A Bull's Role

Section 1

It all started in High School, I suppose. It was then that I learned I wasn’t like most of the other boys.

My growth spurt hit me early, and puberty proved profoundly beneficial. I shot up to well over six feet as a young teenager, and that helped propel me into varsity basketball even as a freshman.

My height wasn’t the only blessing puberty bestowed on me. As you might guess, I enlarged horizontally as well.

Truth be told, my penis grew so exceptionally that it scared me. After all, I was technically still a kid. It was worrying enough that I remember desperately showing the “condition” to my mom. I needed to know that I was okay, that I was normal.

“Honey, that thing is a blessing from God.” She said, laughing.

I soon learned her meaning, both from the positive rumors and giggling girls at school, and from the envious and fascinated stares from the other kids in my gym class.

My newly grown manhood quickly became a never ending source for my blossoming confidence . That confidence eventually turned sexual, and opened the door to a rather adventurous college experience, where I enjoyed countless women. It was actually during my time away at university that I first learned what it meant to be a “Bull”. My roommate at the time was a bookworm, not involved in athletics and with a physique to match his interests.

The communal dorm showers didn’t do him any favors in my mind. He was plain looking and with small, beta male endowment. Somehow though, he had landed a very attractive girlfriend. Allie seemed rather conservative by nature, but was always very flirtatious with me. One drunken evening she slipped into my top bunk, insisting that she had always wanted to have sex with a black guy.

She also insisted that Joey, asleep below, would let me have sex with her if I wanted. I took it in stride, and confidently fucked her. Allie screamed, moaned, and came in pleasure. Joey obviously awoke from his slumber, but he wasn’t mad. I still remember his wide-eyed expression and his small dick tenting his boxers as he watched me fuck his girlfriend for the first time.

Allie clawed into me, complimenting my muscles and my dick, cumming hard multiple times in front of her boyfriend. It continued like that for a semester. I would fuck Allie almost daily, usually while Joey was at class, but sometimes even while he was in the room.

I was perhaps too young to appreciate the human dynamics at play, chalking it up to a wild college experience. However looking back now there were clear alpha and beta male roles at play, and from that point on I always considered men with small penises to be naturally weak, at least as it related to sex.

Throughout college, and even into my adult life, I never had much in the way of a steady girlfriend. I had grown addicted to the experience. The deeply impressed look on a woman’s face when she saw me for the first time, the reactions she would yield when she felt me inside her for the first time.

I never grew tired of those moments, and as such I never had any interest in settling down. Even now, in my mid thirties, I was still addicted to the conquest. Little did I know, that addiction would grow even stronger when I began to embrace my role as a Bull.

I played basketball through most of college, and even though I was good at it, I was never quite talented enough to consider the NBA a realistic option. I learned to love coaching, and ended up as a high school basketball coach for an excellent national program, based at a local private school.

My efforts were responsible for many kids being recruited to Division 1 schools, where some eventually even turned professional. Further to my basketball based career, I stayed physically active, and played in a recreational adult league at my local gym.

That’s where I met Jim and Francine.

Jim was a local accountant, not extremely wealthy, but I couldn’t help but lust over his brand new 7 Series. He was a rather unassuming guy, physically. He was white, and stood at about 5'-8" with a slightly pudgy build. Even though he had a relatively average physical nature, he was a pretty good ball player. He could thread passes between defenders legs, no look behind his back, and his hustle was second to none. I was glad to have him on my team.

The two of us got along well, and were rather friendly at the gym. We even grabbed a couple beers at a local bar on occasion, when his wife would permit it.

The BWM wasn’t the only thing of Jim’s that I lusted over. Francine was a gorgeous brunette, curvaceous but also tight in all the places a woman should be. Her tits were large, and her ass - exceptionally plump. She stood at roughly 5'-6", and her sultry dark eyes and attractive lips helped frame a gorgeously feminine face. Despite finding her immensely attractive, and despite my storied history with women, I didn’t pursue a sexual relationship with her out of a begrudging respect for Jim.

Still, Francine made it easy for thoughts to wander. It was clear the woman liked to flirt, at least with me. I could see the attraction in her eyes there in her lingering stares, her blushing smiles. She seemed to enjoy my company. That’s not to say she would have been unfaithful to Jim, though. If anything the two of them seemed to have a stronger relationship than most married couples I knew.

They joked and teased one another like newlyweds, despite being together for many years. I could simply tell that, on a purely physical level, Francine was buying what I was selling. Still, I figured the relationship would never be more than anything other than a flirtatious one, and Jim would simply remain a gym buddy.

Things started to change, however, one day after a game. I was in the showers, cleaning up in an effort to get home. Jim rarely hit the locker room after our games, as I understood it he would normally drive home to shower. This day, however, I was cleaning up, as I normally would, when suddenly his surprised voice caught my ear.

“Jesus Mark. I thought George W was supposed to have gotten rid of all the weapons of mass destruction.”

I glanced down and to my right, opening my eyes after rubbing the soap from my face. I saw him, turning away from his previous glance at what was no doubt my penis. At this point in my life, I was well used to gawkers of all shapes and sizes, even friends. When you’re as hung as me, it becomes a novelty in non-sexual situations.

I chuckled in response, “Good one Jim.”

One comment begets another, and I couldn’t help but glance down at Jim’s package. It was small, unimpressive, so I decided not to add anything as it related to him. I couldn’t help but consider the start contrast in sexual endowment between him and his wife.

