A Nice Vacation  4.7/5 (11)

We are on our vacation, making our way up the coast to Canada and the islands. At every stop we have visited a local bar and have joked about having a guy pick you up and end up in our room for a fun time with you taking both us on. At every bar, we leave with you horny as hell and I get my cocked just about sucked off each time ( not that I ever mind having that done ).

We are on the ferry traveling from Canada over to the island, you have dressed in one of your low cut tops and short skirts ( And I’m not even sure you have any panties on under it, but I’m very sure you don’t have a bra on ), very sexy looking and I can see that all the guys on the ferry are taking a very long look at you, and know that you are also aware of it and are enjoying it.

I leave you to make a trip to the bathroom, but take my time, leaving you in the bar area with a drink. I walk around the ship a bit, seeing if anyone will come up to you while I’m gone, this getting me excited just to see if anything will happen, and even if it doesn’t, knowing you are sitting there with every guy around looking and thinking about you gets me going.

When I come to the last corner before returning to the bar, I stop and sneak a peek around the corner to see if you are still sitting there alone ( half of me wants to find you still alone for only me, but the other …more than half of me,

want’s to find at least on good looking guy there with you )……and find that there are two guys at the table with you, one sitting and the other standing, both with a drink in their hands and you with a different drink than I left you with ( I’m thinking that they have bought you a nice stiff drink thinking they were going to get lucky….if only they’d have known….).

I decide to watch a bit to see if anything is happening. The three of you are talking and laughing and you lean over several times and I see that they are both being given a very nice view of your wonderful breasts ( and I’m sure that you are fully aware they are getting that view, knowing you are giving it to them and are enjoying it ), the one sitting next to you is for sure getting a nice view as that’s the side I would be sitting on…..

I decide it’s time to see what’s up and finally make the corner and walk up to the bar and order another drink ( I had taken mine with me to make it look as if you were alone ). I look at you and you see me and give me a wink and a smile. I come over and you introduce the two guys to me.

They are both a bit off now, not knowing you were with someone, but we both let them know it’s okay. You say it’s interesting that they are also going to the same place we are and that maybe we should all meet up later for a drink in the hotel bar. You smile at me with a nasty little look and I agree that it would be interesting….smiling ( with a very nasty look on my face ) at the guys letting them know it’s good with me.

We all talk as the ferry pulls up to the dock and agree to meet later that evening. As they leave, you tell them that they might get to see a lot more than they were looking at…..and they both have very large smiles on ….as do I.

I let them know that they may also get to do more than see….. I ask you what you have setup and you tell me that I’ll have to wait and see if anything happens or not, but that you have let them know we are interested in more than a drink later and it could be a lot of fun for all of us. I now have a hard on that is showing though my pants and am very sure that your panties ( if you even have them ) are very wet.

You tell me that you are wet, and that one of the guys checked to see, and said that his fingers came back nice and wet. You never tell me how that came about nor which one it was, saying you’ll maybe tell me later.

You telling me this just about makes me shoot my load as my excitement level shoots sky high thinking of you at the table being fingered by someone you just meet, knowing you have also asked all the right questions and that we will be safe if anything does come together later.

We get off the ferry, find our hotel and check in. Once in the room, I throw you on the bed and pull your short skirt up, revealing you very wet panties ( which are still pulled to one side ). I drop to my knees and bury my face in your dripping wet pussy, plunging my tongue deep inside you, tasting all the juices that were pulled from you earlier,

this bringing you to an instant orgasm and your cum flows from your dripping cunt into my mouth and is licked up with each orgasm. I lick you, tasting your cum, over and over ’till I can’t stand not being inside you any longer. I stand, pull my pants down, revealing my hard, pre cum covered cock and shove it deep inside you. I’m so excited that it only takes a few seconds ’till I’m ready to shoot a full load all over your pussy,

mixing your cum with mine, only to shove my cock back between your pussy lips and fuck you some more. You cum several more times and I even cum once more, this time pulling my cock out, having you take this load in your mouth, and you grab me and suck every drop from me. We both collapse on the bed for awhile and take a nap.

After our nap, we both shower and get ready to go out and see some sites. This trip you are wearing pants as it’s a bit cooler on the island than it was when we left the mainland. We are also wearing jackets, so no showing off this afternoon ( although I take every opportunity to touch any and every part of you I can, kissing you often and walking hand in hand or with my arms around you ).

We find a nice little place on the water and have lunch, watching all that is going on in the water. Several times during out wandering you ask if I think they will actually show up later…..I tell you there’s no way they won’t after the one got a good feel of you, I bet they are both over heated right now and trying to cool down a bit.

After wondering all over the waterfront, we decide that we need to have something to eat again. We find a nice place ( just up from the water ). We have a very nice, romantic dinner and a bottle of wine. After dinner they ask if we want to look at their desert menu…..we both smile and tell them we have that taken care of for later.

We do order an after dinner drink and have it out on their deck overlooking the town. We then leave, it now starting to get dark, and head back to our hotel ( which is just up the road ). All the way up I can tell you are very nervous and very excited to see if anyone is waiting for us.

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