance, there was no doubt he could hear her screams too. I used my right hand and beckoned him closer to the car, as he approached,

I rested my wife’s head on my shoulder and planned out my next move. The plan was to coax her into wanting him to watch. “You like riding me in public babe? Anyone could walk by and see you enjoying yourself.”

“I don’t care who sees me, they can watch and enjoy themselves all they want!” she cooed between her moans.

The driver approached the driver side window and presented the both of us with his erection. I didn’t notice that he had his cock out until he approached, and it was suddenly too late. The car got darker as he covered some of the sunlight, and Mel immediately looked to her right and noticed the driver. She looked at him, and then his dick with a blank expression before turning to me.

I gave her a big kiss and held her close with a smile. “Keep going then, right? We can even have the windows down like last time.” Her response was another sexy moan. I lowered the windows and we continued to apprehensively fuck while the driver kept stroking his cock just inches away.

Now sharing wasn’t something I considered during our marriage, but the situation had us both so hot and bothered that I was willing to go the extra mile. “Come on babe, you can stroke his cock at least, give him the time of his life.” Mel looked at me with wide eyes. Fuck, she wanted it too.

The faintest whisper came from her lips “OK.” Her hands trembled but slowly made their way towards his cock. She held onto it with both hands before taking one off to lick and help with the motion.

Her movement gave her away, she was slowly inching towards this young man’s cock. Surprisingly, no jealousy at all. I wanted her to take it, make this cock hers and milk it for all it’s worth. Even with all her impulses, she wouldn’t cheat on me. She just stared at the cock then back at me for several seconds. I would have to make the last move.

“Babe, he’s all yours. Suck on it for a little bit and see if you want to keep going. I promise I won’t be upset, you know how hard I am right now.” She gave me one last smile, then turned and opened her mouth. It was definitely a sight.

My wife’s tongue was swirling around the head of his dick before she engulfed roughly half the cock with her mouth. She started a similar routine that she used on me, sucking for several seconds, then jerking the cock with one hand whilst staring at its’ owner.

The driver wasn’t going to last long at all. He was enjoying himself too much, and Mel is an excellent cocksucker. He suddenly held on to her head with his hands and pushed himself deep into my wife.

Her wide eyes were all I saw for several seconds before strands of cum and spit ran out the sides of her mouth. It was too much, I started cumming profusely inside her at the same time. Stuffed completely with cum, Mel made any noise possible while holding on to me for dear life.

The driver apologized afterwards, claiming that he never gets such a treat driving hours on end. My wife was understanding and walked him back to his truck. They shared a passionate kiss before she sauntered back to the car, her chin still carrying the cum from moments before. There were several seconds of silence before I embraced Mel tightly and told how much I loved her.

Our love life since then has improved dramatically. I found out later on when we arrived that the driver had slipped Mel his phone number, and the possibility of another interaction led to us fucking all weekend long.

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