A Pleasant Spring Walk

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Section 1

We were out for a camping trip together in the forest about an hour away from our home. It was something we liked to do now and again on our weekends for a change. The spring nights had finally started to warm up, so we’d decided to go for our first trip of the year.

There’s nothing like walking through the countryside in the warm spring sun after a long miserable winter. And there’s nothing like the spring sun to persuade lovely young women like my wife to peel the winter layers off, revealing the soft white flesh that’s been hiding beneath.

I was enjoying my day immensely. The blossom of the trees filled the air with their lovely scent, and the bright flowers were blooming in the fresh green grass beside the path as we walked.

But it wasn’t just the spring warming my blood. I had let my gorgeous other half lead the way, leaving me free to admire those silky white legs. They were rooted in her sensible earthy boots, but reached up into the blue denim sky of her mini-skirt, which was tightly hugging that soft gropable bottom of hers.

I was glad I had decided to stay quiet as we left the house that morning. There had been a brief conversation inside my head that went something like:

“Oh, she’s really not dressed for hiking. We should really tell her to put on some sensible-”

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.”

I smiled at myself as I remembered the thought, and grinned even wider as she lifted her leg over a style, briefly revealing her red underwear.

“What are you grinning about?”

“That’s lovely underwear you’ve got on. The lace trimmed ones you know I like.”

She smiled a coy smile at that.

“Don’t get any ideas. They’re just the only ones I had when I was getting dressed.”

“Oh, you only had your sexiest matching underwear set left? How unfortunate.”

Another tight-lipped smile at my sarcasm.

“Oh these are my sexiest are they? You don’t like the green ones?”

I paused for a moment, remembering her crawling down the bed to me wearing the black and light green corset and stockings. The sight of the black laced garter straps pressed into the soft cheeks of her bottom either side of the matching g-string disappearing between, as she lowered her warm mouth onto my-

“Stop that. I know what you’re thinking about.”

I blinked innocently.

“I was thinking that the green set might be a little impractical.”

“Oh really.” she smirked, looking meaningfully towards the bulge protruding towards her.

“Oh that’s just because I’ve been checking you out all morning, fantasising about what I’m going to do to you later.”

She rolled her eyes playfully and carried on through the field on the other side. Leaving me to struggle over the fence with my larger bag and uncomfortable bulge.

A mile or two, many ‘accidental’ gropes, and a couple of brief heated kisses later, we stopped for a break. It wasn’t lunchtime yet, but my other half was feeling tired already.

“My bag’s heavy.” she pouted.

“Should we swap?” I joked.

“Yours isn’t *that* much bigger than mine.”

“Are you saying you want me to take some more of your stuff?” I said, eyebrow raised while stood in front of her.

“Maybe just my sleeping bag?”

I paused to look down at her sat on the log, the cute helpless damsel-in-distress pouty look on her face. I stepped towards her, parting her legs with mine, and looked down at her objecting expression.


“What’s it worth?” I smirked, my bulge at her face level.

“Not that much!” she replied, eyebrows raised in amused objection.

I took a moment to appreciate her lovely form: Her legs spread open, pushing her skirt high enough for me to see her underwear. The white straps of her top with the red bra straps peeking out from beneath, and the curves of her cleavage leading down out of sight.

I could see her expression change as I pushed my fingers back through her soft hair, to cup her head from behind. She quietly hissed my name in a half-stern way, but the breath through her parted lips and flushed cheeks made me want to take my chances.

As I reached for my zip I heard the sound of footsteps on the path behind me. Judging my her wide eyes, she had too. I stepped back as her legs snapped back together.

“Hello!” I said somewhat too enthusiastically as I turned, hoping that my tented jeans wouldn’t catch their eye.

As it turns out, I noticed it was my other half that had been catching the man’s eye as he looked up and smiled back. He stopped to chat with us for a while, and I’m pretty sure it was his more than casual glances making her face flush more than it already was.

After some forgettable small-talk he wandered on. He seemed nice enough, although a bit distracted. He was probably thinking the same inappropriate things about her as I was only a few minutes before.

As we set off, I mentioned his attention teasingly to see what she’d say:

“I couldn’t keep from looking at it, so I wouldn’t surprised if he got the wrong idea!” she exclaimed.

“What? Looking at what?”

