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my wife and I have always wanted to go to a nude resort when they have porn week. we always liked watching porn movies and thought it would be fun to be at a resort while the porn stars are there. one day several years ago my wife was looking at one of the Caribbean erotic resort web pages and noticed that they were hosting porn week in a few months. then she said to me, “they are having a contest and giving away 10, 1 week, all expenses paid trips to their resort during this week”.

she asked me if she should enter. I told her, “why not?” I figured it was a waste of time, but thought it couldn’t hurt to enter. a few weeks went passed and I actually forgot about it, but one day my wife was looking through our mail she just picked up and I here her say, “we won, we won”. I asked her what we one. she told me we were one of the 10 lucky people to win one of the free weeks at the erotic resort during porn week.

then I heard her say, “hmmm, interesting”. I asked her what the catch was because I figured there was a catch. she said, “no nothing like that, in addition to the free week they are also giving these 10 winners a chance to audition to be in a real porn movie”. I said, “really, would you like to do that?” she then said, “I don’t know, it might be fun.” I was surprised to hear her say that.

she enjoys sex immensely and even enjoys being watched but I never really thought she would enjoy being in a porn movie. but she seemed to really be excited about this so we agreed we’d sign up for the audition. she called and made all the arrangements. they told her we’d receive further instructions about the audition once at the resort. as time approached for our trip I could tell my wife was getting more excited each passing day thinking about our adventure.

she seemed to be even more horny than usual during the few days before our departure. her orgasms seemed more intense and she was more than ready to have sex 4 or 5 times a day. I figured it had to be the thoughts of the trip that had her so horny and that was fine by me. finally the day arrived. we boarded our plane and was on our way. as we rode on the plane I was getting hard thinking about the week ahead.

I figured once push came to shove and my wife got in front of the cameras she would back out of actually performing, but this was a clothing optional resort and I saw some of the clothes my wife packed for herself for the trip so I figured there’d be more than enough stimulus to get us both excited to ensure some great sex regardless of what happened with the audition. once at the resort and we checked into our room the desk clerk told us where to go to get more info on the audition. the people were very nice.

they explained everything really well. they told us that the audition would be taped but there would only be one copy made and that copy would be given to us to do with as we wish. they told us out of the 10 winners 2 would be selected to participate in some scenes for an actual movie. they told us if we were selected we would be given a release form to sign giving them permission to use the footage and we would also be given a sum of money for performing.

then they told us our audition time would be 3pm the next day. they told us we would be working with another man and woman, both of whom had been in the business for several years. they told us to arrive around 2pm to meet these actors and receive more instructions on the audition. we agreed to be there and to be ready. we really didn’t know what to expect, but my wife seemed really excited about doing this and it seemed to really turn her on thinking about it so I was good with it.

I still felt once we got there and she realized she was being filmed she’d be too shy and wouldn’t want to do it, but we’d see. as we prepared to go for dinner my wife was really getting into the atmosphere of the resort. she slipped into one of her sexy revealing club dresses. it was cut very short, had an open back, had deep plunging neckline, and was made of a very sheer material.

her boobs and large nipples were visible through the thin material as was her tiny g string. I got an instant erection looking at her. she smiled and told me we’d take care of that after dinner as she looked right at the bulge in my shorts. I told her we could take care of it now and then again after dinner. she laughed and then told me she was hungry and I could wait. as we sat and dined with many other mostly naked people I could feel my cock grow rock hard again as I couldn’t keep my eyes off my almost naked wife as she displayed to the other guests her great body.

I could see many other guys and a few women checking her out and this got me even more turned on. then I thought how much I am going to enjoy, if she actually goes through with it, watching my wife audition for a role in a porn movie and how much fun I’d have auditioning for a role myself. I was so horny, I couldn’t wait to get back to the room to fuck my wife.

once we finished dining I could tell my wife had the same thoughts as me as we didn’t waste anytime sitting around talking to each other. we hurried back to the room and ripped each other’s clothes off and had a great evening of wonderful sex with each other. after we satisfied each other multiple times we both got showers and went to bed. the next morning after we ate breakfast my wife said to me, “we better both trim up”. I agreed.

we both shaved ourselves regularly but we wanted to be clean shaven for the audition. after my wife shaved herself she asked me to double check to see if she got all the stubble. she did a great job, her pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. she then checked me and told me I was good to go. as the 2 o’clock hour approached I could feel myself getting a bit nervous. I was worried about my wife and here I was feeling some jitters and she seemed fine and ready.

The audition was in a private outdoor pool setting where only the 2 porn stars and the filming crew were aloud to be. once we arrive at the shooting location we were introduced to the 2 porn stars, Ken and Jenny, who we’d be working with. they were both wearing short bathrobes and I assumed nothing else under them. they seemed very nice and very friendly. Jenny was a blond beauty with a great tan who I could tell even through the robe had a great set of tits.

I had no idea what we’d be asked to do but I was very turned on by thinking about the prospects of fucking her as I could feel my cock grow in my shorts. I could tell my wife was attracted to Ken by the look on her face as she talked with him. the director then came over to us and told us we should just relax and do what comes natural. he said he’d give us some direction, but the actors would help us along. he then told us to get undressed.

as I watched my wife pull up her shirt to remove it over her head her large boobs popped out as she wasn’t wearing a bra. her nipples were already large and puffy and I could tell she was horny from talking to Ken. she seemed ready for this, but I still figured she’d back out at some point when the cameras started rolling. then I watched as she removed her shorts revealing her tight ass and baby smooth pussy as she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

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    Love the story I’d be interested in watching her movies
    Where can I find them

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