Francine was curvaceous, with large sexual assets and an extremely feminine aura. There was no way she could have lusted over the small appendage attached to her husbands groin, it was utterly boyish.

To my surprise, Jim replied within my very train of thought, “Can’t even imagine what Francine would do with that thing.”

I smirked, amused by his willingness to bring his wife into the conversation while naked, and in the presence of my much larger package. I replied. “She’d probably have a ball with it. Most women do.” I laughed.

I immediately wondered how he’d react to the comment, after all, this was his wife that I was talking about. I was thankful to hear him chuckle. He replied, “No wonder you’re single, packing all that heat it must be a cake walk to close the deal.”

“I enjoy my freedom.” Was my blunt and honest reply.

“Lucky bastard.” Jim added, chuckling. He shut off his shower valve, the squeaking noise echoing through the locker room.

“Well, that’s enough cock talk for one day. I guess I’ll catch you next week man.”

“See you Jim.” I replied, thankful to have some privacy.

The week passed uneventfully and after the following game Jim and I were once again chatting in the locker room, this time in celebratory fashion. We had clinched a playoff spot for the fifth season in a row.

“Hey man.” He suddenly offered in between the game discussion, “You know how Francine usually trains during our games?” He scratched his head, seemingly nervously.

I nodded, well aware of their combined gym routine. “Yeah, what about it?” I replied.

Section 2

“She’s been hounding me to help her get into a regiment, give her a weight lifting program. I figured, as a coach, you’d have some tips. You think you’d mind spending some time with her in the weight room?”

His request was a curious one, especially coming on the heels of our shower encounter last week. My mind couldn’t help but wander to the perverse but unlikely thought that Jim might have a cuckolds leanings. “You don’t think you could give her some light cycle stuff?” I replied, in an effort to gauge his intent. I wasn’t trying to dissuade him, though. I was happy to spend some time with Francine.

He replied, “I guess I could, but when I mentioned the prospect of you helping, she seemed more receptive. She always prefers a professional when it’s an option.”

I nodded, still curious, “No problem. I’ll try to keep it inconspicuous so gym management doesn’t think I’m trying to encroach on their instructors.”

“Good call.” Jim replied, “And thanks.”

“When do you think, like an hour before the game next week?” I asked.

He nodded, “That sounds good.” Continuing, “One last thing though. Maybe keep that weapon of yours away from my wife.” The comment was in jest, a dumb smile on his face as he made it.

“No promises.” I replied, enjoying the joke, and my natural inclination to exert my control over any situation related to my endowment.

He laughed, loudly. “Oh man. I hope I’m not in trouble.”

I had rarely seen a man so amused by joking about the prospect of his wife falling victim to my size. Maybe my considerations weren’t unfounded.

Francine was smiling when I arrived in the weight room the following week. Her appearance caught me off guard. To be honest, she looked extremely attractive.

Her brunette hair flowed down to her shoulders, and her ample bosom was bursting beneath a black sports bra. I noticed that she was wearing more make-up than she normally did at the gym, though it was tastefully applied. Her big ass was popping in matching yoga pants, and a pleasant lilac smell hit my nostrils as I approached in greeting.

“Hey trainer.” She smiled.

I put my finger up to my lips in a mock effort to shush her. “Don’t say that too loud, I don’t want to get in trouble with the actual trainers.”

She giggled, already blushing, “Oh, okay. Sorry Mark.”

I noticed her size me up with her eyes, as she always did. Though this time her stare lingered on my crotch longer than usual. It was always a good feeling to have an attractive woman appreciate my physique.

“Jim?” Was my one word question.

“He’ll be here in time for the game.” She replied. “I made him do a few chores before he left the house.”

I nodded, and we got to work.

Francine proved to be a surprisingly good student, immediately applying any techniques I gave her. I was admittedly finding it hard to keep my eyes off her curves, and my fingers off her body as I helped her with her form. She would smile at me, “Like that?” And I would nod in approval.

Truth be told, I begun to feel a strong electricity as our bodies maintained such an intimate proximity, and I could tell she felt it as well. She continued gaze up at me, seeking validation on her exercise, always blushing at my compliments. The entire session was strangely intoxicating, and I had to continually remind myself that the sexy woman in front of me was off limits.

The sexual tension only continued to build.

We soon moved to the bench press, and Francine immediately commenced with the sets I had given her. She was repping the bar on her fourth when I noticed her pace begin to slow. I glanced down from my spotters position to see her wide eyed and locked on something above her. It only took me a moment to realize that she was staring up my legs.

I wore loose fitting gym shorts, and my large manhood swayed over eight inches long at flaccidity. My initial reaction, to be honest, was one of excitement. I loved it when women noticed me. My alpha mentality took control, and I positioned my right leg to give her a better view. My heavy balls and hanging cock were a mere foot above her head, and she continued to shamelessly stare at them.

Our eyes met for a moment, and I was surprised by her brazen words. “Jesus Mark. My husband told me you were big, but that thing is unbelievable.”

Her compliment caused an intense arousal from deep within me.

“Careful Francine. If you keep staring at my cock like that you may cause me to pitch a tent.”

I noticed a her skin turning flush, an embarrassed smile break out on her face. “I’m pretty sure if those shorts tented they would be big enough to camp under.” The smile turned sexy as she continued to rep the bar.

I chuckled at her wit. “Jim is going to be mad. He told me to keep it out of your sight.”

She replied, “He was probably just joking, he wouldn’t want to deny me such lovely scenery.”

I felt the beginnings of an erection, and let her continue to lustfully stare at my manhood as it grew in front of her eyes.