“The bulge in his trousers when he was talking to us! I couldn’t believe he wasn’t embarrassed or anything.”

This was news to me! I’d been so distracted by my own bulge at first and his eyes' attention to her later, that I’d completely missed it.

“He had an erection to whole time??”

“Well, no, not at first.” she said, looking down.

“He got an erection while checking you out?”

She didn’t respond but I knew she was thinking about it. My initial shock began to turn into something entirely different…

“So you kept looking at his bulge?”

“I couldn’t help it. It was just there… pointing at me.”

“Did you like that you were making him hard?”

“I don’t know. Would it bother you if I did?” she said, looking at me to see my reaction.

I thought for a moment and grinned at her. “No. It’d turn me on knowing you were aroused.”

“Don’t give me that filthy smile.” she smiled back, amused but unsure.

We walked beside each other for a while in silence. She was clearly deep in thought.


Baffled, I asked: “What?”

“Yes to your question.”

“You liked him getting hard looking at you?”

“Yes. I kept looking at it because I knew I caused it. It was just there in front of me. Telling me he was thiinking about me like that.”

“That he wanted you?” I asked, knowing she was being turned on by the conversation.


“Does it turn you on knowing you could have just reached out and touched his cock there and then? That he wanted you to?”

She looked at me oddly, then said: “I think you might object more than a little to your wife grabbing another man’s cock in front of you.”

“i don’t know. I’m not how I’d react. I’d probably get hard myself!”

“Really??” she stared at me in disbelief.

“Well, if you’re turned on then I’m turned on.” I flashed her my (apparently filthy) smile again.

We didn’t speak about it any more after that. I didn’t want to push the subject if she didn’t bring it up. Besides, I was having much too much fun thinking about what I was going to do to her later.

We stopped at a pub just outside the campsite for a well deserved meal and a refreshing drink. We watched the sun begin to set and realised we were going to have to get a move on if we were going to get the tent up before dark.

We arrived at the campsite, to find that man from earlier sat in the pitch next to the one assigned to us. He was surrounded by pieces of a tent, with an expression like thunder.

“Oh, hello!” I greeted him, nudging my other half.

“Um, hi.” she said, not looking directly at him.

“Oh! Hi! Nice to see you again.” his expression switching instantly to a friendly smile.

“Missing the instructions?” I joked.

“No. I’ve done it a hundred times. But it’s much harder to put it together when my bastard brother has forgotten to put all the parts back in the bag.” he frowned, “I have one of these” he said, holding up a collapsed tent pole, “and I need three.”

He stared at the single pole accusingly as if it was conspiring against him, then dropped it back to the ground, sighing.

Section 2

“Sorry to hear that.” I said. Trying not to smirk at his predicament. It would be funny to him later, but not now.

We set about putting together our tent in the neighbouring pitch. My wife whispered to me urgently about moving pitch as we unpacked, but there was no way to do it without it being obvious why we were moving.

“Besides” I said, “having him around gets you nice and hot for me.” I smirked. She said nothing to that except to frown at me in frustration.

As we started assembling our tent he came over and offered to help, since his efforts were going nowhere. “Thanks” I said, “That’d be really handy”. The truth was that it was a light but badly designed tent, and an able pair of hands would make a big difference.

Sure enough, the tent was up in record time, with our bags unloaded inside. Then without warning my mouth said: “You can stay in our tent if you like.”

I froze as the stupidity of my offer crashed home. Without any privacy, my sordid thoughts and her willing body were going nowhere together. I glanced to see her reaction and saw the same frozen stance. The casual observer may have said she looked a little tense, but I could see icy death in those eyes.

I looked at him and willed him to say ‘no’. Say no. Say no. Say. No.

“That’d be great, thanks!”

I smiled and said “No problem!” as the creeping cold sinking feeling spread through me.

After some general conversation about the walk, out of nowhere he said: “Sorry if I gave your wife too much attention earlier. I got a bit carried away.”

“No don’t worry about it. I can’t blame you, she is stunning.”

“No I’m not.” she protested, half smiling despite her earlier annoyance.

“You really are.” I insisted. He nodded and grunted in agreement. “You’re just not very self-aware.”

“What do you mean by that?” she said, puzzled and bristling.

“Well, you don’t know how sexy you are. And you forget how revealing your clothing is sometimes.”

She looked awkward at that. “No I don’t.”

