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A Special Feature Story: Accidental Hotwife  4.6/5 (66)

If you’re someone who reads a lot of cuckold and hotwife stories on the web, then you might have also developed some high “standards” for what you consider a truly “hot story”. In that case, I have something for you.

I came across a 149 page hotwife story on Amazon which I found to be a very entertaining and satisfying read. I reached out and contacted the author asking him if he’d be willing to feature an exclusive and extended excerpt from it right here on the site so you can get an idea of what it’s about. He graciously agreed.

What follows is an exclusive and extended excerpt of the hotwife story Accidental Hotwife: An Erotic Interracial Adventure. Give it a read and see what you think!

[Author's note: Accidental Hotwife is the story of a couple's journey to their first hotwife experience. Jon and Cheryl started out playing a "flirting with strangers" game. Jon enters a bar and finds a secluded seat where he can remain inconspicuous. Cheryl enters afterwards and flirts with guys at the bar. They find they both get turned on by this, and it charges their sex life tremendously.

But one night while waiting for a table at a restaurant, Cheryl unexpectedly gets hit on by a tall dark and handsome professional athlete. She glances back across the room to her husband who motions for her to continue.

As it turns out Cheryl's getting really turned on by the stranger Dante's masculinity. When he invites her to join him in his hotel suite, Cheryl texts her husband who encourages her to take this as far as she feels comfortable.

Jon then rushes off to get a room at the same hotel, arriving only minutes before Dante and Cheryl drive up in Dante's Bugatti. To his chagrin, Jon ends up checking into a room directly adjacent to Dante's suite, and watches from the hallway as his lovely wife disappears inside...]

“Hmmmm. Let me see…” The clerk looked at his screen. “Yes, I do have a room available on the 7th, room 720. It’s actually right next to one of our suites. Would you like that one then?” he asked.

“Yes, that’ll be fine. I’ll take it,” Jon said as he got out his credit card and handed it to the clerk.

“Thank you sir, If you will, please fill this out, and I’ll get your room keys. Will there be anyone else with you?”

“Yes,” Jon replied as he hurriedly filled out the form. “My wife may join me later.” At that thought, Jon felt a bulge growing in his pants again, but willed it to go away.

He finished filling out the form, and slipped it back to the clerk.

“Thank you sir, and may I be the first to welcome you to the La Playa!” the clerk smiled graciously. “There’s a complimentary buffet in the morning, and this voucher entitles you to a free drink in our lounge, which is just down the corridor to the right. And… here is your parking pass. Please be sure to leave it visible on the front dash of your vehicle. Do you need help with your bags?”

Just at that moment, Jon looked over and saw a black and red Bugatti pull up front. A valet rushed over as the doors opened, and there was his wife Cheryl, in the passenger seat.

There was that tidal wave of emotions again! Jon stood frozen, unsure for a moment what to do. The rapid swelling in his pants reminded him. There was no time to waste!

“No thanks,” Jon answered as he grabbed the key cards, voucher and parking pass from the clerk. “I’m just going up to the room for now.” He turned and walked quickly toward the elevators, which were just around the corner.

Even though he knew in his mind it made no difference, Jon couldn’t help but push the elevator button about a dozen times. “Dammit! Why are these things always slow to come when you really need them?”

He could hear the two of them were coming. There was the familiar staccato of Cheryl’s fuck-me pumps on the marble floor of the lobby. Jon recognized her gait echoing along the hallway. He felt sheer panic rising with nowhere for him to disappear to!

They were just around the corner when the elevator door opened! Jon quickly slipped inside, frantically pressing the 7 and then the close door button repeatedly. His heart was racing!

Thankfully, the doors began closing, but Jon’s heart skipped a beat when a large black hand shot in between the doors. They jerked, and opened again.

In stepped Cheryl, along with her date. Jon swallowed hard, and tried to somehow vanish into the corner of the elevator. There was an instant lump in his throat to match the one in his pants. His wife hadn’t seen him yet, but the player nodded in his direction and said, “seven, please.”

Jon swallowed hard. “Already got it,” he answered.

Cheryl’s eyes shot up the moment she heard Jon’s voice, and she blushed from head to toe. She felt both a mixture of shock and relief to see her husband there. Shocked, because frankly it was so unexpected; yet relieved, because here was an opportunity for him to speak out, and stop what was about to transpire in its tracks.

