Amy Gets Filled BBC 4.7/5 (48)

My beautiful wife Amy is 25 years old. She is 5’5 with long dark hair, a tight body, long legs, and nice perky breast. She’s the kind of girl that turns heads when walking down the street. But the thing that really sets Amy apart from all the other girls is her pussy. She has the hottest little pussy on the face of this planet.

The first time we made love she wasn’t on the pill and she told me to pull out when I came. Her pussy felt so good that I just couldn’t do it. I came long and hard inside her sweet little cunt. She was furious at me. She never let her lovers cum inside her. She didn’t like using the pill or condoms. She would just have them pull out. For the life of me I don’t know how these guys ever pulled out of her in the heat of the moment.

I told her how good her pussy felt and of how I just couldn’t help it. It felt too good to pull out. We had been dating for awhile. She loved me and we had something serious so she hesitantly allowed me to cum inside her when we made love. Afterwards she would immediately rush to the bathroom and push it all out so she wouldn’t get pregnant.

When we got married her views changed. She said that since I was her husband now she would do anything for me. She would do anything to make me happy. I told her how sexy the thought of her filled up with my cum was. She then stopped cleaning up afterwards when I came inside her. I guess the thought of getting pregnant didn’t scare her anymore cause after all, we were married.

At first Amy really didn’t like me cumming inside her but she really started liking it after awhile. Now she doesn’t want me to cum anywhere but inside her. Sometimes she likes me to hold out for a bit so I can have a big load ready for her.

I like to talking dirty when we make love. I always tell her how hot her pussy is. “Your pussy feels so good baby. Its so tight and wet. I don’t think I can pull out without cumming inside you baby. I don’t see how any guy can stick their dick inside your pussy and not cum in it. Your pussy was made for fucking baby, its made to be cum in. I’d do anything for your pussy baby.” This would drive her wild. I was just telling the truth.

I’ve fucked other girls before but something about this woman’s pussy was special. How soft it would always feel and how wet it would get when she was horny. The way her inner walls would tightly wrap around my cock, and the way it would milk every last drop of cum when I came. Her pussy was amazing.

I told her how much it would turn me on if she started talking dirty to me. So she did. Oh and the things that came out of her mouth. She knew exactly what to say to get me all horny and wiled up.

My wife was also a tease. Sometimes we’ll go out fresh after making love and she’ll wear a cute little dress or skirt without any panties on. She’ll whisper to me in public how wet and sloppy her pussy was and how she could feel my cum leaking out of her. Then she’ll lift up her skirt and show me. When I saw that trail of semen running down her thighs this would get me so hot and crazy that I would rush back home so I could fuck her again and fill her up some more.

What I loved even more than fucking her pussy, was fucking her pussy after its been freshly cummed in. When I’m really horny I can usually get it right back up in a few moments. Nothing feels better than fucking her tight cunt when its all covered and coated by my cum. I told her how much I loved it and wished that I could always get it up after I came so I could fuck her cum filled pussy. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Then one day when we were making love and she surprised the hell out of me. She said “Since you love fucking my pussy so much when its filled with cum. How would you like to fuck your wife’s pussy after its been filled with another man’s cum? You always say how you’d do anything for my pussy.

Wouldn’t it feel good to stick your cock in my cunt while its freshly coated with someone else’s cum? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting it up again. You can just enjoy fucking my cum drenched pussy.” Hearing her say that made me orgasm hard inside her.

I knew she didn’t mean it. She knows how much I loved it when she talks dirty. She was just saying it to get me hot and heavy. But I couldn’t shake the idea out of my head, and after awhile it started to grow on me. I became obsessed with the idea of fucking her while it was filled with another man’s cum. What’s the difference, cum is cum right?

Next time we made love I whispered to her “I love fucking your pussy, specially when its full of cum baby. I don’t care if its someone else’s cum as long as there’s a lot of it. Your pussy’s so hot baby.” She let out a moan and started cumming. Her cunt clenched so tight around my cock that I lost it, we came together.

Afterwards she asked me “Is that true? You really wouldn’t care if I fuck another man and let him cum in my unprotected pussy?”

I slowly replied “Well yeah, as long as you tell me about it and let me fuck you afterwards. I guess its okay.”

She replied “Is this what you really want? To fuck my pussy after its been freshly filled by someone else’s cum?”


She replied “I love you honey and you know I would do anything for you.” A small devilish grin broke out of her face as she kissed me good night.

The following weekend was her company picnic. I couldn’t go because I was helping a friend move. She had to go to make a good impression with her boss. She was still relatively new on the job after only working there for a few months. As she was dressing up she asked me again if I really wanted her to fuck another man and have him cum inside her. I told her yes.

“Well today might be your lucky day sweetie. Luther invited me and a couple of his clients for a private tour of his new condo uptown after the picnic. They are couple of pro football players looking to buy some property. He told me to wear something sexy. I don’t intend to disappoint.”

Luther was the head guy at this small real-estate company who dealt with high profile clients. Amy was her secretary. I met him once before in a company function. He was a tall and well-built black man. He was an ex-football player. Thats how he made his connections and established his clientele. I knew he had a thing for my wife after catching him check her out a couple of times. In fact that was probably the reason he hired her.

He probably thought she could help him land a few male clients. Having a pretty secretary with a hot body escorting them around the office sure didn’t hurt. Luther was a stern man, he had a strong demeanor about him that always let you know he was in charge. Luther and I were alone talking. He mentioned to me how lucky I was to have a wife like Amy.

And how all his male clients would hit on her and ask if she was available. He said he hoped he could find a woman just like her. I simply nodded my head in agreement and gave him a quick cheers before politely excusing myself.

Amy put on my favorite outfit for the picnic, her flowery red sundress. She looked sexy and stunning in it, yet at the same time slutty. It fit her so tight and was cut so short that you could see her panties if she were to bend over ever so slightly. Its a good thing she wasn’t wearing any that day. As she walked out the door, I asked her if she planned on seducing Luther. She just gave me a wink and said “I love you, don’t worry if I’m out late.” I couldn’t help but feel jealous as I watched her walk away.


  • Little hubby

    Reply Reply February 14, 2020

    That was awesome, I hope luther fucks her every day and knocks her up

  • francine

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    Such a lucky guy! I wish I had a hottie like Amy coming home with creampies for me.

  • francine

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    Such a lucky guy! I wish I had a hottie like Amy coming home with creampies for me.

  • Thomas

    Reply Reply February 15, 2020

    A great story! Amy is a fine wife willing to do anything for her husband. This husband and so many others simply enjoy their wives when it’s sloppy seconds (or thirds). The black men are quick to oblige. And it appears that Amy Will be getting lots of black cum in the days and weeks ahead. Another happy husband!

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