“You really do. I bet he knows what colour knickers you’re wearing.” I blurted, immediately regretting it.

She seemed affronted by that: “I bet he doesn’t.”

“Really? What would you bet?” I said, warming to the subject.

“Whatever you want. It doesn’t matter since he doesn’t know.”

“Ok, since it doesn’t matter, if he can guess the colour then he can take them off.”

“Fine!” she agreed much too readily. Possibly surprising herself.

“Ok!” our guest accepted, baffled but grinning at the turn our conversation had taken.

I was pretty certain he’d seen her red underwear when he first found us flirting, but the red bra would surely be a dead give-away. I couldn’t understand why she’d so happily accept a losing bet.

“So?” I said, puzzled but nonplussed

“She isn’t wearing any.” was his simple reply.

He looked at me, we both looked at her, she looked at him, and then at me. Then she went a spectacular shade of pink. Not just a blush, but all the way down her chest.

“It was mean to be a surprise for later…” she mumbled.

After a long pause our guest just started laughing, and I realised the picture my face must look like. My eyebrows had risen almost off the top of my head with surprise. I started to laugh too, and then we were all in fits of giggles.

“When did you do that??” I asked, still bemused.

She glanced at our guest for a moment and said: “When I, um, ‘went’ in the bushes after we, um, first met each other.”

I was lost in my own thoughts until he said: “Well you lost the bet but there’s nothing for me to take off!”

“Um, no. Sorry. When did you see??”

“The first time? Or do you want the full list?” he chuckled.

Her eyes went round and her hand covered her mouth in disbelief.

Our guest laughed and said: “Well it’s your own fault. Sexy little short skirts like that aren’t made for getting in and out of tents, or for keeping you decent when you’re getting stuff out of bags.” He grinned a grin that must be what my filthy smile looks like and continued: “Not that I’m complaining, if you don’t mind.” he said nodding to me.

She looked at me for my reaction, unsure of the conversation, but I just smiled and said “No it’s fine. Although you’ve got a keener eye than me!” I looked and her lovely legs and imagined those glimpses of her most intimate area.

He broke my thoughts with “So no reward for me then I guess.” still grinning that grin, “I wouldn’t even have a whole lot to take off hair-wise from what I saw, either!”

His brashness was making her uncomfortable, but I knew underneath that short skirt was a naked sex getting wetter by the moment. In my mind my hand was running up her inner thigh, up under her skirt, pulling it up as my fingers brushed against her…

The warmth of lust spread through me, making me bold: “So what can he do?” I said suggestively.

“What do you mean?” she said, staring at me intently. She was testing me. Pushing me to push her further.

“You lost the bet but you’ve got nothing to forfeit. What else can you offer?”

“I don’t know.” she said, looking at him, and then back to me.

A hundred thoughts washed though my mind: Her lips on his, his hand running up her leg, his hand pulling her breast from its cup, her knelt in front of him as she pulled down his zip… How far could I push her in this hot and horny state?

“How about your bra instead?” his voice broke me from my momentary daydream.

“That makes sense.” I agreed. “Since you have no other underwear.” I added, smirking.

There was a pause as she glanced around the campsite. The night was drawing in and everyone else had moved into their tents or caravans. My heart squeezed hard in mind chest as she looked at him quietly and said “Ok.”

He got up from the grass where we were sitting and slowly walked towards her. It seemed surreal watching it unfold like a film. Her eyes followed him as he approached and moved behind her. “Stand up.” he said, standing close.

She looked at me, her eyes locking to mine as she stood up. Those soft nervous eyes watched me as his hands lifted to the edge of her top. He slipped one hand beneath, stretching her top tight as it stroked up her back to her bra.

Her breath stopped as he squeezed the clasp. There was a pop of movement as he released it, her breath sighing out. His hand moved out from under her top, the loosening of the tight top allowing her bra to move down slightly, and for her breasts to ease back into their natural position.

His fingers ran up under the strap of her bra from the back. She turned her head to watch him lift the strap off her shoulder and pull it down her arm. She bent her elbow and pushed it back so that he could slip the strap over her hand.

Her head turned as they moved together to slip off the other strap. I watched in silent anticipation as he moved his body closer to hers. Her eyes closed for a moment at the feeling, then opened as his hands ran around her waist to the front of her top. One hand held the edge open as the other pushed up underneath.

