A Maui Dream Cum True  4.8/5 (62)

This dream cum true started on our trip to Maui. My wife set this trip up for my 40th birthday but really it was our stress relief vacation for both of us from a year of long work hours. We have three kids who take a lot of energy through out the year and mix that with everyday stress, it was time to get away, and what better place than Maui! Now, let me give you a mental picture of my wife. She is a gorgeous ‘MILF’.

Plain and simple! She works 40 plus hours a week with her business, takes care of three kids and herself very intensely. She is about 5’5, weighs 115 lbs. with medium length blonde hair. She has 40D breast with perfect areolas and her nipples will tell you right away if she is enjoying what’s being done to her. During the day we did the family thing with the kids, which meant lots of pool time.

Well during the fun of the day she wanted a cold beer, so she asked if I wanted one and not being a big drinker I passed but told her go enjoy her self and get one. She smiled and went to the bar which was in the pool area. I always enjoy watching her around other guys because their will always be someone who will check her out. Well it didn’t take long before a few guys at the bar started to take notice. Now, my wife is naive to the idea that a guy would find her attractive, which makes it even better when this starts to happen.

The bar was jumping with music and people having lots of fun, so after awhile I could see she was starting to relax and enjoy her self. So, she finally order her beer and sat on one of the open stools at the bar and started too talk with the bartender. Now, the guys who had checked her out noticed she had sat down and started to make a move closer to her and started a conversation with her. The guys were in there middle 30’s and in decent shape, both dark haired.

Like typical guys they bought another round of drinks right away, so she couldn’t leave quickly. I was watching her body language and could she was starting to enjoy the conversation. It was probably about 20 minutes later she walked over to me and asked if I was okay with her staying at the bar. I told her no problems; it doesn’t bother me at all. I told her to go back and enjoy herself, the kids were playing on the pool slides and I was just reading.

She gave me a kiss and grabbed my cock, which was her way of saying she is having fun, and then went back. When she got back to the bar with her new friends, there was a new player in the mix. The guys had a buddy who showed up and when he introduced himself to my wife I saw her eyes sparkle a little bit when she saw him. Let me give you a little info about my wife’s high school sweetheart.

He was a promising professional baseball player with blonde hair and was her first lover. So, you know all women will always have a soft spot for the guy who takes their virginity! Ok, back to the bar, she smiled, shook hands with him and immediately played with her hair. She was hooked. He was very athletically built with blonde hair and was a very attractive guy, so I knew physically he had what she liked in men.

The guys bought another round of drinks and I started to notice she was touching them on the thighs and forearms, while laughing. So the guys started to touch her more on the shoulder and the top of her knees. This went on for about 40 minutes and then she got up and came my way. She smiled and said to go with her to the bathroom. I jumped up and when we got to the bathroom she just walked right in the bathroom stall with me! Oh yea, I think someone is drunk and horny.

In the stall she squatted down and pulled my dick out and started to lick the head of my cock. Then she started to put more of my cock in her mouth and was playing a game of how deep she could go before gagging all the while rubbing my balls, so I reached down and pulled her bathing suit top to the side and those beautiful tits came out with her nipples in full erection. I could tell she was drunk and horny because she sucks my dick a little different than normally (you know what I mean married guys?).

She was slurping and gagging on my cock and grabbing onto my ass cheek, this gets my cock rock hard in no time! Then she made me seat on the toilet seat, stood up and took her bathing suit bottoms off. She then gave me a kiss, which was extremely wet. I realized why because my precum was all over her mouth from sucking my dick. At the same time she was kissing me she straddled my legs and grabbed my dick and put it right in her wet pussy.

It went straight to the base of my cock from being so wet. She whipped her hair around to the left, grabbed her right tit and the back of my head and crammed it in my mouth, which I sucked like there was no tomorrow. She was ridding up and down my cock and it didn’t take long before I was ready to cum but she started to tighten her pussy around my cock which meant she was going to have an orgasm.

She pulled her tit out of my mouth, grabbed both of her nipples and leaned her head back while still fucking the shit out of my dick. Her moaning got louder and stronger, then all of a sudden, she just started gushing warm pussy juice all over my lap. That made me cum in no time. I just kept pumping hot cum into her pussy every time she stroked my cock with her pussy.

She raised backed up to me, smiled and kissed me then got off my dick but then dropped to her knees and licked my cock clean! Well we got dressed and headed back to our chairs by the pool. By this time the guys at the bar were gone, they must have thought she was not interested. That was okay with us, we laid in the sun the rest of the day and relaxed and had fun with the family. Now the cool thing about these resorts is they have these camps for the kids. They can hang out with kids their own age and play video games, watch movies and camp out overnight.

So we drop the kids off and that allowed us to look forward to celebrating my 40th birthday. Back in the room while we were getting dress, my wife asked me what I wanted special for my birthday. I said the usual answer of ‘nothing’ but for some reason she won’t stop asking. I finally thought what the hell and told her I had a couple of fantasies. She got very curious and wanted to know what they were.

I had always wanted to see another guy fucked her but I knew I couldn’t tell her that because she would have shot that fantasy down in a second, so I told her I wanted to fuck her with a dildo, while she sucked my dick out on our room balcony. She looked surprise and giggled but never said ‘No’ and she never asked about the second fantasy, so I thought the dildo fantasy shocked her enough to forget. Well we decided to go out for dinner.

She wore a sexy dress, which formed to her body perfectly; showing off her big tits, high heel shoes, smelling awesome, hair done perfect and a sparkle in her eyes that makes me a lucky man! We get to the restaurant and got an awesome booth over seeing the bar action with a spectacular Maui view in the back ground. We ordered an appetizer and drinks. The waiter that served use was a very fun guy; His name was Henry.

Most of the hired help on the islands are from all over the world that come into experience Hawaii and have fun. He was no exception. We talked has he served us and found out he was from Virginia and told us of a few good nite clubs in the area. I figured we would stop by one of the clubs he told us about after dinner, but that was about to change. Our waiter Henry came over to our table to tell us he was ending his shift and would like to introduce his replacement, and I would be damned, if the new waiter was not the blonde guy from the pool earlier in the day! Boy, you should have seen my wife perk up.

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