A Surprise Visitor


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Section 1

It started as an uneventful Saturday. My wife was out running errands after helping me with some yard work. Both kids were at work and wouldn’t be home for five more hours. I had just finished showering. Threw on a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts.

I walked downstairs to pour myself a cold drink. Captain and coke, with lots of ice. I had just sat in my chair when the Ring doorbell sound went off on my phone. I looked out the front window but didn’t see a vehicle in the driveway. When I opened the door, I was pleasantly surprised to see our new neighbor Traci.

Her and her husband had just moved in behind us a few months ago. We’ve exchanged some hello’s and very little small talk up to this point. However, my wife and her talked frequently when they were both outside in the yards. They seemed to be developing a nice friendship. I should mention Traci is very pretty.

She is a little taller than my wife, about 5'3", also a little thicker. I’d guess about 125lbs, but to be fair, she had a son about a year ago. I’ve heard her telling my wife how she was struggling to lose the extra weight since her pregnancy. Blonde hair, shoulder length and green eyes.

Most of her weight seemed to be in her hips and backside. She did not have big arms or belly, but her breasts were larger than my wife’s. I would guess a 36B.

I invited her in, letting her know my wife was not home. She thought to maybe hang out for a few minutes to see if she would be back soon. I offered a drink and she did not hesitate to accept. I poured her the same as me, just not quite as strong.

She immediately took a big gulp.

She took a seat on the couch, I returned to my chair.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“Yea,” she answered, “Just been a long few weeks.”

“Sorry to hear that,” I replied, “Work?”

“Work, home, Eric, all of it,” she said.

Eric? I thought to myself. Oh yea, that’s right, her husband. I’ve only seen and met him once. He didn’t seem like much of a talker.

“Is there anything I could help with?” I offered, asking genuinely.

She laughed at first, “No, probably not. I was just looking to vent with your wife. She seems to really understand what I’m dealing with.”

“Ahh, ok. Sounds like some marital issues,” I suggested.

“Yea, exactly,” she said strongly, before taking another big gulp of her drink.

I decided maybe I needed to take a gulp too.

“So, how’s the little guy doing?” I tried to change the subject.

“He’s good, he’s a handful,” she stressed, “My mom is watching him tonight, I needed a little break and Eric is gone for a guy’s weekend.”

“I see,” I said, “Well then drink up, let’s celebrate.”

We did an air toast and both of us took another long drink.

“When did he leave?” I asked.

“Last night,” she stated, “He’ll be back tomorrow night.”

Section 2

“Ready for a refill?” I somewhat joked.

“That sounds great!” she said excitedly.

I got up and collected her glass. I walked into the kitchen and filled our glasses with more ice. When I returned to my bar in the family room, I noticed she had changed her position on the couch.

Let me rewind a bit and share with you all what Traci was wearing when she showed up at my front door. She had on a royal blue halter top, black stretch or yoga pants, with all white nike tennis shoes.

Back to the current situation. I tried not to be too obvious, but I thought I noticed she was wearing two different colored socks. I only noticed this because she had kicked her shoes off and brought her socked feet up onto the couch. I poured us both equally strong drinks. I walked hers over to her.

I tried not to stare, but having such a strong foot fetish made it difficult. I’m also at a certain age in life where either I don’t care if I get caught looking, or sometimes even wanting to get caught looking at feet that I find attractive. She happily accepted her refill.

“Yea, I know,” she admitted, “I’m wearing two different socks.”

She then did a little toe wiggle that I absolutely appreciated. She must have saw me looking too long.

“Oh, haha,” I tried to recover, “I guess you are.”

“I was in a hurry this morning to get my son dropped off and meet my friend,” she offered.

“I’ve had those days before,” I tried to understand.

Her left foot was wearing a light gray sock, her right foot wearing a white one. What really intrigued me was how thin they seemed. I swear I could almost see right through them. I was willing to bet a large sum of money her toes were painted white.

I reluctantly took a seat back in my chair.

“What did you and your friend do today?” I asked, trying to hold a conversation so things would not feel weird.

“We went shopping,” she answered, “Like all day!”

