A Changing Relationship 4.2/5 (19)

We had been to swinger parties before. Hotel parties, house parties, swinger clubs; hell, we’ve even hosted parties ourselves. So, we were not new to the swinger lifestyle. Generally, it was the same. My wife, Linda and I would talk to another couple and get to know each other a bit. Then, someone would suggest that we move the conversation to more comfortable surroundings, such as a bedroom or playroom. I would get together with the other wife and Linda would get together with the man. We would get naked, make out, and begin oral sex. It was wonderful to get my cock sucked by someone new. The mood would get so erotic.

I’d love to lick the woman’s pussy even more than having my cock sucked. As the mood would get hotter, we would eventually fuck. Linda and the other husband would go through pretty much the same scenario. While I watched, Linda would take the man’s cock into her mouth and suck. She might lick his balls. I’d watch as the man licked her pussy until she came repeatedly. When he finally put his cock into her pussy, she would lose control and fuck like crazy.

Often the four of us would then get together and play in some very creative ways. These experiences were very exciting. It was swapping at its best. The other wife and I played while the other husband and Linda played. It was parallel play.

I soon realized that my favorite part of these experiences is to watch my wife being pleasured. I found that the hottest thing for me was when Linda was with someone who gave her more intense orgasms than I could. The more often and harder she came, the more excited I would get. I loved to see her with cum dripping out of her pussy or dripping off her face. She usually takes the guy’s cum inside her, in her mouth (she swallows) or on her face. Since I really got off on watching Linda pleasured, I’d sometimes wish the other wife wasn’t there! Some people call this feeling compersion. My greatest pleasure was derived from having Linda get to heights of ecstasy that she could never achieve with just me. Some would say I was becoming a cuckold. I’m not concerned with labels. Whatever you call it, nothing excites me more than seeing my wife getting fucked by a virile, younger man. Linda and I never actually discussed this, but I’m sure she recognized what I liked.

It was at a party given by our friends Bill and Cindy that things changed. It was a “Cum against Cancer” party. Guests were requested to bring a donation to the American Cancer Society to participate. All the other couples were reasonably good-looking people. As usual, guests varied in shape, size and race. Several single men were also invited. Linda and I didn’t know everyone there, but they were all vetted, especially the single guys, by the hosts. The single guys tended to be younger and better looking than the average party-goer.

When Linda and I arrived, we mingling among guests, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. But instead of circulating as a couple like we usually do, we split up and went in different directions. I began talking to an attractive “Newbie” couple. I expected to establish a rapport, then bring Linda over and introduce them to her. Linda, on the other hand began talking to someone I didn’t recognize. He might have been the male half of a couple, but I suspected he was one of the single guys. The thought of her flirting with a single man gave me a bit of a thrill. The couple I was talking to explained that they were there meet up wand warned me that they intended to play with them tonight. I was a little disappointed but knew this was not uncommon. It would have been rude to leave right away, but at the first opportunity, I wished them a very sexy evening and continued to mingle around the room.

I started to walk over to join Linda but decided to leave her alone. She appeared to be having a good time, talking, laughing and flirting. I went into the kitchen for a bite to eat and get another drink. I did keep my lovely Linda in my field of vision, but I tried to be inconspicuous. Linda and the man were now sitting on a couch together. His hand was on her leg as they spoke. I was getting very aroused to see her so blatantly flirt with the guy. There was hair tossing, eye batting, attentive eye contact, inconspicuous touching, obvious laughter…all the signs of sexual attraction.

God this was getting hot. I have never seen this side of her. This man obviously had her swooning. When he put his arm around her shoulder, his hand moved down to her breast. Linda has wonderful breasts. Her cleavage looked delicious and I’m certain that he had a great view. He was gently caressing her nipples and it was obvious she was enjoying his attentions. I could see her erect nipples poking through the material of her dress. My cock was getting harder and harder as I pretended not to notice. I sipped my drink as I watched, unable to speak to anyone. It this point, I realized my voyeurism was getting obvious. I walked away so I didn’t appear to be a perv. It was a good time for a bathroom break anyway. After peeing, I took the opportunity to pull on my cock a bit. When I heard a knock at the bathroom door, I came to my senses realizing I was probably taking too long. It’s a good thing, too, because I might have cum right then thinking about Linda and the man.

Walking back into the living room, I went back to where I was before, but I didn’t see Linda. Of course, the man was nowhere in sight either. Had they gone to get drinks? I had just walked passed the kitchen, so knew they weren’t getting something to eat. It suddenly became obvious to me where they had gone.

The finished basement of Bill and Cindy’s home was used as an open space playroom during parties. Four large mattresses lined the floor area with pillows strewn all around. A couch was located near the mattresses and a large screen television was hung on the opposite wall. A porn video of some kind was usually playing to help set the mood. There was even a sex swing hanging from the basement ceiling. Linda and I had gone down there many times before with other couples.

If Linda did bring her new friend downstairs without me, it would be the first time ever. We hadn’t discussed this beforehand. She didn’t even let me know she was going to the playroom. I guess Linda and her guy must have gotten so involved in their mutual attraction, she probably didn’t give me a second thought. I did not run right downstairs. I didn’t want to give the impression I was checking up on her, but I was getting aroused by the idea that she was probably downstairs in some stage of play. Were they getting undressed? Was she sucking on his cock? Maybe they were just making out. I just didn’t know. My stomach was churning with jealousy while my heart pounded in anticipation. It didn’t take too long before my throbbing cock made the decision for me. I had to go downstairs to see what was happening.

My brain was a crazy stew of emotions at what I found. There were people on every mattress engaging in all varieties of sexual activities. On the mattress closest to the stairs, I saw Linda and her new friend, both totally naked. She was lying on her right side, facing the stairs, her left leg was in the air. The man was behind her spooning her. His big cock was slowly and gently sliding in and out of her wide-open pussy. His left hand was around her playing with one tit then the other. I could see every stroke in and out of her very wet pussy. On the outstroke, I became aware that she was enjoying a very nice size cock, about 8 inches long and thicker than mine. I could tell they were both really enjoying themselves. I couldn’t help but take my cock out, spit into my hand, and begin to stroke. That’s about when Linda noticed I was there. She simply said, “Hi, Babe. This if Jeff. Jeff… This is my husband, Bob.”

“You have an amazing wife,” Jeff said.

“Thanks, I think so,” I replied. “You two look very hot together.”

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