A Different Anniversary White Wife and BBC 4.6/5 (74)

My wife (Jan) and I (Pete) had been married fifteen years when our fifteenth anniversary rolled around. We had a boy thirteen, and a girl ten. I was 36 and she was 35. She had a great figure that would turn heads. I always tried to encourage to dress sexy, but as a general rule, she usually dressed rather conservative. I always had a rather open mind about sex, and she was, what I would consider, rather Victorian.

During that fifteen years, our sex life had it’s ups and downs. Naturally there were major down sides after the birth of each of our children. Usually, after a few months, things would get back to normal, other than being interrupted by a crying baby from time to time. However over time the kids grew out of those type interruptions. But non-the less, we did have two young children in the house, and it was not uncommon for one of them to come crawling in bed with us. Well, now with the two of them being old enough and smart enough to take care of themselves, I thought the time was right to really get back into having some major sexual fun. It was determined a few months back that we didn’t even need a babysitter any more as they were, perhaps more reliable that lots of babysitters.

Over the last few years, I would try and spice up things by talking dirty to her and fantasying during sex. Sometimes I would talk to her as if she were fucking someone else. I would say things, like, he is fucking you really good, and he has a huge cock, much bigger than mine. I would ask her if he was fucking her better than me. She would usually reply with a yes. For the most part, she would go along with the fantasy talking and really get into it from time to time. When she did get into it, she would get off really good. However, afterwards, when I mentioned some of our sexy conversations, she would shy away from the discussion, saying that was just a fantasy and something like that would never happen.

Well, it was our fifteenth wedding anniversary and I had been out of town on business for a couple of days. I could not remember when we had a good anniversary outing all to ourselves during the entire fifteen years of marriage. I stopped by her work and told her that we were going out that evening and to plan accordingly. When the kids came home from school, I gave them instructions for the evening, and told them that their mother would have additional instructions when she came home. They were happy to agree to be responsible kids after I promised them a pizza.

I then made dinner reservations at a nice seafood restaurant overlooking the harbor. Then I made reservations at a nice motel near the restaurant that had close circuit TV, which included the availability of X rated movies. I was told that they had ten different X movies channels that I could select from. Then, I went by a Victoria Secrets and purchased a really nice sexy nightie and had it gift rapped. I then went to the motel, paid for the room and put the nightie in the room.

When I got back home, Jan had just arrived and was giving the kids additional instructions as they were starting on the pizza. Jan says that she is hungry and the pizza looks really good, and ask me if I was sure that I didn’t want to just stay home and enjoy a pizza evening with the kids. I told her no that all the plans were already made and we were going out. My son told her “yea, mom, you guys never go anywhere but to work.” With that, she headed for the shower and started getting ready.

We had a wonderful dinner and went to the motel, which she didn’t know was in the plan of the evening. She was a bit taken by that surprise, compound by another one when she saw the gift wrapped package on the bed. She anxiously opened it and was taken by the fact that she had never had anything that sexy and reveling. She went into the bathroom to put it on. Wow, when she returned, I was really taken by how sexy my wife really did look. I did not have to pretend, my feelings showed and she knew it. The stage was set for a wonderful night of great loving sex. I turned the TV on and there appeared another surprise for her when the X movie started up. We watched some hot sex of on TV and started making out, kissing, touching, feeling, etc. During which time I had rushing hands and roaming fingers, taking advantage of the thin fabric of the nightie, my cock was about to burst out of my pants.

With that I got undressed and we got started on our anniversary ramp. We were going at it hot and heavy while we were watching some hot scenes on TV. All of a sudden, Jan said, look; the drapes are not closed all the way. I said that someone could be out there on the balcony watching us fuck. She said, do you think? I told her that they were probably watching a better show than what was on TV. Then, I thought it was her imimadgination when she said she thought she saw someone move outside the window. When I looked, I didn’t see anything at first, and then she very comely told me to look again. When I looked this time, I did indeed see what appeared to be someone there. I could make out a belt buckle, and eyeglasses. My first thoughts were mixed emotions and what I should do. Should I interrupt our great sex and get up and close the drapes, or go to the door and run them off, or just ignore it all together. Then it hit me that this could be hot. That was when I start talking to her.

I told he, yes, he is out there watching us fuck, he sees your tits, your lags rapped around me, and how much you are enjoying getting fucked. Then, she started razing her hips off the bed responding to my pounding her, and at the same time started getting very vocal telling me to fuck her harder. She even said lets show him what fucking is all about. That is when I started talking to her about him watching and that he was probably out there jacking off wishing he was in here fucking you. She came out with a screaming “Oh yea” and went into an earth shattering orgasm. I had not cum yet and continued pounding her and talking to her about our audience. When things heated up again with her, I even got her to blow him a kiss. That did it for both of us, as we both climaxed together. We lay there for a while until we came back down out of orbit. When I got off her, she got off the bed on the window side, spread her lags, and reached up and closed the drapes. I asked her if she gave him a good view of her fresh fucked pussy. Her response was: Well, if he didn’t see it, it wasn’t her fault.

Well, I thought I was about sexed out, however, as for as the kids were concerned, we would probably not be home until morning. Accordingly, I asked her if she would like to spend the night here, or get dressed and go home. Her response shocked me. She said we could go home but she didn’t want to get dressed. She would just ware her nightie. I told her that would be fine but no panties, as I wanted to finger her fresh fucked pussy on the way home. Her nightie was transparent lavender and just barely covered her pussy and ass.

I got dressed while she was in the bathroom cleaning up a bit. When she was finished and I was dressed, I opened the door and she went out, and I was just starting out the door when I noticed she stopped in front of me, looking at the partly open door next door. Well, here came the next shock of my life just at the time I noticed a large black man standing there smiling. She looked at him and asked: “Was that you watching us fuck?” Well, he opened the door all the way, took her by the wrist and gently guided her in his room. As I came to his door, I could see another black man, totally nude, sitting on the bed inside just before he closed the door in my face. I knocked on the door with no response or answer of any kind, not even from my wife. I put my ear to the door and heard one of them says: Why don’t you go over and sit on that cock while I roll a rubber on mine. Then I heard her say: “Wow, that thing is huge, half again the size of my husband’s, I don’t know if it will fit or not.” One of them told her that he would go easy and it would fit and she would love it. Just as it was starting to get interested and I was getting a hard on, someone, I guess the motel desk clerk, called up to me from down below, something about what I was doing. I told him that my wife was in there, and he asked if it was my room and I said no, and pointed to my room next door. He suggested that I go back in my room and wait on my wife to return.


  • jack hayes

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    you must be very careful if your wife has sex with bbc my wife did and that is only sex she will have she makes herself available to any black man

  • The groom

    Reply Reply November 4, 2019

    Maybe that is how I can get my wife to finely take a lover and cuck me……. One can only dream!!!!

  • Steve

    Reply Reply November 4, 2019

    Dear Author, I am very appreciative of your effort to write erotica, but please put more effort into proofreading your work. I stopped read at “lags rapped around around me”. I give you 0 stars.

  • Michel007

    Reply Reply November 7, 2019

    Love your story would like to know more did she get pregnant

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