Affairs of a Life Ch. 05

Section 1

Each winter for the past four years I had met with a group of business associates, just general discussions sharing ideas, kind of a brainstorming session. We met in Canada, about one hour north of Toronto. Being raised in the mid-western part of the U.S., I was used to cold, snowy winters, and was comfortable traveling in snowy, nasty weather.

I probably should have cancelled this trip because the weather forecast was for some heavier than usual snows. However, I landed in Toronto early in the morning, picked up my rental car and headed north. As the snow became heavier and the wind stronger, visibility was almost zero. I had reached one of those points where you do not know whether to try to continue to your destination, or try to find a place to turn around and head back. I decided it would be easier to just continue ahead slowly.

A sudden gust of high wind from the west hit me, and I started to slide off the road, into a steep ditch, running along the ditch against a fence, until finally coming to a stop. “Well, damn Laine, not a very good piece of driving” I said out loud to myself.

Unhooking my seat belt, I almost rolled to the passenger side of the car, realizing that the car was tilted severely to the right. Scooting back up the seat I tried opening the driver side door, which was all but impossible, what with the wind and angle of the car. My cell phone had no reception, so there went another option. I had plenty of gas, and some snacks from the flight, so I decided to just wait out the storm and hope someone driving by could see me.

After about an hour, someone pecked on my window, scaring the crap out of me. Outside stood a giant of a man, covered in snow and ice, pulling my door open. Somehow he was able to hold the door open with one hand while pulling me out of the car with his other hand.

Walking up the embankment with my 4" heels was not an option, so he tossed me over his shoulder, apologizing for the awkward position, and climbed the bank. I remember two things – one being how easy he threw me over his shoulder, and two that the wind and snow blowing up my skirt was freezing my ass!

We got to a pickup truck on the road, and he set me down in the passenger seat, saying “I’ll be right back.” A few moments later he was back in the truck with my travel bag and briefcase, which he had seen in the back seat of the car. Taking a glove off, he extended his right hand and shook mine, saying “Hello, I’m Chance. And you are?” Looking in his unusually green eyes, I answered “I’m Laine, and I owe you a real thank you!”

“I only live about a mile from here” he said. “Considering the weather, how about we get to my house first then figure out how much worse this storm is going to get?”

Anyplace indoors sounded good to me.

It was about 30 minutes before we pulled up to what appeared to be a small farm. Opening the doors to a red barn, he pulled the truck inside. Apologizing, he picked me up again, saying “I don’t think you can walk to the house in snow this deep.” He did pick me up in a sitting position this time though, keeping most of the wind and snow from blowing up my skirt!

Chance brought my luggage into the house, took my coat and walked me into the living room where there was a fire in the fireplace. A very welcome fireplace! He went into another room and came out with a heavy robe.

“This should keep you warm while you hang your clothes to dry – there is another fireplace there in the bedroom. I went to the bedroom, removing my soaked clothes and hanging them by the fireplace, putting on the heavy cotton robe, along with some Paul Bunyon looking socks he had given me. Quite the sexy looking girl!

Walking back into the living room, he handed my a cup of hot chocolate, which felt wonderful to wrap my hands around. “Have a seat on the sofa by the fireplace Laine, while I take care of a few things, then I’ll join you.”

Sitting on the sofa and starting to warm up, I looked around the little house for the first time, thinking that I had landed in a painting. The living room opened into a kitchen, then on to a back porch. There appeared to be two bedrooms. Taking in the details, the entire house was very “homey.”

Chance was in the kitchen, putting dishes away. He seemed to be an extraordinarily neat person. Looking at him more closely, I realized just how big he was, standing maybe 6'5” tall, with shoulders so wide he barely fit through the doorways. No wonder he picked me up so easily! His face was chiseled and carried a red, neatly trimmed beard, and his red hair was rather unruly – kind of sexy unruly. And those bright green eyes!

Returning to the sofa, he sat down and commented “if it is OK with you, I think this is probably going to be your home for the next couple of days.” Just happy to be in from the storm, I was quite agreeable to this.

We chatted for quite a while about what I was doing in Canada, where I was from, what kind of work I did – all those types of things. He told me about the farm, which was primarily a grain farm, although he kept a few animals, more as pets than anything else, having given them all names. As the afternoon wore on, Chance surprisingly suggested we go out to dinner – even though the weather was still horrible. “There is a little place just about 3 miles from here that I eat at often – how does that sound?”