“How was it?” Jim asked me, during one of the timeouts.

I replied honestly, breathing heavily from the previous fast break. “Good. Francine is a quick learner. I was impressed.”

He nodded, smiling. “Thanks for the help. Same time next week?”

“Sounds good to me.” I replied, curiosity still growing as it related to this entire situation. My interest was further spurred by my equally growing attraction to Jim’s wife. I decided to press him.

“Gotta admit Jim. Francine caught a glance at my package while I was spotting her on the bench. Kind of funny considering the joke you made, but I figured I’d own up to it. My fault for wearing loose fitting shorts.”

I noticed embarrassment break out on Jim’s face, followed by a chuckle. “I had a feeling that might happen. I guess I should be lucky she’s still in one piece.”

I laughed, and started to seriously consider the prospect that Jim might actually want my flirtation with his wife to move further. He didn’t seem the least bit upset over my admission. If anything, he appeared to be excited.

The following week was uneventful as well, save for the text I received from Francine, ‘Looking forward to our session!’

Absurdly, I felt excitement over the prospect of seeing her again. As usual she looked gorgeous in a similar workout outfit, smiling widely upon my arrival. This time we were even more flirtatious. I couldn’t help but notice the electricity as my large hands ran up and down her back, or across her thighs, as I moved her into various positions.

“Do you like watching me squat?” She suddenly asked, catching me in a trance as I stared at her incredible ass stretching upwards and downwards. I looked up to see her staring at me in the mirror, a devilish smile on her face. She knew I was caught.

“Definitely. You have an incredible ass.” Was my honest reply. I was a man, not a child, and I wasn’t ashamed to appreciate her figure, even if she was married.

She continued her teasing stare, before adding, “Are we going to do any bench exercises today?” A smile flashed across her lips as she said it, and I immediately knew what she wanted.

There was no sense in playing games, as soon as Francine grabbed the bar, she made an obvious effort to look up at my package.

She smiled, “That’s the big inspiration I needed for the work out.”

I loved this woman’s free flowing wit, but also started to worry things were getting out of hand. At the same time, however, part of me seemed to think Jim was the puppet master in this flirtation. It was strange, and hard to explain, but somehow I just knew it.

“So Jim mentioned that I was large, huh?” I asked, suddenly remembering her admission from last week.

Her reply caught me off guard. “Yeah. He was bragging about you, teasing me that I wouldn’t know what to do with something that big.”

Section 3

I chuckled, still amused by how dangerously forthcoming Jim was willing to be. I decided to probe to discover any potential intent. “I love Jim, but I’m surprised he would joke about that. Most men are very defensive with their women, once they learn of my situation.”

Francine shrugged, slowly repping the bar as she glanced back and forth between me and my swaying manhood. “Who said he was joking?”

Her eyes began to shine with arousal, and her cheeks showed blush. She added, “To be completely honest Mark, Jim and I were both virgins before we got married, and lately we’ve been sort of playing with the idea of turning Jim into a cuckold.” She paused, perhaps thinking I wouldn’t understand what that meant. She added, blushing, “It’s like very naughty role play, and involves Jim letting me have sex with another man.”

My eyes widened at the admission, and suddenly the last few weeks all made sense. I fucking knew it. I smiled at her, and replied, “I know what cuckolding is Francine. In college I used to have sex with my roommates girlfriend all the time.” I smiled down at her, and felt another stirring. My ego was soaring at the prospect of taking my relationship with Francine to a sexual level.

She blushed deeper, eyes going wide, “Oh wow. So you’ve actually been a Bull before? I had a feeling you might have. I told Jim you certainly look that part!”

I chuckled, “I wasn’t aware of the terminology back in college, but yes, I suppose I have.”

She smiled, and continued, “To be honest, we’ve been talking about it for years. It’s just been hard to take that crazy step from fantasy to reality, hard to find the right guy.”

I was growing intoxicated by this conversation. My endowment had taken me to places that most men could only dream of, and I was realizing it may soon be taking me to another.

“What are the prerequisites for the right guy?” I asked, smiling at her. She seemed very forthcoming and very excited.

“Someone discreet, and trustworthy. That’s the most important part. Someone respectful.” She paused, smiling, “Someone muscular, and handsome, and-” She nodded up to my crotch, “Someone hung.”

“I think I know a guy.” I jokingly replied, although my humor mostly served to mask my growing arousal. If Jim and Francine wanted me for this cause, I was very willing, and equally able.

She giggled, showing signs of arousal amidst her excitement, “Truth be told, your name has come up in discussion, especially after Jim caught a glance at your - situation.”

She laughed, and I smiled in reply, “I’m flattered.”

Before I could continue, a voice interrupted us. “Francine!” Jim’s voice was distant, but snapped the reality back into both of us. Francine sat up on the bench, nearly smacking her head into the bar as she did.

“We’re around the corner baby.” Francine shouted, trying to compose herself in the process.

Jim strode around the corner, already in his basketball uniform. “Hows the workout going?” He offered with a goofy smile.

Francine blushed, “Good. Mark has been really helpful.”

“Told you this guy knows what he’s doing.” Jim replied, reaching up to pat me on the shoulder. He then added, looking at both of us, “You two look nervous, did I interrupt something?”

Francine blushed, gently grabbing her husbands hand, “I was actually just talking to Mark about our little problem.”

“What problem?” Jim replied.

Francine fidgeted, nervously, “You know baby. Our Bull problem.”