“Oh wow,” I said surprised, “That sounds like a long day!”

We each took a drink.

“Yea, it really was,” she sounded tired.

“Well I’m sure you found something while you shopped right?” I pressed.

“Oh of course!” she smiled, “I actually found a few things I really liked.”

“Then it was worth it,” I encouraged.

We both took another gulp.

“Wanna see what I got?” she asked excitedly.

“Sure!” I played along.

“Here, I took some pictures of them,” she said, “I was sending them to Eric earlier.”

She then grabbed her phone and in a few seconds, turned it towards me. She was showing me a picture of her in a dressing room wearing a green dress. It was low-cut. Her left arm was sleeveless and it came up just above her knees. It was very pretty, and she looked great in it.

“That’s a beautiful dress,” I said. My eyes wandered, noticing those mismatched socks in the photo.

“Thanks!” she blushed, “We have a wedding to go to next month.”

“I love weddings,” I replied.

“Me too,” she agreed, “I love to get dressed up and go dancing!”

“Me too!” I said smiling.

We drank again.

She then thumbed through, showing me another picture. When I looked closer, it was a photo of her trying on a pair of tan, open-toe heels.

I tried to play it cool, “Those are nice.”

Section 3

“Just nice?” she asked me.

“I mean, they match that dress perfectly,” I stammered.

“Come get a better look,” she suggested, “I don’t think you can see good enough over there.”

I tried my best to not run over and sit next to her on the couch. Instead, I jokingly slow-walked the six feet, sitting to her left. She instantly held her phone up, close to my face.

Her feet looked perfect. That photo confirmed my earlier hunch that her toes were, in fact, painted white. She even had a toe ring on each of her second toes of each foot. My cock began to stir in my shorts.

“You’re right,” I said, “I couldn’t see how great those heels are from over there.”

“And my feet look cute in them too right?” she pressed, not taking her eyes off me.

“Oh definitely,” I stammered, “Very cute!”

I then took a big gulp. Traci did too.

“Did you find anything else?” I asked, trying to fight my growing bulge and change the subject.

“You know your wife told me you give a really good foot rub,” she said matter of factly.

“Oh is that right?” I teased.

“Yea,” she continued, “And my feet are sore from shopping all day.”

I took down the last bit of drink in my glass. Traci followed me.

“One more?” I offered.

“Does it come with a foot rub?” she teased.

“I suppose it could,” I said, feeling courageous.

“Then I’ll take it,” said Traci.

When I went to stand up, I made sure my hips were turned away from her so she didn’t see my excitement.

In the kitchen, I was questioning what I was planning on doing. What if my wife comes home? What if things escalate? I attempted to refill the ice, dropping several pieces on the floor. I heard Traci let out a little laugh. I readjusted my cock so it wasn’t obviously poking out.

I walked back in the room and she was now sitting sideways on the couch. Her legs were extended where I was just sitting.

“Make yourself comfortable,” I joked.

“Thanks,” she responded, “Should I take my socks off or leave them on?”

“You can leave them on,” I answered, “I’ll work them off as we get more comfortable.”

“Deal,” is all she said.

When I turned around with our glasses, she was smiling ear to ear. I smiled back. I walked much quicker this time, handing her her glass. She took it and drank almost half of it.

I set mine on the side table, readying myself to sit down. I gently took a hold of each of her ankles in my hands. I swung them to my left, sat down, then pulled them onto my lap. Before I got started, I grabbed my glass and took one more long drink.

I looked to my right, at Traci, and asked, “Ready?”

She just nodded, smiling. She was holding her glass with both hands., watching my every move.

I started with her left foot first, nearest me. I was lightly rubbing it through her gray sock. After a minute, my touch got a little firmer. I rubbed her arch, the ball of her foot, then her toes. Her foot felt almost the same size as my wife’s, and warm.

“What size are you?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“I wear a 6.5 or 7, depends on the shoe,” she said.

“I thought so,” I said softly.

“Sorry if they smell,” she added, “I’ve been in these shoes almost all day!”

“I can honestly say I don’t think they smell at all,” I said smiling at her.