If he wished, anyway.

Cheryl secretly hoped he wouldn’t, but she knew she’d absolutely call it quits if he did.

She looked at Jon intently for a moment. He smiled sheepishly in her direction, and nodded without saying anything.

He felt entirely flushed and shaky himself. The waves of emotion were still crashing about, plus there was the added rush of adrenaline from the current situation.

But there was also that tent in his pants which was nigh impossible to hide.

Cheryl saw it, and made her decision. Maybe Jon planned this, she thought, and wanted her to give him a show.

She was determined to give him an epic performance. After all, this was a fantasy for the two of them, together.

She looked at Jon with burning embers of love in her eyes, licked her lips ever so slightly, and winked.

“Hey, I know you,” Dante said. “You got that table back at the bar.’

Jon smiled. “Yeah, that was me. I got the table…looks like you got the girl though.” He nodded toward Cheryl.

Dante chuckled and slipped his arm around Cheryl’s waist, then slipped his hand down to pat her bottom.

Cheryl’s blush deepened. But then she did something that drove that elevator encounter right over the top.


  • Edward Green

    Reply Reply April 23, 2018

    Oh my goodness that IS a HOT story! Yes, love the tension that builds up. I would love to know if he starts fucking her right by the door so hubby can hear.

    • Kael

      Reply Reply July 15, 2019

      Spoiler or Easter egg?. Hubby is indeed standing on the other side and listening to every noise Cheryl makes as she presses against the door while Dante fucks her.

  • Fernando garcia

    Reply Reply May 14, 2018

    Oh yes…my favorite fantasy..that I want to become reality…we are a married couple she is white voluptuous..little dick teasing slut wife that can’t get enough cock..she is 40 y.o. Z5 Ft 4 in. White soft skin blond and hella horney..and loved to sleep around … always teasing my friends or strangers with her sexual comment.her 40 dd tits. And always puts herself in the view of some male…stranger or worker. Or neighbor…in the beginning she would cheat behind my back ..deny it till the end..and always blamed me that I was too jealous and imagineing things..then one day after her last slutty encounter with a friend’s nephew..I very bluntly told her I saw what I saw and that …I would forgive her and accept her slutty loose ways if she would come clean..and stop making me look like a fool to everyone else since it was known by others she was fucking different guys..while I was at work..or secretly meeting them at their place in our complex..after sending me to the store for something and then leave as soon as I left..desperately rushing over to their place…I knew what she was up to and I really loved her dearly and was very turned on by the fact that she was fucking other men behind my back..I really was…and I really knew why she was and understood her and forgave her for her actions.I knew I had a lot of the blamed for always suggesting this fantasy in bed with her ..knowing it turned her on…more than I thought and the reason why the deceit was she loved me also..and didn’t want to hurt me with the realizing in her wildest dreams that I would understand and was willing to accept her that way..and if she choose to sleep around..then she could..with who ever and wherever she wanted….that I only wanted to be aware ….when ..who..and where she was going to fuck the guy she choose..After I made it clear to her and explained how much I love much I’m to blame..and that it really turned me on to think of another man cock …giving her total satisfaction in the bed..where I realized I couldn’t do that…And after we talked…cried ..and she made it very clear she loved my cock…but that it didn’t satisfy her sexually..That she needed more…more cock..bigger..longer..especially thicker..( that girth in a cock meant everything to her and that is what she needed from a man ..and also a man with stamina..a multi cummer. A man that could fuck her into a ” multi orgasms ‘ to fuck her into totalb sexual exhaustion..and satisfaction..leaving her totally satisfied…sweaty…weak..her pussy stretched open …dripping of cum..swollen and ? Also her ASShole oozing from cum… putting a smile and ready for a good night sleep….she referred to it as “getting picked doen’. Being fucked like a rock star..useing her body for his sexual satisfaction…,I already knew what she needed..and how serious and determined to get it..I told her I really understand and forgive her..and that I’m okay with what she wants and who she wants to fuck..on her dick teasing ..and I would not put a limits or have any say so to what she decides..that I didn’t want to be without her and if I had to share her with they could satisfy her..that I understood and had the choice to end the relationship
    ..since she admitted that she was not going to stop….and ih choose to stay to be aware of what I’m agreeing too..cuz she was definitely going to fuck someone else in the near future..and as much and how she choose..I agreed..and. My life as the unfulfilling husband started and I learned to accept it and really enjoyed watching her. Act like a slut a white in front of me and really was turned on by the sight of other men with big thick long lasting cocks pounding her pussy and asshoke bareback..making her have multiple hard intense orgasms over and over…time passed and she was very serious on satisfying her sexual need on a regular basis.. sometimes daily . I learned to live with the humiation..and embarrassment of I couldn’t satisfy her in bed and had to be understanding about sharing our bed if she decided to bring a man over..and if she decided to have him spend the she could fuck him in the morning before he left to work and sometimes come back the same day after work so she could get more of his satisfying cock..and was not shy about getting me know how much she lived it and wanted his cock in her pussy and how she craved his cum she could swallow all of it…And that really turned me on..and finally made me realize who I am and what I want..need and ….ishe always brought up the senaio of the three of us..a well endowed lover ..and us in bed and I would satisfy him orally or anyway sexually…and honestly that turned me on a lot but never pursued it..only alone watching porn..jacking off I’m my room alone while she was the point of having men come over to let me suck their cock and even fuck me if they choose to..which is what I wanted..then the day came when a guy she had been fucking decided that he wanted me to suck his cock and wanted to fuck me in my ASS..After confessing to me that she had spied on me and heard my conversations.. they she had watched me as guys would pick me up or come over and spend time with me alone. And had planted a spy cam in our bedroom connect Ed to her phone so she watched the two of us..having sex and ne sucking their cocks and them always fucking me in my ASS and how much I enjoyed how I would dress up in panties and slutty clothes for them and how I really was comfortable with that..also that it turned her in a lot to see me being a little sissy boy slut. Who submitted to my male visitors and their sexual she was going to share ne with her lover and that was that.

