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It’s not that I wish to cast aspersions towards all woman similarly bestowed with fair hair, I’m sure that you all have advanced intelligence, commonsense and wit. Over the years, however, much to my delight, I have had the good fortune to meet several charming ladies who have been, shall we say; intellectually challenged!

If there were one fine example of womanhood that would prove the adage of my title true, then it would have to be my wife, Joy. Blonde haired down to the last curly tress on her beautiful pubic mound, Joy generally lives up to her name. She’s not petite, but neither is she Amazonian; at 5′ 5″and about 135lbs she has a stature and figure that many women would happily kill for.

One of her most alluring features is her chest; 36DD breasts that she usually forces into a half-cup bra beneath a low cut top. Joy is always the life and soul. It’s not that she’s really stupid, it’s just that sometimes she can be very gullible.

She also has an amusing habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time! For example; we had some friends round to our house a few weeks ago and Roger had run out of smokes.

“The only place you could go now would be the 11-7.” Said Joy in response to Roger’s enquiry.

I laughed at her obvious mistake. “I think you’ve got that the wrong way around, hon!”

“Oh…” she replied, completely dead-pan, “you mean you want me to go?”

I have many other examples!

I have always loved Joy’s sweet gullibility and consider it to be one of her most redeeming feature, but she has other wonderful attributes as well – not the least of which being a voracious appetite for sex. In the seven years that we’ve been married,

we have experimented with many varied forms of bedroom play. Oral and anal sex are commonplace for us, as is fantasy role-playing and occasionally dressing up. Joy gets off on a little humiliation and spanking her bare or panty-clad buttocks is always a favourite.

My fantasies and desires, however have often included voyeurism and, as Joy has little inhibitions when it comes to exhibiting herself, we have had many fun and exciting moments out of the house where she can often be persuaded to flash her ample cleavage or panties at unsuspecting men.

Recently though, I have really wanted to take my voyeurism to the next, obvious stage: To see Joy actually have sex with other men! I had to be a little careful how I approached this subject, though; Joy may seem like she’s willing to try anything,

but if she thinks an idea to be too much, she will flatly refuse. In this situation there is usually little that can be done to change her mind. I had been wracking my brains for weeks trying to come up with a fail-safe approach and was beginning to despair of ever finding one, when suddenly, one night, it just came to me.

We had been fooling around in bed that night. With my lips firmly attached to her clit, Joy had already experienced two crashing orgasms and was quickly heading for a third. As her shuddering, twitching legs finally released my head and the moment passed, she realised that my hard-on, that was throbbing like mad, was badly in need of relief.

“You want to put it between these?” she asked holding her breasts out as if for my inspection.

I never need to be asked twice to titty-fuck my wife’s wonderful breasts and quickly jumped up and straddled her chest. As she held the large, warm orbs of flesh tightly around my shaft I thrust myself into her deep cleavage like a man possessed.

I was so hot that it was all over in a matter of seconds; my cock spasming wildly and delivering a nice quantity of cum directly onto her tits and neck. As I lay back trying to recover my breath, I looked over at Joy. She has always said that she liked the texture of cum and I looked on as she idly fingered the pools of fluid and circled them lazily around her hard nipples.

“It’s very good for the skin, you know.” I said with a smile “Stops wrinkling and makes the skin younger!”

It wasn’t a complete lie. I’m sure that I’d heard something like that somewhere before, but, as usual, Joy took it absolutely seriously. I watched as she began vigorously massaging my issue into her flesh, taking great care to ensure that not a drop was wasted.

“I want more of it then, David!” she said as she worked. “If it will make me younger then I want lots and lots of it!”

I groaned inwardly knowing that she wasn’t going to let this lie until I’d given her a second load. It wouldn’t have been such a problem when I was twenty, but at forty? As I began trying to massage and encourage my flaccid penis back to erection a sudden thought struck me:

If I could continue to persuade her that more and more cum was good for her and that a VARIETY of cum was even better, then maybe….just maybe I could fulfill my voyeuristic fantasies.

For the next couple of days, Joy demanded that I provide her with her elixir every night. I was happy to do so, obviously, but while I was giving her what she needed, she had no need to look elsewhere for it. I took to taking a long shower before bed and masturbating.

I was still fucking Joy and providing her with some of my seed, but the quantity was greatly reduced. I kept apologising and promising to try to provide more of the precious fluid, but I could see that she was getting frustrated. Now was the time to put my plan into action!

“I’m so sorry, honey,” I said one night after only a tiny amount of semen had splashed onto her stomach. “It seems to be working so well too, your skin looks great. Maybe if I got some assistance we could increase the amount. What do you think?”

It took a couple of minutes while I explained to Joy that I meant inviting another man (or men) into our bedroom. She was a little reluctant at first, but when I reiterated that her skin was looking so much younger and that continuous treatment would be the only way to keep it that way, she eagerly agreed.

My plan had worked! The following morning I lost no time in contacting an escort agency and arranging for two young, virile studs to visit us the same evening.

When Chris and Paul arrived punctually at eight that evening, I wasn’t disappointed, and by the look of lust and anticipation on Joy’s face, I knew that she was also more than happy. The two men were polite and professional, I had contacted Chris earlier and told him exactly what I had in mind.

They looked Joy up and down as we walked through to the lounge; they seemed impressed! We all knew what we were here for, and after a brief, awkward moment of silence, Chris suggested that maybe they should get undressed and make a start. It was all very “matter-of-fact”. This was good, I’d hired professionals for this very reason; I didn’t want any emotions to get in the way.

As the two boys stripped down to their boxers, it was obvious that Joy couldn’t keep her eyes off them. Finally they were naked and I heard my wife gasp a little when their cocks became exposed. Both men were very well endowed (something that I had stipulated to the agency) and seemed eager to use their appendages.

“Perhaps you ought to strip as well, Mrs. Lake.” Commented Paul politely.

Joy had asked me earlier what I thought she should wear for this occasion. The question took me a little by surprise. I had been so busy working out the details that I had given little thought to her attire – I suppose I hadn’t expected her to be wearing it for long! She had shown my a simple yellow dress with a zipper at the back, white stockings and garter belt and a white bra and panties.

I told her that I thought the choice was perfect. As I said before, Joy has little inhibitions at the best of times, but under these exciting circumstances she was behaving more like a slut than a housewife. The dress was off in a matter of seconds and was closely followed by the panties as Joy wriggled her delicious rear end and kicked them off.

Paul and Chris were on her in a flash – apart from anything, I guessed that they were being paid by the agency for the time they spent with us. Hands covered Joy’s body. Her bra was pulled down to expose her breasts and fingers probed the soft, pink folds of her already moist vagina.

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