Section 4

This was a true statement. Her feet did not have a bad scent. I would have thought walking around all day would have given her a little sweaty smell, but I wasn’t catching it.

“Ok good,” she seemed relieved, “I mean, my feet usually don’t smell. I just wanted to make sure.”

“I think I’m sure,” I teased, flinching my nose.

I carried on with rubbing her left foot through her sock. She was easing into it. After a few minutes I asked if she wanted me to remove her sock. She complied.

With my left hand, I put my finger inside the ankle band. I pulled it towards me, lowering the sock off her foot. Slowly, I revealed more and more of her bare foot.

Holding her heel with my left hand, I tugged at the toe of her sock with my right. All five toes and her naked sole were staring at me. I drank in that image in front of me as long as I could without trying to be obvious.

“Do you like my toe ring?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I answered, “It’s very pretty.”

“I like it too. This is the first time wearing them,” she carried on.

“Is it new?” I asked, beginning to rub her bare foot.

“I bought a few last year,” Traci replied, “I wanted to see how they would look with the dress and heels for the wedding.”

“You picked a good one, it looks great!” I complimented her.

“Aw thanks,” she said.

“Just like your feet,” I blurted, cutting her off.

I immediately wished I could have recalled those last words, but it was too late. Traci heard me loud and clear.

I appreciated that she did not get creeped out or pull her feet from my lap. Instead, we both sat quietly. I massaged her foot with determination. I wanted her to really enjoy it in hopes of asking me for another one again sometime. I think the mix of her drink and the foot rub had her really relaxed.

Traci broke the silence first, “Your wife was right. You are awesome at this.”

“Well thank you,” I blushed, “Lots of practice!”

We both laughed a little.

“Eric never rubs my feet,” she complained, “He actually thinks feet are gross.”

I acted shocked, but I knew lots of people that shared that same thought.

“Well, you can stop over anytime and I’ll give you one,” I joked.

“I don’t think your wife would like that!” she joked back, “But it does feel really good.”

I responded in a joking, yet serious manner, “I don’t think my wife would mind at all. If you only knew the half of it.”

Traci read my body language, taking a drink from her glass. I paused my foot rub to take a drink as well. I needed a quick breather to try to clear my head before I took this too far.

“Your wife has told me a few things,” she spoke, “Us girls like to talk.”

“Is that right?” I asked.

She nodded her head.

“And what has she told you?” I asked her.

“Your wife has told me what a loving and giving husband you are,” she said smiling, then taking another drink.

I noticed how she stressed the word ‘giving’.

My mind was now racing, curious to know exactly what my wife has told her.

Lost in thought, my hands moved faster and faster around her foot.

“Maybe it’s time to rub this one too,” Traci snapped me back.

She was waving her right foot in the air. It was no more than 6" from my face. I quickly hooked my pointer finger of right hand inside the ankle opening and pulled. Her little, white ankle sock was off. She held it up even after her sock was removed.

I took hold of it with my right hand and guided it down to my lap. I now had both of her bare feet on me.

I started to use both hands on this foot, trying to play catch-up. I kneaded my thumbs into her arch first, moving up to the ball of her foot. I gently rubbed and pulled each toe.

Section 5

“Do you like this toe ring too?” she asked me.

I think the liquor was making us both feel a bit more brave.

“I do,” I said, “I think any toe ring would look great on your feet.”

There, I said it. And I didn’t care.

“Can I ask you a question?” she said quietly.

Feeling good, I answered, “Ask me anything you want.”

Traci took another gulp from her glass.

“Do you ever get jealous?” she asked.

The look in her eyes told me she was genuinely curious.

I took a big gulp, then a deep breath before answering.

“I thought I really would,” I began, “But seeing her enjoying it so much…it actually really turns me on.”

Her question confirmed my wife had told her I like to share her with other men.

“That’s so hot,” Traci mumbled softly.

I shot an affirming smile her way. Then rubbed both of her feet simultaneously. My right hand on her left foot, my left hand on her right.

“I could get used to this,” she teased.

We sat quietly again for a few minutes. I noticed she closed her eyes briefly.

Traci opened her eyes, before blurting, “Eric wants to have a threesome.”

“That sounds like fun,” I said.