Jim’s eyes shot open in disbelief, and his own look of deep embarrassment appeared on his face. “Oh wow. So it’s finally out in the open.” He appeared suddenly uncomfortable.

She moved closer to him, “Well, you’ve been teasing me about it. Daring me to mention it to Mark.”

Jim chuckled, face red, “You’re right babe, I just - didn’t think you actually would.” He shook his head in disbelief, adding, “Well, I guess Mark thinks I’m a deviant now.”

I immediately felt the need to jump in, “Not at all man. I mean, I’m surprised, but I’ve always thought you two had a good marriage. I’m not here to judge anyone. Besides, like I told Francine.” I looked around to make sure no one was listening to this risque conversation, continuing, “I’m familiar with being a Bull. I’ve done this sort of thing before.”

Jim’s eyes bulged, clearly surprised by my admission. I could see his mind beginning to race.

I added, “As I’m sure you’ve guessed Jim, I’ve had my fair share of sexual adventures. No reason to not act mature about them.” I threw caution to the wind, continuing, “Besides, there’s infinitely weirder shit out there then wanting your wife to have sex with another guy. In the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty vanilla.”

I could tell my comment resonated with them, a look of ease now breaking through on both their faces. I couldn’t believe this conversation was actually happening.

Jim looked at Francine, and then back at me. “Wanna grab a drink after the game, discuss this like adults?”

I smiled, nodding, “Sure.”

We found a secluded booth away from the crowd, and immediately ordered a few beers to help lubricate this potentially awkward conversation.

At first our discussion was about non sexual things, the game, the restaurant - but we soon broached the topic at hand.

Jim chuckled, admitting, “It’s just nuts to think that we are actually talking about this. Been a bedroom fantasy for Francine and I for a long time, and I know it sounds weird at first. Like, how could a husband want that?”

We talked about the dominant and submissive nature of the act, and how it had been hard for Jim to come to grips with his small penis size - and how this fantasy seemed to stem from that. He admitted that he has recently grown to accept his below average endowment, and that very acceptance has become a serious turn on, knowing that he inexplicably wants Francine pleasured by a man with something larger.

“It’s like, why hate myself? It’s not something I can control, and there’s something ridiculously compelling about accepting that I don’t have what it takes to really give it to my wife in that porn star type way.”

He looked at a blushing Francine, who replied “That’s not true baby.”

Jim chuckled, “Please love, look at these tits.” He then squeezed her side, causing her to giggle, adding, “And these curves.”

Jim sighed, and then looked in my direction, smiling, “I guess that’s where you come in, Mark.”

I took a swig of my cocktail and looked at Jim with unwavering confidence. “With respect Jim, I would love to have sex with your wife.” I smiled at Francine, adding, “If she’d have me.”

She blushed, and Jim pressed her, “Well babe. Do you want-?”

I saw her nod, as she interrupted her husband. “Yes. That sounds like a lot of fun.”

My cock began to stir beneath the table, and Jim chuckled.

He added, “The only thing I’m worried about is that once you get a ride on his monster, you may cut me off entirely.”

Francine gasped, laughed and then smacked her husband on the shoulder, “Don’t be ridiculous!”

I felt emboldened by the free spirited nature of the conversation, and decided to push my luck by reaching my hand across the table to engulf Francine’s. I added, smiling, “Well. I make no promises on that regard.”

Jim’s eyes widened, and looked down at my hand caressing his wife’s. At first he seemed in shock, and then a smile crept across his face. Francine too, was blushing, and looked in her husbands direction to gauge his reaction.

“See. Why does that fucking turn me on so much?” Jim offered, seemingly happy about the realization, but also flabbergasted by it.

Francine’s eyes looked devilish, perhaps inflamed by my touch. She leaned in and kissed her husband, before adding. “Because you want me with another man, you pervert, it’s like you’ve been saying for years.”

Jim laughed, shrugging in what looked like resignation. He reached for his wallet, and threw some bills on the table. “Mark, I’m taking my wife home for the night, but we’ll be in touch soon.”

I nodded, surprised by his spontaneous action, “Alright man. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Mark.” Francine added with a smile, and I watched the two of them escape into the night.

Within fifteen minutes of them leaving, I received a text from Jim, “Want to come over for dinner tomorrow?”

I smiled, tapping my reply, “I’d love too.”

Their house was lovely, but perhaps a couple rooms too large for just the two of them.

“We want to start a family, eventually.” Jim offered between bites of his food. There was definitely an air of excitement about the kitchen, and you could cut through the sexual tension with a knife.

Section 4

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more attracted to Francine, I was able to bear witness to her cooking. The dinner was savory, an incredibly tender roast, complimented by an excellent Pinot, and some impeccably sauteed vegetables.

“This meal is mind blowing Francine. Thank you.” I smiled across the table at her. She had donned a house dress, but it form fit her curves perfectly. She had also blown dry her hair, and that lovely lilac scent hit my nostrils in between the delicious aromas of the meal. She gazed at me, arousal in her eyes. There was a very real chemistry that had developed between us, and with every passing moment I wanted to explore it.

Jim seemed to fade into the background of the meal, offering joking comments that would interrupt the lustful stares I shared with his wife. I knew he could sense our developing intensity, and I wondered how he was feeling about the fact that his wife clearly wanted me to take her.

The harsh reality is that Francine and I were only thinking about one thing, and that one thing was the impeding sexual experience we would give one another. I was obviously the alpha male in the room, the man with the bigger body, the man with the bigger cock, the man with the more attractive physique, and the man who would be fucking her on this night.

