Affairs of a Life Ch. 06

Section 1

Lis (short for Lisolette) tightly squeezed my right hand with her left, her eyes wide open as her hips bucked wildly, screaming “don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Pulling her hips to him tightly, he kept fucking her through her first orgasm in over six months, ready to take her over the top again.

Lis had been divorced for three months. A former client of mine, we had become rather close friends over the past couple of years. She had called me just three days ago when she found out that friends of hers had to give up a short trip they had planned to Martinique and offered her two seats on the plane and use of a small cottage on the island.

Lis really wanted to get away for a couple of days, her divorce being finalized, and truthfully, I also needed a short break. The next thing I know, I’m looking out the window of a Gulfstream IV and the island of Martinique, beautifully surrounded by the blue/green water.

A driver picked us up at the airport and drove us to the cottage with the windows down, the warm tropic breezes feeling wonderful on our skin. The door key was waiting for us and we were in the cottage quickly. Opening the patio doors, the view of the beach and water was beautiful! We decided to quickly change into our swimsuits and head for the water. As I said, it was to be a short trip; today was Tuesday and we would be leaving on Thursday.

At 45, Lis was 4 years older than me. I was in the best shape of my life, working hard to keep my body young; but Lis – she was simply stunning, and most people thought she was in her early 30’s. As we changed into our bikinis, I could not help but notice how different we looked – I was blonde, fair-skinned green-eyed and had more than a few freckles.

Although growing up in the Midwest US, most thought I was a California beach girl. Lis was dark-skinned with dark hair and deep dark eyes – and most thought of her as a rather exotic Italian. While being friends for awhile, this was the first time I had seen her nude, and it caught my breath.

Five minutes later we were on the beach, a young man setting up our lounge chairs. Looking around we could not help but notice that many of the women were topless, realizing that these islands were more “casual” than the US beaches. Giggling, Lis said “let’s swim with our tops off”, and immediately took hers off and tossed it on the chair. Surprising myself, I did the same.

The water was heavenly, and we swam and floated for over an hour. Rinsing under a shower, we went to our chairs where a waiter had already placed two “umbrella” drinks for us. Lying back with my eyes shut, the sun felt so good on my body as I sipped my drink and dozed.

“Hello, it is so nice to have two beautiful ladies visit our island!”

Opening my eyes, two young men with beers in their hands had pulled up their chairs and introduced themselves as Alix and Julien. Chatting, we learned that they were the nighttime bartenders at the tiki hut bar, and wanted us to be sure and come over this evening. Then grabbing us by the hands, they pulled us to into the water again.

At one point I was pulled close by Alix, and I could feel his cock against my butt as his fingers brushed my nipples. Julien was holding Lis similarly, and I heard her moan slightly, saying “please, don’t do that”. Knowing that Lis was in a fragile emotional state from the divorce, I grabbed her hand and we walked back to the beach.

Back in our chairs, we decided to go out for a regular meal as we had not eaten all day, so after the sunset we headed back to our room to dress for dinner. We had packed lightly for the trip, and I slid on a simple halter-style silk black dress, which I thought looked nice with my blonde hair, along with my usual black silk thong. Lis dressed in a similar dress, but with a bright floral print. Looking in the mirror, we laughed that in today’s lexicon, we looked “hot”!

Leaving our cottage and walking to the restaurant, two men from the cottage next door fell in beside us. They introduced themselves and John and Mark, saying they had arrived that morning from Tampa to take care of some business, and would be leaving the following morning. Asking us to join them for dinner, I looked at Lis to see what she wanted to do.

“We would love to join you” she said, surprising me.

Dinner was wonderful as was the conversation, and we had a great time.

Walking back to our cottages, Mark and I decided to take a walk along the beach, and I told Lis I would see her in a little while. Taking my heels off, we walked while saying little, sometimes holding hands and sometimes his hand around my waist. There was little question in my mind how he wanted this evening to end, but I was concerned about Lis.

Returning to my cottage, he stepped in, and immediately took me in his arms. Kissing, his tongue quickly found mine, and his hands slid to my butt. Stepping back, he slid my dress off then undressed to his shorts; wow, I thought as I looked at his rock hard body. Leading me to the sofa he sat down, pulled me to him while sliding my panties off and pulled me to his mouth. Standing in from of him with my legs spread, he used his lips and tongue to harden my clitoris, rolling it and sucking on it while I was almost breathless.

Then opening my eyes I was shocked. Looking into the bedroom, Lis was lying on her back on the bed, while John had his head between her legs. I realized that she was moaning, while he was also toying with her clit and her pussy.