“Well he wants another girl,” she stated.

“Do you think that’s a bad idea?” I asked, then added, “I mean, it’s most guy’s fantasy.”

I could tell Traci was giving her response some thought.

“I don’t know,” she started, “What if he really likes it and wants more? Or what if he wants to just start having sex with other girls?”

I tried to calm her down, “You guys would have to have a good conversation about it,” I assured her, “Set the limits and be open with your feelings and desires.”

She seemed to appreciate my advice.

“You and your wife seem so happy and perfect for each other,” she said.

“Why thank you, I think we’re pretty happy with each other,” I replied.

“I’m sure my wife would be more than happy to talk about it with you and give more insight from the female perspective,” I added.

“Maybe she would be willing to do more than just talk,” she responded.

I laughed at that comment, now I was the one appreciating her words.

“I’m sure she’d be happy to help!” I laughed.

“Eric has told me how hot he thinks she is,” Traci told me.

“I agree, he’s got great taste in women,” I replied.

Traci slightly brushed my stiff cock through my shorts with her left foot. I wanted to believe it was an accident.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized quickly.

“Don’t be silly, it’s my fault,” I offered, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize,” she said, “What else did I expect if I asked you for the foot rub.”

“So I’m guessing my wife told you about this too?” I asked her, rhetorically.

“She did,” Traci confirmed, “Don’t worry, I’m flattered.”

She was now smiling at me.

I decided to see if she would go to the next level with me.

“Have you ever had someone kiss your feet before?” I asked boldly.

Section 6

“Once, back in high school,” she said, “It was at a party with a bon fire. He was a weirdo and it was a dare.”

“So then,” I teased, “Not like this…”

I lifted her left foot to my lips, placing a soft kiss on her arch.

“No,” she whispered.

“Or this…” I added.

With my eyes closed. I kissed the ball of her foot, causing my nose to touch her second toe. I kissed more of this area until my nose had touched each toe. I’m not sure if she caught it, but I would take a sniff of every toe as I did this.

When I opened my eyes, Traci was watching me intently, jaw open.

“Is that ok?” I asked softly.

She just nodded.

“Would you mind if I did this…” I asked.

I stuck my tongue out just slightly. I placed it on her heel, then drug it slowly up her arch, to her toes. I then did it a second time.

When I opened my eyes this time, her mouth had formed an ‘O’ shape. I didn’t ask again. I put my tongue back on her arch, then wiggled it side to side. Traci’s toes flexed in response. I moved down to her heel and put the whole thing into my mouth. As I sucked on it, my tongue massaged it.

I opened my eyes to see her bare sole staring at me. I was an admitted sole man, but the toes were a very close second.

Impressed to see not a single blemish, or any dry spots at all. Her toes were also perfectly aligned just how I prefer. Big toe and second toe were about the same length, then they got shorter and shorter until her little toe.

I ran my tongue up her sole again until I reached her toes. Her big toe was my next desire. I took it into my mouth quickly, swirling my tongue around and around it. I gave each toe an equal sucking. I even flicked my tongue between each toe gap.

This seemed to tickle Traci a bit.

After treating her little toe with my oral assault, I went back to her big toe. This time, I put it in my mouth along with her second toe. The one with the toe ring. I felt myself trying to loosen that ring, or even suck it off her toe. After a minute, I put the next three toes in my mouth at once.

Not wanting to go too far, I took a break. I opened my eyes and reluctantly pulled her toes from my mouth.

“Was that too much?” I asked.

Traci must have zoned out.

“Did I freak you out?” I asked, smirking.

“I’ve never had that done before,” she finally spoke, “I had no idea it would feel that good!”

“I’m glad you liked it,” I answered, “I have a whole other foot to do!”

“Please do!” she pleaded.

With her right foot, I started differently. This time I began with her toes, mixing light kisses and short licks on each one. My tongue covered every inch of her sole. It was shining with my saliva all over it. Her toes were glistening after I had sucked and licked on them for several minutes.

I then had one of my favorite things to do enter my mind. I turned to my right on the couch, facing her. I held both of Traci’s feet in my hands, just below her heels. Side by side, I held her feet as I examined her smooth, creamy, small soles. Pushing forward, I placed both soles onto my face.