“Well, I’m gonna give you two some privacy. I need to get some work done.” Jim’s words suddenly interrupted our haze of attraction. Francine’s eyes widened upon the realization that her husband would soon be taking his leave.

Jim scooped up his dishes, grabbing Francine’s and mine as well. “Need to catch up on some accounts.” He motioned his head in the direction of the open door across the kitchen, presumably to his home office. It was all a show, an effort to maintain some sense of decorum. He knew as well as we, where this night would end, with me inside his wife.

He had already mentioned that he wasn’t sure he could watch the act, and felt better suited to listen from his office. It admittedly turned me on to know I would be fucking this gorgeous married woman with her husband willingly accepting his fate, from within his own home. As harsh as it was to admit, for this evening at least, Jim ceased being my friend, and simply became the cuckold to the woman I would be having sex with.

“Are you sure you want me to keep Mark company baby?” Francine suddenly asked of her husband, confusion, arousal, need all present in her eyes. I noticed they both looked nervous, faces red and breathing heavy.

“Yes baby. I love you.” He placed the dishes down into the kitchen sink, and kissed her one last time. He then refilled his wine glass, and walked into his office - closing the door behind him.

“I guess it’s just you and me.” Francine blushed.

“That works for me baby.” I replied, looking directly into her eyes. I was overwhelmed with excitement over the prospect finally getting her naked.

She took a large sip of wine, “Jim already gave you the tour down here, but I was wondering if you wanted to see upstairs.”

“I’d love too.” I replied, smiling. I noticed that her entire face was flush, and that she continued to breathe heavily. We were going to waste no time, our foreplay having retroactively started weeks prior.

We ascended the stairs, and I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful ass, bouncing beneath the floral fabric of her dress. I slapped it, causing her to startle, and then a giggle escaped her lips.

“This is the den.” She waved her hand towards the nook in front of us.

I nodded, and she began to stride down the hall, stopping to point into the master suite. It was elegantly furnished.

“And this is our room.”

“Lovely.” I replied, taking the opportunity to place my hand on her hip. She quickly placed her palm atop mine, chills then coursing through my body. She took me by the hand, and moved a few more steps down the hall.

I glanced into an open doorway, and noticed another large bed, and some candles lit atop a nightstand.

“This is the guestroom.” Her voice cracked, and I knew what it meant. I couldn’t help but smile. I could sense this was difficult for her, to venture down what had to be a foreign path of seduction. She was actually quite good at it, and it was clear her confidence was bolstered by her husband’s permission.

She walked to the edge of the bed, and then turned and sat - her large breasts bouncing erotically as her rear hit the comforter. “Do you want to spend some time in here?” Her voice cracked again.

I closed the door behind me.

I turned back to her, smiling, and was met by her own wide, delirious smile. “Of course I do.”

She spoke softly. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She paused, brushing her lovely hair behind one of her ears as she searched for the right words.

“I can’t believe Jim’s fantasies have led to this-”

“Just Jim’s?” I interrupted.

She smiled, shaking her head, “No. I guess not just Jim’s.”

“After many years in a marriage, things can get a bit - dull.” She smiled in melancholic fashion, and took a sip of her wine before adding, “He’s been insisting for years, that I need more.”

I took a step closer to her, before asking, “Do you need more, Francine?”

“I- sometimes-” She paused, stuttering while stealing a glance at my crotch, face turning red. “I think most women fantasize about a big man.”

I gently grabbed the wine glass from her hand, placing it down next to me. I slowly interlocked my fingers with hers, and then moved her palm down to my trousers, where I motioned her in encouragement to explore my length. I was immediately feeling comfortable in my role. It was like something was awakening in me, all my years of sexual prowess, coming to a head by willingly participating in a married woman’s sexual awakening.

Her voice was a hushed whisper, and she licked her lips as her fingers explored me, “God Mark. It’s so big.”

I loved the sensation of her small hands moving up and down my shaft, currently concealed by the fabric of my khaki’s. It had only been a few minutes, but I was already growing addicted to her touch.

I felt supremely confident in that moment. My ego was surging, and I found myself unbuttoning my shirt, top to bottom. Her eyes watched my every move as she leaned back on the bed, using both hands to balance herself. Soon, I tossed the shirt to the side.

One of her hands shot up to explore my abdomen, moving upwards towards my chest. “God. Look at these muscles. You even have a six pack.” It was more than obvious that she liked what she saw. I glanced down and noticed her wedding ring sparkling in the candle light as her white hand explored my black torso. I was suddenly kicked into overdrive.

I quickly kicked off my shoes, and my hands moved towards my belt buckle.

I unclasped my belt, and dropped my pants. My heavy cock was already erect, flopping upwards and jutting outwards with presence and weight. Her eyes were wide in deeply aroused fascination.

She covered her face with her hands for a moment. “Wow. I can’t believe this is happening.”

It wouldn’t be the last time she said those words.

I removed her hands from her face, and lifted her to her feet in gentle but commanding fashion.

It was then that we kissed.

The electricity was incomprehensible, almost scary in its power. Her lips were soft, warm, and delicious as we met in lust. Our tongues immediately darted in and out, exploring one another’s mouths with inflamed but delicate proficiency.

“Is this really happening?” She asked again, during a moment apart. There was deep excitement in her eyes.

Section 5

I reached down to the bottom of her dress and began to deftly peel it upwards, and she raised her arms in acceptance. With every consent that Francine provided me, my ego inflamed that much more. I was looking at her now, her impossibly feminine body only concealed by black lace panties and bra. Her eyes widened as my cock touched her for the first time, moving sexily up her tummy so that the underside of my thickness was resting against her belly button.

