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I guess we’re not the first married couple to have separate bedrooms, especially after being married for 27 years, having two grown children, and three grandchildren, with a fourth on the way. Luanne has put up with my snoring for years, and now that we have the house to ourselves, she sees no reason why she should miss quality sleep or have to insert ear plugs every night. So for the past eight months, I have been sleeping in our son’s old room while Lu enjoys the king-sized bed in our master bedroom. Not that I mind; I could always sleep anywhere and through almost anything. My wife tells everyone that I would have missed both of our children’s late-night births if she hadn’t thrown water on my face to rouse me. “Even my screams of agony couldn’t wake the man!” I always counter that she is hyperbolizing . . . but not by much.

At first I was embarrassed to no longer be sleeping with my own wife. I hated for anyone to find out that we now had separate bedrooms, but she was so grateful that the embarrassment soon faded. In fact, I guess as a way to show her gratitude, Lu often came into my bedroom early in the morning to start my day with an early-morning round of sex. That had not been a part of our routine for years, but now I often woke up to find her pussy firmly planted on my face. Mmmm, the breakfast of champions! Sometimes I would eat her to orgasm, followed by a nice, slow fuck, but usually she would place herself in a 69 position so we could please each other orally simultaneously. Lu said she loved how naughty it felt, slipping into “another man’s bed” immediately after leaving her own. If all it took was sleeping in another room to reenergize our sex life, then I was all for it!

So as the dinner party that Saturday was winding down, I didn’t mind at all letting the group know that I would be turning in to my room soon, as I had struggled through a long week. The gathering was to celebrate Luanne’s younger sister, Bethany, moving back to the area, (well, within a two hours’ drive, if that’s the same area). Bethany had come down for a couple of days with her new boyfriend, Quinten, (she had been divorced twice already) and was joined by two other women, and their husbands, who had all grown up together. The sight of seeing the four ladies enjoying each other’s company was at first exhilarating, but after a few hours the thrill of listening to their nostalgia wore thin. I could see the other husbands were feeling like I was, and I wasn’t overly surprised to hear the party breaking up shortly after I made my way toward the back of the house. I heard two cars leaving shortly after I lay down on my bed, and I could hear Quinten’s footsteps in the hall. I figured he had plans for sleep while the two sisters continued to reminisce. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

An hour later, I was still not asleep. This was very unusual for me, but not surprising in the circumstances. I had twisted my neck while doing some yard work that morning, and had been trying to ignore the discomfort all evening. Unfortunately, now that I was laying on it, the throbbing was getting worse. Eventually, I couldn’t take it any more. I decided to get up and find some pain reliever. I normally hated to take any type of drugs, but I wasn’t going to sleep without some type of help. Cursing silently, I got out of bed, threw on my robe, and quietly opened the bedroom door.

Immediately, I could see that the guest room door was closed and no sound emanated from within. I assumed at least Quinten was asleep already. Curious to see if my wife and her sister were up, I walked quietly down the hall to the closed door to Lu’s room. I expected to hear the soft voices of the two women. Instead, I was stunned to hear a woman’s soft, rhythmic groan and the repetitive slapping sound of flesh against flesh. Obviously, Bethany and Quinten were fucking in my old bedroom! What I couldn’t figure out was why? Why was my wife allowing that to happen? Where was Lu? Was she watching? I had to admit, the idea of watching turned me on. Bethany had a great body, short, but amply curved in all the right places. Her breasts were much bigger than Lu’s, and I found myself turned on by the thought of seeing them swinging back and forth while her boyfriend fucked her from behind.

I went back down the hall and slipped out the sliding glass door onto our back patio. I crept through the backyard toward the rear of the house, hoping the picture window would not have the blinds pulled, or at least would be cracked up so I could hear what was happening. To my good fortune, (or so I thought at the time) the window was wide open, letting the sounds of love-making fill the yard before I got near enough to see. It was clear that Bethany was greatly enjoying the fucking she was receiving, because her groans were now becoming half-screams. From the light flowing out of the window, it was clear that the blinds had not been pulled, and I could see that I was going to have a great view to this fucking. I actually opened up my robe in anticipation.

What I saw when I looked through the bedroom window for the first time stunned me! Luanne, my wife, was astride Quinten, riding his rigid cock with a passion exemplified by her rising screams. Each time she slammed down on him, she was yelling “YES!” or “FUCK!” nearly at the top of her lungs. Her voice was now filling the yard, and if any of our neighbors had their windows open they had to think we were having the wildest sex of our marriage. (When Lu screeched “It’s so good, Quinten!”, anyone within hearing distance must have realized that our sex life was not quite what it appeared.) Almost more shocking than watching my wife getting fucked by another man, however, was the sight of my sister-in-law furiously masturbating in a chair right next to the bed! Her nude body was directly facing me, and as I stared into the room, her delectable breasts heaved wildly as one hand played with her right nipple as the other furiously manipulated her clit. Bethany was actually getting turned on by sharing her lover with her sister!

Any other time, I wouldn’t have been able to take my eyes of the sight of my luscious sister-in-law pleasuring herself. Right now, however, I found I could only focus on my wife. She had exhausted herself from her wild ride on Quinten’s cock, and had collapsed against his chest. After letting her rest for a few moments, he rolled her over on her back, never letting his cock slip out of her, and began to fuck her in a slow, circular manner. As Lu began to recover, and her moaning began again, he began to draw his cock further out of her pussy with each stroke, then slide it slowly back in again. This went on for several minutes until my wife began to beg, “Fuck me, Quinten! Fuck me hard! I want that big cock in me!” Quinten turned toward Bethany, and said something I couldn’t hear. Bethany laughed, and said “Well, you heard her, Quin. Give her a sample of the kind of fucking that I get on a regular basis!”

That’s just what he did. He started slamming in and out of her like a piston in a combustion engine. Though he occasionally mixed in some slow, deep strokes, essentially he banged away at my wife’s cunt with a manic fury for at least 15 minutes! The guy’s stamina was amazing! The entire time, Lu kept urging him on, saying what a great fuck he was, and “what a lucky bitch” her sister was. I couldn’t believe that my wife could stand the punishment; usually she claims to be satisfied after one orgasm. Yet here she was after several loud orgasms clamoring for more. Even more surprising was the fact that from my still-open robe a rock hard erection was sprouting. I was turned on seeing my wife getting well and truly fucked right in front of me! As I watched I started jerking off, and I was actually disappointed when I heard Quinten saying he was going to cum. I wasn’t ready yet, and as my wife urged another man to “cum in my cunt! Fill me up, Quinten!” I found myself being frustrated that I wasn’t able to cum also. Imagine that! I wasn’t angry that my wife had cheated on me in our own house; I was upset that I hadn’t been able to finish masturbating before they were finished!

When Quinten disengaged from my wife, Bethany joined her on the bed, and brushed Lu’s hair off her sweaty, flushed face. Laughingly, she teased Lu, “Well, is he better than Reggie, or not?”

“Oh, my god, Bethie,” my wife gushed, “it’s not even close! Reggie never gets me off by fucking me! Christ, Quin” she added, looking at her lover who was now resting on the chair, “you got me off four times! Thank you!”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure!”

“Mine too, Sis!” Bethany interjected. “Shawn said you were a firecracker in bed, and I always wondered if he was just saying that to tease me.”

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