Traci seemed to be enjoying the treatment. She wiggled and flexed her feet on my face. I kissed them in response.

Just then, I heard my Ring doorbell notification go off on my phone. I knew my wife was now home, but I was too worked up to stop now. Traci attempted to pull her feet from my face, but I was able to grab them with each hand and hold them in place.

“Please…stop!” she panicked, “I don’t want to disrespect your wife.”

“Trust me,” I said from between her feet, “She will not mind.”

I held onto her feet with both hands, pulling my face back. I started at the little toe on her right foot, then ran my tongue to my right until I reached the little toe on her left foot.

“Can you please stop?” she asked.

“Ok,” I said.

I licked each arch one last time before releasing my hold. Traci pulled her feet down, turning to sit up on the couch. She scrambled, picking up her socks as my wife walked into the entry door from the garage.

Section 7

She didn’t have time to put them back on, so she tried to slide her shoes on without them. I moved back to my chair, the hard-on still evident in my shorts.

My wife called out, announcing she was home. I could hear her flip flops slapping the bottoms of her feet as she walked swiftly into the kitchen.

I called out back, letting my wife know we had a visitor. Traci then announced herself.

My wife seemed happy she was over and came into the living room to join us. She smiled brightly, walking towards Traci. Traci stood from the couch to hug my wife. That’s when I saw she had not gotten her right shoe back on yet. Her toes were inside, but her heel was still sticking out.

I don’t know if my wife noticed or not, but after Traci, she came my way. Not able to get my hard cock to soften, I did not stand up. My wife leaned down, giving me a kiss and a hug. My cock twitched, knowing my mouth was just wrapped around Traci’s toes and soles only moments ago, and was now kissing my wife on the lips.

“What are you two up to?” my wife asked as she went and sat on the couch by Traci.

“We were just chatting, waiting for you to come home,” I answered.

“Yea,” Traci added, “I stopped over hoping to talk with you.”

My wife smiled at me, kicking her flip flops off. She pulled her feet up and tucked them next to her butt as she sat sideways on the couch.

“Did my husband at least be a good host?” she asked Traci.

“Oh, of course,” she slurred slightly, “He’s been great!”

“Oh good. Then let’s talk girl,” my wife replied.

I walked to the bar, trying my best to hide my stiff cock. I managed to mix my wife a drink. I walked it over to her and she thanked me.

I went into the kitchen to give them some space. They chatted for a few minutes. Traci was confiding in my wife what she had told me earlier. My wife seemed to echo the same response I did in regards to the threesome topic. I walked back into the living room.

“You should stay a while, get comfortable,” my wife told Traci.

Traci hesitated, but eventually slid her feet out of her sneakers again and tried to tuck them next to her, like my wife.

Not before my wife noticed her toe rings, “Oh, I like those!” she said, “Let me see them.”

Traci held her feet out in front of her, flexing her toes to show off her toe rings. I was looking from my chair, six feet away.

“Baby,” my wife called to me, " Aren’t these toe rings cute?"

I looked at my wife, then Traci’s feet, then my wife again.

“Very cute!” I said with a smile.

“Your feet look about the same size as mine,” my wife said, “Can I try one on?”

“Of course!” Traci said.

My wife quickly reached down to Traci’s left foot. Her fingers wrapped around the toe ring and slid it off easily.

My wife must have had a hunch.

“That slid right off,” she mentioned, “Are your toes wet?”

Traci blushed.

“Maybe her feet are a little sweaty,” I butted in.

“Hmm,” my wife wondered aloud, “Maybe.”

My wife then slid the toe ring onto her second toe, right foot.

“This ring feels wet,” she said.

Traci was speechless. I was grinning ear to ear.

“Baby,” my wife called to me again, “Does this toe ring look better on my foot or Traci’s?”

“Tough question babe,” I said, “Can I call a tie?”

My wife had noticed my shit-eating grin and knew we were hiding something.

Section 8

“You need to pick,” she teased.

After a few long seconds of silence, she added, “Or you can call it a tie if you tell me what I missed while I was gone.”

