After the Motorcycle Ride


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Section 1

It is Saturday morning. Lynn and I are kissing and cuddling in bed.

Lynn and I are in our early fifties and have been married for about 5 years. We both had been married before. When we were dating, Lynn was a very take charge person which I found to be a real turn-on. I especially loved it when she would order me around, especially in the bedroom.

She also had many other male admirers and I enjoyed it when she would joke about going out with them. I encouraged her to actually do it, but she never did. Much to my disappointment, after we married, Lynn turned into a traditional good wife. She stopped joking about other guys saying that was just not right, until today.

“Ray is coming over this afternoon. He is going to take me for a ride on his new motorcycle.”

Lynn and Ray have been good friends since before we met. It was clear to me that Lynn had a thing for him, but apparently he had never reciprocated. I enjoyed the old thrill I would get when she used tease me about other guys before we were married.

Lynn had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Ray had bought a new bike and that she would love to go for a ride since she had not done that for years. I wondered whether she was more interested in getting on a bike again or in holding onto Ray.

“Oh, that sounds like fun. I know you have wanted to go riding with him.”

“You have some things to do before he gets here.” I feel a moment of anxiety as I wonder what she wants, but I enjoy her taking charge like she used to.

“What’s that?”

“Ray thinks you are out of town so move your car to the next street. I want you gagged and tied to the bed in the guest room when he gets here, so you’ll have to attach some restraints to the bed and figure out a good gag. I plan to seduce him and want you to hear some of this. You better be alright with that.”

My cock gets immediately hard when she says this. I have fantasized for years about her screwing another man which is why I enjoyed it so much when she used to tease me about other men.

I have told her that I wanted her to enjoy other men, but she always brushed off the idea saying it wouldn’t be right. I had pretty much given up on the idea of it ever happening, though I still often fantasized about it and the image never fails to get me off. Ray has been the star of many of these fantasies, since I knew that Lynn fancied him.

“Of course! I can’t think of a better guy for you than Ray.”

Lynn reached down and grabbed my erection.

“Oh, I can feel that you really do like this idea! I guess you won’t object to also taking me shopping this morning for a new bra and panty set to wear for him!”

“That sounds like a fun shopping trip!”

I really mean it. I love to take her shopping for lingerie and the idea of buying her intimate things to wear for another man made the prospect even better. We kiss for a few minutes. My cock is rock hard as she gently teases it. I start to caress her boobs. She shoves my hands away as she rolls out of bed.

“Those are Ray’s boobs!”

I am struck by an intense combination of jealousy and excitement. A string of questions races through my mind. Will Lynn enjoy Ray more than me? Is he bigger than me? Should I stop this? Despite all these questions, my cock is sure that it wants her to do this. I want her to call the shots and take another lover.

It was rather surreal as we went about our usual morning routines. On the surface, it was so normal, yet I knew that today would be anything but normal.

After breakfast, we head off to our favorite lingerie store. I always love lingerie shopping with Lynn, but this was really exciting. When we got to the store, I was pleased to see that Lynn immediately went to the expensive stuff instead of the more practical section she usually shops. There was this red lacy bra with matching lacy panties that caught both of our eyes. As we were looking for her size, the sales lady came over to help. “Stephen, do you really think Ray will like me in these?”

Lynn says this loud enough that the saleslady is sure to hear. I am embarrassed, but that just seems to make me hard.

“I am sure of it!”

The saleslady gives me an odd look as she helps us find the sizes we need. As I am paying, the sales lady asks me who Ray is. “He is an old boyfriend of my wife’s.”

“Isn’t he such a good husband to buy these for my date with Ray?” Lynn chimes in.

The sales lady is obviously amused but doesn’t say anything else. I am mortified and aroused at the same time.

When we get home, I get out the restraints. I attach some ankle and wrist cuffs to the corners of the bed frame. Since we didn’t have any decent gags, I went to the adult store and bought a ball gag. When I get back to the house, Lynn is getting out of the shower. She tells me to get out of our bedroom while she gets ready since her body is for Ray today. I putter with some minor tasks around the house, but I can’t stop wondering about this afternoon.

