Affairs of a Life Ch. 04

Section 1

Life was good. I had started a new business three years before, and it was beginning to show some promise. My husband Jack’s business was now thriving. The past three years he had held a sales meeting for key clients, located on a very nice island off the southwest coast of Florida. As most of the clients lived in cool or cold weather climates, it was a wonderful winter break to attend these meetings where one could enjoy the warm weather!

This winter, the meeting would be held in the same location; they provided wonderful service and amenities. As I had in the past three years, I worked with Jack in these meetings. The format was pretty much the same for attendees: Sunday – arrival and cocktail reception that evening. Monday – business meeting in the morning, casual activities in the afternoon and dinner together in the evening.

Tuesday – again, business meeting in morning, casual activities in the afternoon, then an awards banquet in the evening. Wednesday – attendees departed at their convenience, via transportation to the airport that we provided.

This format had worked very well for us in building the business. This year was even more important, with life-changing implications. Jack was introducing a new product line, and if his biggest client bought in – well, it would quadruple the size of the company!

Attendees could chose their afternoon activities between golf, fishing, sailing or just a “beach day”. Along with some other key employees, Jack and I split up our activities to allow us to maximize our time with clients. I had golfed, fished and sailed with most of them, so this year it was my “beach time” duty.

Jack and I usually arrived two days early, just to allow time to ensure that all preparations were in place and everything was set as we needed. And, we usually stayed over a couple of extra days after the meeting to unwind.

Having checked-in and unpacked, we walked down to the pool side bar to have a drink. Some friends that we had met the previous two years were sitting around the bar, and we caught up on family, what everyone had been doing, etc.

Molly and Jess Jackson, whom we had kept in occasional contact, pulled us to the side. “Jack and Laine, you must come to the costume party on Saturday night!” It’s held every year at Janice and Bill Fricks home here on the Island."

“We couldn’t, we are so busy” I said.

However, much to my surprise, Jack said “we would love to come, it sounds like a great time.”

Arrangements were made, and Molly would have our costumes delivered to our room on Saturday morning, along with a formal invitation.

Walking back to our room, I asked Jack “why did you say yes to this invitation?”

Jack answered, “Laine, we have always wondered what these multi-million dollar homes on the coast look like inside, so this is our chance to actually spend time in one.” Which made perfect sense to me.

After a day spent on the beach Saturday, we showered and got dressed for the party. Jack was quite a striking pirate, including a full beard. I put on my costume - I was apparently some kind of pirate’s wench, complete with stockings. It was also obvious that this dress was to be worn without a bra, but there was plenty of support for my rather ample breasts, and besides, I did not have a bra with me that was cut as low as this dress was!

The Fricks driver, Roberto, picked us up at our condo at 8:45 PM, driving us to their home. It was a gorgeous drive, with the moon dancing off the Gulf of Mexico and warm breezes blowing. Not to mention that the driver was drop dead handsome!

Molly met us at the front door and escorted us to the ball room. I just stood still for a few moments absorbing the beauty of this place! While I had always imagined what a home like this must look like, I was unprepared for what I was seeing.

There were perhaps 100 people at this party, all in full costume. A jazz band was playing in the corner, with a nice sized dance floor in front of them. The whole scene looked like it was out of a movie. Jack grinned at me and said, “well, let’s go live the good life!”

We enjoyed conversations with people, obviously not knowing who they actually were. I danced with person after person, and unusual for me, had a little too much to drink. At some point, I became very hot and needed to go outdoors for some fresh air. My dance partner, who was a Roman Warrior of some sort, escorted me to the backdoor.

Walking towards the beach, he kept his arm around me, probably to keep me upright. We stopped in a small garden, looking at the moon and stars reflecting off the Gulf. What a beautiful night!

Roman Warrior leaned over and kissed me on the lips, ever so softly. The entire setting of the beautiful home, the water, stars and moon made for a very romantic situation, and I kissed him back. Our lips soon parted, tongues searching each other. And while alarms were starting to go off in my head, I heard a voice saying “ohhh, please don’t stop!” - and that voice was me.

Carrying me to a darker corner of the garden, he pulled down the top of my dress, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking, licking and biting ever so lightly. Then my other nipple……alternating until I was about to going crazy with excitement.

He pulled my dress to the ground, and I stepped out of it. He pulled my panties, which were soaked at this point, to the ground, and I stepped out of them also. Lifting me up and sitting me on a little half-wall, he spread my legs and put his mouth on my pussy. Quickly finding my clit, he circled it with his tongue, pulling and nibbling with his teeth.

