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It all happened on our visit to Costa Rica. The jungle was something we wanted to explore, all the animals and flowers. So soon as we got there Alice started to plan some trips into the jungle. Our host told us that her cousin lead tours and would be happy to take us. So, she called him and arranged a trip for us Monday.

Sammy was very warm-hearted young man and instantly he had us laughing with stories of the local monkeys. I knew this was going to be a fun trip into the jungle. All day long he surprised us with how quickly he could spot the elusive animals. He seemed to know everything about the jungle and what lived there. By the end of the day we were exhausted, but I suggested another adventure and Alice was quickly on board.

Sammy was flirting with my wife and she didn’t even realize it. Or at least that was what my imagination saw. He was a perfect gentleman of course and I do think he had an effect on her or should I say I know. Next day it was Sammy this Sammy that. So that evening while making love to my wife I told her how lovely his dark skin would look next to hers. Alice came like an avalanche had just hit. Then she quickly gave a bunch of excuses why he wouldn’t be interested in her. I never did point out that she never said anything about not being interested in him. As you can tell I was very interested in seeing this happen. It’s my kink, I have wanted to share my wife with another man for a long time.

For our next adventure we went out kayaking in a mangrove forest and Alice seemed mesmerized Sammy. I had said little things last night like wondering if it was true what they said about black men. I could tell Alice was a little distracted and was amazed that she agreed to going swimming despite not having a swimsuit. I told her it would have to be skinny dipping because last thing she wanted to do is have no underwear on while she walked home.

Alice agreed to the skinny dipping with the strict rules that Sammy looked the other way while she got into the water. Now what she wasn’t expecting was that as soon as she said she was in the water, Sammy turned around and dropped his pants. Right at that moment she saw that in this case the stories were true about black men. It was like she was transfixed on an object of art. I had to splash her to break the trance.

Later she told me Sammy was like a work of art, Michael Angelo’s David had nothing on him. There is something about the dark skin and the way the light plays off it. Sammy was very well endowed and I’m sure he knew it. It was easy to see Alice enjoyed seeing Sammy’s body as it revealed itself when he swam through the water. That night when we got home Alice ravaged me the moment the door was closed. I teased her about how she was lost in a daze when Sammy dropped his pants.

Alice was very good natured about my teasing, but when our love making was finished, she once again said it would never happen because she was too old for Sammy. I told her that her beauty was not so shallow as that of a young girl. Alice is so beautiful in the way she embraces life. She has such joy for the simple aspects of life that really count.

It was the Thursday morning and I had run out to get a few groceries while Alice did some laundry. The story is Sammy knocked on our door to see if we wanted to go on another outing. Alice told him I was out, but he could wait if he wanted. She confessed that she felt a bit like a schoolgirl with a crush on the teacher only this time the ages were reversed. As she was folding a laundry, Sammy came up touch her shoulder. Sammy pointed out that she had a slight burn and asked if he could apply some lotion on it. Now I had taken care of it this morning, but still for reasons Alice can’t justify she said yes. I’m pretty sure she wanted to feel his hands caress her body.

Returning home, I was about to walk into the cabin when I saw through the window Alice lying face down on the couch with her shirt pulled up and there was Sammy rubbing her back with lotion. Seeing his hands caressing her bare skin stopped me. It was like I couldn’t breathe. There it was, my wife with another man, and I wondered if she would go further than just the back rub. My heart was racing, was it jealousy or ecstasy that fueled my adrenaline? I decided to back away as hard as that was to do. If it was about to happen, I didn’t want to interrupt it.

Alice told me that Sammy’s hands on her back felt so good. She’s had many a massage from men but that was all professional this felt like something else. She thought about if she was about to ruin her marriage? She wanted to experience this; her body was betraying her. Her moans were like a kitten purring with delight. Now I saw Sammy working on her legs slowly moving up from her calf to the thigh. I wanted him to go further.

I was standing there like an expectant father from the 50’s. Not able see all I wanted but hoping for a perfect outcome. I had seen Sammy’s manhood and pictured it being kissed by Alice. Oh, how I had imagined watching her taking him into herself. To hear her moan and scream as the wave of passion passed through her in an orgasm she’ll never forget.

As Sammy caressed her thighs with his powerful hands, she became putty. His fingertips brushed lightly across her panties where the heat was building. On his next stroke there was slightly more pressure on her panties and as he pulled his hand away her body betrayed it’s lust by arching her back to prolong the contact. With the next contact his fingers stayed and started to caress Alice’s pussy through the thin fabric. A moan of pleasure passed through her lips. In a smooth motion Sammy hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and she lifted her waist to allow him to pull them down. I knew that I had just seen my wife of 20 years give this man permission to take her as his.

I was amazed to see Sammy pulling off my wife’s panties and she was offering no resistance. Alice then rolled over and pulled her top off, there was my wife naked and exposed to another man. Sammy dropped his shorts while gazing upon my wife and his manhood stood proud in front of him. As he gently kissed my wife, I felt a pang of jealousy, but my penis felt the constraints of my pants.

Sammy was so gentle with her and I could tell she was on fire. Every place he touched her skin it reacted and twisted with delight. When his fingers slipped into her, I saw her body arch as she came for the first time within mere seconds it seemed. She always said I was talented with my fingers and now I was able to see how sexy she looked when she let herself go. I could see her hand was stroking Sammy’s engorged penis and I wanted to see it enter her.

I saw the two of them stand up and then Alice took his hand and lead Sammy to our bedroom. I waited for what felt like hours so it must have been close to a minute. I slowly opened the door and snuck in. Here I was sneaking through the cabin like a thief in the night only hoping to steal a glimpse of my wife in the arms of another man. The first thing I saw was Sammy standing by the bed and my wife kneeling in front of him worshiping his cock.

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  • Robert

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    I thought it was very hot, and every couples fantasy. I enjoyed the story!!

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