A Cuckold Gets Leftovers 4.6/5 (64)

When I met Jody she was as hot as the sun and exuded sex without even trying. Her athletic long legs went one for miles and ended at what most men would agree is the perfect ass. Round and firm without being large, and the perfect size for her athletic 5’9″ body.

There was only one problem with Jody… she was married and I was was her lover on the side.

Her husband Steve was a nice enough guy I suppose. He earned a good wage, took care of the house, and everyone in her family liked him. Jody loved him dearly however he just couldn’t satisfy her in bed, and to top it all off his sex drive was much lower than hers leaving her sexually unsatisfied throughout most of their relationship, which in turn had an effect on their marriage.

That’s where I came in. I had been satisfying married women for years, either by helping them cheat on their spouses or by cuckolding their husbands with them. I have built up a good reputation in the Pittsburgh area and even couples who are normally into ‘black-only’ cuckolding have invited me into their beds.

Jody contacted me via Yahoo Instant Messenger and seemed very shy at first, we talked about more than just sex (which is always a good sign that someone is for real) and we really clicked. When we met a few weeks later I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was and how a man could ever be sexually neglectful enough to make her wander to another bed.

We met regularly for weeks, mostly for sex, and sometimes just for dinner. Jody was insatiable in bed. We would spend hours giving each other oral, or slowly riding each other to countless orgasms. Her pussy was always very lubricated and yet very tight even after hours of bed play.

One evening after what was supposed to be a quickie, Jodi asked me, “Mike, how do you feel about me telling my husband about us?”

At first I was worried she was falling in love with me, and then I was worried about her safety, not knowing how he would react. She assured me she still loved her husband, and that she was perfectly safe with anything she told him. After we discussed everything, she picked up the phone and called him from the bed she was sharing with me.

“Steve. We need to talk. I am no longer satisfied with you in bed and I’m not sure I ever was. I love you dearly and I’ll never leave you, but I’m having an affair because my sexual side needs attention too. When I come home we are going to have a long talk!”

That was it.

She hung up, gave me a deep kiss goodbye and told me she would call me before the weekend.

I didn’t expect her to call the next day, and I certainly didn’t expect her to tell me that Steve was not only OK with everything but eager to meet me.

Jody told me that Steve initially did a lot of crying and begging but when she laid down the law he agreed to everything she wanted and in the end he agreed to do whatever it took to keep her in his life even if that meant he couldn’t always keep her in his bed.

We agreed to meet at their house that weekend and when I arrived Steve opened the door and shook my hand. He had trouble keeping eye contact but I suppose that is understandable.

Steve invited me to sit on the couch and informed me that Jody would join us shortly as he left the room and fetched for me my favorite beer. I guess Jody told him quite a lot about me and what I liked. I wondered if he was ready for how much I liked his wife.

We had some small talk about the weather and despite the awkwardness of the moment Steve actually seemed to be quite a nice guy. I almost felt bad for him when Jody entered the room and sat on my lap.

I had expected that I would meet Steve and that Jody and I would go out to dinner and maybe a hotel after. I began to doubt my expectations when Jody reached down and started massaging my cock through my pants right in front of her husband.

I began kissing Jody and feeling her pert 34C’s over her dress when Steve stood up and sat down, indian style, close to us on the floor and watched us with his mouth open.

Jody had my dick rock hard in less than a minute and got out of my lap to get a better angle on it. When she stood up, Steve reached out and felt the calf of her leg. Jody turned around and with a firm but gentle shove kicked him over on his back.

“Sorry Steve, tonight this body belongs to my boyfriend. Be good and you can have the leftovers.”

I could tell Steve was about to say something as he righted himself, but the sight of his wife’s dress falling to the ground from her shoulders reminded him that she was not kidding.

Jody came back to where I was sitting at the end of the couch and lay down on the rest of it with her face in my lap. She undid my pants, pulled my cock out and began to deep throat down to the last inch. I reached over and began to rub her perfect little ass. Steve kept staring at my dick going in and out of his wife’s mouth and the intoxication of cuckolding a guy for his very first time almost pushed me over the edge.

Jody could tell I was close to orgasm and stopped her oral attentions.

“I’ve sucked on that thing enough times to know when you are close…”

Steve whimpered.

Getting up off the couch Jody took my hand and asked me to follow her to the bedroom. When we got there (with Steve following behind) she crawled onto the bed on all fours and said, “Now I’d like you to fuck me where my husband sleeps every night.”

I dropped my pants to the floor, took my shirt off, and after everything else was off I handed my boxers to Steve and told him that he could keep them as a memento. I thought I was being an jerk, but Steve looked very sincere when he thanked me.

Still on all fours, Jody lowered her face down on her husbands pillow and presented her pussy to me from behind. I got on the bed behind her and rubbed her pussy lips and clict with the head of my cock. Her moaning was muffled by the pillow but loud enough to drive me wild.

I placed the tip of my cock into her pussy and was just about to plunge the rest of the way in when I got an idea.

“Steve, come here and look at this.”

Steve came around the side of the bed and placed his face so close to the action that I’m positive he could smell his wife’s pheromones.

“Steve, I want you to push on my ass until my shaft is completely buried in your wife.”

Still on his knees, face inches from my erection in his wife’s pussy, Steve reached behind me and started pushing on my ass. The head of my penis slid easily into his wife and she began a long slow moan as Steve forced me deeper and deeper into her.

I next had Steve get behind me and grab my hips so he could pull me in and out of his wife. Jody giggled a little when I told Steve what to do and I could tell that her newly cuckolded husband was beyond protest at this point and would do whatever we told him.

As Steve pulled on my hips I slowly withdrew from her hot pussy and as he pushed my cock would again be buried deep inside of her. Jody’s moaning kept getting louder and louder and as I reached down around her to play with her clit. After several minutes of this she bucked a few times and had such a strong orgasm I could feel her pussy contract around my cock like a fist.

When Jody came back down to earth she rolled over on her back, legs spread and looking very slutty. She looked Steve in the eye, almost challenging and said, “That’s the first time you made me cum that hard Steve, too bad you had to use another mans cock.”

Steve walked around to the side of the bed and opened his mouth to apologize or say something in his defense, but Jody would have none of it. She shot him a warning glare and that was all it took for Steve to re-learn his place in his own bedroom.

Jody looked at me, lust still in her eyes, “Lover will you show my husband how I truly like to get fucked?”

I kissed my way up her leg, spending several minutes on her clitoris and worked my way around each nipple eventually finding myself at her lips with my still hard erection pressed between us. I lifted myself up a little, grabbed a handful of hair and slipped my cock back into her pussy in one quick motion.

I fucked Steve’s wife for a good 20 minutes.

I fucked Steve’s wife through several orgasms.

I fucked Steve’s wife until I shot my load deep into her belly, filling her with my cum.

My dick still in her, Steve approached the bed and knowing better than to open his mouth and waited for his wife, my sex kitten Jody, to tell him what to do next.

What she did next is something her and I have talked about for hours during our many trysts.

I got off of her as she moved herself around on the bed so she was laying sideways with her legs dangling off of the side. She pointed to her pussy and told her husband, “Ok, now you may have your leftovers.”

Steve dropped to his knees and began to eat.

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