I reached behind her during one of our passionate kisses, and unclasped her bra. Her beautiful breasts spilled out, large and natural. They had minimal sag despite their fullness, and I immediately took them in hand, flickering her pale areolas. Her head arched backwards and a moan escaped her lips.

“I can’t believe this is happening.” She repeated, looking down in a trance with mouth open in stunned disbelief as my large hands explored her breasts.

I chuckled as I looked upon her beautiful body. “You are beautiful, Francine.” She then looked up at me, desire in her eyes. Our lips once again collided in lust.

I grabbed her by her waist, and gently tossed her backwards onto the bed. She laughed as her back hit the cushion, smiling up at me. I couldn’t help but notice her incredible tits bouncing erotically with the motion of her body.

I joined her on the bed, watching as she instinctively spread her legs for me. It was always deeply erotic to witness a woman submitting to you, the primal act of opening her legs to her lover. I had seen it hundreds of times throughout my life, but this time it was different, it was somehow - profound.

Francine’s soon to be cuckolded husband was waiting downstairs, willingly submitting her to me. My cock stiffened into a diamond, and I knew I was going to give her something she had never experienced before. The sexually dominant side of my personality became very present in the moment, and I heard myself say, “Take your panties off.”

Her cheeks flush, but she willingly complied. She sexily lifted her legs, her gorgeous white rump coming into view as she began to slide the lace down her thighs. The candlelight hit her glistening wet mound, plump, trimmed, and beautiful in its captivation. As they slid past her feminine feet she balled them up into her hands and threw them at me.

I caught them, instinctively raising the fabric to my nose to inhale her essence. I noticed another layer of lust hit her eyes as she bit her lip in response.

I quickly tossed her panties to the side, assuming my place on the bed. I laid next to her, caressing her thigh with my hand. We turned our heads, and kissed, lips smacking in passion.

I watched as her delicate hand reached to my manhood. Her small fingers grasped my girth. She had no hope of encircling it.

“Jesus.” Her words were hushed.

Slowly she began to pump me, fascination coursing through both of us. She employed her other hand to explore me as well, reaching down to my heavy balls and feeling their weight, delicately massaging them with her feminine fingers.

“I can’t believe I’m playing with your cock Mark.” She whispered it into my neck, her hot breath sending a chill up my spine.

I leaned in and kissed her as my reply. She looked me in the eyes as she continued to pump my shaft.

“Not used to a cock that big, are you Francine?”

She shook her head, of course she wasn’t.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

She bit her lip, eyes starting to glaze over in a haze of lust. She nodded.

“Say it baby.”

She kissed me again. “I want you to fuck me. I need this so bad.”

My cock strained in further hardness with her added reply, “Jesus Mark. I need you to fuck me!”

I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her delicate frame into a straddle atop me, her beautiful hair cascaded down into my face, smell of feminine lilac only inflaming my already heightened arousal. My big cock was now nestled into the crack of her plump ass, the warmth of her cheeks driving me insane with lust. Her luscious tits hung down and smashed into my chest.

“Wait.” Was her hushed comment.

Suddenly, she leaned across me, which allowed me the room to plant heavy kisses across her nipples. I heard her stifled moans and the shuffling of a nightstand drawer. She returned with a Magnum condom box.

I smiled, “Baby, there’s no way I can fit into those.”

She frowned, “Jim bought them, in case-” A look of determination then hit her face, and she admitted, “It’s okay. I will get a morning after pill tomorrow.”

The realization that I would be fucking her completely raw, only served to further enhance my arousal.

I smiled, replying, “Jim doesn’t understand large condoms baby. Magnums are for average men who want to feel above average, I can’t even fit comfortably into the XL’s. There’s no way those’ll fit.”

I grabbed the Magnum box from her hand, and tossed them across the room.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She echoed, blushing.

I turned her over, laying her down into the bed cushion, and aligning my cock at the entrance to her womanhood.

She giggled, offering, “Jim tried one of those Magnums on and his little guy was swimming in it.”

I slapped my thickness down onto her mound, which caused her to scream in shocked delight, “Ohh!”

I chuckled, “Not surprising. I’ve seen your husband in the showers. He has a little dick.” I didn’t mean for it to be an insult, I was simply being honest. Still, giving voice to her husbands sexual status as a beta male inherently served to arouse us both.

She bit her lip, blushing. She nodded, spreading her legs wide for me. Her glistening lips pulling apart, exposing her feminine pinkness, lubricated and ready to be taken. She spoke. Her voice was a naughty whine, “I think I’m a cruel woman Mark. Your big cock makes me so wet. It’s so much bigger than my husbands, and that really turns me on!”

I chuckled, buying into my role yet further. I replied, “It’s not cruel Francine, it’s just nature. It’s normal for a woman to be aroused by a big cock.”

She squealed as I slapped my cock against her clit. I demanded, “Do you want me to fuck you Francine?”

She grabbed my arms, running her fingers across my biceps. Her words were a scathing whisper, her arousal taking control of her. Her body arched in desperation as she rubbed her mound into my engorged head.

She screamed, “I want your big cock inside me!”

The gasp as I entered her was inspiration. She clawed into my arms, and then my shoulders, as my length invaded her for the first time. I knew to move in slowly, her womanhood wasn’t used to my size. I would gently thrust an inch, and then retract, allowing her time to stretch and accommodate me. Her gasp became another, and then a moan escaped her lips.