“Oh my God, oh oh oh!” I screamed, erupting in a long orgasm. From my pussy, to each breast, each nipple and back to my pussy he worked, as I screamed “Oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck”, to which he replied “absolutely my dear.”

Picking me up and putting me down on a sofa, he somehow lost all his clothes without missing a beat. I was so wet that when he placed the large head of his cock in me, I bucked up to him with my hips, taking him all the way into me with one thrust.

“Fuck me hard now, please, please, please” I screamed, hoping nobody would hear me. Pulling his length almost out of me so very slowly, then slamming into me hard and fast had brought me to a near frenzy. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” seemed to be the only words I could get out.

I came twice more, thinking that he would explode in me at any moment. I felt him swelling inside me, knowing he was ready, and as I kept arching my hips to him he came. “Oh my God” I wailed, feeling him spraying inside me, bring me yet to another orgasm!

Roman Warrior stood up, lifted me to a sitting position, moving his cock to my lips. I immediately took him in my mouth, only stopping to kiss and lick his balls. Incredibly, within moments, he was hard and at full strength again.

Picking me up again, he bent me over the back of the sofa and immediately buried his cock in my pussy. Having no control, and feeling weak from orgasm after orgasm, I was only aware of his cock inside me, and my ass backing to him in rhythm. Until all at once, this cock began swelling again inside me, and he exploded. “Yes, yes fill me up. Please, please, please!” I screamed.

Sitting on the sofa, I looked at him and begged, “please, fuck me again, please!” But he just put his costume on and walked back to the party. After gathering myself, I put my dress back on, looked for my panties, which I could not find in the dark, then headed to the bathroom to clean up as best as I could.

Rejoining the party, Jack located me and suggested we find the driver and get back to our condo.

Taking a long shower was definitely in order, and Jack surprised me by stepping into the shower with me – something he had never done in over 15 years of marriage. He surprised me even more, when after some foreplay he leaned me over and began fucking me. This was totally unlike anything he had ever done! He came rather quickly, but not before I came again, for the nth time that evening.

Section 2

We fixed a drink and went to the small patio.

“Laine, this meeting can affect our business and our lives to an incredible extent, depending on the outcome” Jack said to me. He was quite serious sounding. This year, I would like you to spend time with the clients who choose “beach time”. I’ll take the golfers out.

“That is fine with me Jack. And besides, it will give me time to work on my tan.”

“Laine, you know that Grant Andrews is our largest client, and we need him to buy-in to this new product line. I need you to take particular care of him.”

“What specifically do you mean by ‘take care of him’ Jack?”

“Just understand what is at stake Laine, and take care of business. You’re a smart woman and will do what is right. OK?”

It’s Sunday, and the guests have started arriving. We had arranged for Roberto, our driver from the previous night, to pick them up at the airport as they arrived. Soon, everyone had arrived and we were enjoying cocktails around the pool, enjoying a beautiful sunset.

We had gotten to know many of these people so well, that they almost seemed like close friends rather than clients. Jack made sure that I had a chance to chat with Grant Andrews, whom I had never met since this was his first trip to one of our sales meetings. And I might say, he was quite charming and good looking!

I took my usual morning run at 6 AM, and was surprised to see Grant running on the beach also. I might add that although I am quite competitive, there was no way I could keep up with him, so he slowed for me. Arriving back at the resort, we said our goodbye’s, and he said “looking forward to an afternoon on the beach Laine!” Monday mornings' meeting apparently went very well, so I was pleased for Jack. After a quick lunch everyone split off to golf, fish, sail or hang on the beach.

I spent a couple hours at the beach working on my tan, wearing a new two-piece sting bikini I had purchased for this trip. As promised, Grant arrived at the beach a little after lunch, stating " I would love to take a swim in the Gulf – join me Laine?"

After swimming, we showered at the beach shower to rinse the salt water off. Sitting back in our beach chairs, we enjoyed a drink while our swimsuits dried out. Feeling somewhat drowsy from the sun, swimming and drink, I was in a totally relaxed mood, chatting with Grant.

Suddenly, Grant said “come on Laine. You’ve had too much sun today, and we can go sit in the shade by my room.” Protesting that I was fine, we nevertheless walked the short distance to his room, walked through the room and out to the cool veranda. “Oh, this feels so good – great idea Grant!”, I said.

Sitting on the double chaise, we chatted about the Island, wildlife and other topics. It had turned into a wonderfully relaxing afternoon.

I became aware that I had slid closer to Grant, and that he was very slowly sliding his hand on my thigh, when he lifted me and slid me on top of him, sitting on him and leaning back. Nuzzling my neck, nobody spoke, then unbelievably he licked and tugged on my ear lobes. Understand that if a guy get’s to my earlobes, then I pretty much give in – and I am almost instantly wet…..