Having not eaten hardly anything all day, I was famished, so this plan sounded very good to me.

“Go ahead, you can use the bath first, then get dressed. This place is quite casual, so not need to dress up fancy. I’ll get ready when you are done.”

“Umm, I did not bring a lot of clothes on this short trip,” I said.

“No problem, just whatever you have is fine”

So after a shower and getting dressed, I found myself sitting on the sofa, in a picture-frame house, dressed in my usual black side-slit skirt, lavender silk blouse (along with matching silk thong and balconet half-cup bra), wool suit jacket and 4" heels. Talk about looking out of place!

Chance came into the living room, looking quite nice in tan dockers and a navy flannel shirt. Much more appropriately dressed than me! He pulled the truck up to the back door, carried me through the snow and set me in the passenger seat. I was getting kind of spoiled, being carried everywhere through the snow.

We pulled up in front of the restaurant – a log cabin looking building. Walking into the place was like walking into a room of friends, and everyone appeared to know Chance. “Hey Giant – glad you made it out to dinner in this weather. Who is your friend?” Chance introduced me to several of his friends, telling them about my accident in the snow.

When we had a moment, I asked him “Why to most of these people call you Giant, except for the obvious?” He replied simply that he was known as “Gentle Giant” or “Giant” for short. It goes back to making pets of my farm animals and not wanting to hurt them.

We enjoyed a couple of beers then a surprisingly nice dinner. With an actual jukebox playing in the background and the general conversation, this was a very comfortable place to be. His friends occasionally teased him, wanting to know “if he was getting any of that”, which always resulting in him turning red with embarrassment.

We joined some people playing pool. I was quite good, having started playing with my Daddy when I was tall enough to hold a stick. Chance and I made a great team and had won several games. At one point I noticed that to those standing across the table from me had a very nice view of my cleavage down my blouse, which honestly did not bother me (sometimes this was useful in business dealings…). In particular, watching me closely was a guy named Nick, who seemed to be the “hot shot” of this crowd.

Section 2

Chance and I ended up playing Nick and his buddy Jay in the last game. I was standing at one corner of the table and Jay was lining up his shot at the opposing corner. Walking behind me, Nick firmly slid the palm of his hand across my ass, to which I did not give much thought. In my world this was not particularly unexpected. However, as Nick’s hand slid from my left butt cheek to my right cheek, Chance grabbed Nick’s wrist, literally lifting him off the ground. Nobody had seen this happen, and I pretended that it had not.

The evening finished uneventful, and we headed home. I was once again carried through the snow into the house.

Chance threw some more wood on the fireplace, then opened a bottle of wine, pouring a glass for each of us as we settled in of the sofa. The comfortable sofa, roaring fire and tasty wine, well, it was just wonderful. Surprisingly, Chance was quite the wine connoisseur, especially proud of the Canadian-made wines. We easily chatted about our favorite wines and vineyards we had visited.

As conversion meandered from one subject to the next, Chance’s face took on a more serious look, almost a look of pain. Asking if he was OK, he hesitated, then said “Laine, I lost my wife Jenny 10 months ago this day. We had been married 8 years when she suddenly became ill, and passed in just over one month. The last time we were together when she was healthy, we were sitting on this sofa drinking a glass of wine”

Not sure how to respond, I looked into his eyes, then as natural as one could imagine, I turned, put my leg over him and climbed on his lap, straddling him. Closing my eyes, I leaned forward and brushed his lips with mine – his lips were amazingly soft. We continued just lightly touching our lips, so very slowly. Our lips parted, tongues beginning to explore each other, probing deeper. Easing me back, he began nuzzling, kissing, my breasts above the top of my blouse. Sliding his thumbs across my nipples made my whole body shudder.

I rose and stepped back from the sofa, slowly unbuttoning my blouse while our eyes were locked, tossing it on a chair. Unzipping my skirt, I stepped out as it dropped to the floor. My bra came off next, then I stepped out of my silk thong. His eyes trailed down my body, stopping with a little surprise in seeing I was completely shaven… With the heat of the fire behind me, standing nude in front of this man seemed the most natural thing in the world.

Chance stood, once again picking me up, and carried me into the bedroom, laying me gently on his large bed. I took off his shoes and socks, unbuttoned and removed his shirt. As I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, he stepped out of them. I put my hands in the waist of his boxers, pulling them down, momentarily gasping – the name “Giant” certainly applied.

