Am I A Cuckold? I Sure Hope So 4/5 (31)

Our stories in bed continued. Our stories are always about another man having sex with my wife while I either watch or join in. I am now at the point where I can’t remember the last time I fantasized about having sex with another woman.

I have had a few threesomes. The first 2 times were with two women and they were great. I felt like a stud being pleasured by 2 mouths and 2 pussies. I kept my own both times making sure they were satisfied. It didn’t hurt that one woman ate the other out.

My first threesome with 2 men and one woman was good for me but great for her. I saw how much fun she had and I realized then how much I enjoyed seeing a woman being pleasured by two men at one time. While I licked her wet pussy, she finished him with a blowjob where she released his cock from her mouth just as his juices began to spray. I stopped to watch as she milked out every drop squeezing and stroking him.

Her neck and tits were cum soaked. When he pulled away, she told me to fuck her now. She laid on her back and spread her legs. I entered her easily and began to pump my swollen cock in her as she rubbed his cum into her nipples. That was all I could take and with encouragement from them both, I exploded inside her. I expected some awkwardness, but there was none. We laid in bed together as we watched the other man get dressed.

Before he left, he thanked us, gave her a washcloth and asked about an encore at a later date. We agreed, but when that time arrived, I was told by her that I would not be in the room when she did him. We got a hotel room and she carried a bag with some lingerie and other items to the room while I waited in the lobby. We drove to a close bar. Once inside, she kissed me and told me to sit at the bar that was large and square.

She sat across the bar from me. I ordered a drink for me and told the bartender I will buy anything the lady wants as I pointed her out. Within minutes, he walked in. He sat next to her and gave her a peck on her cheek. They started talking but I was too far away to hear anything in the noisy bar. She called the bartender over and he ordered a drink. She pointed me out to him and the bartender.

The bartender came up to me and she she wants to put his drink on my tab. When I agreed, the bartender gave me a wink, he has seen this game played out many times. After 2 or 3 drinks, she came over to me. She said they are leaving now, and I was not invited, yet. She would text me after he leaves. After I said. Yes, she wanted him without me there. She could be more free with her body for him.

I said I will behave and just watch as I really want to be there with them. She emphatically said no. In fact there is no guarantee that she will let me have any pleasure tonight. She gave me a kiss walked out of the bar with him. It was about an hour later when I got a text to come to the hotel. When I got there I realized I didn’t have a key. I knocked on the door and was told to wait outside.

Two minutes the door opened. He stood in the doorway, fully dressed. I looked at her laying in the bed under the covers with a big grin on her face. As he walked by he said to me, thanks I hope she has some energy left for you. I closed the door behind him and walked over to the bed. She told me to strip down. As I did as told, she pulled the covers off. She was naked and there was an obvious wet spot next to her.

My cock was in need of attention. As I laid next to her I placed my hand on her pussy. As she pulled it away, she said don’t touch my cunt, it is satisfied enough. She grabbed my hard-on and began to stroke me. I asked her to suck me off but she said no. She continued to give me a hand job and when I got close she asked me to spray her tits, so I complied. I got up, cleaned her up and she pecked my cheek, rolled over and fell asleep.

I had a difficult time sleeping and awoke with a hard-on. I tried to get relief before checking out, but again she said she had enough last night to last her awhile. I have to honestly say at this time I had never heard of cuckold. I was turned on by these events and thought it was strange, I must be the only man on Earth to feel this way. Fortunately I now know there are a lot of men and women who partake in this and I am not weird.

The next chance I got was great. The husband wanted to watch me fuck his wife while he watched. At one point while I was licking her pussy, I looked over at him as he slowly stroked his raging hard-on. I pictured trading places with him and quickly understood how he felt, how hot it would be and how lucky he was.

Well it was my wife’s birthday and it was time for her to put out, or shut up. We set up a hotel room in Lake Buena Vista. Epcot during the day, then back to the hotel for the manager’s reception, free drinks, then to the room for sex. What she didn’t know is I hired a male stripper. We had a great day at Epcot and I told her how I would pleasure her at the hotel. We couldn’t wait to get to the hotel.

We checked in and I teased her before going for drinks. Two hours later, we were feeling high and horny. Once inside the room, I told her to put on some lingerie I bought. She came out of the bathroom looking HOT! We began to play on the bed when there was a knock on the door. She said, you better have not set something up. I smirked, got out of the bed and opened the door. Jack walked in and was everything he said he was.

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