Leaning me slightly forward, he pulled the strings holding up my swim top, and dropped it on the floor. Taking his time, he began tugging, rolling my nipples in his fingers, while at the same time continuing to nibble on my earlobes. “Grant…..I think we should stop” I said, although I had trouble speaking and breathing at the same time.

“I’ll stop anytime you ask me to, Laine.”

He continued massaging my breasts, playing with my nipples and nibbling my neck and ears, knowing that if he continued I would orgasm soon. “Ahhhhh” I moaned, over and over. Finally, moaning “don’t stop now Grant, please don’t stop” I came, arching my back and curling my toes, while shocks went through my body until I collapsed.

Grant untied the strings on my bottoms, and lifted me up, removing the rest of my bikini. He slid his swim shorts off and pulled me back on him. Sliding his hands onto my pussy, he stroked and played with my clit, while another finger slid inside me. With both his hands playing with me, and the feeling of his cock under me, I was quickly in a frenzy. “Come again for me Laine, come again!” And I did.

Lifting me up again by my hips, I placed my feet on the floor, expecting to stand and turn around. But to my surprise he slid his cock in my pussy, pulling me back down on him, my back leaning on his chest. I did not even know this position was possible! All I could imagine was that his cock must be very big to fill me this way!

Grant continued to fuck me this way, ever so slowly, making time stand still. Building me to the edge of an orgasm, then not allowing me. Continuing this over and over and over. Until finally I could take no more, screaming “please let me cum, please let me cum!” Then I put my feet on the floor, leaned forward and began riding him, not letting his slow down, and as he shot stream after stream into me, I came with his, both of us with a primal scream!

Looking at the clock, it was 5 PM! “Grant, we need to get ready for the dinner, so I need to go.”

Back in my room getting showered and dressed, I asked Jack how the day went. Perfect – it was a success.

“And I trust your day went well also”, he asked?

“Yes, I did what you asked Jack, and it was a very good day.”

Tuesday’s schedule was pretty much a repeat of the previous day. I was sunning myself in a secluded area, when Grant jogged past. Seeing me, he stopped, commenting on this being another beautiful day. “Any plans today Laine?”

“I have a last minute opportunity” I said. “A small 21-ft sail boat just became available because of a last minute cancellation. How about we take it out for a couple of hours?”

Within half an hour, we had the sail up and headed into the Gulf, feeling the breeze. Off shore we anchored and had a light lunch that I had packed, along with some great wine.

Taking him by the hand, I took him below deck. I untied my swim top, then pulled the bottoms off, stepping out of it. Looking in his eyes, I simply said “Fuck me Grant, please, fuck me right now.” I pulled his swim shorts off, wanting to see that cock that had given me so much pleasure yesterday. As

I had imagined, he was quite large, and still growing.

This time there was no foreplay, no starting slowly. He lifted me up and placed me on the edge of the bed, grabbed my ankles and thrust into my pussy, immediately sending shock waves through my body.

“Turn me over please please please” I asked, and he turned me over and was immediately in me. In rhythm of the waves rocking the boat he slammed into my pussy, his balls loudly slapping against me.

Orgasm after orgasm, moans and screams, bodies molded together. And somehow, after each cumming multiple times, we still managed one final orgasm together, holding so tightly we felt like one person, one explosion.

Taking a quick dip in the water to rinse off, we set sail and got back to the resort in time to get ready for the awards banquet.

I’m not sure what I must have looked like, but when I got to our condo, Jack commented “you look like you had a very good day Laine. Very good.” And I had.

The awards banquet was a rousing success. It looked like maybe Jack was going to pull this off.

Arriving back to our room late, Jack fixed us a drink and we went to the patio. After a few moments, he said “Laine, we did it. We got all the key accounts, and most of all, we got Grand Andrew’s account. We may not be able to buy that mansion on the Gulf yet, but we can sure buy one on the bayside!”

“I’m so proud of you Jack. I just had a very good feeling about this meeting.”

After a few moments passed, Jack held up his glass to mine, and said “Laine, I owe it to you. We both know what you did, and I owe this to you. Thank you.”

Jack took me to the bed, and we held each other as we went to sleep.

The next morning we had our guests driven to the airport. Either Jack or I rode with them. After the final group had been dropped off, Roberto took me back to the resort. As I was tipping him, he said, Here, I almost forgot. I believe these are yours?" In my hand he placed a pair of black thong panties, the black thong panties I had worn at the costume party, which I had lost when I had been fucked by a Roman Warrior…..


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