“Laine” he started to say, I put my finger to his lips, shhhh. Laying back on the bed and reaching out to him, I whispered “please, please just fuck me.” Stepping in between my legs, he grabbed my butt cheeks in each hand, then slid his cock into me so slowly and gently – my gentle giant. Wild with desire, and sensing that he was being very gently with me, I surprised him by arching my back, taking all of him in me in one thrust.

As if the lonely months were being torn out of him, Chance began fucking me faster, fucking me harder. Feeling an orgasm building I began slamming into him so fast it all felt like a blur. As that first orgasm hit me I raised up, putting my arms around his neck, breathless, still riding on his cock.

He fucked me completely through two more orgasms before finally letting loose himself. Feeling him start to swell inside me, his cock starting to pulse, he released stream after stream hitting me in so deep I came again, riding on his cock uncontrollably.

Exhausted, he dropped me on the bed then lay beside me on his back. Finally catching our breathes, Chance said “I’ll get some more wood for the fire” and got up, walking to the living room. Picking up a few pieces of wood, he walked back to the bedroom. I watched this man, tall and broad shouldered, unruly red hair and neatly trimmed beard, and his incredible cock actually swinging side to side as he walked back to the bedroom.

Lying side by side back on the bed, I kissed his lips gently, slowly tracing my finger along the bottom of his cock. Within moments he was hard again, his length growing. I was more than ready, hardly able to control myself, as I climbed on him. I had to raise up on my feet to position myself to slide down on him, and within a few strokes he had me in the throes of another orgasm.

I rode him every way I could imagine; leaning back with my hands on his ankles; lying on him flipping my hips up and down his cock; him sitting up with my legs around his waist. Riding to an orgasm in every position, until he raised his hips, pumping and filling me again and again…

It seemed that minutes he was hard again, flipping me on my stomach, more aggressively now, and sliding into me hard, holding my hips while fucking me faster and faster. Pressing me down until I was almost flat on my stomach, the friction in my pussy of him fucking me like this was driving me insane, as I built to an orgasm that seemed to last for eternity, recognizing that far away voice screaming as my voice. Incredibly he came again, filling me while continuing to pump away into me.


When I woke, it was light outside, and looking at the clock realized it was almost noon. The house was filled with the sounds and smells of breakfast. Putting on Chance’s soft flannel shirt, I made my way to the kitchen, where he was setting a huge amount of food on the table. “Good morning Laine” he said, his warm hands playfully squeezing my naked butt cheeks while he kissed me.

Both famished, neither of us spoke while eating, until we were done and were enjoying our coffee. Chance needed to go outdoors to take care of the animals along with some other chores, and told me to just make myself comfortable around the house.

I watched him through the windows for a long while, noting how he seemed to play with all of his animals, talking to them. Wandering through the house and taking closer note of several paintings, I realized that his signature was on them.

Flipping through a photo album, I understood his fondness for Canadian wines, as it appeared he was part owner in a winery. There was a very old photo of the farm, probably early 1900’s, of his farm, with some folks who looked like they may have been his grandparents. The home was like a small history of his life.

I took a very long shower, remembering our love-making from last night, feeling the sensations as I rubbed a washcloth on my body. I wanted to be fresh for him today, although not knowing what the day would bring.

Chance opened the kitchen door, stomping the snow off his boots. “Laine, look what I found for you!” he said, sounding excited. Taking off his boots, he came into the bedroom with a big piece of brown canvas and a pair of heavy boots. Apparently this was a great find, as he did not even notice that I was standing by the fireplace totally nude.

The brown canvas was a pair of Carhartt insulated coveralls, and the boots looked like those people in movies about the arctic wear. “These were Jenny’s and I found them in the barn. I’ll warm them up by the fireplace, then you can put them on and come outdoors – you can meet my animals! Come on outside when you’re ready!”

I had put on a bra and panties, and stood looking at the clothes he had brought me. Having never owned anything like this I finally realized the zipper ran the full length, from neck down to the bottom of one leg. In a pocket I found a brown knit hat with the same logo. So, I got dressed to go meet the animals.

I found Chance in the barn and he smiled at me, “you look great!” We spent the next few hours outdoors, meeting the animals of course. I also learned a lot more about him, one building housing a mini-brewery, another with some antique tractors that had apparently been restored to look like new, giving me the opportunity to discuss my restored Mustang with him. Another building was his workshop, and as I would have anticipated, it was as neat and clean as his kitchen.

