Beyond Frolic Sex 3.7/5 (11)

Andreas beckoned me to his lap and I seated myself on it. I responding softly to his kisses. I felt ultra secure, ultra Madam in his arms and when Andreas beckoned Neil forward to kneel on the carpet, I raised first one boot and then the other so that Neil could like them whilst Andreas and I kissed. Later, the demolition of my husband over supper was relentless.

He had completed his degrees at a polytechnic hadn’t he, not exactly a university? Why hadn’t he gone to Edinburgh like me? I watched Neil being destroyed and accepted the necessity of it. Without breaking Neil he couldn’t be made into something else. I went and choose another bottle of wine and handed it to Neil to open. His hands were shaking and he dropped it so I slapped his face for being clumsy. I watched Neil’s hand go up to his face. He was completely in shock. ‘Clear it up’ I ordered. There was no please and no thank you when he had done.

Later, still shaking I saw Neil first search for his car keys and then try the front door. It was locked.Neil was going to complete his lessons. Around midnight, as I lay in Andreas’s arms, very quietly I could hear Neil collecting up his clothes from the landing.

I whispered, ‘you’re going to make him resign and apply for that job’. ‘He will get the job, I want him serving you’ Andreas said. He rolled onto me and as more clothes were swept up, a shoe dropped outside, Andreas started to thrust inside me again. Andreas was being brutal. He pumped into me causing me to gasp rhythmically. I was submitting to him, capitulating whilst Neil stooped and listened on the landing.

The next day Andreas told me not to utter a word to my husband. It was to be as if he didn’t exist. All instruction was to comes from Andreas. I can’t tell you how sumptuous that feels, to have a dominant male direct your husband. I felt a lady in the big house. Andreas took Neil to my walk in wardrobe, past the disheveled and semen patched sheets on our bed, and had him collect up five pairs of my boots.

They were to gleam like parade ground boots. I watched Neil and then chatted to Andreas about a deal he was in the middle of, Neil, ignored seated at the table bulling my boots. Five hours later, when I thought that they looked reasonably impressive, two pairs were thrown hard on the kitchen floor. Neil had to start again. I had com into the kitchen. to collect coffee and Neil tried to plead to me. Andreas hit him smartly across the face. Looking at Neil’s face as he staggered back I could see that he would be broken and malleable before the weekend was out.

That weekend Neil learned that I was his mistress, that I would not dream of restraining Andreas and that there was pretty much nothing that my lover had not researched on him. I sipped a gin and tonic as Neil wrote has resignation letter. Andreas wouldn’t let him try out for the junior job first. Neil had to submit to Andreas.

Then Neil wrote the application for the tutors’ job. I said to Andreas that there was a cocktail party at the hospital; on Friday night, and asked whether he would like to come?’ ‘Of course’ said Andreas, and Neil wrote on. Of course, Neil got the junior job. The dean was relieved, better that Neil walk than be pushed.

I have to tell you the frisson that this created for my sex life was unbelievable. The more that Andreas dominated Neil the more I needed to submit to him too. I know that this is deeply psychological, that it is cruel, but as Neil was pushed down the self esteem slope to something infinitely smaller, my heart soared.

I can’t readily explain it, but sex, something so dirty and sectioned off behind tape was brought into the centre of our home. Neil stared at me in complete awe. For a while he tried to have ‘out of role’ conversations but I cut him dead. This was life, this was how we would live. The efforts at out of role conversations faltered, he accepted what he was, something never really good enough for me.

Neil started to talk to me in whispers. His head was usually down, peering at my boots. He deferred to me, checked how I wanted the home run the day arranged. He seemed to shift between butler and private secretary.

I know that I pushed him relentlessly. There was no other reality, no place away from shame. Odette said that I looked blissfully happy. I asked her if I could inadvertently cripple a man like Neil? She smiled and told me that I knew the answer. So I rode back just a little.

I took Neil away to the coast for the day and let him him minister to me with his tongue. I climaxed and told him he was good at that and once he did everything that Andreas told him to then he would probably get more of it. He just had to submit, as I did. I realised then as Neil nodded dutifully. He would need a confidante too. Someone to find his way through the life with. Edward wouldn’t understand. It would need to be something like Neil. I would see what I could do.

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  • John

    Reply Reply February 9, 2019

    Incredible hot so really hot. It made me want more to see what happens to Neil . Oh this was so masterfully written thank you.

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