Traci looked at me nervously. I gave her a confident nod.

“I’d love to,” I teased back, “But I’d love it more if Traci told you.”

Traci’s eyes went wide with shock.

“Don’t worry Traci,” my wife said, “I won’t be upset.”

Traci took her last sip of her drink, then looked at my wife.

“Your husband gave me a foot rub,” she said.

“That sounds harmless,” my wife responded.

“And then he started to lick and suck my toes,” Traci said shakily.

“Oh, is that right?” my wife quipped.

“It is,” I answered, “And she seemed to really be enjoying it until you got home.”

“Wow,” my wife said.

“It felt really good,” Traci admitted.

“Do you want him to do it some more?” my wife asked her.

Traci hesitated to answer. My wife looked at me. I read her body language and responded. I got out of my chair and walked over. I knelt on the floor in front of Traci. Her feet were flat on the floor. I picked them up gently and held both feet up in front of my face again. I stuffed all five toes on her right foot into my mouth. Then all five on her left foot.

My sucking and licking was getting louder and sloppier. I could hear Traci breathing getting heavy. My wife stuck her feet out and ran them all over my face as I focused on Traci’s. I found it extremely sexy that my wife’s toes were also painted white.

“You know,” my wife broke the silence, “He’s REALLY good at eating pussy.”

Traci moaned loud enough to notice.

“Would you like him to eat your pussy?” my wife teased her.

Traci moaned again.

My eyes were shut, my feeling and tasting senses were in overdrive. After a few minutes, I pried them open. I watched as my wife’s left hand crept closer to Traci. Resting on her left thigh, then a little higher. Her fingers making small, circular movements.

I kept licking, sucking, and tasting every inch of Traci’s perfect feet. Her eyes never moved off what I was doing. Her mouth hung open.

I saw her eyebrows raise and I knew my wife’s fingers were between her thighs.

“You’re so wet!” my wife exclaimed.

Traci moaned again.

“I think my husband would like to taste that,” my wife suggested.

I reached for the waistband of her leggings while managing to keep her feet to my face. I tugged them down in a hurry. Traci lifted her hips, making it easier for me. Her little pussy looked beautiful. It was completely shaved, unlike my wife’s. I used my teeth to nibble her left arch before deciding it was time to give her some head.

I set her feet down over my shoulders and neared her pussy. When I got close enough, I gave it one long lick from the bottom to the top. Traci’s body jerked at the touch of my tongue. Then I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me just enough so half of her ass was hanging off of the couch.

I gave her pussy another lick. Her wetness tasted great. It was similar to my wife’s, but just a little sweeter. After a third lick, I found her swelling clit. I pinned it with my tongue, then made small circles around it. A few circles made and I put my tongue directly onto it. Left to right, left to right. My tongue moved back and forth rapidly.

Section 9

Traci started to moan already.

“Does that feel good?” my wife asked her.

“Mm-hmm!” she moaned.

Her pussy was getting very wet. I teased her clit on and off for the next minute. When I thought she was getting close to her first orgasm, I slowly slipped my middle finger inside her pussy.

Traci erupted immediately. Her fingers pulled at my hair, pulling my face deeper into her pussy. I lapped up every drop of her cum. I continued to toy her clit off and on as her climax subsided.

“Mm, that’s what he loves to do,” my wife spoke.

“Mmm,” Traci moaned, “That was incredible.”

“Have you ever given a footjob before?” my wife continued.

“No, I haven’t,” she whispered, “Will you show me?”

My wife motioned for me to stand up. I did. She then teased my hard cock poking through my shorts before pulling them down to my ankles. My cock sprang free. I stepped out of my shorts, kicking them off to the side.

I knelt back down in front of my wife. She extended her feet to my face. I licked her soles, making them nice and wet. Her feet lowered to my cock, placing a foot on each side. My wife began tugging my cock with her little feet. Her white painted toes looked so sexy, and still wearing Traci’s toe ring was making me harder than normal.

She was moving her feet slowly and firmly. I had to look away before I came too soon.

“Why don’t you get Traci’s feet ready,” she suggested.