“Ohhh! Wowww! Ohhh myyy!” She abruptly placed her hands on my abdomen, afraid of the potential, but almost as quickly removed them, suddenly ready for more of me. I smiled. I loved this part of the conquest.

She then moved her hands to her face, covering her eyes in disbelief. “Mark! Fuck you are so big!” She gasped again as over half of me was now inside her. “I can’t- I can’t believe it.”

I reached down and clutched her tits, one in each hand, massaging them as I continued to stuff my cock into her married pussy. Once again, the realization that her husband was downstairs, that she was a married woman willingly giving herself to me, spurred my arousal to previously uncharted levels.

I took control, and after a few more thrusts I was completely inside of her. She screamed in delight as she locked her legs around my waist, pulling me into her to kiss me.

Her pussy was a delicious vice on my shaft. “Damn Francine, you feel incredible. You are so fucking tight.” I kissed her, our eyes meeting in lust while I was inside her. She moaned, “Mark holy f- You’re stretching me outtt!”

I was impressed by how quickly she had accommodated all of me, but like her own husband had admitted, she was built for a bigger man.

I grabbed her waist with control, and truly began fucking her. Her eyes widened and her fingers clawed into my arms. Her moans were intoxicating as the squeaking of the bed echoed through the room. I was fucking her, and by the look on her face, the squirming of her body, and the screams leaving her mouth, I knew it was like she had never experienced before.

Section 6

“Mark! Mark! Mark! Ohhh! Wowww!! Ohhh my g-g-goddd!”

Our bodies slapped together, my heavy testicles smashing into her plump rear as I stuffed my cock in and out of her. I had found my stride, and I looked down to notice my black shaft lathered in a cream of her essence. She was lubricated, willing, and giving it up for me. The thought of it was erotic beyond words.

“Take it baby.” I grunted.

“It feels s-s-o good! Fuck!” She whined.

“You’re giving that pussy up for me baby. You’re taking this big cock.” I spurred her with my taunting.

“Ohh god Markkk! Take meee! Fuck me with your big cock!”

I arched my thrust, and really began to hammer her into submission. Her eyes began to glaze over, and her stare became distant. Her fingers locked into my arms, and her legs around my waist. It was finally happening for her, Francine was experiencing the first powerful orgasm of her entire life.

She grunted, breathlessly gasping incomprehensible words as her body experienced something profound.

“F-f-f-uccckkk!! Wh-what- is-is? Markkk!! I’m c-c-cumminggg!!”

I leaned down and whispered into her ear as the release exploded across her body. “Give it up for me baby. Cum all over me.” I kissed her neck, still thrusting her to completion. She was shuddering as she moaned, nearly in seizure as her pussy creamed all over my pistoning organ.

It felt incredible, and if I was a lesser man, the contractions within the walls of her pussy may have caused my own release. I remained steadfast, however, and simply continued to plunge into her.

Eventually, she fell still, and I brought my thrusts to a halt. Her eyes were closed, and mild shudders coursed across her body.

“You gave it up for me baby.” I whispered in her ear. “I bet you aren’t used to that.” I chuckled, kissing her glistening neck.

She struggled to find her voice, swallowing to clear her throat, but eventually came her hushed reply, “I didn’t know it could be like that.”

I grabbed a handful of her breasts, massaging them, and then I stroked my fingers across her stomach - causing goosebumps to appear across her flesh.

“You naughty girl. You came hard for me. Do you want some more?”

“Okay.” She replied, eyes still closed, smiling in delight.

I gave her a moment to recover, but soon propped her up on the bed. The same way I had deftly positioned her body during our various workout routines, I now employed the technique to get her onto all fours. It was an incredible sight. She had such a gorgeous ass, fat and inviting. Her natural breasts hung down with natural sexiness.

I slapped my heavy manhood down onto her ass, and pushed her forward so that she was bracing her stance with her forearms.

“Does Jim ever fuck you doggy?” I asked, calmly, while reaching across her back and taking her hair in my hand.

“No.” Was her reply.

I gently twisted my hand so that I had a good hold on her flowing brunette hair, softly pulling back to arch her head backwards. She giggled in response, clearly enjoying a dominant man’s sexual assertion.

“I didn’t think so.” I responded, slapping my shaft up into the folds of her pussy, massaging her lips open, and then slowly penetrating her once again.

She screamed in pleasure, “Ohh!”

As I sank my length into her married sex, I added, “His dick isn’t big enough to get past this perfect ass.” I pushed her down while still grabbing her hair, and began to thrust in and out of her. She groaned in response.

“You ready to get fucked by a man?” I was suddenly inflamed with ego, perhaps the position adding fuel to my role as her alpha.

“Mark!” Was her delirious reply. I slapped her right ass check hard. She squealed, “Oh! Yes baby! Fuck meee!”

I began to quicken my pace until I was once again bucking into her. This time I asserted total control over her body, keeping her head pinned back in such a fashion that she was in a submissive stance as I fucked her. My groin slapped against her jiggling ass, my vantage point on my lubricated black cock disappearing into her white pussy. I slapped her plump ass cheek again, causing her skin to faintly redden in response.

“Oh my god!!” She squealed, submitting to me.

“You like this baby?” I asked, sensing that she was in total delight. Most women, at least every now and then, yearn to be truly taken by a dominant man.

She screeched in pleasure as the slapping sounds filled the bedroom, “I fucking love ittt!! Fuck meee!! Fuck meee!! Fuck meee!! I need itttt!!”