While I have doubts, my hard cock makes it clear that I want this. I want her to seduce Ray while I have to listen. I am both scared of and excited by the possibility that Ray is a much better lover than me. A little before 2, Lynn comes out of the bedroom. She looks hot! Her hair is in a sassy short cut. Her make-up is a little heavier than usual with whore-red lipstick.

Her shorts are tight and show lots of her legs. She is wearing a white shirt with lots of buttons open to show her cleavage. The red lacy bra is clearly visible under the shirt giving her a slutty fuck-me look. She tells me that Ray will be here soon, so it is time to tie me up. We walk into the guest bedroom and I start to lie down on the bed.

“I have decided that I want you naked while I am seducing Ray. If you make any noise, I will show him how small your cock is! I may do that anyway at some point!”

I am mortified by the idea of Ray seeing me naked, but I don’t want to stop this afternoon. After thinking all morning about Lynn spreading her legs for Ray, I want it so badly that I will do anything. I strip off my clothes and put them away.

“I see that you are almost as excited about this as I am,” as she gives my hard cock a playful slap.

I lay spread eagled on the bed and she attaches the cuffs. After she puts in the ball gag, I realize how totally helpless and vulnerable I am. “I hope you don’t regret encouraging me to have other lovers. It is too late now!”

She lightly rubs her fingers up and down my engorged cock. I moan in pleasure and rock my hips up to get more satisfaction.

“I love to see you desperate for me. Now that I will have another lover, I can deny you without having to go without!”

A few minutes later, I hear a motorcycle pull up. “I hope you enjoy thinking about what Ray and I will be doing this afternoon!” Lynn says as she leaves to go meet him. I wait and then finally hear them drive off. Were they hugging and kissing in the driveway for all the neighbors to see? I think about her holding onto him on the back of his bike and I get so hard.

Will the vibrations of the bike get her aroused? I think about her wonderful breasts pressed up against his back. I am jealous, horny, and excited all at once. My cock is rock hard and I want to jerk off, but of course there is no way I can do that. As I think of them together, I have this urge to stop this, but I am helpless.

Between thoughts of Lynn and Ray together, I think about Lynn’s threat to deny me after this. I love to be teased by Lynn. She knows this and teases me from time to time. Most of the time, she eventually brings me off, but sometimes she leaves me wanting. I love it that she sometimes denies me, but how would I feel if she always denied me?

Section 2

After what seems like forever, I hear the motorcycle return and the front door open. I hear voices, but as hard as I try, I can’t understand the words. What they are talking about? What are they doing? Is Lynn really coming on to him? My whole world is focused on imagining what they are doing and trying to pick out any words.

Laughter… Quiet….. What does that mean? More laughter… Lynn puts on some romantic music. In my mind I see them dancing to the music.

She snuggles up against him. He presses his hard cock against her. She turns her face toward him and they kiss while he cups her ass with his hands and pulls her body tight against his cock. Or maybe they are sitting on the couch making out. Ray inches his hands under her top and feels her breasts.

Lynn strokes his cock through his pants. Maybe Lynn is doing a striptease for him. She is taking off her top so that he can enjoy the bra that I bought her. She drops her shorts showing off the new panties and lewdly rubs her cunt. All of these scenes and more go through my head. I am jealous. I am excited. Do I really want this? My cock answers a responding, yes! I lose track of time though it seems like an eternity.

An intense wave of jealousy hits me. I think about Lynn’s wonderful body which Ray is probably now enjoying. Her full breasts, her gorgeous face, her smooth wet pussy. I am overcome with desire for her. For a moment I strain against the bonds because I want to stop this. Then I think about how much fun Lynn is having. I feel good that I am letting her have her fun and I relax.

It seems like forever as I lay there with my cock straining to get even harder. I imagine even more romantic and erotic scenes between Ray and Lynn.

The music is turned off and I hear Lynn playfully say, “It will be more comfortable in bed. You have to catch me if you want that blow job!”

I hear them run up the stairs to the bedroom.

“Gotcha! Suck my cock you red lacy slut!”

I don’t hear anything for a couple of minutes. “Oh Ray! Your cock is so much bigger than Stephen’s. I love sucking it!”

I strain to hear them but the silence is only broken by an occasional masculine groan.

I remember how good it feels when Lynn sucks me: the feel of her tongue as she licks up my dick, the soft warmth of her mouth as she takes the head of my cock into her mouth. Lynn rarely gives me a blow job, but Ray is getting it easily. “Yeah, suck those balls!”