I leaned left slightly, Traci raised her feet to me. I wanted to taste her perfect feet a bit more so I began licking and sucking them like I did earlier. Traci squirmed on the couch. Her left hand lowered to her pussy, as she played with herself. My wife stopped her.

She brushed her hand away and replaced it with hers. Traci threw her head back. I focused on her arches again, getting them ready to stroke my cock. Feeling like they were ready, I stood up. I took one step to my left and I was standing in front of her.

I lifted her feet with my hands and placed them around my cock. I began to fuck her feet slowly. Traci picked her head back up and started to watch. My wife fingered her clit faster.

Traci was moaning again.

My wife bent down and tasted her pussy from the side. She liked that. I let go of Traci’s left foot, it fell to the floor. With her right foot, I pinned my cock between my hips and her sole. I moved her foot up and down on the entire length of my cock. This allowed full access for my wife to her pussy. My wife moved in swiftly.

She was still fully clothed, besides her bare feet. Kneeling in front of me, licking our neighbor’s pussy as I fucked her foot.

Traci was getting ready to climax again. I stopped with the footjob and began to suck her toes. All four toes besides her big toe, were in my mouth.

She came again, covering my wife’s face with her juices. I kept licking and sucking her toes as she orgasmed. I could hear my wife loudly tasting her.

Traci began to come down again.

My wife wanted me to cum.

“Turn around on the couch,” she told Traci.

She did.

My wife helped place her on her knees with her soles hanging off the edge for me.

“He really loves the soles,” my wife exclaimed.

I knelt back down, positioning my cock between her feet. I pulled her feet together, sandwiching me between them. My hips instinctively began thrusting. My wife was now sitting next to Traci on the couch. She was watching me fuck our neighbor’s sexy feet. She egged me on.

“Fuck her feet baby,” she teased.

I moaned, starting to feel the tingle in my balls.

“Give those smooth soles all of your hot cum!” she ordered.

I was close now.

I bent forward and gave Traci’s bare ass a big kiss. Then I put a hand on each ass cheek and steadied myself. Traci made sure she held her feet together firmly for me. I spread her ass apart as I gave her soles a few more slow thrusts.

Section 10

I motioned for my wife to come closer, she did. We began to kiss passionately. She knows kissing is something that always makes me cum a lot. My right finger found Traci’s pussy from behind. Inch by inch, I pushed it inside her. Once it was fully inside, I pulled back. I began to finger-fuck her fast.

My wife and I still kissing deeply while I both fingered our neighbor and fucked her feet. I was ready to explode.

I thrust my cock faster between her soles, making it a little difficult to keep contact with my wife. The tingling was reaching from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my cock. I kept pumping as my first eruption left my body. It was so powerful it caused me to bend forward.

The next wave hit and I was able to get a hold of my cock and aim it at her soles. I jerked like a man possessed with my left hand. My right finger still working her pussy. Traci did a tremendous job of holding her feet still and presenting those perfect soles to me.

I grunted and groaned into my wife’s mouth until I was done shooting ropes of cum. Looking down at Traci’s soles, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much of my cum they were holding. Her arches had become a pool of my juice. There was also a mess that missed the target. Cum on the couch, her left calf, and now dripping from her feet to the floor.

My finger slowed to a stop in her pussy, holding it there. Traci sensing I was spent, began to push her hips back and forth. She was now fucking my finger, rapidly approaching another orgasm. My wife moved back to the couch, next to our neighbor.

Traci turned her head to my wife, begging to be kissed. She played along. My wife and neighbor now kissing passionately as she continued to ride my finger. When she slid forward far enough, I adjusted so she would take two fingers. My middle and ring finger now sunk deep inside her sopping wet pussy. Traci came after the fifth time rocking back and forth.

I pulled my fingers free, letting her squirt. Her juices landed on my cock, her soles, and dripped onto the couch.

“Oh fuck!” Traci screamed, “That was unbelievable!”

“Maybe it’s time to talk about that threesome,” my wife said smiling.

I smiled too.

“I would love it if you would be part of our first one,” Traci panted to my wife.

“I’d love that too,” my wife replied, “After all, you took such good care of my husband.”

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