Section 3

Late in the afternoon he suggested we run over the same restaurant and grab a sandwich. I protested, saying I needed time to get ready, but he assured me this was quite the normal dress around here, and “besides, you look cute in that outfit.” So we headed to the restaurant, meeting again some of the same friends.

Standing around the bar, he ordered a beer, and while I was normally a martini drinker, this certainly did not seem a martini place. Having had enough beer last night, I ordered a whiskey. Actually, the whiskey went down so smooth that I had a couple more. As the afternoon wore on to evening, I felt it was quite hot in the room, unzipping my coveralls just a little. Chance noticed me sweating and told me to take them off, but I just told him “no, I’m fine.”

Finally, he said “Laine, you’re going to roast wearing those things indoors.” Standing behind me he pulled the zipper to the bottom as he eased the coveralls down over my shoulders. Conversation stopped for a moment, then everyone around the bar raised their mugs and glasses, shouting “Cheers to Laine!” Not having any other clothes to wear underneath these things,

I was simply wearing my undies, so their I stood, coveralls around my feet, wearing only my very thin half-cup bra and a thong. I would have panicked if not for the few whiskeys that I had consumed, and Chance just stood there stunned. Finally, he pulled them back up my shoulders, so that at least my butt cheeks were not hanging out.

After fixing the coveralls on me, still unzipped, hanging partially down my back, looking like a pinup picture, they declared this was quite the sexy look. Pulling a digital camera from behind the bar, the barmaid told Chance to stand beside me while she took our picture. Able to see us in the mirror behind the bar,

we made quite the couple, with Chance very red-faced and me, well, mostly exposed. I was never so happy that I spent a lot of time in the gym as when I was standing in front of all these people in my undies! Then someone else wanted their picture taken with me, and the evening ended up with a lot of photos with guys and gals. The barmaid printed the pics on the computer in the office, while I signed them. I felt at that point that these had been friends of many years.

Chance went outside to start the truck and let it warm up, then we finished our drinks, saying our goodbye’s. When we got in the truck, I leaned over and kissed him before he started driving away. Unzipping his pants, I took him out, sliding my hands up and down him as he quickly grew hard. I wiggled out of the coveralls and climbed on top of him, fucking him.

Bouncing up and down on his cock, with his rough hands rubbing my breasts, I giggled like a schoolgirl with her boyfriend at a drive-in movie. Sliding off him, I cleaned him with my mouth, then wiggled back into my quite fashionable coveralls as we headed home.

Arriving home, he put more wood on the fires while I undressed in the bedroom. Standing by the fireplace in front of him, I was again totally nude, desiring him in any way he wanted to take me. Stripping his clothes, Chance picked my up and laid me down on the bed, gently spreading my legs while slowly sliding into me.

This large, gentle man slowly, so very slowly, began to fuck me. So tight inside me, moving so slowly, made me feel my nerve endings were on fire, beginning in my pussy and spreading throughout my body. All night he fucked me like this, changing positions every time I came, driving me over the edge time after time.

We awoke about 4 AM, showered and Chance drove me to the airport. We were silent, with our own thoughts, for most of the trip, fingers and hands occasionally brushing against each other. Dropping me curbside, we gave each other a quick kiss goodbye, and I headed for my plane.

As soon as the plane was airborne, I enjoyed a martini, settling back in my seat and closing my eyes. I could still see him “I watched this man, tall and broad shouldered, unruly red hair and neatly trimmed beard, and his incredible – well, you know…” **********

I continued visiting Chance in Canada each January for the next five years. And to this day, he still sends me a bottle of his wine on my birthday. Then one summer I came home from work, poured an iced tea and picked up my stack of mail – my husband and I were in the habit of whoever picked up the mail quickly sorted and divided it into his stack and my stack. I was surprised to see a small envelope from Chance, opening it and reading out loud.

“Dearest Laine, I doubt that we will be seeing each other again, as I have recently married a wonderful girl – her name is Jane. I have enclosed a couple of pictures.


Your Gentle Giant, Chance”

The first photo was of Chance and Jane. She was very pretty, rather tall and slim, but with mischievous eyes. The other was of Chance and me in my Carhartt photo – the one that had hung above the restaurant bar the past several years, signed “Chance and Laine.” I was so happy for him.


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