Affairs of a Life Ch. 03

Section 1

It had been a beautiful Midwest fall day. Jack and I spent the day at a car show with our 1965 Mustang, meeting many fellow car buffs. While in very nice condition, mine was not a show car, but rather a “driver”, because I got it on the road as often as I could.

We were heading to the airport, as Jack had an early Monday morning business meeting on the east coast. Stopping at the departure area, we hopped out of the car, he grabbed his bag from the trunk and kissed me on the cheek.

“Goodbye Laine, don’t forget to pick me up Tuesday!”

As I left the airport for the 45 minute drive to our home in the country, my mind started thinking back to the recent past. A virgin when we married at twenty, and totally faithful until thirty, I found myself thirty two years old, and had been with three different men in the past year and a half. I am not proud – that’s just how it happened.

It would be an understatement to say that Jacks appetite for sex was minimal, while mine continued to grow. Over the past few months I worked hard to improve our sex life, taking care to always look nice for him, seducing him and trying different techniques to help him last longer.

One month ago he allowed me to give him oral sex – the first time. Kissing his neck, his nipples and sliding down his stomach, I took his cock in my mouth. Slowly licking and sucking him, he did not last long as I held him tight, my husband cumming in my mouth for the first time. Just two weeks ago, I slid on top of him, taking his cock in my hand and inserting it into my pussy.

I have found that if I position myself just right, we can fuck for a little while before he cums. In either instance, this was an improvement, even though he typically was good for just a few minutes, and definitely only for one time. I always masturbated later.

About this time the Mustang began slowing down. Pulling over to the side of the road, I got out and looked under the hood, although I would not have known a problem if I had seen one. However, looking under the car, there was a puddle of liquid under the transmission.

“Great, stuck on the side of the road, so now what?”

Two cars went by, not even slowing down to see if I needed help. Then finally a motorcycle came by, and I recognized the rider as a guy that had stopped by to look at our Mustang at the show.

“Hello – Laine, is it, if I remember right? I’m Dale – we met at the show. From where I sit, it looks like your transmission fluid decided to run all over the road. If you hop on, I’ll take you to my brother’s shop – he has a tow truck and will take your car there”.

“Thank goodness you came by – I was pretty much stuck out here” I said.

Hopping on the motorcycle was not as easy as it sounded. It was a big bike for a big man, and I was wearing a short denim skirt. No time for modesty, I climbed on the bike as my skirt rode up to my hips. This was my first time on a bike, so I was somewhat anxious and hung on tight to Dale.

Soon I was into the rhythm, feeling the smooth vibrations from this big machine. Pressing myself closer to Dale, I became lost in the wonderful vibrating feeling between my legs. Pulling into the shop, I almost wished we could keep riding.

While Dale called his brother I went to the bath to freshen up, just then realizing that my panties were very wet.

“My brother, Sam, is on another run, but will pick up your car on the way back. Will probably be two to three hours.”

Then, without another word he leaned over and kissed me. Surprised, I pushed him back for a moment. Not to be stopped, he stepped forward, kissing me again, rougher this time, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Knowing that once again I would be unfaithful, my sexual feelings took over and I returned his kisses.

Still tingling from the bike ride, and my panties already wet, I quickly gave in to him. Then without a word he picked me up and carried me across the room, laying me down on my stomach across a desk. Behind me, Dale pulled my skirt up and took off my panties. Teasing me with just the head of his cock in me, I surprised him by slamming back into him, sliding his cock in me to the hilt.

“So are you going to do all the work little lady, he laughed” as he stood there with his hands on my hips.

Looking at the wall past the desk, something about the 1950’s pinup calendar mirror struck me funny, as I could see myself continuing to back against Dale’s cock. “Oh, oh please fuck me harder, fuck me harder” I cried! “I’m cumming, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Dale leaned further over me, riding me really hard now, pulling my head back by my hair. “Stay with me Laine, stay with me!” It seemed like he rode me forever, time became lost, when I felt him grow inside me. “Now Laine, now!” He exploded as I came, feeling like we were welded together.

Resting, Dale finally pulled out of me and stood. Standing me up and turning me around, he very slowly unzipped my skirt, slipping it off me; he unbuttoned my blouse very deliberately, kissing the tops of my breasts as they became exposed, then lifting the blouse off me; slowly, he unfastened my bra, gently kissing and caressing my nipples. Lifting me up by the hips, he set me on the edge of a counter.

“I want you in me again – please, please Dale!”

“Oh, you will get me again, no problem there ma’am!” Already hard, he leaned me back on my elbows raised my ankles on his shoulders and plunged his beautiful cock into my pussy!"

“Oh my God” I screamed over and over, as Dale fucked me through orgasm after orgasm! After what seemed an eternity, his cock began swelling and he froze as he shot into me, time after time!