Looking over his shoulder, Mark saw John now rubbing his cock on Lis. Mark said “let’s go Laine, you girls have a long night ahead of you.” He picked me up, carried me to the bedroom and tossed me on the bed beside Lis. Knowing that they were going to fuck the two of us side by side aroused me even more – I had never done anything like this!

Time had no meaning as Mark quickly slid his generous length into me. I could hear Liz gasping, and could see John begin to slide his large cock in and out of her, fucking her harder.

Repeating what I related earlier, “Lis (short for Lisolettee) tightly squeezed my right hand with her left, her eyes wide open as her hips bucked wildly screaming “don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Pulling her hips to him tightly, he kept fucking her through her first orgasm in over six months, ready to take her over the top again.”

For the next hour they fucked us, sometimes holding our legs by the ankles, sometimes bending our legs with our knees by our shoulders until our orgasms blended together. At one point I heard Mark say to John “OK, let’s switch”, and almost without missing a stroke they swapped places and continued fucking with seemingly renewed passion. Almost at the same moment, they came as we were both were peaking for another orgasm. Panting as they finished us, I realized that Lis and I were still holding each others hand.

Walking away from the bed, they each grabbed a bottle of water and brought each of us a bottle. Catching our breath, I could not help but notice the look in Lis' eyes – she was on fire. I also could not help but notice that both John and Mark’s cocks were very hard again – wow, they sure did recover quick!

Coming back to the bed they grabbed us by the legs and flipped us to our stomachs, pulling us to them. Without hesitating they spread our legs slightly and slid their cocks into our waiting pussy’s. Not waiting for John, or Mark – I’m not sure which was in me – I began slamming back into him while he held my hips. We continued fucking each other harder and harder, and at one point I heard Lis screaming as they changed places in the middle of her orgasm.

The next two hours were a blur. I remember both of them switching places often while fucking us; I remember riding Mark then sliding off and right onto John. Lis was making up for her six months of no sex and was insatiable, riding wave after wave or orgasms. Finally John and Mark stopped again, and took a short break. I overhead them comment quietly that this had turned into a great trip, that they usually did not find two who would fuck like these two……

Section 2

As before, they recovered very quickly and their cocks were fully ready again. The next two hours were again nothing but a blur, with our orgasms blending together, our screams and moans indistinguishable from one another. Finally, Mark had flipped me on my left side, raising my right leg high as he fucked me from behind – little did he know this was one of my favorites, as it seems all the right spots inside me were touched.

John had Lis on her knees, pounding her hard. Leaning over to me she kissed me, our tongues searching each others mouths, while Mark and John continued fucking until, like they had a second sense, they could feel us tensing. And at the exact moment we climaxed they unloaded into us over and over.

Opening my eyes, the clock read 10 AM. John and Mark had apparently already left for their flight back to Tampa. I untangled myself from Lis' arms and legs, slid on a bikini bottom and headed straight for the water. Floating on my back, the warm sun beating down on me, I thought about last night and how incredible the sex had been.

Then thinking about Lis, the months that she had been through without sex, and the animal she had been last night. Being inches apart, watching her fuck like she was possessed, well it was simply amazing. And – I found myself getting aroused just remembering how she looked.

Dozing in our beach chairs, we were awakened once again by Alix and Julien. Wanting us to go for a swim, we agreed and headed for the water. After awhile, not being shy, they picked up where they had left off the previous afternoon. This time however, Lis was more than ready. Reaching their hands under the water, Julien brought his back out holding Lis' bikini bottom in one hand and she with his swim shorts in one hand.

Leaning her back so that she was floating in the water, he grabbed her hips and began pulling himself into her. Although now in deeper water, it was obvious to me they were fucking. Not to be outdone, Alix stripped my bottom off, pulled his shorts off and positioned me the same way.

Floating in the water, looking up and the gorgeous sky while Alix fucked me, well, wonderful would not be enough to describe it. Finishing up, they told us that was just a quickie to get us ready for later this evening.

Dining outdoors at the tiki hut that night we just wore our bikini suits with a short pareo wrap around our waist. The drinks were good and the music was great, as we spent most of the evening on the dance floor.

At 2 AM the bar closed, and Alix and Julien were there to walk us back to our cottage. Sliding open the wall of doors facing the beach let in the wonderful night breeze and the sounds of the surf. Walking us to the bed, they pulled the pareo’s off us, untied our tops and tossed them on a chair, while Lis and I slid out bikini bottoms to the floor.

Taking off their clothes, they teasingly pushed us both back on the bed beside each other. Lis grabbed my hand, smiling and saying “we have 6 hours before we have to leave for our flight……”


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