I grunted, “Fuck yes Francine. Give it up for me baby, give me that pussy.” I was molding into my role as conquering alpha male, intoxicated by this married woman’s complete surrender.

“Oh! Oh! Yess! Yess! Take meee!! I’m gonna cum againnn!!”

I slapped her ass again, pulling her hair back as I once again felt her pussy convulse and tighten down on my Bullish shaft.

She squealed, obscenities taking hold of her mind as she fell in complete lust with my sexual prowess, “I’m cumminggg on that big cockkk!! I’m cumming on your big manly cock! Ohhh make me cummm!!”

“Do it!” I growled, slapping her ass again as she violently bucked back into me, unleashing more of her cream all over my shaft. My entire crotch was soaked with her wetness, her lubrication splashing out across my groin upon every sexual collision.

I reached over and clutched her tits hard in my hands. She grunted deeply as the orgasm exploded across her body. I pulled her backwards and upwards into my chest as she squealed and surrendered. I turned her mouth towards mine, and kissed her deeply. “Good girl.” I offered between our kisses.

After a moment of breathless wonder, she fell backwards onto the bed, laughing.

I smiled, proud of what I was giving her, delighted that she was enjoying herself.

Her face was flush, and her skin, sweaty and sexual. She continued to giggle, “This is unreal.”

She glanced up at my inflamed cock, black and towering, covered entirely in her essence.

“God. Look at that fucking cock.” She smiled up at me.

I shuffled close to her, opening her legs once again, and aligning it back at the entrance to her womanhood.

We looked into each others eyes in that moment, and each saw the raw realness of what was happening here tonight. It was the kind of a look that a married woman and her Bull could only share, a combination of submission and lust. I was an infinitely better lover than her husband, and she would always know it.

We continued to stare into each others eyes as we fucked each other. She ran her hands across my body, opening her legs and once again locking them around my waist, this time with a sensual delicacy.

“Fuck me baby.” She whispered it.

We entered into a state of earnest admissions, scathing, sexual, completely and brutally true. It was in these moments that I knew I would embrace my role as a Bull, and it was in these moments I connected with something primal within myself. The rush of conquering another mans wife with his knowing submission, suited me on the deepest levels of my psyche.

I stared into Francine’s eyes. It was clear she needed this, a real man inside of her. It was clear in her physical reaction, her submission, and her instinctual willingness to cuckold her husband.

Section 7

“You like getting fucked by your Bull.” My voice was steady, and it wasn’t a question. I continued to stuff her, slowly, her moans consistent and inspiring.

She nodded her head in agreement, whispering her own truths into reality. It was a hiss. “I love it.”

“You like my big Bull cock. You like it better than your husbands little dick, don’t you.” I replied, continuing to pump my big cock in and out of her, knowing the truth would arouse her.

This time her agreement was a nod. “Oh god Mark I love the way you fuck me.”

I leaned down, kissing her passionately, and eventually turning my head to the side as I continued to focus on my increased thrusts. The wetness of her sex clinging to my shaft combined with the shaking of the bed frame to fill the room. Soon, the sounds of my heavy ball sack flopping into her ass, and her squealing, joined the chorus.

Suddenly, Francine began to whisper pure, unfiltered, sexual jet fuel into my ear.

“You fuck me like a man, Mark. Please, don’t ever stop fucking me.”

“You love this fat cock in your married little pussy.” I replied.

Her lips were inches from my ear, her whispers, chill inducing and the spark I needed to make my balls boil.

“I love it so much. I love letting you fuck my pussy.” She groaned, almost as if the erotic truth was too much to bear. “It’s not fair how much better your cock is! It’s not fairrr!” She whined.

“You like giving it up for me baby? You like making your little husband wait downstairs while you spread your legs for a real man?” I felt it brewing, deep in my loins. My pace increased.

“You can have me whenever you want it Mark. I mean that. I’ll make his little dick wait downstairs and you can fuck me whenever you want!” She moaned, her own orgasm brewing once again. She continued, impossibly, “Take me Mark, please. Fucking take me.

Take my pussy. Pleaseee baby!!” She groaned, fingernails digging harder into my skin, walls of her pussy collapsing around my girth. Her eyes began to roll into the back of her head, but not before she screamed, “Cum in me with your big cock Mark!! Oh god please cum in meee!! Cum in me and make my husband a cuckold!!” It was the last words she whispered before I unleashed.

Many men would agree that one of the best feelings in life, is to inseminate a woman, especially for the first time. It’s part of the many reasons I had grown addicted to the conquest. This was something beyond even that, however, to stare into the eyes of a married woman as she looks back into yours in complete need.

The depths of her soul instinctively calling for a real man to impregnate her - it was nuclear. I felt my orgasm explode, my heavy balls contracting in release as the jets of semen launched downwards through the girth of my pulsing shaft.

My angry head spewed rope after rope of my cum deep into Francine’s welcoming womb, coating her insides in my seed. I was cumming deeper than her husband had ever been. She screamed in complete submission as she finally experienced the orgasmic explosion of a mans cock.

I roared as I continued to pump my seed into her womb, claiming her in that very human moment. Her pussy convulsed in instinctual response, milking my shaft for every drop of semen that my heavy balls had produced. Her nails clawed into my back as her beautiful face contorted in deep satisfaction. “I’m yours.” She whispered in unspeakable satisfaction, again, “I’m fucking yours.” I kissed her deeply as our life altering love making finally came to an end.


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