He was against her, looking over her shoulder as his fingers found the edge of the middle of her bra. They both watched as he lifted it slightly off her body and paused for half a breath. I knew he could almost certainly see most of her breasts, and may even be grazing their underside. He gently pulled it down and away from her body, her dark nipples poking hard against the fabric of her top as it released back into position over her bare breasts.

He stepped beside her and handed her the bra, grinning like the cat that got the cream. She smiled shyly and almost unconsciously stole a fleeting glance at the tent at his crotch. Her eyes looked to me, seemingly ashamed as he sat down and I approached.

She looked up at me plaintively before I pressed my lips against hers. There was a moment of surprised resistance before her lips opened and our tongues found each other, teasing and stroking with increasing urgency.

We broke the kiss and found he was staring at us, smiling. “I’m just going to give you guys a moment.” he said, standing, “and maybe have a cold shower.” he added as he walked off towards the toilet blocks, making us giggle.

Still holding each other, she looked up at me: “I want you. Now.” she stated with lustful certainty.

“He could be back any-”

“Shut up and fuck me.”

“Oh, alright then.” I added cheerily as I found myself being dragged into the tent.

Section 3

By the time I had done up the tent’s zip her skirt and top were already on the floor. She pushed me on my back as I took off my t-shirt. By the time I had it over my head my belt and zip were already open. I managed to kick off my boots in time for her to finish stripping me, her urgent focussed motions and naked form burning themselves forever into my memory.

“I can’t believe you let him do that!” she said accusingly as she straddled me.

“You loved it, didn’t you?” I replied as she gripped my hardness in her hand and steered it to her entrance.

Biting her lip she confessed: “Yes. Oh god I need you, oh!” as she pushed down onto me. Her sloppy welcoming sex sliding down my length in one go, until her pubic bone pressed hard against mine.

She shuddered in place for a moment, then started wriggling in circles, rubbing her clit against me. I grabbed her hips and ground harder into her, making her whimper. She rested her hands on my shoulders, as she began to lift and push back down. Her naked breasts swaying in front of me. Breasts that a strange man had been admiring and rubbing against not two minutes earlier. The thought made my cock swell even bigger inside her.

We both heard the tent zip and froze. Then she quickly jumped off me, my cock slipping unhappily from inside her and standing to frustrated attention as she quickly threw her open sleeping bag over us both, as if we were using it as a blanket.

Our guest crawled in, grinning, clearly having seen more than a little of what we were up to. “Sorry if I interrupted.” he said, but made no move to leave. Instead he unhurriedly stripped down to his boxers and got into his sleeping bag.

I noticed as he was getting ready that he was staring more than a little at where my wife’s bottom was under the sleeping bag. She was between us both, so I couldn’t see what had caught his attention. Then it dawned on me that I had too much sleeping bag on my side - with her curled up facing towards me, her bare back and more would be peeking out from underneath!

I turned so that my ear was right next to her ear and almost silently whispered:

“Don’t move, but the bag isn’t covering you completely. He’s been staring at your naked bottom the whole time he got ready.”

“What? Why can’t I move?” she replied urgently.

“Because it’s making me so hard. He’s probably still looking now.”

I could hear her breathing steadily in my ear as she thought about what I’d said and what was happening. Our guest moved in the half-light on the other side of her and she tensed beside me.

“The, the back of his hand is touching me.” she whispered shakily.


“His hand is resting against the top of the back of my thigh.”

I paused for a moment and said: “Near your sex?”

A shuddering sigh, then “Yes.”

“Does it turn you on?”

I listened to her breathing in my ear for a moment before she confessed in a guilty tone “Yes”.

I moved my lips to hers and began to slowly kiss her. Her mouth opened willingly, her tongue playing gently with mine.

There was more movement behind her, and from my position on my back I could see the sleeping bag slip off her hip, to be replaced by a dark suntanned hand on her light skin. She gripped me, frozen, unsure how to react.

I moved back to her ear: “What’s he doing?”

Her breath was shuddery as she said: “His hand is on my hip. The other one is still resting-” she stopped as I saw the hand on her hip grip her. “He’s squeezing my hip and now other hand is… He’s squeezing my bottom.”

Her fingers gripped me tightly. She still made no move to stop him, even though he had clearly crossed a line. I realised she was waiting for me to do something. To stop him from touching her.