Lynn refuses to suck my balls! Oh, the delicious combination of humiliation and desire knowing that she is doing that for Ray. I lie there helpless as I continue to hear the moans of pleasure from Ray. How long is she sucking him? She never sucks me for that long.

“Stop, I want to come in your cunt later!”

“I’ll do whatever you want, Ray!”

“Strip off those lacy things and put on a show for me! I want to see you play with yourself!”

I hear bodies move and then silence. I remember how Lynn plays with herself. Her right hand rubs her clit and her left hand squeezes her nipples and play with her breasts. She is probably going to finger fuck herself so Ray can watch that. I am proud that my wife is putting on a good show for Ray. I wish I could watch the show, see Ray aroused by Lynn’s wanton behavior. I lay there imagining the scene in the next room for what seems like forever.

“Tell me what you want,” Ray growls.

“I want you!”

“Tell me in detail, slut!”

“I want you to fuck me!”

“You want my cock in you?”

“Yes, yes. I want your big cock to fill my cunt!”

“You really want this big cock?”

“Yes, I want it! It is so much bigger than Stephen’s! Fuck me like he can’t!”

“Beg for it!”

“Please Ray! Please, pound my pussy with your big cock! Please fill me with your cum!”

I hear the bed squeaking, bodies slapping, moans of pleasure from both Lynn and Ray. I lie there helpless. My cock wants to be touched desperately, but it can only fuck the air while Ray gets to fuck my wife. I strain at my bonds because I am desperate to jerk off, but I am helpless and totally frustrated. After awhile I can hear them slow down.

“Ride me, cowgirl, ride me!”

I hear bodies rearrange and then a steady rhythm.

“Suck my tits! Bite’em! Harder! Harder!”

I hear the bed squeaking and moans from both Ray and Lynn. Lynn’s moan take on the sound she makes when she is about to come.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, Ray!”

Ray has made her come with his dick. I can’t do that. I am jealous, but I am also glad that Lynn experienced that at the same time.

“Get on your knees!”

I hear a steady rhythm of his body slapping against Lynn’s ass. I hear moans of pleasure from Lynn and deep masculine grunts from Ray. It seems to go on forever. I don’t have this much stamina. I am humiliated and excited for Lynn at the same time. “Fill me, Ray! Fill my cunt!”


I imagine the sight of Ray shoving deep into Lynn’s cunt and pumping his seed far inside her. I am glad that Lynn has been fucked the way that she deserves. I am humiliated by the certain knowledge that I am not nearly the stud that Ray is.

Suddenly, it is quiet. They must be cuddling. In my mind’s eye, I see their naked bodies entwined as they share their afterglows. I don’t know how long they are there. It seems like forever. They have probably fallen asleep in each other arms. As I lie helpless, my cock is rock hard and fruitlessly tries to fuck the air. After awhile, I, too, doze off.

I wake to hear the sounds of Ray getting dressed.

“This has been fun, Lynn. I can’t wait until the next time that Stephen is out of town!”

I hear them walk down the stairs and the front door open. It is quiet for a long time. They must be kissing good bye.

“Thanks for coming, Ray,” Lynn says with a laugh.

Lynn comes back upstairs and I hear the guest bedroom door open.

“I see you enjoyed listening to that.” She takes off the gag. She looks gorgeous with that special just fucked glow. There are hickies on her neck and breast. She climbs on the bed and lowers her pussy onto my face. I lick it lovingly. It tastes different, but I don’t have to wonder why.

“Yeah, clean Ray’s cum out of me.”

I nod and work my tongue as far in as I can to clean her well.

“Now when you go out of town, you will know what I will be doing.”

After a few minutes, she gets off my face and ever so lightly caresses my dick.

“Do you still love me, Stephen?”

“Yes, Lynn, I do.”

“I really enjoyed that. It was so much fun to have someone different.”

“It was exciting for me, too, and I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. You deserve all the pleasure you can get.”

“Ray really is a great lover! You are going to have to take lots of business trips!”

“I figured as much!”

She unlocks the cuffs and says, “And you deserve to get all the teasing you can take! Get dressed, you have chores to do!”

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