A Night Out 4.5/5 (44)

I’ve persuaded my wife to visit a swinger club. She’s gone along with the idea in the basis I’ve assured her and we’ve agreed that we’re not doing anything other than possibly having sex in a room where others are too. We’ve had a meal and a few drinks. I’m driving so not many. We’ve gone to the club and despite her obvious concerns the few couples we’ve met are very pleasant, reassuring you that no means no and that no one will jump on her. If we’re concerned the 3 couples we’ve met suggest we accompany them in and after a few more drinks you agree to it.

We go to the changing room and strip to underwear. Shes dressed in thong and bra that’ll attract attention from them all when we walk into the main room. It’s slightly gloomy, piped music plays and the floor is like a spongy mat. Several couples are at it and one of the party suggest we go into a corner and they’ll position themselves as a block to others. We can therefore enjoy the moment without too much risk of intrusion. There are cushions and bean bags all around, with wipeable covers.

The party divided. Two of the ladies pair up and start exploring each other in front of us. The three men have the other lady who is now naked in front of them , feeling her all over. She stands still whilst their hands explore all places much to her obvious delight. The two ladies are doing the same and one has her head firmly between the others legs licking her slowly judging by the sounds being made.

The lady with three men drops on her knees and pulls down each man’s pants to attend to all 3 cocks in turn. We can see lots of licking, slurping and wanking.

We’re tucked in a corner, on a couple of bean bags and I’ve kissed her neck and unhooked her bra. My lips are on Jayne’s left nipple and my right hand runs down her stomach and into her panties. I move my fingers over your lips and down as you open your legs to let my fingers explore you more. After some rubbing, sucking and grinding I can feel that you’re fully engaged in the activities around us. Your eyes haven’t left the floor show around us and my fingers can feel the dampness increasing between your legs.

I push against your thigh and your legs open wider. I suggest that I go down on you. You agree. I move in front of you and pull your panties down past your ankles. I run my tongue up the inside of your leg towards your stomach and right up to your lips. You notice that a couple of others are following your movements.

I suggest that I lay down and you straddle my face so you can watch. You agree. Your pussy is wet and it grinds down onto my mouth whilst I reach up to squeeze your nipples. You position yourself to get the maximum sensation between your legs. Your hands are on your hips and you’re enjoying yourself. I look up and can see in your face that you’re turned on, focused on your surroundings and the pleasure you’re getting.

I cannot see the scene but you can. In the gloom there’s at least 4 couples shagging. In front of you the ladies are now in a 69 and are engrossed. Two of the 3 men are now sorting the lady out. One from behind doggy fashion and the other in her mouth. She holds the other in her hand and occasionally sucks him. There is the noise of flesh slapping together and satisfied moans. You’re grinding down on my tongue, your eyes fixed on the foursome. The girl is obviously enjoying it and so are 2 of the guys. You are feeling very turned on by what you can see, hear and feel.

The third man turns, looks at you. I’ve no idea what you did, perhaps you smile, perhaps you communicated your feelings of lust, but he stands and comes over to us. I can only feel the floor shift from the pressure of his feet near my head. Your pussy pushes into me hard but stops grinding, your juices really start to flow.

You tense, this wasn’t supposed to happen. I’d said it won’t happen but here it is and you’ve a decision to make. You should say no but now you know and want it to happen. Your feelings are jumbled but there’s an overwhelming feeling of naughtiness, of lust, of wanting it, of wanting to be taken by someone new. There are no feelings of guilt.

He stands squarely in front of you and puts his hands on your shoulder, neck then head, playing with your hair as he moves his pelvis and erect cock toward you. You’re transfixed. You stop moving and allow him to move your head forward. You could say no but you don’t. You could pull your head away or remove his hands but you don’t. You allow him to hold you. I glimpse your face, eyes closed, before your hair obscures it, being moved toward his legs, balls and a large erect cock. I see his hands move to either side of your head. He pulls your face closer to his erection. You’ve stopped moving on my mouth but remain pushed down on it as I continue to lick you.

Your hands move from your hips to his hips to balance yourself. You could push him away now but you don’t, you’re driven by curiosity and lust. He pushes his cock down the side of your face along your cheek until your face is against his stomach. You feel it’s heat, it’s thickness and it’s desire for you. You can smell his sex. He pulls back slightly maintaining contact with your face.

He pushes his cock up and flat up against your face rolling it up your cheek, over your nose and down the other cheek before pulling back to slide its length up past your other ear. You could have pushed him away and said no but you can’t. You’re lost in lust. Your hair obscures the view to others but you feel his hands scoop your hair back and hold it in a ponytail in one hand. Your nose is pressed to his stomach and you can feel his trimmed pubic hair on your lips. You can smell his salty skin. You know you shouldn’t be feeling like this. You know I’m licking you and you’re completely lost in the moment. You should push back but you don’t want to.

When he presses your face into him you know you shouldn’t but your mouth opens slightly and your tongue can taste his salty skin on your lips.

Holding your hair and cupping the back of your head he grasps his cock and lifts it up the side of your face so that your face is pressed to him. Your head is tilted back and you feel his balls at your lips. You shouldn’t lick them but you cannot control your desire and your tongue comes out and onto him. He feels your touch and he slides himself down, maintaining the pressure of his cock on your face, down to your lips. You know what is about to happen, you should pull back, say no but you are consumed with lust and desire. You shouldn’t open your mouth and you shouldn’t prepare to take him into it and you shouldn’t want to suck him but you’re about to.

Your pussy is now flooding my mouth with juice. He moves your face and slowly runs the tip down the side of your nose until it reaches your top lip. You can feel the hot soft skin and it’s hardness on your lip. He lifts your hand from his hip and guides it to the throbbing cock you can feel against your lips. You shouldn’t be doing this but you’re consumed with desire. The tip rests on your lips.

He pulls back slightly. You wrap your hand around his cock. He says something and you look up and then down at me before your mouth opens , your tongue explores the tip and then you feel his hand pressing the back of your head. Your lips engulf the tip and close around his shaft as you take him in. The tip fills your mouth. You resist his hand pressure to savour the moment. Your tongue swirls around the head and you allow him to pull your head toward him.


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    Damn sexy. Would love to see my wife doing this

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