“Let him do it.” I told her. My cock stood hard beneath the covers as I told my wife to let a near stranger grope her.

I heard her exhale as she realised I wasn’t going to stop him. I knew she didn’t want it to stop but was afraid of what might happen next. I could hear the gentle movement of him kneading her flesh. Fondling her soft skin in the almost darkness.

The hand on her hip disappeared, and I could see the movement on the side of her bottom that told me he had parted her rounded cheeks. The wet noise I heard at the same time told me her swollen lips had opened themselves to him. I imagined his eye roaming over her exposed sex, admiring that enticing sight. We both lead still, wondering what he would do next.

She didn’t say a thing. I think she must have been too shy to say what happened next, because instead she took my finger and begin to rub it over her fingers that were held in an almond shape. After a moment I realised that she was using her fingers to show me what he was doing to her. Using my finger to imitate his.

My finger shook slightly as she guided it through his movements. First it rubbed around the outside of her opening, which would be wet and slick to the touch. Then it slid up to her clit, circling around and around, then back around her opening. Again and again. Her breathing was heavy in my ear, and her hands quivered with excitement.

Then she paused, and guided my finger between hers, gently pushing between them as he parted her lips with first one finger, and then a second. They were soon deep inside her; her ready sex offering no resistance after having me buried inside her. As his finger switched between thrusting and rubbing I stroked my own cock with my spare hand.

She continued dreamily, thinking of nothing but what was being done to her. Her shaking slowed and she relaxed beside me, enjoying his playing too much to object to the invasion. Her cheeks became flushed as his movements gained pace, the noises of her sloppy sex getting louder.

Suddenly she stopped playing with my fingers as he began to move. She seemed puzzled for a second and then tensed.

“What is it?”

There was no response. Instead, she hesitated, and then moved her fingers away from mine. She lowered them down until they were against the tip of my cock, and began to rub back and forth. He had moved to rub his hardness against her. He was wetting his head on my wife’s willing pussy. I imagined him smearing his precum on her. Mixing it with her juices.

I knew she was waiting for me to make it stop. She knew it was wrong and that it had gone too far. But she couldn’t stop it. Her body had betrayed her long before. She wanted to keep feeling him probing at her entrance. She wanted more but she couldn’t admit it.

Her fingers paused with the head of my cock at the centre and she began to slowly push down. She was pushing her fingers apart with me, as her soft warm lips were parted by him. She wanted him inside her. She was letting this stranger penetrate her.

She stopped as her fingers reached the ridge of my cock’s head, then she stroked back up as he pulled back to her entrance. Her fingers stroked down again as he pushed further into her, only to stop and pull back until he was resting against those juicy lips again. Then into one long stroke I felt her shoved gently against me as her hand reached the base of my cock. He was completely inside her.

For a moment they were still beside me, both enojoying the feeling. I imagined her soft buttocks pressed against him, and how it must feel for her to have his wiry pubic hair pressing back. Her hand gripped the base of my cock tightly as she gripped him inside her. Squuezing both our hardnesses at once.

Unexpectedly she started to move. At first I thought she was just pushing herself back against him, but as she changed position I had a moment to realise what she was doing before her mouth enveloped the head of my cock. I shoved upwards into her mouth at the sensation, and relaxed as she pushed her lips down my shaft.

In the failing light I could make out the movements of him begining to thrust into her. The paleness of her back marked by the dark hands gripping her hips. With each thrust her mouth sucked down on me, until all I could think about was the wet sound of him entering her, the slapping of skin, and the warmth of her mouth.

Faster and faster he took her. Faster and faster her mouth stroked me, until I could feel her body begin to tense. She gripped my hand tightly as her body froze in position, her lips and tongue making short frantic motions that drove me over the edge. She whimpered and huffed as her orgasm took her. His grunts matched my own as my cum filled her mouth. He pumped deep inside her, filling her sex with his cum as she swallowed mine.

As we slowed I could her her breathing heavily. She released me from her mouth and moved up against me, his softening cock leaving her with a quiet wet sound. She hugged me tight in the afterglow and whispered: “Thank you.”

I chuckled and squeezed her. “We should go camping more often.” I joked; she mockingly shoved me away while giggling. She snuggled back against me as we fell asleep.

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