Exhausted, he put his shirt around me and we sat on the couch, drinking a diet coke. We small-talked, about how the day had unexpectedly turned out, how he made me feel and how he enjoyed me, or to be more precise, how he “really enjoyed fucking me.” To which I replied, “well thank you, and I really enjoyed being fucked – ha!”

I had been absentmindedly stroking his cock with my hand, suddenly realizing he was hard again. Without a word, he lifted me up and set me down on him, my wet pussy immediately accepting his cock. I rode him and rode him, cumming time after time, until he stood up and exploded into me once again! Oh, I was loving this!

Dale offered to take me home after a short rest, or I could stay at his house next door, whichever I preferred. I decided, probably somewhat foolishly, chose to stay at his house. After a quick shower and dinner at a nearby diner, I went to bed, feeling so very satisfied

Sunday morning I woke to bright sunlight. I showered and realized that, apparently Dale had laundered and ironed all my clothes, and had them hanging neatly in the closet. Dressing, I went downstairs, where Dale was fixing breakfast.

“Hi Laine! I hope you slept well!”

Stretching, I assured him that I felt wonderful!

“If you don’t have other plans today, I thought we might take a bike ride – there are some beautiful waterfalls about 50 miles from here that you might enjoy!”

While not sure if I was quite ready for another bike ride – I was “pleasantly sore” from yesterday’s activities, this sounded like a wonderful way to spend the day.

So, after breakfast, we hopped on his bike and hit the road. Once again holding tight to him, I noticed he seemed to be even stronger than yesterday. “H’m – must have been that good workout I gave him” I laughed. The ride was beautiful, and noticing several appreciative glances, I realized that with my skirt once again up to my hips along with my thong panties, my butt cheeks were basically what one saw when behind us. Sexy little me!

Section 2

The waterfalls were gorgeous as Dale had promised! “How about a hike through the woods Laine”, he asked, and I was thrilled to continue this beautiful day.

After a couple of hours we came upon a little cabin, and inquiring, Dale told me it belonged to him. Entering, it was definitely a man’s decor, as you would expect.

Without a word, Dale unbuttoned my blouse, slipping it off my shoulders; removed my bra, skirt and panties. I made no effort to stop him. Somehow while doing this, he removed his own clothes, leaving no doubt that his cock was fully erect, and looking even more wonderful than yesterday.

Dale kissed me roughly, his tongue probing deep. Picking me up, he sort of tossed me on the bed, pulled me to the edge and plunged his cock into me, pinning my legs back to my head. He immediately started fucking me, pounding me so hard that his balls were slapping loudly against me. “My God” I screamed as his pace became quicker and quicker!

Within moments I came, while he continued fucking me hard and rough. With no warning he flipped my to my stomach, his cock still in me and never missing a beat. For the next three hours, Dale fucked me, used me, any way he wanted. Exhausted from continually cumming, and being filled with his cum, I lost all track of time.

When I woke, Dale was dressed and had a light dinner on the table. Showering and dressing, I enjoyed a bottle of wine with dinner, feeling totally satisfied. Dale, of course, had the good sense not to drink as he had to get us home safely. As soon as we were back at Dale’s house I immediately went to bed.

On Monday, the Mustang was repaired – it was just a leaking gasket. Dale suggested he follow me home to ensure there were no other problems, which sounded like a good idea.

On the way, I passed the waterfalls, and was nearing the spot where the cabin was located. Pulling off the road, I asked Dale if he would be up to another hike to the cabin. Of course, I knew just what I was doing – but could not help myself.

When reaching the cabin door, Dale asked “Laine, do you trust me?”

“Yes” I replied, not knowing where this might be heading, but knowing what I wanted one more time.

Before opening the door, Dale gently put a blindfold over my eyes, then led me into the cabin. He very slowly undressed me, taking time to kiss me in more places than I could imagine. Lifting me up he carried me to the bed, laying me down gently, then very softly tying my wrists to the bed.

“Dale, I’m not sure I want this, not having some control.”

His only response was to kiss my lips, then brushing his lips over my nipples, and the rest of my body. It was while kissing and sucking my pussy that I felt another set of lips on mine.

“What is going on” I asked, somewhat scared and somewhat excited.

“Just relax Laine, you will find much pleasure in the next few hours.”

And that is exactly what I found in the next few hours. With two of them, one was always hard, and I was fucked continually, cumming over and over, sometimes almost passing out as one would cum in my pussy as one was cumming in my mouth. They used me, and I enjoyed it – there is no other way to say it.

Finally, with everyone exhausted, the blindfold was removed. First I saw Dale, then the other man, who looked like his twin! It turns out that is exactly who he was – I had fucked Dale all evening on Saturday, then unknowingly fucked his twin brother Sam all day Sunday in the cabin. And they both had me all day today in the cabin. And, I had loved every minute of it……

Back home Monday night, I showered and went to bed, sore and exhausted but feeling wonderful. I was careful to set the alarm, remembering that I was to pick up my husband at the airport Tuesday. And for the first time, I felt like a whore…….


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