  • jack hayes

    Reply Reply August 10, 2018

    very very exciting story i would have loved to finish it so descriptive grabbing her by the butt

  • Kelly Kute

    Reply Reply December 6, 2018

    It was great.

  • Kael

    Reply Reply July 6, 2019

    This was the first cuckold story I’ve read and it was enjoyable in so many ways. The author describes perfectly the mixed emotions, the doubts, the urges of a cuckold husband and even described accurately the ice cold almost painful knot in my stomach when fantasy becomes reality.
    My true story began when a fierce rainstorm made driving so hazardous that we decided to park and wait it out. We sat in our car parked in a lay-by, listening to a chat show host interviewing not cuckolds, but cross dressers!.
    The beginning to everything that would follow on for years later was when one of those interviewed spoke of all of us harboring secret fantasies but were too afraid or unable to share and be open about their secret sides to our partners. As the interview continued and without much thought, I simply mentioned that many men dreamed of sex with more than one woman – to which she innocently replied that women had much the same fantasies about having more than one man.
    Before I could hesitate, I seized the moment and asked her if she would have sex with someone else, another man. The long, long silence that followed was like waiting for test results.
    We sat, neither of speaking and I thought of ways to make my question seem other than a question I wanted to know the answer to.
    Suddenly, just as she had before, she broke the silence and said “I don’t know”.
    There was only a brief silence before she spoke again “it’s impossible to know what I’d feel without being in that position”.
    It was almost a year later when, just as in the story, we were presented with someone who without any prompting, made it quite obvious that he wanted to fuck her. The flirting started. Not merely strangers but even family members and friends, both men and women and even couples came on to us.
    It was as though she had “hot wife” written on her forehead. The more they flirted and teased, the more sexy she dressed and looked. This in turn then led to more of both.

    I read a remark by someone who described being a cuckold as both exciting and heartbreaking. Compelled by an uncontrollable urge that demands allowing others to fuck the one person that means everything yet frightened of losing her. Being cuckolded was so sexually arousing for both of us.

    • Al

      Reply Reply June 13, 2020


      I would like to learn more about your experience

      I am a married man and we and started talking when we are intimate about role playing my wife being with other men

      If possible, to learn about your experience and see if we are heading in the same direction



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