Beyond Frolic Sex 3.6/5 (12)

I needed a man who would encourage me to hurt and humiliate Neil. I needed someone who could press my bitch button, turn on the cow of a woman tap and see where that led. The terrible truth of it was that I wanted to hurt Neil badly, to bring him within in inch of despair, and then to retrieve him only to put him through hell again.

That man had to be fiercely territorial about me. I didn’t want a fucking craft beer in sight and I didn’t want any chum discussions of best pubs in town. It wasn’t the sort of thing that I could exactly explain to Neil. It wasn’t something that I wanted planned as an elaborate role play game. It was, it had to be, instinctive, something that the right man evoked in me.

I had a confidante, a girl called Odette who was a psychologist. Bless her, she promised me that I wasn’t satan, that I wasn’t mad and that there were reasons why I needed to treat Neil this way. We talked some about my childhood but Odette emphasised that this probably wasn’t Freudian in that sense.

My past just set some triggers up for me. My dad was a fierce disciplinarian in our family. He took the belt to my brother who was always in trouble. Sometimes he put himself in that position. Sometimes he took a belting for something I had stitched up. I enjoyed seeing him take his punishment. I felt that it maintained my ascendent position as the favourite child. Odette though explained that it also modelled in my head what a man should be.

He should be like my dad. He should discipline the household. Tom (my brother) never quite made it as a man. He was never an ex marine, he never did a man’s work. He was an accountant. Neil was like Tom suggested Odette and I had to agree. I asked Odette whether I should stop being like this. I felt a freak. But Odette said no, we were all products of formative thinking and experience.

In my situation too I was rebelling against Dr nice, the woman I had to be at work. I was, as she put it, ‘being elemental’. Odette said that life might prove hard, scary, but I couldn’t go on pretending to be what I was not! I was meant to be with a territorial, an aggressive and discipling man. That man, if such existed, would turn Neil into a Tom. He would dominate my husband and make me feel complete, sexy, sensual beyond imagination.

I forgave Neil for being less than masculine and told him that I wanted to keep exploring the cucking scene. I asked whether he was truly up for that come what may? He insisted that he was. There were different men, less folksy than Edward may be? He didn’t understand, did he? I bought rock chic gear, tight jeans and boots. I looked like a biker’s bitch and grew my hair out so that I could toss my auburn. locks off duty.

I started to go out on my own, without pseudo chaperone Neil and I had a series of one night stands with much more arrogant and chancer men. The sex was mind blowing. They rutted me. They fucked me like they wanted to split me in two. I felt wild and right and even righteous for looking out the type of guy that Odette said that I was destined to be with. Then came Andreas. He wasn’t black, a drug dealer, someone just out of prison for violent crime. H

e was a businessman, a hard headed, no nonsense, shark of a business man. He told me about the duelling clubs back in Germany, at universities such as Heidelberg. They were schools to make men. They were Prussian, decisive, and hard. Alright Germany had lost its way through the wars, you could get dragged into crazy elitism, but a hard attitude to life, a disciplined life style was healthy too.

His brown eyes danced as he spoke. They interrogated mine. I kissed him, opening my mouth, submitting to him. It was completely delicious, utterly right. He said that he would date me. He saw my wedding ring and said he didn’t care. You take what you deserve he said.

I suppose for two months I went with Andreas without even mentioning his name to Neil. All my husband knew was that I was intensely arrogant, intensely smug, fulfilled at last. I wore Andreas’s chronometer watch and his chain about my throat. Neil must have known that I had found Mr Right. However long it lasted, this man would make me replete. I think that the very idea of Andreas terrified my husband.

He looked very insecure. One weekend Andreas was free of work, I was free of duties at the hospital and he asked whether I was ready to have discipline imposed at home? I remember shuddering. The arousal thinking about that was intense. He was never going to be Neil’s pal. I asked him if there were things that I had to know, things that I had to do? He smiled, ‘follow orders’ he said. He assured me that he wasn’t a mad guy, but that if I wanted Neil to heel then that was what he would do. ‘Yes’ I whispered as we kissed. I wanted that very much indeed.

Neil never received a warning that Andreas was coming to stay, my lover just arrived home with me on the Friday evening. Andreas is bigger than Neil and I remembered then how Edward and Neil were much the same size. Neil stammered his name when the men met. He winced when Andreas shook his hand. There was no pushing of my husband against the wall, no threats, Andreas just rehearsed some amazing things that he knew about my husband.

Andreas had connections. He knew for instance that Neil was struggling to publish enough and that students described his lectures as dull. Andreas drew from his jacket pocket an advert for a junior part time tutor job at the university. It paid only a portion of what he earned. Andreas throw it over to Neil and told him to apply for it.

It was a job that he could hope to do rather than pretending that he had the research brains for an academic. The psychological assault was overwhelming. Neil stared at the advert. His lip trembled. I went to Andreas awed by his strategy and he kissed me in front of Neil. It was such a confident, alpha male kiss. Neil stared crestfallen.

He blinked and I saw in his eyes the sudden realisation that this weekend was going to be cucking on amphetamines or such like. ‘If you work part time,’ intoned Andreas, ‘you can keep house for Meredith. She is the major earner.’

Andreas went for a stroll around the house whilst I watched Neil prepare supper. My husband was shaking. ‘Don’t mess with Andreas, apply for the job as you’ve been told, he will ruin you otherwise’ I said. Neil nodded. He almost cut his thumb with the knife. ‘Do as you’re told, learn and you won’t get hurt;’ I told Neil and walked out without waiting for a response.

The meal in the oven Neil came back too wait on us. Upstairs I had seen that Neil’s things were thrown out on the landing from the bedroom wardrobe. The attitude was incisive, the approach decisive, Andreas would leave Neil to discover the message later. Neil was lost about what to do. He simply didn’t know how too respond. This wasn’t Edward!

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  • John

    Reply Reply February 9, 2019

    Incredible hot so really hot. It made me want more to see what happens to Neil . Oh this was so masterfully written thank you.

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